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  1. deceasedToday at 12:59 AM
  2. Grrrrrrrrr Angy boy, pahaha you're actually crying over minecraft, you're pathetic af lmao
  3. Also I'm the cunt? Says the one who argues with everyone, is mean to everyone he meets, especially girls lmao
  4. You're unlikable af because all you do is moan and you're an asshole to 90% of people you meet
  5. stfu
  6. ScalingsToday at 1:00 AM
  7. You’re an arsehole to me 24/7. Yeah I’m a dick to Jaycee and a few others but not every girl.
  8. I’m actually nice to the majority
  9. deceasedToday at 1:01 AM
  10. EVERY girl, apart from who Martyna?
  12. You're a cunt to everyone else, I'm a cunt to you because you don't know how to be nice lmao
  13. ScalingsToday at 1:01 AM
  14. Yknow I speak to other people not just you and Sam
  15. deceasedToday at 1:01 AM
  16. You speak to people online lmao... wow big one there
  17. You're a cunt to people even when playing overwatch? All because what they didn't do something you wanted?
  18. ScalingsToday at 1:02 AM
  19. No I actually speak to a fair few fair enough most online but I’m not cunts to them
  20. deceasedToday at 1:03 AM
  21. Yes, wow you can be nice to some, like I said 90% of peeps you meet you're cunts too.
  22. Lmao
  23. ScalingsToday at 1:03 AM
  24. Today I played overwatch got told to killnyaeld by a duo two games in a row, did I call them retards? No I just k cool
  25. That’s not being a cunt
  26. Or toxic :smiley:
  27. deceasedToday at 1:03 AM
  28. So they just said for you to kill yourself? Okay sure, 100%
  29. No reason? Yeahhh alright
  30. ScalingsToday at 1:04 AM
  31. Yeah I picked DPS
  32. Instead of odd tank
  33. Off
  34. on a account where I only play dps
  35. deceasedToday at 1:05 AM
  36. Sure bud, you say that.
  37. You're try to justify majority of your actions and can't take responsibility lmao ,you're a actual child, all over Minecraft? Pahaha okay bud.
  38. ScalingsToday at 1:05 AM
  39. Its not over minecraft
  40. You piss me off every day
  41. deceasedToday at 1:06 AM
  42. Maybe if you weren't such an Incompetent whiny little child then you wouldn't be treated the way you do by Majority of people, it's not just me that moans at you lmao
  43. ScalingsToday at 1:07 AM
  44. So because I moan you treat me like shit and bully me k dude
  45. Ima go sleep goodnight
  46. deceasedToday at 1:09 AM
  47. Bully you? You're a fucking cunt to us too? Playing victim card lmao nice try there.
  48. You argue with everyone, you moan at people for little reasons and then you try justify it, shut the fuck up and take responsibility.
  50. If you hate me that much then go ahead, don't speak, don't even go near me, try keep that up.
  51. You have nobody.
  52. You'll just come crawling back guarantee'd.
  53. Why don't you actually go make new friends, if you don't like us that much.
  54. ScalingsToday at 1:10 AM
  55. I don’t like YOU that much I’m actually fine with Sam, Lukasz and even Ryan.
  56. deceasedToday at 1:11 AM
  57. Pahah, you're a spastic, you argue and even insult Ryan fucking more than me
  58. Ryan hates you, Lukasz & Sam thing the same as I
  59. ScalingsToday at 1:12 AM
  60. Like I can trust all 3 with stuff I can trust you sometimes sure but you’rd volatile
  61. deceasedToday at 1:12 AM
  62. Oh noey not trust, did I teleport too far this time?
  63. damn
  64. sorry
  65. ScalingsToday at 1:12 AM
  66. Me and Ryan have argued since we was kids
  67. deceasedToday at 1:12 AM
  68. shoulda told you
  69. Again, RYAN HATES YOU.
  70. ScalingsToday at 1:12 AM
  71. Still good friends
  72. deceasedToday at 1:12 AM
  73. RYAN DOESN'T LIKE YOU do you get it yet?
  74. ScalingsToday at 1:13 AM
  75. I can still trust him
  76. deceasedToday at 1:13 AM
  77. Pahah you're funny
  78. You're lying to yourself, thats pretty sad
  79. ScalingsToday at 1:13 AM
  80. He’s a lot more calm and sensible when you’re not around
  81. deceasedToday at 1:13 AM
  82. You're always on about how much Ryan lies as much as I soooo
  83. Yeah, you can "Trust him"
  84. ScalingsToday at 1:13 AM
  85. I know Ryan lies
  86. But I can still trust him
  87. deceasedToday at 1:14 AM
  88. ... you're actually retarded, you just contradicted yourself ya spanner
  89. ScalingsToday at 1:15 AM
  90. How
  91. Everyone lies
  92. deceasedToday at 1:15 AM
  93. Ryan lies, but you can trust him, are you retarded?
  94. ScalingsToday at 1:15 AM
  95. You lie to keep a secret
  96. deceasedToday at 1:15 AM
  97. So you can't trust that person can you?
  98. ScalingsToday at 1:15 AM
  99. I can
  100. Because we have history
  101. deceasedToday at 1:16 AM
  102. But he lied to you? So how do you know he's not lying?
  103. Again?
  104. or again?
  105. You can't
  106. So, thus you can't trust him
  107. You're retarded lmao
  108. ScalingsToday at 1:16 AM
  109. Well if I told him a secret why’d It matter
  110. deceasedToday at 1:17 AM
  111. How do you know he'll keep it a secret?
  112. ScalingsToday at 1:17 AM
  113. Trust
  114. deceasedToday at 1:17 AM
  115. YOU CAN'T thus you can't trust someone
  116. Trust = Evidence that you know he won't say anything
  117. You're a spastic go sleep
  118. You need it
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