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OoT3D MST Notes

arontoad99 Feb 11th, 2016 (edited) 689 Never
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  1. Aron's MST3D Notes and Equips
  3. These are just a couple general things gathered together that I thought of.
  5. 1. Kokiri Tunic for DHWW in DMC is a good option because it saves 2-3 bombs over the run and some time potentially voiding after Fire Temple. You get two seconds per quarter of a heart, so adjust accordingly.
  6. 2. Heat Timer textboxes only appear once after a savewarp/death. By putting on Kokiri Tunic in Fire Trial you skip the textbox in DMC that prevents you from using Hookshot on I to hook the post, and the timer starts early.
  7. 3. Yes, keeping Letter on Y for that long is indeed faster.
  8. 4. You can equip Hover Boots without wasting a single frame by putting them on during a roll, jump, or opening a door. For rolls and opening doors, press Boots and A on the same frame.
  9. 5. For your magic drop before Forest, either kill a torch slug or get the pot in front of Goron City entrance w/Kokiri Tunic strats
  10. 6. You need magic from the pots at the end of Forest, Water, and Shadow trials. You may also want a drop in Spirit Trial, but with Kokiri Tunic strats it is of course better to get the DMC one mentioned above.
  11. 7. DC Head Skip completely changes the beginning of Adult section but loses a significant portion of the time it saves if you have to get another Deku Shield anyway.
  12. 8. It is not worth trying Spirit/Shadow CS Skips a second time.
  13. 9. You will need another nut drop in the run if you want to use one on the beamos in Spirit.
  14. 10. If you are low on bombs in Adult DC, getting the bomb drop and pushing the block is 3 seconds slower than dying on the switch.
  18. Equips are in this order: I, X, Y, II (if there are only 2, put them on X and Y)
  20. - After Sword: Equip Sword lol
  21. - Getting Egg: Equip Egg on Y
  22. - Getting Stick: Stick on X
  23. - Getting Bombs: Bombs on I
  24. - Before Boomerang: Anything, Nuts, Anything, Anything
  25. - After Boomerang: Nuts, Bombs, Letter, Boomerang
  26. - During RI in Market: Bombs, Letter, FW, Anything
  27. - RI again: Bombs, FW
  28. - RI in Kak: Bombs, FW
  29. - After Goron Tunic: Bombs, Hookshot, Hover Boots, FW (and equip Goron Tunic)
  30. - After Hammer: Hookshot, FW, Bombs, Hammer
  31. - After Volv: Equip Kokiri Tunic (Optional)
  32. - After DHWW to Forest: Bombs, Hookshot, FW, Din's Fire
  33. - After RIWW: Bombs, Hookshot, Hover Boots, Din's Fire
  34. - After FW in Lost Woods: Bombs, Hammer, Hover Boots, Nuts
  35. - Enter Deku: Hookshot over Hammer
  36. - During RIWW: FW over Hookshot (keep Boots)
  37. - After Mirror Shield: Bombs, Hookshot, Hover Boots, Nuts (and equip Mirror Shield/Goron Tunic)
  38. - After Nocturne: Bombs, Hookshot, Hover Boots, Din's Fire
  39. - During Bongo RI: Bombs, Bow, FW, Din's Fire
  40. - After LACS: Hover Boots over FW if Hassle HESS
  41. - After Hassle HESS: Din's Fire, Hookshot, Hover Boots, Bow
  42. - After Forest Trial torches: Turn Bow into Light Arrows
  43. - After Water Trial Clip #1: Hammer over Hookshot
  44. - After Switch: Hammer, Hookshot, Hover Boots, Light Arrows
  45. - During Fire Trial: Bombs over Hammer (Equip Kokiri Tunic here before leaving for clearing textbox)
  46. - Enter Spirit Trial: Turn Light Arrows into Bow
  47. - After Web: Hookshot, Bombs, FW, Light Arrows
  48. - Before Ganon: Put Din's somewhere (Hammer just in case)
  49. - Beat the game
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