Router_Exploit_Shovel's Code structure

TVT618 Oct 10th, 2019 424 Never
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  1.       #Startup script
  2. --databases/                    
  3.   |---ROP_patterns/              #YAML file of ROP patterns        
  4.   |---shellcodes/                #YAML file of shellcodes
  5. --example/                       #Nday vulnerabilities, full report and exploit code
  6. --results/                      
  7.   |---ROP_gadgets/               #ROP gadgets generating results      
  8.   |---attackBlock.txt            #Attack block generating results
  9. --ropper/                        #Modified ropper module to get all gadgets
  10. --filebytes/                     #Filebytes module to load ELFs
  11. --router_exp_shovel/             #Main module        
  12.   |---offset_calculator/         #Calculate padding size
  13.   |---ROP_maker/                 #Make ROP chains
  14.   |---shellcode_maker/           #Make shellcodes
  15. --qemuTestEnvironment/           #MIPS run-environment for router exploitation
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