The Succubus Went Down to Georgia

Jul 28th, 2016
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  1. >The Succubus went down to Georgia
  2. >She was looking for some semen to steal
  3. >She was in a bind
  4. >'Cus she was way behind
  5. >And she was willing to make a deal
  7. >When she came upon a shounen
  8. >Whackin' on his 'fiddle' and rubbin' it hot!
  9. >And the Succubus jumped
  10. >Up on a hickory stump
  11. >And said "Shounen" let me tell you what"
  13. >I guess you didn't know it
  14. >But I'm a 'fiddle' stroker too
  15. >And if you'd care to take a dare, I'll make a bet with you.
  17. >Now you beat a pretty good 'fiddle', shounen
  18. >But give this succubus her due
  19. >I'll bet this golden onnahole
  20. >Against your pearly load
  21. >'Cause I think I'm better than you."
  23. >The boy said, "My names Anon
  24. >And it might be a sin
  25. >But I'll take your bet
  26. >And you're gonna regret
  27. >'Cause I'm fastest jack that's ever been."
  29. >Anon, lube up your hands and play your 'fiddle' hard
  30. >'Cause hell's broke loose in Georgia, and the Succubus deals the cocks
  31. >And if you win, you get this silky onnahole made of gold
  32. >But if you lose, the devil gets your load
  34. >The Succubus opened up her bag
  35. >And she said, "I'll start this show."
  36. >And mana flew from hers fingertips
  37. >As she lubed up Anons 'bow'
  39. >Then she slipped his 'bow' across her hands
  40. >And it made an evil SCHLICK
  41. >And a band of shortstack Alps joined in
  42. >And it sounded something like this
  44. (Cue 70's porn music)
  46. >When the Succubus finished
  47. >Anon said, "well, you're pretty good, old girl
  48. >But sit down in that chair right there
  49. >And let me show you how it's done."
  51. >He played Mama's come hoe early run boys, run
  52. >The porno is due back before rising sun
  53. >Fappin' to "I Touch Myself", puttin' on a show
  54. >Hunny does my dick look too swole, no Anon no
  56. >The Succubus bowed her head
  57. >Because she knew that she'd been beat
  58. >And she laid that golden onnahole
  59. >On the ground at Anons feet
  61. >Anon said, "Succubus, just come on back
  62. >If you ever want to try again
  63. >I done told you once you horny bitch
  64. >I'm the fastest jack that's ever been."
  66. >He played Mama's come home early run boys, run
  67. >The porno is due back before rising sun
  68. >Fappin' to "I Touch Myself", puttin' on a show
  69. >Hunny does my dick look too swole, no Anon no
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