Embodiment of All Evils-A Jumpchain Project

Aug 11th, 2015
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  1. Embodiment of All Evils-A Jumpchain Project
  3. "Does evil exist, and if so can one detect and measure it?"
  4. "Um-"
  5. "Rhetorical question. The answer is yes, you just have to be a genius"
  7. Rick and Morty, Rick and Morty
  9. The abstract forces known as the Greek Evils originating from the Titanomachy are poorly understood, even harder to control safely without jump fiat and in general something of a conflict-starting plot device. This project aims to change all that by creating an energy efficient, sustainable means of harnessing Greek Evils and enabling one to be empowered by them in a manner identical to Embodiment of Evil.
  11. Phase 1: Attunment
  13. For this phase, we will require a control group of sentient beings infused with the Evils; the only confirmed individuals with this property appear to be the Greek Gods. Therefore, it will be necessary to 1a) deploy several midgets to covertly follow Kratos as he embarks on a deicide spree and "killsteal" severely wounded deities with a teleportation ray based on perfected Ork technology (fungal samples were acquired during 40K and genetically modified into an insensate form with improved psychic output) or 1b) persuade Kratos to use a beacon attuned to a portal network (Master Builder) to nonlethally defeat his foes to us with the promise of granting them a grisly, prolonged death which we will record on a video and deliver to him or 1c) ensure that the Blades of Stasis we will grant him to facillitate said vengeance have a magical property based on Lumen Sage transdimensional spiritech that delivers victims on the brink of death to a preset beacon/holy altar. Memo: Consult Jubileus on whether the latter is actually possible.
  15. All test subjects are to be restrained by the mystic equivalent of a Faraday cage developed from the Magic Canceler Schematics and Religious Insight from Demon King Daimou coupled with consultations with various Necron contacts on the logistics of actual Tesseract Vaults reinforced with "Emperium", the wave-particle pseudo-metal based metal developed from studying the Plecian Tome, the Black Death and a few conversations with the Emperor himself which somehow scientifically reproduces the Emperor's immense resilience against spiritual phenomena.
  17. The next step will be a glorified dissection in an attempt to analyse the metaphysical bonding that takes place between an infectee and the Greek Evils; this will involve the use of That Undefinable Thing to build a microscope which can look at souls, invasive conceptual surgeries enacted by Ichor Omega and the participation of Maxwell Laplace (our ancient Spirit of Intellect) and Sophia Ainsley (the Artifact Spirit of what was once a Sonic Screwdriver/Weirding Module hybrid device, and now so much more). Accelerated Arcanum should hopefully halve research time due to its mystic bent, Mad Researcher (FF8) will enhance overall research quality given the nature of the work, Metaphysical Biology PhD may shed some light on how the soul is altered by said evils and Path to Victory should hopefully maximise efficiency of the process. Alas, a predicted [REDACTED] test subjects will die over the course of the research and as such we will require a great many test subjects.
  19. The goal is to devise a spiritual medium (tentatively slated for Eradia, as Warpfire is too volatile, Fortune Energy appears to have negative side effects and Aether appears unable to manifest without bonding with something else) that when modified by additional rituals (codecasts, EX Rank High Speed Divine Words) and spiritual manipulation can be used to create the medium for a "conceptual vaccine" which can bond with the evil, and then infuse it into objects and individuals-enabling the replication of whatever property Embodiment of Evil provides.
  21. Ownership of the perks Corruption Adept (Spyro the Dragon), the Noble Eightfold Path (Lord of Light), Power of Dominance (Castlevania), "Buddy, I think you're slime"/Anon, it's you! (Robocop), Pure of Heart (Skullgirls), Chosen of the Lady (MGNQ) TOWER CONNECT (Ar Tonelico), and Re-Birth (Cardfight Vanguard) is nonetheless recommended for a successful procedure.
  23. Phase 2: Harvest
  25. Now that we can analyse, manipulate and safely imbibe the spiritual manifestation of evil, we must build technology that can do the same but better.
  27. Components:
  28. -Ruby of Grief (Final Fantasy 13-2)
  29. -Satellite Grid Network, Energy Conservation Policies (Zoids Legacy)
  30. -Magitek Mastery (FF6)
  31. -Embodiment of Evil, Empathic Environment (God of War)
  32. -Demigod Atelier (Asura's Wrath)
  33. -Arcane (Smite)
  34. -You Can Have Both, You Know (Generic Sugar Bowl)+Pollution StandardsX4 (Tropico)+Energy Conservation Policies (Zoids Legacy)
  35. -Song Magic, Creative Composition, Song Science, Dive Compatible (Ar Tonelico)
  36. -Favor of Tashlan (Narnia)
  37. -Via Absolvo (FF13-3)+Inner Universe (MGNQ)
  38. -Magitech (Banjo-Kazooie)+Soul Source (Dresden Files)
  39. -HYDRA Blueprints (MCU)+Conjoined Conjures (Cardcaptor Sakura)
  40. -Blinker Stone (Gunnerkrigg Court) and Gulug Stone (FF9)
  41. -Spellmaker, Altar of Spellmaking (Elder Scrolls)
  42. -Creative Composition (Ar Tonelico)
  43. -Temple of Thought (Binbougami-ga)+The Noble Eightfold Path (Lord of Light)
  44. -Incubator Data Cache; bartered from Kyuubey in exchange for Song Science data cache and perpetual energy machine schematics
  45. -Thaumaturgical Focus: Boundary Fields (Fate)
  46. -High Speed Divine Words, Mystic Eyes of Nothingness, Mystic Eyes of Imaginary Numbers (Fate/Extra)
  47. -Knowledge is Numbers (Generic Virtual World)+Will of the User (Kid Radd)+Hardened Cosmosphere (Ar Tonelico)+Reality Hacker (Webmage)+Codecast data
  48. -Arcane Interface, Wireless Interface (Storm Hawks)+Bigger on the Inside (RWBY)
  49. -Attitudinator (Kim Possible)
  50. -Technomage (Harry Potter)
  51. -Magic Monocle (Bayonetta)
  52. -That Undefinable Thing (Tales of Symphonia)
  53. -Inner Self (Demon's Souls)
  54. -Wizard, Octiron (Discworld)
  55. -Master Builder, Cybertronian Forge (Transformers)
  56. -Forbidden Magicks (Magicka)
  57. -Lore of Alex, Thaumcraft, Equivalent Exchange (Minecraft)
  58. -Simplified Formulae, Advanced Formulae (FMA)
  60. 1. Using Temple of Thought and Favor of Tashlan, commence meditation upon the nature of existence to hybridise the mechanic functionality of Mantra with Greek divinity. Codecasts appear to have a spiritual component, and knowledge of the specific form apparently known by the Shingon Tachikawa Eiten Schoolmay or may not expedite enlightenment.
  62. 1.5: Once you have achieved enlightenment, design a conceptual energy core to be implanted in yourself (if you are an individual) or set at the center of a ritual circle to collect evils (if you are an extradimensional entity incapable of fully manifesting in reality under normal circumstances without squashing it) similar to the Brahmastra reactor capable of harnessing all forms of evil.
  64. 2. Once you have achieved satori, commence upgrading the Satellite Grid Network with modified and improved spiritual receivers. These should be able to both absorb passively from a planetary population as well as project to a central hub to deposit the collected evil; as the Bhunivelze itself is a spiritual construct of some sort, it is ideal to manifest it permanently somewhere hidden.
  66. 3. Build energy colelction cylinders unit upon Bhunivelze. Create a spirit manifestation chamber integrating song science with octiron and magitek.
  68. 4. Create ground-level based evil collections units, using the combined insight provided by HYDRA Blueprints and Conjoined Conjures to theorise a means of integrating Ruby of Grief, Blinker Stone, Gulug Stone and the Attitudinator into a modular form of transmitter that can absorb and project spiritual frequenciest. Some form of magic-science unified paradigm like Fulmigati's magnum opus would be useful. The Attitudinator technology is the crux of this design, as a means of extracting and transferring evil as a concept.
  70. Do not actually build this; the components and processes involved are rare and nigh-unobtainable and one should not actually waste valuable artifacts like that. This is merely a thought exercise for running virtual models to design something based on the items' combined effect. Instead, using Creative Composition, Reality Hacker/Codecasts, the principles of codecasting/Incubator technology, transformium, modified mantratech, various custom spells devised from Magicka/Elder Scrolls-based settings and both paradigms of alchemy mentioned one should then build magitech transmitters imbued with magic which fulfills a similar function; Crimson Saint is useful but not strictly necessary to that end. A degree of reduced capability is expected initially due to the difficulties of calibrating songstone compositions to fully emulate the studied effects. Industrialcraft and Thaumcraft in particular will prove useful for mass production once the design is sufficiently advanced.
  72. 4a. Discworld magic is capable of extracting and manipulating the abstract concept of pain, quasi-personifying it. As such using the insight of Anathema and Path to Victory devise a custom Discworld spell capable of manipulating and binding Greek evils. Using trace amounts of octiron store the spell in the satellites and ground level collection units.
  74. 4b. Conjoin conjure High Speed Divine Words with DF magic. Enact miniaturised boundary field upon all equipment involved capable of creating a curse of "manifestation and subjugation" using the element of Nothingness to materialise a transmitted "spirit" of Greek evil, reinforced by Soulfire. Enact a large boundary field capable of this feat in the collection unit upon the Bhunivelse. If necessary, cast a Reinforcement-analogue upon other equipment also imbued with Soulfire if there is a risk of equipment being posessed by Greek evils by using That Undefinable Thing and Inner Self to extract and imbue resistance/adaptation to corruption in your equipment.
  76. 4c. Use You Can Have Both, You Know, Pollution Standards and Energy Conservation Policies to prevent the risk of a metaphysical form of entropy from allowing evil to escape.
  78. 4d. Ensure all equipment comes equipped with at least 2 magic monocles, one of which has proven to be able to seal half the spiritual essence of an extremely powerful head god with some side effects. In this scenario the operator has at least 100 jumps' worth of experience as a Lumen Sage under their belt; hopefully at this point they are capable of manufacturing Lumen artifacts such as the monocle.
  80. 4e. Using the sum total of all hacking perks, create a magical network distributed via transmitters linking all equipment such that Codecasts can be applied to them remotely.
  82. 5. When operating, stand in the boundary field within the Bhunivelze when activating the system. If all goes as planned the evils should be manifested, transmitted and stored in the Bhunivelze for consumption at leisure. Further refinement of the process may improve energy yields.
  84. 6a. Store as much as you can in the warehouse for future use, in TIGHTLY SEALED containers.
  86. 6b. Stab self in mystic points of Imaginary Numbers and Nothingness to assume the form of a dispersed spiritual body capable of absorbing and being empowered by human belief. Initiate activation codecast. Transcend into the physical incarnation of evil.
  88. 7. Or do it through an avatar if for some reason most of you is displaced outside reality.
  90. Notes
  91. -Addendum: Lesser Grail=best souvenir from the Fourth Grail War ever
  92. -This project was devised after consultation with Kiara Sessyouin. Make of that what you will.
  93. -Angra Mainyu's canon attempts to incarnate through Irisviel, Shinji and Sakura respectively created a flaming mud monster that cursed everything surviving it like radiation, a fleshy blob that had a humanoid torso in the UBW anime and a living shadow as powerful as a Counter Guardian. The implication appears to be that modifying step 5 such that the procedure occurs when we are possessing a being of magical power may unlock new, unforseen forms and powers
  94. -Discworld magic can facillitate apotheosis (see: The Duchess of Borogravia), and the manifestation of other anthropomorphic personifications. It is also capable of developing universal-level AI by using once-and-future programming in order to calculate the conceptual absence of information in potentia and extelligence; when the thaum is split under supervision of such an AI it is possible to recreate an environment similar to the Moon Cell by creating a space suborned by higher order physics, although the demonstrated thaumaturgy shows there is room for fine tuning the exact degree of control through a magitech paradigm as opposed to crudely shaping ritual components in the image of a CPU. By acquiring sufficient thaums via Universal Reactor and enacting certain rituals based on HSDW and Numerology, the possibility of becoming a True Demon with absolute Authority over conceptual evil arises. With stacked magic boosters (Bucket/Pool Capacity, Thousand Master, Power to Burn/Refined Spellcasting, several versions of Magic Circles etc), it may even be possible to use modified FF14 Black Magic for amplifying Square and applying it to the ritual to become a Divine Spirit of Evil (or possibly a Bodhisattva depending on exactly how the corruption-resisting perks function) holding absolute authority over the idea of evil.
  95. -Hypothetically, a similar system could be devised to harvest Hope through studies conducted after Kratos is convinced to kill himself. However, Hope is still not fully understood and personal capabilities for absorbing/being empowered by Hope appear limited in availability. As such Hope is deemed too ambiguous to be harnessed at this juncture.
  96. -It is currently ambiguous as to what the scope of appliations for harvested and manifested Greek evils might be. On the one hand, the ending of GoW 3 seems to indicate it works somewhat akin to Mantra, increasing size and overall capabilities and only having more versatile effects in an uncontrolled form. It is deemed exceptionally stupid and reckless to just release captured evils upon another world as a superweapon given the as-yet undetermined scope of their effect. On the other hand, considering the phenomena of demonization appears to operate through a magical reaction catalysing ill intent from humanity, a potential form of apotheosis may be possible with a sufficiently advanced understanding of magecraft or High Speed Divine Words in combination with the ability to manipulate Shadow and Nothingness by indirectly using the collected evils as fuel for a separate ritual, to become an existence equal to Sakura Matou's during Heaven's Feel.
  97. -The use of Temple of Thought to combine the practice of Soulfire with evil essence, and then Conjoined Conjures to allocate DF Magic into High Speed Divine Words, may enable the use of evil as a mystic rebar of sorts. It may also be possible to forge conceptual weapons and mystic codes from it in this manner.
  98. -The power of Angel Slayer may be exponentially multiplied in this manner, by drawing on all ambient evil in existence and concentrating it into a single weapon. It is unclear if Cursed Land may be amplified in a similar manner
  99. -Provided transmission is not disrupted by a higher power, it is unclear what effect a permanent net decrease in the level of ambient evil will have in the long run, especially considering the metaphyiscs of certain settings.
  100. -Commencing experimentation on siphoning evil from Tears has begun, by using the Shadow Amplifier as an intermediatory. EDIT: Current DLC formula extending the breadth of this project's scope is as follows:
  102. 1. Conjoin conjure the Shadow Amplifier with High Speed Divine Words. It is known that Caster was able to mimic a True Magic using her A rank knowledge of the HSDW system; as such it is likely that the Multidimensional Refraction Phenomena can be mimicked using A+++ rank HSDW. Path to Victory may be used to "tweak" this device based on the Attitudinator technology from Kim Possible when supplemented by other science advancement perks (Tech Tree, Newton Is Rolling In His Grave, The Maddest Science Yet) to construct a codecast processor reverse engineered (Reverse Engineering from XCOM, the perk of the same name from Sekirei, Master Pipefiter from Posleen Wars, Endless Recycling from Endless Legend) from the Moon Cell's schematics using data (gathered through the Bastion ensconced within a territory of Imaginary Numbers where time and space lack meaning through a Wireless Interface (Storm Hawks) magitechnological form of scrying developed from crystals (Crystal Working, Geneforge)) such that it will be capable of immense feats of calculation to prioritise absorbing evil from realities with the greatest concentrations of evil using a program based upon another probability predicting formula (The Betting Man, Killing Bites). Crucially, the Shadow Amplifier will be modified via magitek (FF6) to be capable of wielding Lutece particle para-magic (Sufficiently Advanced Science, FF8).
  104. 1a. It is paramount that the project take place in a magic circle created through a conjoination of Discworld and Drakengard magic to enforce a one-way modified Goddess Seal, preventing multiversal evils from escaping into the reality currently being occupied.
  106. 2. Integrate a moonstone into the Shadow amplifier
  108. 2b. To prevent the device from burning out during operation, a perpetual motion machine based on schematics from Invader Zim will be altered into a Mystic Code (Artificer, Tsukihime) to supply a constant source of magical energy, while A+++ Rank Numerology will be used to further enhance the spell through Square. If this is insufficient, an S2 Engine saturated in corruptive energy from our world-self as well as an orgel of origins may be integrated into the apparatus via Arcane and Wireless interface magitechnology.
  110. 3. The the concept of Greek spritualism must be merged (Favour of Tashlan from Narnia, Temple of Thought from Binbougami-ga) with that of the organic-based naruto ninjutsu, such that when the organ is integrated into one's metaphysiology it may be possible with additional training enhancers (Adaptability from Wuxia, Copycat Technique from Ranma 1/2, Lore from FF6 and A Monster's Strength from Tower of God) to invent a chakra technique based on absorbing spiritual energy from alternate realities.
  112. 3. Before activating the modified shadowamplifier, enact a sealing Boundary Field around the device to prevent loss of resources.
  114. 4. Activate modified shadow amplifier to access alternate realities and absorb as much potential evil from the infinite multiverse as possible.
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