Fluttershy's Fiction (Rule 63)

Dec 17th, 2012
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  3. This is a series where Fluttershy writes r63 fiction for Anon.
  4. ----
  6. >Day <3 Femanon and Dusk Shine <3 in Equestria
  7. >You are Femanon.
  8. >You wake up and perform your morning ritual.
  9. >You don’t shit, because girls don’t shit. You do take a shower though, and brush your gorgeous hair.
  10. >You have been feeling funny. It has been so long since you felt the touch of a man. You have tried releasing the pressure, but it just isn’t the same.
  11. >You aren’t a horsefucker, but its been too long. You start thinking, maybe, just maybe it might be possible to fuck horses.
  12. >You get dressed.
  13. >You hear a knock on the door.
  14. >Fuck. That must be Butterscotch. He always tries to guess your fetish.
  15. >You open the door.
  16. >He is wearing a dress.
  17. >”Um, is me being a little mare your fetish?”
  18. >You facepalm and dick kick him. He flies off.
  19. >You leave your house.
  20. >You run into Dusk Shine.
  21. “Hello Dusk Shine,” you say.
  22. >”Hello Femanon,” he replies.
  23. >You kind of like Dusk Shine because he reminds you of someone from your past. Hes dark and brooding.
  24. >Maybe he is good enough?
  25. >”Do you want to go out on a date?” He asks bluntly. Subtleness is not his forte.
  26. >You think for a moment. Do you really want to do this? Do you really want to open this can of worms?
  27. Sure
  28. >He smiles and says, “great, I’ll see you here later.
  29. >Its later.
  30. >You are now where you were earlier.
  31. >You see Dusk Shine and you two hang out. The date was awesome.
  32. >He sang to you, and you flew through the clouds with his dark magic, and then you went to the bar and had lots of shooters.
  33. >”Want to go to my place?” He asks.
  34. “Sure,” you say while blushing.
  35. >You enter his house. Spines is sleeping on the couch.
  36. >”Lets go to my room.” He says.
  37. >You nod.
  38. >You are now in Dusk Shines room.
  39. >He brushes your beautiful hair.
  40. >”Want to fuck?”
  41. “No, I’m not ready for that.”
  42. >”But I love you.”
  43. “I don’t love you.”
  44. >He forces himself on you and starts licking your face. His hooves caress your awesome breasts.
  45. >You try to push him off but he’s too strong.
  46. >”This is going to happen,” he says.
  47. Noooo, I’m no horsefucker!
  48. >You punch him in his snout.
  49. >He backs up.
  50. >”That really hurt.”
  51. >He sounds just like -
  52. >Dusk Shine explodes. When the dusk settles, it Butterscotch in front of you.
  53. >”Um hi.” He smiles weakly.
  54. “You dressed up as Dusk Shine and took me out of that date?”
  55. >He nods shamefully.
  56. >You think for a moment, it was an awesome date. Maybe he was the one.
  57. Come here you stallion.
  58. >You two start making out. He starts caressing you soft body. Feeling every inch of you. His di-
  60. “Fluttershy. STOP. Just stop.”
  61. >”You don’t like my story Anon?”
  62. No! It was awful.
  63. >”What do you mean?”
  64. There was no character development, huge plot holes, and the pacing was terrible.
  65. >She’s shaking.
  66. The characters were unbelievable. Do you really think Femanon was just going to throw herself at Butterscotch after the shit he pulled?
  67. >”But I tried really hard.”
  68. I know Fluttershy.
  69. >You stand up from the chair that held you captive. During her story, you had undone the knots.
  70. >Shes starting to cry. “You could have left at any time, and you stayed?”
  71. Yea… I guess it wasn’t that bad after all.
  72. >You walk toward the door.
  73. >You don’t like hearing her cry.
  74. >You look back at Fluttershy
  75. I’ll be back next week to find out what happens next.
  76. >You give her a wink.
  77. >She is goes into shock, and faints.
  78. fin
  81. --------------
  84. Day <3 Macareina and The Great and Powerful Trevor <3
  85. You are Macareina. You are a hard working, and beautiful mare.
  86. >You have only been on a few dates. Your big brother Applejack doesn’t approve of visiting stallions and runs them off.
  87. >You haven’t even been kissed.
  88. >Applejack is right though. Your place is on the farm, and not going out with strange stallions.
  89. >He tells you that you are worthless, and that if he didn’t have to take care of you, he would have a mare of his own. Sometimes he hits you.
  90. >He usually drinks himself to sleep.
  91. >Applejack is always right.
  92. >The only Stallion he lets visit you is Butterscotch. Probably because he doesn’t see Butterscotch as a threat.
  93. >You two have been friends for a long time.
  94. >Recently he confessed that he loves you. As much as you want to love him, you cant. You just don’t see him like that.
  95. >Butterscotch is like a brother to you. The brother you should have had.
  96. >Now he visits and tries to guess your fetish. He says maybe if he figures out your fetish, it will be easier for you to love him.
  97. >You don’t even know if you have a fetish.
  98. 1/6
  100. >It’s late. Applejack grunts at you. “I’m going out.”
  101. >He doesn’t bother looking bad to see if you acknowledged him. He slams the door.
  102. >You’re alone again. Like always.
  103. >No. Today you are going out. What AJ doesn’t know won’t hurt him.
  104. >You clean yourself up and head out the door.
  105. >You are now at town square.
  106. >There is a crowd of p0nies looking at a stage. The billboard reads, “The Great and Powerful Trevor.”
  107. >You see Butterscotch in the crowd. You trot up next to him.
  108. >He’s surprised that you are out, but happy for you.
  109. >”The show’s about the start.” He says.
  110. >A blue Stallion trots onto the stage.
  111. >Fireworks and explosions are going off everywhere.
  112. >He performs feats of magic and illusion.
  113. >It’s beautiful.
  114. >You have to meet him.
  115. >The show ends, and p0nies throw bits onto the stage
  116. >Trevor comes out for another bow, and magics the bits into a sack. He then enters his cart.
  117. >The crowd disperses very quickly.
  118. >You and Butterscotch go up to the cart.
  120. 2/6
  122. >You knock on the door, and a moment later Trevor pokes his head out. He’s smirking.
  123. >”Yes?”
  124. Your show was so great. Can you show me more magic?
  125. >He’s grinning from ear to ear. He must like compliments.
  126. >”Of course. I have even better magic inside.” He opens the door wider for you to enter.
  127. >Butterscotch tries to follow, but Trevor stops him.
  128. >”Just your friend. You can wait outside.”
  129. >Butterscotch looks dejected, but he doesn’t say anything.
  130. >The door closes.
  131. >The inside of the cart is surprisingly large. Must be magic. It’s always magic.
  132. >He removes his cape, and hat. He motions for you to sit.
  133. >He performs some more magic for you. You are even more interested in this stallion than before. He’s so mysterious. He reminds you of somep0ny you used to know. Dark and brooding.
  134. >”There is just one more trick I’d like to show you. It will involve you.
  135. Me? That would be awesome!
  136. >”It will be. It’s about making things… appear and disappear.”
  137. 3/6
  139. >He grabs you and starts kissing you.
  140. >He took your first kiss. He’s forceful. You thought this was supposed to be more tender.
  141. >He pushes you down.
  142. >”All I need you to do is be quiet.”
  143. >He is stroking his cock. Its fully enlarged.
  144. >”No! I’m not ready for that.”
  145. >”This is going to happen.”
  146. >He hits you again and again.
  147. >You cry out.
  148. >He uses his magic to silence you.
  149. >You are crying profusely.
  150. >Butterscotch jumps in through the window and bucks Trevor. Trevor falls down. He wasn’t expecting this.
  151. >He tries to fight back, but Butterscotch is surprisingly strong.
  152. >Butterscotch beats Trevor to a pulp.
  153. >You are still on the floor crying.
  154. >Butterscotch picks you up and carries you home.
  155. >He doesn’t know what to say, so he says nothing.
  156. >You feel safe.
  157. >He puts you down.
  158. >”I’m here if you want to talk about this.”
  159. >You shake your head no.
  160. I just want to forget this ever happened.
  161. >He nods, and trots off.
  162. 4/6
  164. “Where were you? I didn’t say you could go out.” AJ says as you enter.
  165. I don’t need to tell you everything. You don’t own me.
  166. >”What did you say?”
  167. >AJ gets up slowly, and stumbles toward you. He’s drunk.
  168. I said you don’t own me!
  169. >He hits you across your face.
  170. >You start crying.
  171. >”Don’t forget who puts food on our table.”
  172. >He sniffs the air.
  173. >”You’ve been with a stallion.”
  174. No. No I haven’t.
  175. >”I can smell his stink on you. I do everything for you and this is how you repay me?” He hits you again.
  176. >You fall to the ground.
  177. >AJ puts his weight on you.
  178. >”Is this what you want? To be violated by a stallion?”
  179. >You are shaking profusely. You try to buck him off, but hes too strong.
  180. >”I’ll give you what you want.”
  181. >His enormous cock is unsheathed. There’s no way that will fit.
  182. >He pulls out a knife.
  183. >”This will make it easier.” He smirks.
  184. >He puts the knife on your -
  186. Jesus Christ Fluttershy!
  188. 5/6
  190. >”You didn’t like it?” Fluttershy asks
  191. >You grab the book from her hands. You continue reading. It’s absurdly detailed rape.
  192. >You put the book down.
  193. Ok, Ok. It’s better than the last one, that’s for sure.
  194. >”Then what’s wrong?”
  195. Why does AJ have to rape his sister? She’s been through enough already.
  196. >”Um, if you re-read the first page, I already alluded to AJ being abusive and potentially wanting Macareina for himself.”
  197. >You look back at the first page. Sure enough its there.
  198. >You sigh and hand her the book.
  199. Alright.
  200. >She places her head on your lap as she continues her story. You put your arm around her unconsciously.
  201. >You look at the fire.
  202. >It dances for you.
  203. fin
  204. 6/6
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