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  1. Mike woke up with a huge yawn. Working late the day before christmas eve was not exactly his favourite way of spending said evening.
  2. Slowly dragging himself up tp a sitting position, he raised his hands toward the cieling and stretched his arms a little to clear the fog of sleep from his mind. Slipping his feet into his favourite morning slippers, he slowly moved to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. He took the glass of mixed juice he had put in there last night, his favourite morning drink made from blue berries, mango, lemon, lime, ginger and carrot, all thoroughly mixed together in his mixer, the one appliance in his kitchen that he hadn't spared any expense on.
  3. He took a sip the wonderful taste waking him up more by the second. As he closed the fridge door however, he froze. For behind the door was a face. A female face that belonged to someone who definitively didn't live here, and who's presence had gone completely unnoticed.
  4. What was even weirder was the fact that her head was crowned by horns the same white color of her hair, and her eyes were red.
  6. Slowly lowering his glass to the bench, Mike opened his mouth. "Why the hell are you?"
  7. The woman only smiled at him. "Good, you're awake now. Then we can get started."
  8. Feeling like his house had been invaded by what was likely a stalker or some other crazy chick, Mike slowly backed away from her in the direction of the door, and his trusty baseball bat. Before he could get far however, she woman mumbled something and made a gesture towards him. A second of what felt like a gust of wind later, he was sitting in a chair that wasn't there before. The woman moved closer to him.
  9. "Right then, lets get everyone else here as well."
  10. She clapped her hands and something that could only be described as a purple hole in the air opened up. Through this hole stepped another strange woman, this one with silky black hair, what looked like dog ears on her head, and paw shaped hands and feet. Mike didn't know what was stranger, her paw hands or the fact that she was holding a clipboard and pen in them and seemingly using them with no trouble.
  11. She looked at the clipboard and then at him, writing something down before speaking. "So then, first we need to get you briefed on the situation. All the christmas presents of a certain individual has been stolen. Your job will be to get them back and into said individual's home before their absence is discovered."
  12. Blinking stupidly again, Mike could only stare in disbelief. But she was apperantly not done yet as she continued. "To effectively do this you will need some assistance."
  13. She nodded at the white woman who smirked and clapped her hands again. This time more people emerged from the 'portal' that was now sitting in his apartment like it belonged there.
  14. A tiny girl that looked no older then 10 or 12, with similar white hair, and a girl dressed in a white one piece with blond hair. Following them was probably the strngest one yet. SHe was larger then the others, her legs looking like those of a lion, her arms like bird talons shaped into hands, with giant wings on her back covered in white and brown feathers. He could also clearly see a lion tail swishing behind her.
  15. The dog-eared woman continued. "These shall be your team. Allow me to introduce you. This here is Mila, she is an arch imp."
  16. The tiny girl waved at him with a cute smile.
  17. "This here is her most recent friend Mary. She is an angel."
  18. The blond girl smiled shyly at him.
  19. "And last but not least, this is Petra. She is a griffon.
  20. The large bird-lion-woman greeted him with a smile.
  21. "By the way, my name is Anette the Anubis, and this is Bella the lilim, your employer for the day."
  22. Seeing as Mike couldn't even make a sound in response, she apperantly took it as a sign to continue. "Now then, last point on the agenda. Your costume."
  23. She looked at the girl she had called 'arch imp' and nodded. The girl giggled in response and waved her hands at him. Something like a strong gust of wind swept over him, and when he looked down he was hit by another shock. He was now dressed in a santa clause outfit. Feeling his face, he noticed it was even complete with a big, white beard that didn't seem all that fake.
  25. Finally having had enough of this nonsense, he stood up from the chair and began to somewhat angrily shout at them all.
  26. "WHat the hell is going on here?! Who are you people? What are you doing here? You know what, never mind all that. Just get out of my house!"
  27. The woman who was apperantly called a 'lilim' whatever the hell that was, only smiled at him. "It's nice to see that you are eager to get out and do the job, I like a pro-active man."
  28. Fuming, Mike was about to lay a few more choise words on her, but he never had time to. Because it was at that time the 'griffon' woman qickly moved over to him and somehow managed to pick him up in a piggyback hold onto her back. He bearely had time to register what just happened before she turned her face towards him and spoke. "Right then, off we go. Make sure to hold on tight."
  29. She then ran through the room and promptly jumped out the window.
  31. Screaming his head of thinking he was going to die on the sidewalk wearing a santa costume, Mike didn't notice right away that they were going up, rather then down. The scream slowly died out as he realized they were flying. A realization that instinctively made him thro his hands around his carrier's chest, something she didn't seem to mind in the slightest.
  32. "Are you alright back there? We will start picking up speed now."
  33. Before he could respond, Mike saw something move in the corner of his vision and turned his head to the right. There was the woman called Mary, flying right next to him on her white wings and still giving him that shy smile as if they were walking through the shopping district on a perfectly normal day.
  34. He then heard a giggle and turned his head to the left side. There was the tiny girl called Mila, also flying on bat like wings he had not noticed earlier, her heart tipped tail trailing behind her. She seemed to be having a blast with all of this, the very opposite of what he was feeling.
  36. Mary cleared her throat to call his attention back to herself, then pointed to somewhere below them. "Look there, that's the perpetrators we are chasing."
  37. Following her finger with his gaze, Mike saw two people sitting on a rooftop down below. There was also a stash of what looked like christmas presents between the two. Presumably the stolen presents is unwanted visitors had mentioned earlier.
  38. He stopped for a moment to consider how utterly bizzare it was for him to actually think that thought, when not 5 minutes ago he had been looking forward to a slow, quiet christmas morning in the comfort of his home. Why was he getting used to this ongoing complete nonsense?
  39. Petra turned her face towards him again. "Are you ready? They will most likely fly away when we charge them. Focus on recovering the presents."
  40. He just stared back at her. "How exactly am I suppose to do that if they can fly?"
  41. She turned to the imp girl. "Mila, give him the lasso."
  42. The girl giggled and put her hands together. When she pulled them apart again, there was a shiny rope between them that she gave to him. He took it with a mute expression as she smiled at him. "Don't worry, it takes care of all the troublesome parts itself. All you have to do is throw it. You will need to aim a little though."
  43. He could feel Petra flex her muscles. "Alright then, here we go!"
  45. All three of them broke into a steep dive. Mike only tried to hold on for dear life as the cold wind rushed past his face. He did for some reason notice that the beard seemed to help a little against it.
  46. The two people on the roof looked up and saw them, and he could now tell that one of them had a lot of fly-like features to her apperance, while the other one was a similar amalgamation of different things as Petra, only this one had leathery wings, paw-shaped hands and feet, a mane and a strange, scary tail.
  47. As soon as they saw them coming, they quickly shuffled their loot into two bags and took too the air.
  48. And so began by far the weirdest event in Mike's otherwhise normal life. He was a regular dude who had a regular office job, and now he was dressed as santa and caught up in an aerial chase between the rooftops of buildings, chasing present thieves that could fly, while riding another woman who could fly and flanked by two more.
  49. After wracking his mind for any possible answer, he opened his mouth and loudly exclaimed. "Ahh, to hell with it, lets fucking do this!"
  50. Maybe he had overdozed on insanity and just had to do something, maybe he was actually getting into this somehow. Either way it didn't matter, he just had to hit them with this lasso right?
  51. Mike swung the glowing rope and threw it towards the bug girl in front of him. Luckily for him, he always had been pretty good at baseball, so it flew straight at his target. Upon reaching her, the rope somehow magically wrapped itself around her foot. His two 'wingmen' cheered as they grabbed the rope and pulled on it hard along with him. The girl was dragged back at high speed and landed into a web-shaped rope structure that the imp conjoured up in mid air, literallytrapping her like a fly in a spider web. Petra turned to chase after the second culprit as soon as her friend had given Mike a new rope.
  52. "Alright, those two will stay and deal with the beelzebub thief, we gotta catch the manticore."
  54. Feeling like there was nothing to it but to keep going, Mike readied his new rope and threw it. Unfortunately, this 'manticore' was quick enough to dodge it, and dive down into a gap between buildings. Petra was not one to be outdone however, and she managed to follow her close enough to never lose vision, even as they were twisting and turning between multiple buildings.
  55. Eventually, they flew into a dead end. The manticore slowed down a bit to make the sharp upwards turn, and Mike saw his chance. Timing aiming ahead of her, he timed it to when she just started to move upwards and threw the rope. This time it hit, and entangled her tail.
  56. When they reached the edge of the roof, Petra grabbed on to the building with her claws. Mike was briefly lifted of her back, but she quickly grabbed him and yanked him back down. Combined with him tugging the rope, their prey was pulled straight down onto the roof in an uncerimonious way. Petra quickly put him down and threw herself at the manticore.
  57. After a short wrestling match, the griffon was victorious and had her target completely tied up in what looked unnecessarily much like shibari.
  58. Standing up, she turned towards him and gave him a thumbs up.
  61. A little later in the day, Mike was back in his home. He had been flown to the residence that the presents had apperantly been stolen from, and of course been made to deliver them under the christmas tree like an actual santa, before being taken back home and relieved of the stupid beard and outfit.
  62. All the strange women responsible had congratulated him on his good deed, before promptly leaving through the portal and closing it.
  63. Collapsing on his sofa, Mike felt mentally exhausted. Trying to make any sort of sense of the situation was more draining then he could have possibly imagined, so he decided to just sit here, lean his head back and rest.
  64. Unfortunately for him though, his mind did not give him any rest. Vivid images of everything that had just transpired kept flowing through his thoughts at every turn.
  65. Since he was so focused on trying to get the storm in his head uner control, he didn't notice the light footsteps that approached him. Not until he caught a glimpse of a wing with white feathers.
  66. Slowly sitting up, he saw Mary standing there, holding out his morning drink towards him with a smile.
  67. He stared at her for several seconds before slowly extending his hand. Accepting the glass from her, he took a deep swig. The blessed cool and delisious liquid finally seemed to setle his restless mind down. Putting the glass on the table next to the sofa, he looked at Mary again.
  68. "Thanks, I really needed that."
  69. Her face positively beamed with hapiness as she sat down next to him and hugged his arm against her chest. Mike blushed slightly as it brushed against her modest breasts, noticing how thin the dress was and the absence of a bra.
  70. Her eyes shine with bright happiness as she spoke. "It was so much fun to bring joy to humans together with you."
  71. Awkwardly scratching the back of his head, Mike could only really smile in return.
  72. Mary leaned closer to him so that more of her petite body touched his. "I would like to bring you happiness as well. Both for a job well done, and because you are just so handsome."
  73. Mike noticed her cheeks were starting to look flush, and he felt a weird sort of heat rise within himself. Then he noticed her soft hand on his crotch, gently caressing his rapidly hardening junk.
  74. Thinking that this was far from the strangest thing that had happened to him today, Mike just said "fuck it" quietly to himself, then embraced her. She quickly moved her face close to his and kissed him. She tasted like strawberries. Maybe this christmas eve wasn't going to be all that bad after all.
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