Legion BoEs Shopping List [Shadowlands]

Mar 1st, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Aethrynn's Everwarm Chestplate;Athrog's Dethhamma;Boughs of Archdruid Van-Yali;Cainen's Preeminent Chestguard;Claud's War-Ravaged Boots;Cloak of Martayl Oceanstrider;Cyno's Mantle of Sin;Demar's Band of Amore;Eyasu's Mulligan;Fists of Thane Kray-Tan;Fran's Intractable Loop;Geta of Tay'Shute;Gorrog's Serene Gaze;Marfisi's Giant Censer;Mavanah's Shifting Wristguards;Mir's Enthralling Grasp;Queen Yh'saerie's Pendant;Sameed's Vision Ring;Samnoh's Exceptional Leggings;Serrinne's Maleficent Habit;Shokell's Grim Cinch;Six-Feather Fan;Talisman of Jaimil Lightheart;Telubis' Binding of Patience;Treia's Handcrafted Shroud;Ulfgor's Greaves of Bravery;Vastly Oversized Ring;Welded Hardskin Helmet
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