The Rave

May 22nd, 2015
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  1. >Day Post Grand Galloping Gala Get Together
  2. >Pinkie is the host of the party, and who else could it possibly be?
  3. >But there's one pony who's not having the total time of her life there
  4. >Rarity, holder of the titles of both 'worst pony' and 'marshmallow butt' uncontested for millennia, is sulking to herself in a corner
  5. >Everypony else is enjoying their time, socializing, dancing, or attempting some under dress action in secrecy
  6. >But Rarity sits alone in her corner
  7. >It's not that she didn't enjoy the party, being with her friends, showing off to plebians with her haut coture, macking on stallions like she was in heat
  8. >But after being rejected by the one stallion that she'd ever truly sought after had broken her spirit
  9. >Not enough that she wouldn't occasionally foray out to the buffet table, grab a load of sweets, then slink back to the corner
  10. >But just so that she certainly wasn't feeling very beautiful
  11. >A very drunk Pinkie hop-stumbles her way over to Rarity and leans heavily on her moping friend's shoulder
  12. >"Heyyyyy Rarara! Why not come to the dance floor? There's a few stallions out there that REALLY know how to 'dance' if you catch my drift."
  13. >Panka obnoxiously elbows her friend, until Rarity gently slaps her elbow away
  14. >"I'm terribly sorry, dear. I'm just not feeling it tonight. Perhaps at the next party, hm?"
  15. >Ponk rolls her eyes and sits next to Rarity, slipping a foreleg around her friend
  16. >"C'mon Rarity, what's wrong? You can always let Pinka Pone know!"
  17. >Rarity sighs and puts her head in her hooves
  18. >"I just feel so unattractive. I mean, Blue Blood outright rejected me at the Gala. This is ME, Pinkie, the most fashionable and attractive mare this side of the Crystal Empire!"
  19. >"Don't forget flat!"
  20. >The fashionista recoils at her friend's drunken words
  21. >"I beg your pardon?"
  22. >Pinkie giggles and pokes Rarity's butt, or lack thereof
  23. >"Your booty, or the one that just isn't there! It's a total right angle. You gotta get one like me if you wanna impress those stallions."
  24. >At that, Pinkie bumps her well rounded posterior against Rarity's hips
  25. >Rarity taps a hoof on her chin, thinking silently for a moment
  26. >"Pinkie, you're a dear. I've got to go...take care of some fashion...things. Toodle-loo!"
  27. >With that, the white unicorn kisses her friend on the cheek and trots off, head held noticeably higher
  28. >Pinkie Pie smiles and shakes her head before heading back to the dance floor
  29. >"Auntie Pinkie knows best. Now which stallion has got enough cock to satisfy THIS hyperactive mare!"
  30. >The answer, of course, was no one
  31. -
  32. >Rarity trots quickly along the dark boulevards of Ponyville, making good time on her way back to her home and shop
  33. >She finally knew what she had to do
  34. >The next few days passed in a blur for the fashionista
  35. >Hours spent slaving over workout books, almost always with a snack being chowed down on
  36. >Back and forth between the library to check out new books, then back to reading
  37. >She wasn't idle when she read, however
  38. >Always doing squats, trotting away on a treadmill, lunges, and other toning exercises to shape a new ass
  39. >And she could notice, slowly but surely, it was indeed taking effect
  40. >Stallions that once might have smiled kindly at the dress maker now subtly ogled her, mares that had spoken with confidence now had a slight tinge of jealousy in their voices
  41. >All small things, but each serving to pump Rarity up even more than the last one
  42. >And so the workout continued, and her booty grew outwards, to the point where she needed to restitch many of her old dresses to fit it in
  43. >Weeks later, she pulled herself away from her workout to wander down to Sugarcube Corner
  44. >By now, she'd easily reached Pinkie's size, if the dresses were anything to go by, and was well on the way to having a plot like AJ's
  45. >The next evening, Rarity was strutting down to where Pinkie had said the party would be
  46. >She was in an excellent mood, having been able to go ahead with part of her planned workout in spite of the schedule
  47. >It was tampered a bit by the fact that she'd had to rush into making a suitable outfit, however
  48. >Dresses for a casual party? How tacky, she'd thought
  49. >Eventually she'd managed to produce suitable clothing
  50. >A pair of incredibly short shorts what perfectly showed off her new and insanely improved ass, and a loose fitting purple shirt that cut off well before her hips
  51. >Only the best items to showcase her now perfect body
  52. >She pushes the door open to the old warehouse that Pinkie had set the party inside
  53. >Even from her house, she saw the bright lights and heard the faint rap music in the distance
  54. >But once inside, it was immediately overwhelming to all her senses, from the new EDM beats to the epileptic lights on the scaffolding
  55. >And yet, in spite of its overwhelming feeling, Rarity couldn't help but feel it was just as perfect as she was
  56. >She immediately went to the dance floor and began mingling with the other ponies around her
  57. >Her overwhelmed mind barely noticed that most were in fact dressed like she was
  58. >Thank goodness she'd had the forethought to make a new outfit to better fit herself
  59. >Would have been terribly embarrassing to show up in the wrong state of dress
  60. >She works her new booty for all it's worth, shaking it for the entire floor to see, rubbing it up on dance partners that changed and shifted like sand
  61. >An hour in, she began to feel tired, and was starting to work up a sweat so she made her way over to the refreshment table
  62. >To her surprise, Pinkie was leaning on the table and smiling like she'd expected Rarity there
  63. >The music had toned down for the moment, so she was actually able to hear her hyperactive pink friend
  64. >"Hey Rarity, glad you could make it! Ooooh love the clothes, so rave-y! Are you done dancing already?"
  65. >Rarity leaned against the table and drew a deep breath before replying
  66. >"Not at all dear, I simply need to catch my breath. It's quite a task to dance with every single stallion on the dance floor, after all."
  67. >Pinkie giggles and slides a cup of punch down to Rarity
  68. >The white unicorn lifts it in a magical grip and drinks it down like a shot
  69. >A tingle spreads through her body and she feels newly energized
  70. >And quite warm
  71. >"Pinkie dear, I don't mean to sound ungrateful but, like, what was that?"
  72. >Pinkie giggles and snorts before answering
  73. >"It's uh...Pinkie punch silly! I made it especially for getting a new boost of energy when you're in the grumpy dumps!"
  74. >Rarity blinks a few times, but with the new vigor running through her she doesn't want to stay still for very long
  75. >As the unicorn runs back off to the dance floor, Pinkie's smile grows
  76. >"Soon you'll be super fun like me Rarity. Then we can totally hang out and not do boring stuff like tea parties."
  77. >Back on the dance floor, Rarity was working off the new burst of energy she'd been given, but the heat in her body grew
  78. >And it wasn't just a heat in her torso or head, it was in her vagina, but there it was accompanied by an aching
  79. >She was able to stave off her horniness, if just barely, for quite a while though
  80. >A full fifteen minutes had passed, and she was on her eighth partner, when she felt something extra brush against the wet folds tight to the fabric of her shorts
  81. >She valiantly fought the feeling, but her brain knew what it was
  82. >Her magical grasp took effect on her shorts and pulled them down to expose herself, then she did the same to her partner
  83. >In less than a second, she'd been impaled by the stallion behind her and the stranger rutted her hard in the heat of the moment
  84. >But the heat and tightness of Rarity left him spent inside twenty seconds, and her unsatisfied
  85. >She needed MORE dammit!
  86. >She sheds her bottoms entirely, both to move around easier and avoid dripping onto them
  87. >Rarity practically pounces on her next partner, a cobalt stallion with an anvil for a cutie mark
  88. >It didn't matter to her though, she simply took his ready erection inside her and started grinding until he came
  89. >But just like before, she wasn't satisfied
  90. >It wasn't fair!
  91. >So she grabbed two stallions next, lewdly kissing both of them in turn before grinding her booty against one and taking the second in her mouth
  92. >They both lasted longer than the other two, forty seconds in her pussy and forty-five in her mouth
  93. >But even though she'd already fucked four stallions, her body still wasn't finished
  94. >She still wanted more
  95. >The next hour passed in a blur of sex fueled ecstasy
  96. >Well, ecstasy for most, but simply torment for the pony at the center off it all
  97. >Rarity hadn't been able to cum even once
  98. >Her belly was starting to bloat, and her coat was stained all over
  99. >She wandered her way back to the refreshments, encountering one more stallion on the way
  100. >But even splattered with that fresh cum, she still wasn't finished
  101. >Frustrated, she slammed her hooves down on the table and let out a frustrated moan
  102. >Pinkie was at her side almost immediately, wrapping and arm around her withers
  103. >"Wow, I've never seen anypony take that many dicks in one night! That punch must have really hit the spot!"
  104. >Rarity whirls on Pinkie, now looking distraught with her lack of shorts and half torn shirt
  105. >"It's all pointless, Pinkie! Like, even after all those cocks I can't get off!"
  106. >Pinkie smiled down at her friend, noticing the change in the way she'd spoken
  107. >"Hey Rarity, how about we go back to my place to cool down with some ice cream? That'll get your mind off getting off!"
  108. >Rarity smiles at her friend and nods happily
  109. >"Yeah, that'll totally work, let's go!"
  110. >And with that, the two exit the rave and head back to Sugarcube Corner
  111. >Pinkie quietly opened the door to Sugarcube Corner and walked inside, with a heavily flushed Rarity in tow
  112. >The Cakes were out of town so the entire bakery was deserted at this time of night
  113. >Perfect for the final part of her plan
  114. >Twilight had always told Pinkie that she needed to calm down, AJ had said that Pinkie needed to be tighter
  115. >Even Fluttershy had said that Pinkie was just a little bit loose with stallions
  116. >But if she could pull it off, Rarity would soon be just like her
  117. >The first part was giving her the cupcake iced with Dullard's Draught, just to make her more receptive to magical treatments
  118. >Then next was the Pinkie Punch, laced with the magical love drug she'd swiped from an alchemist that had passed through
  119. >Enchant with a Rune of Regression and bam! Bimbo formula
  120. >She rubs her hooves together, marveling at how devious she's been
  121. >Rarity follows her behind the counter and starts to whine
  122. >"Pinkie, you said there'd be like, ice cream and stuff! Did you lie?"
  123. >Pinkie opens the freezer and takes out a tub of the frozen treat before turning back to Rarity and approaching her, hips swaying heavily
  124. >The tub drops to the floor as she presses her friend against the counter
  125. >"Hey Rarity, I think I've got a better cure for that little old bug you've got."
  126. >Though her wits were dulled by the magics afflicting her body, she was still able to clearly see where Pinkie was taking this
  127. >Rarity ground her his against Pinkie, the cum coating her fur sticking to the plump baker
  128. >"And, like, what's that Pinkie?"
  129. >Pinkie brings her mouth ever closer, then drags her tongue up the seamstress' neck
  130. >Rarity moans and pushes against Pinkie, trying to get some leverage to have her way, but under the layer of chub the baker had accumulated was a surprising amount of muscle
  131. >Pinkie stared her friend in the eye and tutted away
  132. >"Bad girl. Don't you try and dominate me, that's my job silly!"
  133. >She brings a hoof down and caresses Rarity's swollen teats and nibbling on her ear
  134. >Rarity's moans could wake the dead, but the bakery was empty
  135. >So Pinkie drags her tongue down the unicorn's body, reveling in all the different flavours of cum her friend had accumulated all over
  136. >Finally she reaches the sweetest spot of all, loving the feeling of Rarity's winking clit against her tongue
  137. >Pinkie drags Rarity down as quick as she can and turns around, planting her plot on the previously pompous pony's face
  138. >"When I cum you can, ah, have some ice cream."
  139. >Rarity had already gone to work, making the confectionery squirm about
  140. >But Pinkie set the thoughts of how incredibly good Rarity was aside and went down on her instead
  141. >The moans of the white unicorn gave Pinkie and electric buzz about her head, and she kept going
  142. >Long strokes on the outside of the folds, wriggling her tongue well inside the moist, clenching tunnel, and flicking over the clit whenever she felt like it
  143. >If Rarity's moans were anything to go by, her orgasm was approaching as fast as Pinkie's was
  144. >Pinkie ground down on Rarity's face as her peak hit, and she dug into the unicorn's cum stained pussy even as her juice splattered her friend's face
  145. >Finally Pinkie was rewarded with Rarity's own cum flushing into her mouth
  146. >She drank every drop before turning and collapsing on top of the panting seamstress
  147. >"S-so, same time tomorrow?"
  148. >Rarity giggled and licked a bit of her marecum off Pinkie's face before nuzzling her neck
  149. >"I think I can do with that."
  150. >They never got that ice cream
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