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Rules for My submissive

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  1.                                         My Rules
  3. 1. I expect patience, loyalty, obedience, respect and honesty.
  5. 2. I expect you to address Me as Domina. Domina is to always be Capitalized. [Any reference to Me, should also be capitalized. Ex: Her, She, You]
  7. 3. I expect you to always be respectful to another Dom/me. Always Capitalize Their Name as well. Example: Sir Jag, Miss Kat ... and so on. If an issue arises with another Dom/me, I expect you to tell Me immediately and allow for Me to handle it. Do NOT take matters into your own hands.
  9. 4. Communication is very important. If something is bothering you or you wish to speak to Me about anything, you are to inform Me and W/we will talk privately to get the issue resolved. If I am not online or able to be reached, send Me a message and I will respond in a timely manner.
  11. 5. I expect a daily report. Meaning, I expect you to send a message to My inbox every day that you log on. I know there will be days that you won't be online, as well as I won't be online neither.
  13. 6. Upon entry to any D/s style room, you are expected to request permission to enter and to state that you are proudly owned by Domina Kitten.
  15. 7. Any time you need to "brb", "afk", or to leave for the day/night, I expect that you will ask permission to do so. If I am not present in the room and another Dom/me is there, you may ask Them for permission. If it is an emergency, type it in OOC.
  17. 8. I will expect that your room location is to be on at all times. If you wish to visit another chatroom, you must ask permission to do so. I do not tollerate double chatting or chat cheating. When you are with Me, I want your full attention. There will be times that I will be "afk", just make a note of it in the room during those times so that I may see.
  19. 9. Either in your tagline or interests, I expect to see somewhere in there that you are owned by Domina Kitten.
  21. 10. When serving Myself or a G/guest, you are to respond immediately. Then you may go about your post of service. Example: Domina Kitten: "girl, I would like a glass of Wine." girl: "Yes Domina" Domina Kitten: "Good" girl: "the girl rises from where she sat......." [You should get the point.]
  23. 11. When starting off as My submissive, you are to be fully naked at all times in My prescence as well as in the prescence of another Dom/me. Every piece of clothing you wear after that, will be earned. The hair is to be pulled back and not to wear any jewelry at all. Why? you are now Mine. It is My right as your Dominate to give and take away.
  25. 12. Know your rights as a submissive.
  26.         A) you have the right to set limits and expect them to be respected.
  27.         B) you have the right to ask for My attention, without having to misbehave to get it.
  28.         C) you have the right to expect Me to administer your punishment on you with care and caution
  29.         D) you have the right to question My motives if I were to ever deny your requests, as long as   you do so in a respectful way.
  30.         E) you have the right to speak up if you feel O/our relationship is not giving you what         you need.
  31.         F) you have the right to tell Me what you need in a respectful manner
  32.         G) you have the right to walk away from this D/s relationship if W/we cannot come to a common   ground on an issue.
  33.         H) you have the right to voice your opinion and expect for Me to listen and consider with       understanding
  35. 13. I expect that the collar I place around your neck is to be properly displayed and worn at all times. This collar is to NEVER come off. If I were to catch you without it on, it may not be a punishment. It might just be as simple as releasing you.
  37. 14. Lastly, any of these rules may be modified or added onto at any given point.
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