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  3. Jayde casually took a handful of the TortureDawl's hair and dragged them across the rough carpet. Yanking her to eyelevel, He let them dangle infront of His bloodstained gaze and studied the painful red patches blossomed on theirr exposed skin in little plumes of rugburn. Mr J's eyelids felt as heavy as lid, but he cracked His first smile of the morning, nonetheless. A heavy thud ripped a chuckle from His chest, as He sent the doll falling to the flow, from his great height. Buckles and chains rippled as He placed His heavy boot upside the little creature's head, forcing their sweet face back to the floor. "Your sure about that?
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  6. Babydawls lets out a soft squeak when he dragged them by their hair , gasping as they felt the rug roughly scrape across their face , staring directly at Mr.J's rugged face, giving him a bit of a pained yet delighted smile . happy to give him sadistic joy in their pain. but as they were dropped , the doll landed on the floor with a hard thud and squeal , about to sit up only to have them forced back onto the floor by Mr.J's boot , letting out a soft whimper "Of course I'm sure, Sir :hearts:"
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  9. Jayde: Mr J snorted, pulling back His upper lip to expose glistening canines. “Regressing a lot, today? Ever played Head-Shoulders-Knees-Toes?” The smile on His face doubled in size and an audible grinding was heard from His back molars, until His grin was full and dripping with malice. “Goes a little something like this~” He chirped, with false cheer. “Head~” He brought the heel of His boot down upon the little one’s temple, with a sickening thud. “Shoulders~: He continued in a lyrical voice, bringing His other boot violently down between the little masochists’s shoulder blades, with a nasuaiating crunch. “Kneeees~” He hummed, lifting His knee and bringing His boot down to grind the sole into the delicate skin, behind the dawl’s knees. The sheer mass of His size and weight in comparison to the other’s, felt like a boy stepping on the dead shell of a fly. “And, last but not least~Toes~” He finished with a flourish, as He sent both of His heavy boots down on the Dawl’s feet, feeling the pitiful bones fracture under His steel inforced boots.
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  12. Babydawls: with every sicking crack of the bones, a flurry of squeaks and squeals would leave the poor little doll, loving every pained sensation given to their poor fragile body , while he stepped on them, they moved slightly into his boots , making sure to prolong the sickening cracks and sounds, making their few minutes of pain feel like hours , the pain so intense the doll began to drool in a disgusting mix of agony and ecstacy , they looked up at Mr.J the best they could , attempting to speak as their eyes rolled back a little "I..Love this g-game~ can we play a-again when my bones heal up again?:hearts:"
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  15. Placing His boot against the minute toy side, Mr J didn’t bother to spare their ribcage, as He roughly kicked them to their side. The strain on the Dawl’s face, along with their pathetic display and abundance of saliva caused Him to snort with slight amusement. He let His gaze wander over the now heavily bruised meatsack that sprawled upon the floor and shrugged His broad shoulders, with a groggy indifference. Though, appearing slightly aloof about the situation, Mr J took pleasure in seeing the painful bruising blossom over the little victim’s diminutive frame. ‘This isn’t the worst way to begin One’s morning..’ He mused to Himself. Suddenly, He found Himself glassy eyed and deep in thought, as a flurry of ideas invaded His mind. Images of wire cutters, bone saws, syringes and other tools of abuse flashed in front of His unseeing eyes, in a wave of other morning scenarios .
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