[TLH/SinKid] Lacy is bullied

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  1. Lacy never usually looked this upset.
  2. "Which game did you lose this time?" Lupa asked, setting her tray down on the cafeteria table and sitting opposite her half-sister, who was idly picking at her own food, looking at it with a disheartened gaze.
  3. "Hey Lupa..." She replied with a sigh.
  4. "Okay, something's up. You gonna tell me or what?"
  5. "It's nothing." She continued picking at her food.
  6. "Bullshit."
  7. Lacy looked up for a brief moment.
  8. "I can tell something's messing you up."
  9. "I... I don't want to talk about it."
  10. "Then I'll guess."
  11. "Lupa, please..."
  12. This gave Lupa pause. "God damnit, Lacy, bottling up my problems is *my* thing."
  13. Lacy looked up and glared at her. "Fine. You wanna know what's wrong?"
  14. "Yeah."
  15. "I... I wanted to sit with some of my friends, but they didn't let me. Said they were holding my seat for someone else."
  16. Lupa looked past Lacy to another of the tables. A group of about five girls, all athletic types she had seen Lacy talk to, looked back at her, before huddling down and whispering among themselves.
  17. "Really?"
  18. "Yep..." She sighed again. "And I keep seeing people look at me and whispering to each other."
  19. "That's weird."
  20. "I just wish I knew what they were saying..." She finally took a bite from her food, albeit a small piece. "I thought high school would be better than this."
  21. "I wouldn't worry about it, honestly. In a few years this shit's gonna fade away and you're almost never gonna see those bitches again."
  22. "I know, I was just hoping I'd make a friend. Y'know, a non-family one, like your friends."
  23. "Hey, I can't get those two dorks to leave me alone."
  24. "But you like their company, don't ya?" She smirked, although still upset about earlier.
  25. Lupa blushed. "Shut up."
  26. ---
  27. Lupa sighed, as the five girls walked past her nesting place of the dumpster.
  28. With practiced ease she leapt off, and cleared her throat. Two of the girls turned to face her, followed shortly by the others. "Hey!"
  29. One of them, a tall and lithe woman with blonde hair done up in a side ponytail, approached her. She was easily half a foot taller than Lupa. "Well, if it isn't bucktooth's weird sister."
  30. "How fuckin' original." Lupa replied with immense sarcasm. "So I take it you're the head bitch?"
  31. "Ooh, scathing." She crossed her arms. "I knew dropping that weirdo was the right idea."
  32. Lupa shrugged. "Yeah, I guess my cousin's too good for you."
  33. This seemed to piss her off.
  34. Good.
  35. "What?!" She walked right up to her and glared down at her hard. Lupa was barely phased. "What do you mean she's too good for me?"
  36. "Firstly, you said *me*, not *us*. Kinda neglecting your own 'friends' there, princess." Lupa smirked.
  37. This gave her pause.
  38. "But mainly, she's way more friendly accepting than your Beverley Hills-wannabe clique would ever be."
  39. "Shut up, you skank!" She grabbed her collar and pulled her close. "As if you know what friendship's like."
  40. "*Wow*, way to judge someone by their appearance there. Real mature of you."
  41. Lupa felt herself being thrown to the side, hitting the concrete with her shoulder. She spend a few moments recovering from the impact - she couldn't take a hit like her half-brother could - before pulling herself back up.
  42. "Monique!" One of the other girls protested.
  43. "Shut it." She approached Lupa again.
  44. Lupa grinned, holding her sore shoulder. "So, we can add bullying small children to the list of reasons why you're a cunt."
  45. "What's your endgame, weirdo?" Monique asked harshly. "Cuz I'm not gonna be friends with your sister."
  46. "Cousin."
  47. "What?"
  48. "She's my cousin, idiot."
  49. "Whatever, I'm still not gonna be friends with her."
  50. "I know, and I wouldn't want her to be friends with you either." Lupa rubbed her sore shoulder to try to ease the pain. "But here's how this is gonna work. Either you quit trash-talking Lacy and at least apologise for being a bitch to her, or I start telling people you're cheating on Trent."
  51. "What? I'm... I'm not cheating on Trent." She looked genuinely confused. "Also how did you know I was dating Trent to begin with?"
  52. "I know that, and you know that, but everyone else doesn't. I tell the right people, that'll spread so fast that by the time the truth comes to light it'll already be too late."
  53. "You... you wouldn't dare."
  54. "Wanna fuckin' bet?" Lupa raised an eyebrow.
  55. "And what if I start my own rumour about you?"
  56. "As if anyone'd believe Monique the cheater. Also I really don't give a shit about what people say about me, I already hate myself."
  57. Monique's confident facade completely disintegrated. "You... You're insane."
  58. Lupa shrugged. "That depends on who you ask. So, you apologise to Lacy and don't talk shit about her to anyone else, and I won't tell anyone about your... *little secret*."
  59. Monique growled. "Fine. But you're on thin ice, bitch."
  60. "Whatever."
  61. "Come on, let's go." Monique walked off, with her clique following closely behind.
  62. Lupa smiled. "Lacy, Lizy, you can come out now."
  63. From behind the dumpster, Lacy slid out. Lizy popped out from behind the bushes, holding a camera.
  64. "You alright, Lupa?" Lacy asked.
  65. "I'l be fine." She nursed her sore shoulder. "You got everything, Liz?"
  66. "Yep." Lizy smiled.
  67. Lupa was swept up in a giant hug from Lacy. "Thank you so much, Lupa-!"
  68. "OooooOoowww!"
  69. Lacy immediately dropped her. "Oops, sorry."
  70. [written July 17 '18]
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