Machi - Moth Pile [short/cute/Anon/Caramel/Goldie/sfw]

Feb 27th, 2018
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  1. Full tags: Anonymous, Golden Corral, Caramel, short, silly, cute, minor lore, slightly suggestive, sfw
  3. >you are Anon
  4. >and right now you're covered in a pile of moth ponies
  5. >no, it's not a dog pile to keep you immobile until the moth police come
  6. >actually it's a moth pony winter holiday
  7. >just for cuddling
  8. >and so far you're you've been really loving it
  9. >the entire village has come together into a bunch of cuddle piles to keep warm, nap or just to enjoy the company
  10. >you found it weird at first
  11. >and some what arousing with all the moth tushy right up in your face
  12. >mostly Goldie's or Caramel's tushies
  13. >you just know they're doing this intentionally
  14. >same with the stroking you feel around your inner thigh once in awhile
  15. >other than that it seems quite the pleasant holiday
  17. >there are piles for the foals
  18. >there are piles just for mares
  19. >there are piles just for the stallions
  20. >and there are the non-gender segregated piles
  21. >and one special one just for Virgo
  22. >who has apparently been banned from joining in any of the piles
  23. >you want to ask what happened
  24. >but when you do you just get blushes and a lot of topic changing
  25. >and a really angry Hexferry
  26. >so you just stopped asking
  27. >Goldie and Caramel dragged you off into one of the unisex piles just then piled on top of you
  29. >you're sure they're just trying to get a rise from you
  30. >you can definitely feel it happening
  31. >and you're sure they can too
  32. >Goldie and Caramel share a look
  33. >a devious look
  34. >they seem to know what's on your mind
  35. >or just have a good idea of it
  36. >they seem to be planning something....
  37. >so you try to deflect some of their thoughts with some questions
  38. >"H-How did this holiday start anyhow?" you ask
  39. >this halts any machinations that the two are trying to stew up for now
  41. >the pair do some thinking while you prepare yourself mentally for future events
  42. >in not to much time they answer your question with a short narrative
  43. >from what you understood of what they told you
  44. >the origins are obscure but legend says that way back before in the dead of winter
  45. >moth ponies used to congregate in large groups and keep each other warm by sharing body heat and keeping close
  46. >this way most, if not all of the moths would be able to see to the end of the winter and into the summer
  47. >this was of course way back before they knew how to make fire, and before any sort of civilization has taken root
  48. >you should really read up on moth pony history....
  49. >and they just continued it up until today because why not
  51. >the rest of the day has since then been heavy on teasing and the two flirting with you
  52. >it's been... difficult to say the least
  53. >it was getting late now and some of the piles started dispersing
  54. >you try to get away from the two, but no use
  55. >whatever they have planned for you, it will happen
  56. >you hope that they atleast stocked up on some stamina chems from Charentai for you
  58. Also mentioned: Virgo, Hexferry, Charentai
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