Rift 9

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  1. [18:37] As Eniel aims to better his practices of Belialism he also aims to further his studies of Nethradin. In truth he knew little of them and he wanted to further his time spent studying them while also aiming in ways to allow for him to attune closer to Belial....
  3. And lucky for him he owned an item that would allow him to do both. The Moon Gem he received from the Nethradin who worshiped Belial...he was able to extract this part of his essence and it seemed to be a particularly potent piece of material.
  5. He was unable to understand the nature of the gem or why it was perhaps so flawless in its composition. When held up to the moon light it would invoke a hideous Crimson glow...the very same power of Belial..yet something about it seemed odd...It was unlike any kind of gem he'd seen before.
  7. Thus with the Gem and his Grimoire in the same place he figured he'd try to focus his intentions upon the Crystal to see how much knowledge he could pull from it. Settingthe black Nethradin shard on an alter in front of him he'd begin to draw runic Circles he saw depicted in Nyphadora's Riftmancy tome, Although from his understanding without proper understanding of the necessary rituals Summoning Nethradin will lead to the death of many Riftmancers...
  9. Even at times those who do successfully summon Nethradin are unable to bind them or overpower them for that matter. Even accident reports of Rifts that are not sealed properly leaving way for a Netrhadin to manifest I this world..
  11. But unbound Nethradin have significantly less power and become more feral upon Eternia until they can gain enough mana to sustain themselves...As Eniel read the words of the tome he continued to understand it how Nethradin are capable creatures but also able to lie and seduce their way into any situation. Eniel had known of Hathor after all
  14. (Eniel Daigal)
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  17. [18:46] The young Exarch spent hours studying Nethradin and their coinciding chapter from Nyphadora's book, He would take all the knowledge he had and add pages full of her research into his grimoire. Hoping to someday create his own method of summoning with Riftmancy...
  19. After all most people only focused on its benefits of travel within the lifestream and for a while Eniel had solely focused on that as well. After some time of not being able to truly use it he remembered his goal of learning riftmancy in the first place.
  21. He wasn't doing it not only to be free of the lifestream but to allow himself to be free of this world itself. To create and destroy, and thus he would need the power of an Apostle god like Cosmic Spirits that were known to be just as deadly as any divine beast...spirits shaped with the power of Belial himself.
  23. In order to accomplish his dream of summoning one he needed the power to become a successful summoner And as things were now he lacked significantly the skills he needed to do that...always on a battlefield there was little time for him to study. But that was no longer an excuse. If he wanted to lead his cult he needed to do it properly and he had to gain the extensive power required to do just that.
  25. Eniel continued to flip through the pages of the Grimoire of the Chaotic one. Learning that there were even lesser variations of Apostles and Nethradin bound to Belial the knowledge of these creatures were scares and vauge but it did warn him to be certain they could be bound before attempting to summon them...even the lesser variations of Nethradin were known to cause quite some havoc.
  27. He knew quite certainly he would have to read more about these creatures to study and understand them in full. After all there is no point if he was going to expand his knowledge as a summoner he would have to become far more well studied...Feeling pride over finally finding the time to do this he felt content with his research thus far...After all there were still battles to be one.
  28. (Eniel Daigal)
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