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  1. Welcome Demon Slaves
  2. You must fallow all of the rules listed below or punishment will pursue.
  3. 1. Don't be toxic or salty or spread hate against anyone.
  4. 2. Harassing anybody on the server will NOT be tolerated.
  5. 3. Exploiting glitches will be up to a 3 day ban ( Hacking will be perma Ban).
  6. 4. Teaming is allowed between any classes unless it is stalling the round(if you are stalling the round you will be notified.
  7. 5. IP pulling, DDOS etc Will NOT be tolerated and you will be instantly banned.
  8. 6. Micspaming is allowed if you don't like it then mute them instead of complaining.
  9. 7. Don't annoy the admins to give you stuff it will just decrease the chance of you getting the item.
  10. 8. No stalling the round
  11. 9. If you want to do an event tell an admin and it may happen in a the next few rounds.
  12. 10. No disarming teammates or your lowers (such as MTF disarming Scientist)    
  13. Their is No friendly fire, unless its a certain event.
  14. SCP-079 Dies when The last scp.
  15. Facility cards get cadet key cards.
  16. coins can turn into guns through SCP-9-14
  17. Join the discord
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