Siegbert - Ophelia C-S

Sep 7th, 2015
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  3. C
  5. Siegbert: Hello, Ophelia. Are you taking a stroll alone?
  6. Ophelia: ...you've come, Siegbert.
  7. Siegbert: Hm? Is something wrong?
  8. Ophelia: You know, every day I think about becoming a chosen one.
  9. Siegbert: A chosen one?
  10. Ophelia: Yes. A splendid chosen warrior acknowledged by everyone. For that purpose I try my hardest training and studying every day.
  11. Siegbert: That is admirable.
  12. Ophelia: But...Siegbert is already a chosen one even if he doesn't put in this kind of effort. After all it's been decided by birth that one day he will become king.
  13. Siegbert: C-certainly I am the future king candidate but...
  14. Ophelia: It feels unfair.
  15. Siegbert: E-even if you say that, there is nothing I can do...
  16. Ophelia: That's right. I was just jealous. Let's forget about it.
  17. Siegbert: ......
  18. Ophelia: I'm sorry. There's something I need to do so I'm leaving.
  19. Siegbert: Ah...Ophelia...
  21. B
  23. Ophelia: Siegbert, do you need something from me? I'm in a hurry...because I have things to do so can we put this off? I must study and practice after this so I can become a chosen one.
  24. Siegbert: I apologize. Would it be possible to talk for just a little?
  25. Ophelia: ...All right. But let's finish this quickly.
  26. Siegbert: Thank you. Ophelia, the other time...you told me this...that I am certainly a chosen one by birth...
  27. Ophelia: ...Yes, I said that. It's true isn't it?
  28. Siegbert: Certainly, I will eventually become king. However, I am not a chosen one.
  29. Ophelia: What do you mean?
  30. Siegbert: It just so happened that I was born into royalty...I was not chosen by anyone. I am not a chosen one.
  31. Ophelia: ...
  32. Siegbert: For example even when I become king one day...that won't mean I was chosen, neither by the people or retainers or anyone. That is me.
  33. Ophelia: Siegbert...
  34. Siegbert: I apologize for stopping you, that is all I wanted to say. Well then, I will take my leave. Keep doing your best. If it is you then I believe you will become a splendid chosen one.
  35. Ophelia: Ah, Siegbert....he's gone...I-I've hurt Siegbert...
  37. A
  39. Ophelia: Siegbert!
  40. Siegbert: Ophelia. What happened?
  41. Ophelia: Um...I'm sorry about the other time!
  42. Siegbert: The other time?
  43. Ophelia: I got jealous of Siegbert so I said some unpleasant things...
  44. Siegbert: Ahaha. So it's about that...
  45. Ophelia: Even though you will become king in the future...I didn't understand your troubles and said some horrible things...I am truly sorry...
  46. Siegbert: Don't worry about it. I didn't mind at all.
  47. Ophelia: I think...you are saying that because you are kind. But I will say this much. Siegbert is great! He's a splendid future king!
  48. Siegbert: Ophelia...
  49. Ophelia: After all...Siegbert is trying his hardest to become a great king without taking advantage of his position. If it's that kind of Siegbert then the people will definitely follow him. So I'm confident. If it's Siegbert then everything will definitely be all right.
  50. Siegbert: Thank you, Ophelia.
  51. Ophelia: No. You...don't need to do something like thank me.
  52. Siegbert: That's not true. Because, your determined figure trying with all its might to become a chosen one...always gives me courage
  53. Ophelia: Siegbert...
  54. Siegbert: In order for me to become a great king and for Ophelia to become a splendid chosen one, let us both do our best. All right?
  55. Ophelia: Yes. Thank you Siegbert.
  57. S
  59. Siegbert: Ophelia.
  60. Ophelia: Ah, Siegbert. What is it?
  61. Siegbert: You know a lot about spells and charms so there is something I must ask you.
  62. Ophelia: Hehe. I'm an expert on those things so you can ask me anything.
  63. Siegbert: Is there a charm or spell that could predict the future?
  64. Ophelia: Eh, well...if you tried fortune-telling you could predict things to an extent.
  65. Siegbert: Divination...something so vague isn't good, isn't there a more accurate way?
  66. Ophelia: That's probably impossible...unfortunately no magic or sorcery that can predict the future exists in this world. Well, if people came back from the future then you would definitely know...but something like that can't actually happen, right?
  67. Siegbert: Yes...
  68. Ophelia: What did you want to know about the future?
  69. Siegbert: I got curious about...who will be my future wife...
  70. Ophelia: Fu-future wife?
  71. Siegbert: Frankly there is a woman that interests me but...I've been worried about whether I could marry her or not...
  72. Ophelia: Is that so...but in that case...maybe it's better that you can't see the future.
  73. Siegbert: What do you mean?
  74. Ophelia: Because if you knew beforehand that you'd succeed then I think proposing would be kind of dishonest. If you are a man you should take a chance, right?
  75. Siegbert: Certainly...it is as you say.
  76. Ophelia: Besides if it's Siegbert then it'll be all right. There's no way a woman who would refuse to marry you exists.
  77. Siegbert: Well then...marry me, Ophelia.
  78. Ophelia: That's right! It's good if you openly propose with confidence like that! .........Eh?
  79. Siegbert: Ophelia. I want you to marry me.
  80. Ophelia: M-me?!
  81. Siegbert: Yes. I want us to walk forward together. Won't you accept this ring?
  82. Ophelia: T-that's...too sudden...
  83. Siegbert: ...so is it hopeless?
  84. Ophelia: ...No, it isn't. After all...I've also been in love with you. The you who won't let his position go to his head...and will keep endeavouring harder than anyone else.
  85. Siegbert: I see...I'm glad. I swear to make you happy for the rest of our lives. Let us live together.
  86. Ophelia: Yes...thank you. Siegbert...this is the first time I was chosen by someone. I'm very happy that someone is you. Let's always be together from now on...
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