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  1. I managed to get the game to load for a few minutes before it crashed again. I have made a forum post but the suggestions are the same. I do not know what to do at this point. Let me list in order all I have done to solve the issue.
  2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled minecraft no less than 5 times
  3. I have installed the latest version of Java and then uninstalled it at least 4 times
  4. Restarting my computer after every uninstall.
  5. I have uninstalled my antivirus completely just to make sure it is not interfering. (again restarting my pc after every uninstall.)
  6. I have updated my graphics card to version 425.31 (I have an Nvidia Geforce GTX 970m; Plenty powerful enough to play minecraft) I have rolled back that update for the graphics card. When that did not work I updated it again. To no avail. (I also restarted my PC)  When none of this worked I went into the installer itself and changed the java executable to java.exe instead of the bundled java option. When that did not work I changed it to javaw.exe. This did not work either. When that did not work I changed the JM arguments from -Xmx2G - to -Xmx3G - and when that did not work I changed it to -Xmx8G -. None of this worked. So I deleted the .minecraft folder in my %appdata% and launched the game again to let the game reprocess the files after tinkering around in there. This did not work either. (I have also been launching it as an administrator.)  I am totally at a loss with what to do now. All of these steps I have done multiple times to see if it will work to no avail. It is the same "Process crashed with exit code -1073740791" every time. At this point I have spent countless hours trying to get this to work (I've been working on it for two full days.)
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