Fyr is on fire

Apr 1st, 2014
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  1. .:@fyrstikken:. <fullhdpixel> How much you lost Flunder due to fuckstickken?
  2. .:@fyrstikken:. anyone else who want to speak behind my back?
  3. .:@fyrstikken:. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CHANNEL!
  4. .:Fluttergas:. no i'll ask upfront, whats the deal on your pint with that 10% cryptorush shares? like to here your part of the story please
  5. .:@fyrstikken:. Flunder, I have an official twitter - you can work it from here let me show you
  6. .:@fyrstikken:. !whereisfyrstikken
  7. »» crypto187 Fyrstikken was last seen 12h on Twitter @fyrstikken - "I own these shares, and they are my shares. I made a deal for these shares, and nobody but me own them."
  8. .:@fyrstikken:. click the picture
  9. .:Fluttergas:. ok my bad, missed that tweet
  10. .:deerp:. eyy fyrstikken yo man wazzup?
  11. .:Fluttergas:. and what is your statement on this ? "Side Note: FYRSTIKKEN is NOT an owner or any way affiliated with CryptoRush."
  12. ---» blazingwhale (~whaler@ has Joined #fyrstikken
  13. .:@fyrstikken:. yes what is my statement on that
  14. .:blazingwhale:. !price
  15. »» crypto187 Example usage: !price LTC/BTC
  16. .:blazingwhale:. !price VTC/BTC
  17. »» crypto187 VTC/BTC is ranked #17 | Price: 0.00232392 | Market Cap: 7,195 BTC | Total Supply: 3,095,950 | Total Volume: 185.7600 BTC | 24hChange: -5.40% (coinmarketcap)
  18. .:vect:. no way affiliated??? i thought FYRSTIKKEN had 60% shares
  19. .:@fyrstikken:. Flunder, an ex-employee wrote that message before he went offline and closed the exchange.
  20. .:@fyrstikken:. Flunder, so what do you think my statement is? - its not words, I can tell you that much
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  23. .:@fyrstikken:. Its lawyer-food
  24. .:Fluttergas:. i'm not flunder
  25. .:@fyrstikken:. sorry fluttergas
  26. «--- RickTheBeard ( has Quit ()
  27. .:Fluttergas:. okay now i got answers first hand, thanks for that fyrstikken
  28. .:@fyrstikken:. Devianttwo wrote that message in the red frame
  29. .:@fyrstikken:. then he quit in anger and frustration and pee himself
  30. «--- blazingwhale (~whaler@ has Left #fyrstikken ("joke chan lulz")
  31. .:vect:. evening all
  32. .:vect:. everyone happy tonight??
  33. .:Fluttergas:. so sad ya'll is enemy's now, cryptorush had so much potential with fyrstikken on board
  34. .:@fyrstikken:. we are not all enemies
  35. .:@fyrstikken:. Devianttwo is just 1 person
  36. .:@fyrstikken:. the rest of us is just waiting for him to calm down and give us the keys
  37. .:@fyrstikken:. that is pretty much the entire situation
  38. ---» cryptobum (~cryptobum@ has Joined #fyrstikken
  39. .:@fyrstikken:. I want to get back inside and trade - I have been locked out of my account now for 3 days
  40. .:@fyrstikken:. sorry - 2 days
  41. .:Fluttergas:. most of the coins are down so you are not missing that much
  42. «--- vect (5004602c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has Left #fyrstikken
  43. .:Fluttergas:. but i undertand your frustrations
  44. .:@fyrstikken:. Its like having a very big truck - locked with the engine on and a toddler inside
  45. .:@fyrstikken:. all we want is for him to open the door
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  48. .:Wise84:. Top going up again
  49. «--- Balkan (~212121212@ has Left #fyrstikken ("Leaving")
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