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  3. - den Boer, S. P., Baer, B., & Boomsma, J. J. (2010). Seminal fluid mediates ejaculate competition in social insects. Science, 327(5972), 1506-1509.
  4. - Yamaguchi, T., Sato, H., Kato-Itoh, M., Goto, T., Hara, H., Sanbo, M., ... & Ota, Y. (2017). Interspecies organogenesis generates autologous functional islets. Nature, 542(7640), 191.
  5. - Aucamp, J., Bronkhorst, A. J., Badenhorst, C. P., & Pretorius, P. J. (2018). The diverse origins of circulating cell‐free DNA in the human body: a critical re‐evaluation of the literature. Biological Reviews, 93(3), 1649-1683.
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