Winter Memories [Typeset]

Apr 5th, 2017
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  1. Winter Memories or some shit Translation
  2. From
  4. >Yamashiro: Brr, it's cold...
  5. >Shigure: It's going to be a while before the weather gets warmer.
  6. >Yamashiro: I ought to be chatting with Onee-sama in a Kotatsu...
  7. >[Fuso: The Kotatsu sure is warm isn't it, Yamashiro?]
  8. >Shigure: You two sure are close.
  9. >[Yamashiro: Yes, yes indeed, onee-sama]
  10. >Yamashiro: Onee-sama and I are sisters, isn't it natural?
  12. >Yamashiro: Speaking of which! Could you help find a way to deal with your sisters?
  13. >Shigure: to deal with my sisters?
  14. >Yamashiro: Think about it!
  15. >Yamashiro: Recently, your #4 (note: yuudachi)'s been sleeping in our kotatsu! [like some kind of mutt!]
  16. >Shigure: Oh, sorry about that. Now that you mention it, she did say she found a comfortable place to sleep.
  17. >[Yamashiro: A cat?!]
  18. >[Yamashiro: Scared me there...]
  19. >Yamashiro: Isn't there a kotatsu in the common room? I couldn't tell her to leave because Onee-sama let her stay.
  20. >Yamashiro: I hope they consider using that instead.
  21. >Yamashiro: Your #3 (note: Murasame) and Michishio's #4 (Arashio) basically use the Kotatsu like a family table, and once they're there the retainers (Yamashiro uses the term "the loyal hounds," but it's hard to use that term in a positive context in English compared to Japanese) set up as well. [Yamashiro: there's no room for me to sit....]
  22. >[Arashio: Speaking of which, our Michishio....]
  23. >Shigure: I can imagine that....
  24. >[Murasame: Same with our Shigure, y'know~]
  26. >[Shiratsuyu: Yamashiro is today's number one! Since I'm the older sister, I, Shiratsuyu, will pat your head and praise you! Well met!]
  27. >[Yamashiro: older sister...?]
  28. >Yamashiro: it's not just the Kotatsu, your eldest sister keeps on touching me out of nowhere.
  29. >[Samidare: Yamashiro, do you know where Shigure-nee is?]
  30. >[Yamashiro: why ask me....could she be in the library?]
  31. >Yamashiro: Your middle children always ask me for your location...
  32. >Yamashiro: As for your little ones, they keep pulling pranks on me all day...
  33. >[Flee]
  34. >[Kawakaze: Merry Christmas Yamashiro~]
  35. >[Suzukaze: It fits you great, Yamashiro!]
  36. >[Yamashiro: You stop right there!]
  37. >Yamashiro: [sigh....]
  38. >Shigure: My sisters all really like you.
  39. >Yamashiro: Huhhh....
  40. >Yamashiro: No matter how you justify it, I feel like i'm being looked down on.... [especially your little ones...]
  41. >Shigure: Nonsense, they wouldn't keep bugging you if they didn't like you.
  42. >Yamashiro: even so....
  43. >Shigure: That's how it is, but...
  45. >Shigure: The one who likes you the most is me,
  46. >Shigure: Yamashiro.
  47. >Yamashiro: Quit messing around....
  48. >Shigure: Eh, are you embarassed? Are you embarassed Yamashiro?
  49. >Yamashiro: you're so annoying...
  51. >[Yamashiro: So hot....]
  52. >[Shigure: How wonderful, you're all warmed up.]
  53. >[Yamashiro: I-it's not wonderful at all...]
  55. >Arashio: Michishio---
  56. >Arashio: I made you wait-- Sorry 'bout that--
  57. >Michishio: so slow.
  58. >Arashio: Well, preparations took a bit.
  59. >Michishio: I've been outside waiting for you for all of a 20-minute but.
  60. >[Michishio: It's because you said you wanted to meet that I specially...]
  61. >Arashio: Now now, this should be when you pull the "No, i just got here" line,
  62. >Arashio: Right? <3
  63. >[Arashio: You gotta be suave about it to inflame a maiden's heart!]
  64. >Michishio: Why am I being lectured by you?
  66. >Michishio: Really now.... It's only because Asashio couldn't make it and asked me that I'm even here....
  67. >Arashio: I said I'm sorry, so here's a reward, [kiss]-<3
  68. >Michishio: Arashio!
  69. >Arashio: Now now, don't be mad~!
  70. >Michishio: Do that in public again and I won't go out with you at all.
  71. >Arashio: Awwww~ But you'll come in the end anyway, that's why I rea~lly like Michishio!
  72. >Michishio: Tch...
  73. >Michishio: Speaking of which, when I see you and Asashio heading out it's like this too. I don't know how she deals with it....
  74. >[Asashio: What is that, some kind of code?]
  75. >[It's like a really well-dressed person. (note: I don't know what this is indicating)]
  76. >Arashio: That's because I told Asashio-nee that "So-called dates are like this"
  77. >Michishio: Uwaaaahh....
  78. >Arashio: Fufufu, it's really cute, right? Someone who's so serious even when planning a date.
  79. >Arashio: She always plans an itinerary down to the minute.
  80. >Michishio: I'm impressed you're able to go along with that.
  81. >[Arashio: She really takes thing seriously!]
  83. >Arashio: Speaking of which, what's with your scarf?
  84. >Michishio: Ehh....
  85. >[Arashio: We sisters' scarves were matching--]
  86. >Arashio: This isn't Michishio's, what happened to your original one?
  87. >Michishio: I gave it to Umikaze....that child's only recently come to our naval district, so she didn't have a scarf or anything.
  88. >[Michishio: I don't have another one]
  89. >Arashio: Ara ara, how kind.
  90. >Michishio: Yeah, and....?
  91. >Arashio: Nothing, don't mind me. But where'd you get the second one from?
  92. >[Michishio: take it.]
  93. >[Michishio: The kittens in the naval district looked really
  94. >Arashio: I was thinking I'd seen that somewhere, so it was Michishio's.
  95. >Arashio: Well then, the one you're wearing right now is.....
  96. >Michishio: U-uh,
  97. >Arashio: Fufu, even if you don't say it, I already know... | A simple red scarf that nevertheless looks fairly expensive...
  98. >Arashio: It's the scarf that the Fusou sisters usually wear. In other words~
  99. >Michishio: T-that's how it is! Just like yo usaid, it's Fusou's scarf!
  100. >Arashio: Arashio didn't necessarily say it was Fusou's scarf....
  101. >Michishio: You're so noisy!
  103. >Michishio: Before i left, I stopped off at Fusou's....
  104. >Fusou: Michishio,
  105. >Fusou: Are you going out like that?
  106. >Michishio: Ah, yep.
  107. >Fusou: Hold on a minute.
  108. >Fusou: Sorry for the wait, Michishio, here.
  109. >Fusou: Your neck's going to be cold like that, so use my scarf.
  110. >Michishio: Eh, no need, borrowing it's....not too good...
  111. >Fusou: Then take it. If you don't need it, it's okay to throw it away.
  112. >Michishio: How could I throw it awa--....!
  113. >Fusou: It'll be bad if Michishio catches a cold!
  115. >Fusou: I want to give it to you. Is it not okay...?
  116. >Michishio: Well, since Fusou....insists...
  117. >Michishio: It was...something like that....
  118. >Arashio: So that's how it is~
  119. >Arashio: To be able to understand Michishio's personality so well, as impressive as expected!
  120. >Arashio: But that's great, now Michishio has a reason to go shopping with me!
  121. >Michishio: Reason....?
  122. >Arashio: Mm, mm!
  124. >Arashio: Fusou gave you a gift, right? So you got to return the favor!
  125. >Arashio: Michishio should give Fusou a new scarf as a present!
  126. >[Fusou: Happy]
  127. >Arashio: Fusou's bound to be really happy too!
  128. >Michishio: Well...since we're going shopping anyway....if we're just looking around....
  129. >Arashio: It's a plan!
  130. >Arashio: But, I'm really happy~
  131. >Michishio: Why?
  132. >Arashio: Michishio, you look like you're blessed (note: literally fortunate).
  133. >Michishio: Weirdo....
  134. >Arashio: But y'know, it'd be bad if you used it for anything but a scarf~
  135. >Michishio: This is a scarf, of course i'm going to use it li--Arashio
  136. >Arashio: Ehhh~ Arashio didn't ask what yo might use it for~
  138. >[Arashio: here we go again~]
  139. >[Serious]
  140. >[Samidare: More subtle...]
  142. >Mikuma: [sigh].... so cute....<3
  143. >[Fuzzy] x2
  144. >Mikuma: to think that this is made out of foam...
  145. >Mikuma: Hey, hey, Mogami, it's so cute, so cute, right?!
  146. >Mogami: Yes, Mikuma, I feel that way as well.
  147. >Mogami: But, isn't it time to actually drink it?
  148. >Mogami: You've been like this for 15 minutes.
  149. >Mikuma: but it's so cute....
  151. >Mogami: Drink it while it's hot, or tiny tiny bear will collapse.
  152. >[Tiny tiny bear: \Drink and Enjoy!/]
  153. >Mikuma: Mmmm---
  154. >Mogami: But it's great that you like it.
  155. >Mogami: I've been thinking of things you might like.
  156. >[Suzuya: Suzuya's been interested in that coffee shop--]
  157. >[Suzuya: I saw it on several magazines, I think that it's something Mikuma-nee might like.]
  158. >Mogami: Suzuya also said you'd like the coffee here.
  159. >Mogami : [Suzuya: If you could, Mogami-nee, could you bring Suzuya along with everyone?] -was what she said.
  160. >Mogami: Then us sisters should go together next time.
  161. >Mogami: Since you're still new to the naval district, it's the first time we've been able to spend some time off together, just the two of us. | so I hope you can enjoy as well.
  162. >[Mogami: The cake is quite wonderful too.]
  163. >Mikuma: I definitely am.
  164. >Mikuma: But Mikuma is extremely happy just to be on a date with Mogami.
  165. >Mogami: D-date?!
  167. >Mikuma: Ara, did Mikuma say something wrong?
  168. >Mogami: Not exactly, but....
  169. >Mikuma: Really...Mikuma wrote that it was a date on the Leave Application before coming too...
  170. >[Reason (note: for applying for shore leave) - Date with Mogami]
  171. >Mogami: Eh?! Hold on, Mikuma?!
  172. >Mogami: And that kind of shore leave application got approved....?
  173. >Mikuma: Have you forgotten who our Admiral is?
  174. >Admiral
  175. >[Admiral: Have fun!]
  176. >[Mikuma: Of course <3]
  177. >[Mogami: Well, Admiral is the laid-back type...]
  178. >Mogami: Yeah--I can kind of see Admiral Shou's approving expression already.
  179. >Mikuma: The Admiral always tells us to "Don't neglect your private life."
  180. >Mikuma: And Mikuma is extremely grateful to Admiral Shou. It's thanks to him/her (note: for whatever reason, the chinese translator uses a feminine pronoun in the previous speech bubble but uses a masculine/neutral pronoun here)
  182. >Mikuma: That I can be like this with Mogami.
  183. >Mikuma: Enjoying time together in a way that's more than just between sisters.
  184. >Mikuma: The Mogami here is Mikuma's alone.
  185. >Mikuma: Right?
  186. >Mogami: Really....that part of you really doesn't change,
  187. >Mogami: Mikuma.
  189. >Cute things
  191. >Yamashiro: so warm....
  192. >Shigure: Is it good, Yamashiro?
  193. >Yamashiro: It's alright....
  194. >Shigure: Consider it thanks for accompanying me on my walk.
  195. >Yamashiro: I wouldn't have minded if you didn't do that...
  196. >Yamashiro: While I don't particularly enjoy going out...when I go outside with you, it feels....
  197. >Yamashiro: As if it were already agreed upon....
  198. >Shigure: I'd like you to thank you for all this time.
  200. >Shigure: After all, you're that kind of honest but kind person
  201. >Shigure: the type that'd come with me even if you hated it.
  202. >Shigure: Although I feel as if I'm troubling you,
  203. >Shigure: Even so, I'm still very happy that you can accompany me. So sorry about that, Yamashiro.
  204. >Shgiure: So, if you could be with me next time as well....
  205. >Shigure: Yamashiro?
  207. >Shigure: U-um, did I make you mad?
  208. >Shigure: Uhh....Yamashi--chhh, ouch
  209. >[Shigure: You always get mad around this time]
  210. >[Flick]
  211. >Shigure: Yamashiro...?
  212. >Yamashiro: Idiot,
  213. >Yamashiro: You always say stuff about liking me, but what are you emphasizing?
  214. >Yamashiro: That's the part about you I dislike the most.
  216. >Yamashiro: Even if the way I say things is a little off
  217. >Yamashiro: Even though I don't really like going outside,
  218. >Yamashiro: Although the chances of misfortune falling upon me increases when I go out of the house,
  219. >Yamashiro: And as an Adult-type (note: adult-type shipgirl as in body size) my lower temperature makes me feel colder...well, there isn't much good about it at all.
  220. >Yamashiro: But
  221. >Yamashiro: When we're outside together...aren't you really happy?
  222. >Yamashiro: I don't and I can't hate that.
  223. >Yamashiro: The reason I go out isn't because I'm kind or honest like you're saying.
  225. >Yamashiro: There are things about you I like as well.
  226. >Yamashiro: Stuff I notice...and I want to seriously pay attention to.
  227. >Shigure: Yamashiro, could you be a little more precise about what you're saying?
  228. >Yamashiro: Huh?! More precise?! What are you saying?!
  229. >Shigure: Well, because I didn't think you could say that kind of thing.
  230. >[Shigure: I felt the love]
  231. >Yamashiro: And what of it?!
  232. >FUsou: [Ara], Yamashiro, Shigure, welcome back.
  233. >[MIchishio: Hi.]
  234. >Yamashiro: Onee-sama! [and Michishio]
  236. >Fusou: Am I interrupting something?
  237. >Yamashiro: No, of course not, why would you, onee-sama!
  238. >[Yamashiro: In fact, this is the perfect time...!!]
  239. >[Shigure: I'm back--]
  240. >Yamashiro: Eh, Onee-sama, why are you wearing a scarf inside? And now that I mention it, I haven't seen a scarf of that color before. When'd you buy that?
  241. >Fusou: THis is...
  242. >Fusou: Well, it's very cozy, so I plan to wear it for now.
  243. >[Yamashiro: Onee-sama looks really fortunate. How wonderful.]
  244. >[Shigure: Noticed]
  245. >Shigure and Yamashiro: Michishio bought it for her, probably/huh
  247. >Mogami [Doorbell ring]: Hi everyone--
  248. >Yamashiro: It's Mogami's voice.
  249. >Yamashiro: Ah, I'll go and take a look, Onee-sama.
  250. >[Shigure: Then I'll go as well.]
  251. >Mogami: When we were out, we saw some nice tea leaves, so we were thinking of holding a tea
  252. >(Shigure, probably): Not a bad idea. Speaking of which, both of your faces are really look quite cold...
  253. >Mogami: Because we just came back.
  254. >Mikuma: It was a wonderful date!
  255. >Mogami: really, Mikuma....
  256. >Yamashiro(?): Is that so--well then, warm up a little before you go. You guys don't have a kotatsu where you are, right?
  257. >Mogami: Can we? Well then, we'll take you up on that.
  258. >[Mogami: Pardon our intrusion--]
  259. >[FUsou: Welcome welcome, Mogami, Mikuma]
  260. >Yamashiro: Well then....
  261. >Yamashiro: I'm going to make tea, so help me out, Shigure.
  262. >Shigure: Mm.
  263. >Shigure: Let us resume our previous conversation then, Yamashiro.
  265. >[~how to tie a scarf~]
  266. >[back<--] [-->back] x2
  267. >[Yamashiro: Mm]
  268. >[Shigure: Thank you]
  269. >[Really good at caring for others --> In the end, she even ends up taking care of all the Shiratsuyu sisters]
  270. >[In the end, she always ends up being overprotective]
  271. >[(THe Fusou sisters tie their scarves the same way.)]
  272. >[Feels like people will be worried, so she wore two.]
  274. >[Arashio: Michishio and I tie the same way]
  275. >[Same with the Mogami sisters]
  276. >[Similar by correlation]
  278. [~postface~]
  279. > >[Thank you for buying this doujin, I'm (whatever). I drew this between CHristmas Eve and Christmas. Did Santa stop by your house? I'm planning to sleep now, so I'm going to leave up the stockings. In the Nishimura fleet, the person who looks forwards to Santa the most is probably Michishio. Her eldest sister, Asashio, is the type that'll prepare all the stockings on the night of the 24th. Speaking of Christmas sounds, that's...oh no, oh no, t-that, Michishio, that's, that's....isn't that FuMichi?? Fusou-onee-sama, you're coming, right??? you're coming, right? You came!!!!!! (note: what the fuck is going on) When I said that my Twitter feed had lots of people saying FuMichi (*Personal explanation, but Yamashiro refuses to bring up Shigure. They must be getting all cozy somewhere else. GOing back to chirmstas, I'm eating Turkey. The FUsou-ssters are really just so cute, when they eat chicken they'll grab the bone with two of their fingers, leaving enough space in between them to hold an egg. Please shake my hand if you find that cute (note: /u/, everyone)]
  280. >[Well since I'm writing a postface I may as well talk about the actual doujin. It's a mix of winter stories I couldn't help writing. Well, with the Mogami and Mikuam story, it doesn't have to be winter, right? There are people probably thinking that. Honestly I feel that way too, but please think of Mogami and MIkuma, holding hands on the road wearing coats. I feel like FuMichi would be more fun if Arashio came along too. Since I feel that "THe Fusou-class' Onee-samas" is a line that fits Arashio, I'm quite satisfied. Yet somehow, writing about the Nishimura fleet, I didn't bring show Asagumo and Yamagumo? The answer is that I don't have either of them, uuu..... If I do draw them I'm sure that character pariing would ahve gotten all lovey dovey together too. Hurry and get everyone together...!]
  281. >[Well, It's about time for me to sleep, it'd be bad if I ran into Santa. Shigure-santa would definitely hope to run into Yamashiro...! Yamashiro's beloved is santa, though she's shorter than Yamashiro. Love in the name of work would be nice. Well then, although I'll leave it at that, I'd like to thank (whoever) for making the wonderful logo for me, everyone who kept me company on skype and everyone else who helped me to make this a reality. And thank you for those of you who have stayed with me up until here. I'll see you next time.]
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