HQ Upgrades

Aug 3rd, 2017
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  1. Miranda: 75.50 LMotes
  3. Izumi: 58.77 LMotes
  5. Cylica: 56.52 LMotes
  7. Owlia: 35.40 LMotes
  8. Extra: Crystal Contractor = 42.10 LMotes
  10. Lorelei: 37.10 LMotes
  12. Mono: 37.20 LMotes
  14. > Current HQ Finances
  15. > 110.35 Motes
  17. >Sleeping Quarters: A precisely environmentally controlled sleeping environment, this modularly expandable room can allow employees to rest comfortably. Starts with 8 beds. Cost: 80 Large Motes (Anyone can sleep here; HQ acts as their home/common area. Individuals with this base will lose less motes between missions.)
  19. >Physical Combat Training Area: Comes with Sandbags, weights, and a wide variety of practice dummies with realistic deformation, impact area lightup, and ‘easy’ joint removal for limb severing practice! Allows safe and secure practice of killer techniques! Cost: 130 Large Motes. (Adds to rolls for physical attacks for two missions.) - BOUGHT
  20. >Available Additions: Sparring Ring- A nice, well crafted sparring ring WITH MANA PERMITTERS- to allow fighters to square off at their full potential! Cost: 180 Large Motes (Training techniques will cost less)
  21. AI Dummies- No longer will the test dummies stand for their abusive treatment! ...Well, so long as you program them that way. With this addon, your practice dummies will be able to utilize AI technology to fight back according to specific parameters, allowing you intense and precision training! (Fighting humanoid enemies will yield easier success for 1 mission) Cost: 70 Large Motes
  22. >Available Expansions: Interior Melee Obstacle Course- Want to REALLY test your skills? Can you flow like a river, stand like a mountain? You'll be able to affirm your skills as much as you like with this full-blown obstacle course designed for melee combat, bot blunt and sharp! (Movement skill will be improved for 1 mission.)
  24. >Ranged Combat Training Area: Comes with individual ranges for up to 3 people, as well as targets! Practice your amazing aim and sharpshooting techniques here! (weaponry not included.) Cost: 150 Large Motes (Adds to rolls for ranged attacks for two missions.)
  25. >Available Additions: Extra Ranges- 30 Large Motes
  26. Hardended Targets- 20 Large Motes (Improves aim with weaponry for 1 mission.)
  27. >Available Expansions: MOUT Course- Take your squad and practice your urban movement and tactics in this full MOUT course! A miniature city for your purposes! Cost: 340 Large Motes (In multiple person jobs, coordinated tactics will be much more efficient.)
  29. >Meditation Room: Allows a focusing of the mind, body and spirit in a soundproof, perfectly aligned, specially crafted room! Cost: 95 Large Motes (Allows for reduced mana usage for two missions, extra social options, DC is reduced by 2 for training.) PURCHASED
  31. >Laboratory Area- Basic: A sealed off, pristine laboratory cleanroom area for experimentation. Comes with special security lockers, two expandible cleanroom suits, and basic scientific supplies such as a microscopic area, test tube racks, and large all-purpose analyzer. (With scientist/alchemist/engineer, can craft unique devices or potions over time.) PURCHASED
  32. >Available Additions: Custom Ordered
  33. >Available Expansions:
  34. Containment Room- A room explicitly for containing a number of test subjects, this room comes with a suite of airtight square containers and stasis tubes- 4 of each. Keep your experiments fresh! Cost: 80 Large Motes- PURCHASED
  35. Blank Room- This room is for those that want to work in absolute silence. Nulls sound, magic, psionics. Has a partition with a seethrough high-security glass window which also allows it to function as a cleanroom! Cost: 40 Large Motes
  36. Second Laboratory- Add a second Laboratory to the first! Double your scientific output! Comes with all the amenities of the first Lab Area. Cost: 120 Large Motes
  38. >Basic Hangar- A simple addition to the HQ that allows for the storage and protection of large vehicles. Has room for two vehicles, and comes with vehicle ‘security’’ zones to allow safe transportation of vehicles to mission location. (Maintenance Costs on Vehicles is Lowered)
  39. Cost: 150 LMotes
  40. >Available Additions: Diagnostics Bay (70 LMotes), Auto Cleaning Tools (50LMotes)
  41. >Available Expansions: Double-Sized Hangar (100 LMotes), Repair Bay (70 LMotes), Flight Simulation Bay (90 LMotes)
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