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  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. You are holding:
  3. Wielded:
  4.    Left hand:  scimitar496355      a gleaming scimitar with a hilt of ivory
  5.    Right hand: scimitar526169      a gleaming scimitar with a hilt of ivory
  6. Talismans:
  7.    A practice dummy resembling a monk, Anima's Thirst, an apperception stone, the culling blade, a
  8. bronze-handled magnifying glass, and a clouded glass lily.
  9. Sigils:
  10.    A monolith sigil.
  11. Curing aids:
  12.    6 glazed runic vials, 3 ornately carved ivory pipes, 20 onyx vials, 7 elegant diamond vials, 4
  13. sapphire crystal vials, and 20 oaken vials.
  14. Riftables:
  15.    A group of 20 goldenseal roots, a lobelia seed, a bellwort flower, some irid moss, some bayberry
  16. bark, a hawthorn berry, a group of 5 pieces of kelp, a group of 2 ginseng roots, a group of 2
  17. bloodroot leaves, a ginger root, slippery elm, a valerian leaf, some prickly ash bark, a skullcap
  18. flower, a sileris berry, and a kola nut.
  19. Weapons:
  20.    A runic totem, a flanged Basilican mace with a sturdy oak haft, a dagger of eudialyte wreathed in
  21. light, a redwood staff with bands of silver, 2 burnished steel and cherry wood morningstars, a
  22. Stonesmith's Maul, a golden scythe wreathed in light, a braided crimson lash with a redwood handle,
  23. a redwood and dragon bone dirk, a colossal blade of shining Targossian steel, 2 ebony and blackened
  24. iron flails, a deadfall scythe, a rapier, and 2 meteor arrows in 2 groups.
  25. Weapon holders:
  26.    A straight scabbard of silver and azure leather, a snakeskin scabbard with a silver phoenix
  27. throat, and a dark red scabbard embossed with a gold warhawk.
  28. Containers:
  29.    3 petite glass display cases, a painter's palette, 32 heavy iron-link giftbags, 2 boxes of
  30. stasis, 4 wooden toy boxes, a horn of plenty, a wyvernskin pack, a tear-stained cauldron, and a gold-
  31. inlaid mill.
  32. Additional wearables:
  33.    A knotted leather cord, a heavy suit of white enamelled jousting armour, resplendent white
  34. enamelled plate armour, Prospero's Greater Vault, 16 translucent masks, a group of 9 shrouds, a
  35. Lasallian lyre, resplendent white enamelled plate armour, 2 Death's Call, 2 worked iron medallions,
  36. resplendent white enamelled plate armour, resplendent white enamelled plate armour, a shining
  37. insignia of prowess, resplendent white enamelled plate armour, a spiralled loop of mortal coil, a
  38. deck of mystical cards, 7 sturdy suit of steel full plate, a crimson-hilted Dawnblade with a honed
  39. edge, and 3 sturdy suits of steel scale mail.
  40. Misc:
  41.    Some gold sovereigns, a gem of cloaking, a taper of eternity, a Phaestean Faucet, a wand of
  42. reflection, a paragon u-notch pry tool, a Gem of Rapid Transmutation, a blood steed, a marque of
  43. unquestioned seaworthiness, a deep red boomerang, a Sceptre of Aqueous Mastery, Terrin'ukia's Vice,
  44. a scrying bowl, a platinum dragon scale, 18 bottles of fairy dust, 13 miniature wooden horses, a
  45. stone of the lesser lorewarden, a silver tuning fork, a delectable heart-shaped chocolate, a wand of
  46. portals, an oscillating stick, a staff of illusion, a pair of ivory dice, a fuscous paragon, an
  47. experimenter's grimoire, a curious doll resembling a siren, 3 dark leather bridles, a vinaceous
  48. paragon, a smoked glass sundial, a mahogany hand vice, a golden pendulum, a worry stone, a candle of
  49. cessation, a tumbleweed, a crafter's portfolio, a petite ceramic urn, 5 resplendent pages of
  50. enchanted vellum, a stardust flask, a seal of the devout, a tiny black kitten, a waterlogged
  51. gauntlet, a psionic flame, an ephemeral shuttle, a silver token, 2 worn whetstones, a shimmering
  52. tetracontakaidigonal prism, a personal journal, a rough runestone, a crested waterskin, a tome of
  53. the Muses, a vulture's talon, a soulfire crucible, 8 featureless ice figurines, an Inquisitor's
  54. coin, 2 golden Leashes of Amity, a Master Goatherd's Crook, a shining teardrop, a mighty butcher's
  55. cleaver, a pair of silver shears, 4 wooden boxes of parts, 11 playing cards featuring Camilla
  56. Prietta, 5 playing cards featuring the Glimmering Rider, Travian Shea, 9 playing cards featuring
  57. Belladona, Queen of Vampires, 6 playing cards featuring Maya, the Mother of Humanity, a diamond-
  58. tipped shovel, 2 phials of shimmering permanent ink, 4 glittering handful of muds, an orb of
  59. swirling golden glass, 5 grey and clouded glass bottles, a sacrificial kris, a platinum hand mirror,
  60. 2 giftboxes bearing a bronze ribbon, 2 playing cards featuring Zsarachnor, the Vampire Lord, 2
  61. supreme collections caches, a crucious paragon, an auspicious icosagon paragon, and a Fluvian jar.
  63. You are wearing:
  64.    resplendent white enamelled plate armour, a Sash of Caymus, pristine boots encased in white
  65. enamelled steel, a pair of resplendent white enamelled plate gauntlets, a red-plumed great helm of
  66. white enamelled steel, a crimson falcon ring, a Collar of Agatheis, a grim cloak, a gold-buckled
  67. sword belt of white leather, a prismatic ring, a mithril band, a pair of intricately runed gold
  68. bracelets, a taloned ring, a white surcoat, a signet ring bearing the arms of Antonius, a mithril
  69. swordsman's band, a ring of the Magus, a Veil of the Libertine, and a cloak of many feathers.
  70. Weapon holders:
  71.    a white leather beltloop edged with gold, a thin ivory dragon scabbard, a thin ivory dragon
  72. scabbard, a white leather beltloop edged with gold, a dragonskin quiver, a baldric of crimson
  73. leather, an indigo leather backstrap, and a long ivory sheath.
  74. Jewellery:
  75.    5 earrings of Sinope through your right ear and 3 earrings of Sinope through your left ear.
  76. Misc:
  77.    vambraces of resplendent white enamelled steel, a gold scimitar amulet, an amulet of heroism, a
  78. Loki's Tear amulet, expansive wings of pure white feathers, resplendent white enamelled plate
  79. bracers, a strand of Targossian prayer beads, resplendent white enamelled plate greaves, a Cincture
  80. of the Devoted, a stained glass pendulum, a shackle of Garash, Robes of the Fire Mage, a flowing
  81. cape of pristine white cloth, a chain of burnished gold, a paper orchid, a clasp of vocal intensity,
  82. and an Ivory pennon.
  83. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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