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  1. Essential Mods/Finding, Installing, and Organizing CC for Sims 4 and 3
  2. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. "'Mod' and 'Custom Content'"
  4. Mod - Modifies gameplay, bugs, performance, etc.
  5. Custom Content - custom-made clothing, furnishings, etc.
  7. [Essentials]
  8. - The Sims 4:
  9. Cheat Shortcuts -
  10. MC Command (Population, Cleaner Modules) -
  11. Realistic Spawning -
  12. Sims 4 "Acceptable-Tier" Mods List -
  14. - The Sims 3:
  15. NRAAS: MasterController, MasterController Integration Module, Overwatch, Register, ErrorTrap
  16. No Intro or Logo:
  18. [Finding CC]
  19. - The Sims 4:
  24. - The Sims 3:
  32. [Installing CC]
  33. - The Sims 4:
  34. ~/Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods/
  35. This folder is automatically generated.
  36. Valid extensions: .cfg, .ts4script (no deeper than second level), .package, .py
  37. Image extensions and URLs accepted for greater more flexible organization.
  39. - For Sims 3:
  40. ~/Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/
  41. You must create this folder and it's resource file (detailed in next section).
  42. Valid extensions: .cfg, .package (modifications and scripts no deeper than second level)
  43. Image extensions accepted for greater more flexible organization.
  45. [Resource.cfg]
  46. In Sims 4, a Resource.cfg file should already be generated for you inside the first level of your Mods folder with this information:
  47. Priority 500
  48. PackedFile *.package
  49. PackedFile */*.package
  50. PackedFile */*/*.package
  51. PackedFile */*/*/*.package
  52. PackedFile */*/*/*/*.package
  54. You can either copy this file or create one in a simple text file for Sims 3.
  55. [!]If this file is not in your Sims 4 folder, update the game and delete the Mods folder, then start the game so it can make a new one.
  56. [!]The lines of this file outline how deep in subfolders you can put your mods and custom content; you cannot go deeper than this without running into errors.
  57. [!]The more organized your mods folder is, the easier it will be to single out mods that have been broken and need updates. It is also helpful for referring back to a creator when needed.
  58. [!]Line modifications for Sims 4 scripts is no longer necessary on recent patches.
  59. [!]You must enable script mods in The Sims 4's option menu. This option will be disabled after each patch update to prevent saves from being wiped by broken mods.
  60. [!]Do not use the Mods folder from ModTheSims unless you want to be frustrated.
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