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  1. >hide and seek<
  3. >full name: park naeun
  4. >nickname(s):
  5. - nana / her friends call her this when she's being cute or when they want something from her
  6. - wanderer / mostly every calls her this if they are close to her, she has a tendency to wander off without even realizing then find herself lost and walking around randomly
  7. >birthday: june 7, 1999
  8. >age: 18 [korean age]
  9. >height: 164cm
  10. >weight: 52kg
  11. >ethnicity: korean
  12. >nationality: korean
  14. >cat's eye<
  16. >birthplace: incheon, south korea
  17. >hometown: incheon, south korea + seoul, south korea
  18. >background: she was always a daddy's girl, always going to work with him, always joking around always being crazy because how her dad wanted it. naeun got most of her traits from her dad, funny, loud, caring, and adventurous. ever since she was small her dad would mess around because he wanted her to grow up and not be uptight and serious all the time. as her father is a scientist he is very dedicated to discovering new things, this trait moved from her father onto naeun. in their free time her and her father and little brother would be who knows where, discovering who know what. the three could come back with "souvenirs" also known as sticks, rocks grass, pine cones and more. but the fun for naeun was soon crushed when she returned home. her mother was an extreme fan of proper education and would always tutor or teach the kids at home for hours on end. naeun and her brother had this life from diapers till now, they don't mind all that much but now that they are older their father has stopped most of the adventures and is now set on work. they are still a very close bunch and are always the loud crazy funny ones when they are together.
  19. >family:
  20. - mother / park dawon / 45 / school teacher / closeness: 3.5;5
  21. - father / park jihoon / 45 / scientist / closeness 5;5
  22. - younger brother / park jeongeun / 13 / student / closeness 5;5
  23. >education: last year of highschool at Seoul Performing Arts High School
  24. >living: naeun lives with her close friend (if you could maybe room her with another applied that would be so awesome) in an apartment in Seoul
  26. >breathless<
  28. >face claim: jisoo - blackpink
  29. >back up face claim: jiho - oh my girl
  30. >slot: the happy virus
  31. >back up slot: the big flirt
  32. >personality: she's the one with the jokes, she's the one you go to if you want to laugh or smile. she can make anyone and anything feel better even if they had the worst day of their life. she loves to explore, she says it gives her a rush of excitement every time she finds something knew. things like different cultures are what fascinate her the most, her dream is to travel the world and experience all of them. she loves the rush she gets from seeing things from a different persons eye. she's the type of person to have a number of issues but not deal with them until everyone else is comfortable and happy, she puts everyone before her and that also happens to be her downfall. she tends to forget to eat, sleep, or even stop and breath because she is so focused on making everyone around her happy. she has insecurities like everyone else, her lisp will be the death of her. it isn't very bad but she has so concise about it she will not talk if she feels it's getting bad, which is extremely hard for her anyway. she is very confident though, her lisp is the only thing that will really effect her. she knows that she's the one who her friends go to when they need cheering up so she always stays cheerful and happy for her friends and her own sake.
  33. >likes:
  34. - attention
  35. - making funny faces
  36. - exploring
  37. - big smiles / laughs
  38. - skinship
  39. + bonus:
  40. - roasting
  41. >dislikes:
  42. - being left out / seeing someone being left out
  43. - running
  44. - HER LISP
  45. - bad fashion
  46. - yelling / scolding
  47. >trivia:
  48. - she hates yelling yet she is the loudest one in the group
  49. - she can tell you about almost any monument in South Korea and make you look like a complete fool
  50. - when someone is sad she believes if she smiles at them will make them feel better, she loves her smile
  51. - she can roast you with the cleverest thing ever without even noticing its second nature to her
  52. - she has a tendency to try and act seductive but she comes off as if she is constipated or injured
  53. -  always wears rings, her hands are literally filled with rings
  54. - loves the artists history, seventeen, block b, and jay park
  55. - always wears hats; bucket, snapback, baseball, beanies. pretty much any type of hat and she looks good in all of them
  56. - if she sees someone looking sad or frustrated, she will charge at them and tackle them in a big momma bear hug
  57. - she isn't afraid to state her opinion, which usually ends up in the other person getting their ass handed to them on a silver plater, with her still looking innocent
  58. - she has some of the best fashion in the group and will do her friends hair and makeup if they need it and might even pick out their outfit for them
  60. >my style<
  62. >closest friend: the sha sha sha
  63. >how she acts with her friend: she is always trying to get "the sha sha sha" to do something crazy with her or to go exploring, even though they both know she will immediately refuse but naeun thinks she is so cute and just wants to cuddle her all day  
  64. >places to visit:
  65. - snorkeling in Huanama Bay
  66. - swimming with dolphins
  67. - hiking to the Hanakapi'ai Falls
  68. >how does she act in emergencies?: she is the one who gets scared easily, she will be the one running around screaming most likely making things worse for everyone. she will totally over react and make everything sound so made even if it's just a small this that can be easily fixed.
  69. >how does she act towards the group?: she is always giving everyone equal attention, she will make sure everyone is happy and comfortable before actually checking to see  if she is alright herself.
  70. >how does she act when drunk?: she is quite new to drinking as she is 18 so after about 1 or 2 drinks she will be close to wasted. she will have crazy mood swings like laughing and joking one second, making everyone around her laugh then next second she is crying or sassing at someone for no apparent reason.
  71. >scandals: she is a teen, what can you expect from her. nothing she did was extreme or crazy but she has drank 1 or 2 beers underage, mostly from pressure of her friends.
  73. >morning call<
  75. >love interest: rocky
  76. >back up love interest: moonbin
  77. >how did you become close?: he would always be she went to first if she wanted to go on an adventure. she loved they way he would resist her with all his might, but eventually she would charm him to go with her and they would have a great time, laughing and joking the whole time. but quite honestly, the real reason was one night while everyone was sleeping naeun went outside to look at the stars and hear a noise. she looked over to see him sleeping so peaceful and she though he was the cutest thing in the universe, but what really did it for her was his little quiet snores.
  78. >suggested scenes with LI:
  79. - naeun pulling him away from the group to go explore in a little jungle/forest thing and they end up getting lost and naeun starts to freak out and after 10 minutes he kisses her to shut her up and then he finds the way out and doesn't even bring up the kiss while naeun is standing there dumbfounded
  80. - them being sent out to the store to get food for dinner and they come back with the most random foods ever they literally binge bought everything they saw
  81. - they go to the beach and one of the other boys compliment her and he gets real jealous and they get into a huge fight but eventually it gets resolved
  82. -
  83. >LI trivia:
  84. - he is very laid back
  85. - he is very shy when he first meets someone but when you get to know him he will open up more (I'm sorry that's cheesy I hate myself)
  86. - he always tries to be funny but all his jokes end up being dad jokes
  87. - he hates dyeing his hair
  88. - he is really flexible and can do gymnastics stunts
  89. - him and naeun are always missing because they are always exploring or lost
  90. - he is very good in a crisis  
  92. >fireworks<
  94. >username: ikonichiwa-
  95. >suggested scenes with whole group and character:
  96. - whole group:
  97. + going to the beach and having a boys against girls water fight and they girls winning so the boys have to treat them all to dinner
  98. + meeting up at the airport and everyone being seated next to their love interest on the plane
  99. + naeun taking everyone on one of her adventures and they end up getting lost and find I huge water fall and spend the rest of the day there before finding their way out
  100. + going snorkeling/scuba diving and finding really cool fish and sea animals and stuff
  101. + being put into groups and having one group compete with the other to make the best Hawaiian dish
  102. - character:
  103. + getting sick on the plane and falling alseep on the person next to her's shoulder and drooling
  104. + she has to talk to someone in English and her lisp gets really bad and she gets really embarrassed and runs away
  105. + leaving by herself to go explore and coming back totally educated on the Hawaiian culture and tell about the time she had with the Hawaiian people
  106. + getting told off by a group of teens in Hawaii for being a "foreigner who doesn't know anything about america" and she ends up roasting the hell out of them and then walking away
  107. + getting up in the middle of the night to go swimming and everyone else wakes up to find she's gone and they start a freaking search party and when she comes back she is so clueless to why they are so mad
  108. >anything else?: nope that's about it but message me if you have any questions ! ^^
  109. >message to hunty: hi! I was so excited when I first saw this fix because there is literally NO Astro applyfics so I'm really excited to read!!!
  110. >password: hunty's jisoo biased af
  111. >ultimate bias?: baekhyun - EXO or hoshi - seventeen
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