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  1. >Name: Cassandra Delacroix
  2. >Street Name: "Isis," after the Egyptian goddess of magic
  3. >18, 5'7", 150 lbs., O-
  4. >Born American, full-blooded French by heritage
  6. >High Concept: Young Magician, Heir to the Legacy
  7. >Distinguishing Marks: Small golden fleur-de-lis tattoo atop her left shoulder
  8. >Appearance: Variety of normal girlish clothes when a mundane person; when it's "showtime," dons her magician regalia (appearance of a sexy magician's assistant); notably fit and trim
  9. >Personality: Generally chipper and upbeat, a real goof and source of humor. In front of a crowd, she becomes a natural showman, becoming more ostentatious in her mannerisms. Around close friends, she's humble and embarrassed when her "skills" are brought up.
  10. >History: He was a moderately famous stage magician. She was an aloof showgirl and mystic who practiced "real" magic: fortune telling, tarot cards, speaking with spirits, etc. They fell in love, wed, moved to America a few years later, and had Cassandra. It helped that she was absolutely fascinated by her parents' magic skills, and she took to the craft pretty handily while growing up, to the point where schoolmates would ask her to tell their fortune and other parlor tricks. Eventually, the family relocated to Velo City to start again, after a string of disappointing shows. Her mother still holds to the mystic arts and is regularly teaching Cassandra when she's not being aloof and mysterious. The image of a normal girl and of a "weirdo who does cheap tricks" tend to clash.
  12. >Style: Boarder
  13. >Board design: A pin-up of a fiery-haired woman in a desert wearing a slight robe, admiring a small fireball floating conjured in her left hand
  15. BODY/Strength: 3 (4)
  16. >Stamina: 1
  17. >Resilience: 0 (1)
  18. >Coordination: 2
  19. >Brawl: 0 (1)
  21. SPEED/Agility: 3 (4)
  22. >Reaction: 2
  23. >Aim: 0 (1)
  24. >Stealth: 1
  25. >Larceny: 3
  27. MIND/Balance: 3 (4)
  28. >Academics: 1
  29. >Streetwise: 0 (1)
  30. >Acumen: 3
  31. >Craft: 0 (1)
  33. SOUL/Grit: 4 (6)
  34. >Art: 2 (3)
  35. >Awareness: 3 (5)
  36. >Charisma: 4 (5)
  37. >Willpower: 3 (4)
  39. >Health: 60 (80)
  40. >Energy: 70 (100)
  42. >Perks
  43. [P] Nothing Up My Sleeves: +2 towards sleight-of-hand checks (Larceny)
  44. [P] I Can Read Your Mind: +2 towards Awareness checks when reading a person's body language to discern their true nature
  45. [P] "It's Showtime!": Isis can almost instantly quickchange her clothes into her full magician's regalia, regardless of what she's currently wearing. Costs a standard action as part of a turn. NOTE: her magician's regalia doesn't currently provide any particular benefit; it's just for show.
  47. Inventory
  48. >"Fire Sage" Skateboard
  49. >Telescoping cane
  50. >Tarot card deck
  51. >Wooden acoustic violin (w/ case)
  52. >$230 USD
  54. Other Notes
  55. >Speaks perfect English and French
  56. >Favorite musical genres: Classical, jazz, ambience/trance
  57. >Plays violin; known to play "drive-by concertos" while rolling past on her skateboard or longboard
  58. >Does palm readings and tarot card readings upon request
  59. >Signature tags: A light-blue shooting star; a super-deformed wizard with the stereotypical bushy beard, large hat, robe and cane
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