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  2. The young schola cadet hesitated. Surely he must listen to an order given by any superior, especially a Canoness. But the pressure of the situation had made his cock swollen and stiff. The Canoness, an immaculate image of humanity’s divine form, was the object of desire amongst many of the cadets. Prudency was a value instilled in all Schola cadets, but physical urges had their ways.
  3. “Now!” The Canoness demanded as she slammed the ruler against the side of his face. The thin white cloak she wore fell to the side with this motion, exposing her firm breasts, hard abs, and battle-forged muscles. His face stung from the impact.
  4. The cadet did as he was told, and dropped his trousers, stepping out of them and leaving them in a pile on the floor.
  5. The Canoness stepped towards him and extended her right arm. She traced a line from his groin to his lips with her forefinger, and forced her finger into his mouth. “Suck on it” she commanded. He did as he was told. She gave him a sinister smile.
  6. She then withdrew her hand and kneeled down. She held his cock in her right hand, pulling it hard and without regard for his comfort. She began pulling harder and faster, the cadet moaning in confused pleasure. She suddenly took his cock in her mouth, sucking on it loudly, grating her teeth against his flesh, using her free hand to firmly grasp his scrotum.
  7. She pulled her head back, and stood up, and looked the cadet squarely in the eye.
  8. “Did you enjoy that, Cadet?”
  9. Never in all his days did he think he would be in this situation. An assault training course, a thirty day hike, these he could do. A sexual encounter with the second highest authority in the Schola? This was far out of his league. “Y-ye-yes Sister A-” he stuttered nervously.
  11. “Wrong ANSWER!” she screamed and knocked him cold to the floor with her fist. He laid sprawled on the floor, on his back. She straddled his face, her thick vulval lips pressing against her mouth.
  12. “Lick me” she commanded. The cadet obeyed, sticking his tongue slowly and cautiously into her.
  13. “Like a man, dammit!” she told him, whipping him in the face again. His nose began to bleed.
  14. He tongued her faster and deeper than before, to the Canoness’ satisfaction. She moaned loudly, her left hand supporting her weight as her right feverishly stroked her clitoris.
  15. Without warning, she stood up. She kicked him in the ribs, screaming “This is unsatisfactory!”, then ordered him to stand. She strutted over to her desk, leaned over it, her ass high in the air, presenting herself to him.
  16. “Don’t just stand there. Fuck me!” she barked. The cadet went to her quickly, rubbing his thick, pulsating member against her. She moaned softly.
  17. “I said FUCK ME! Quit this teasing!” With that, he plunged himself into her, enjoying the sensation of her thick inner walls against him. He nearly came right there.
  18. “Pound me” she ordered “Smite me like the Emperor’s fist! DO IT!” Such blasphemy took the cadet by surprise, but he listened. He thrust himself into her, forwards and back, loudly connecting with her with each thrust. He reached his arms forward and groped her breasts, pulling them hard and kneading them with abandon. She whimpered as he brusquely twisted her nipples, and he leaned over, biting and kissing her neck and he pounded her.
  19. “Take me” she yelled “Fuck me like a heretic! I am yours, Lord I am yours!” she yelled.
  21. With a surge of confidence that seemed to come from nowhere, he pulled her hair, yanking her head towards his, and vehemently bit and kissed her neck harder than he had before. He withdrew himself from the veteran Sister, turned her around, and threw her onto the formidable wooden desk, sprawling her pale body. He held down her arms with his as he pounded himself into her, and she wrapped his legs around his back, pulling him further into her.
  22. He raised his one arm and slapped her across the face as he fucked her. “Blasphemer!” he shouted with the first slap. “Heretic!” with the second, the harsh slap resonating with the second syllable of the world. “Indecent bitch!” he yelled as he slapped her a third time.
  23. He withdrew his cock again and the Cannons kneeled on the floor in front of him, taking the full length of the cock in her mouth. He smashed his member into her mouth forcefully, fucking her mouth ruthlessly. The Canoness blushed with the pressure, her jaw nearly coming unhinged as he devastated her mouth. He finally couldn’t bear the pressure any more. He exploded inside her mouth, years of unreleased sexual desire overflowing in and on her face, which she heartily swallowed. He lay down on the floor as the Sister continued to lick his member up and down, until he passed out in the afterglow.
  25. When he awoke, he found he could not move his arms, or his legs. He was chained to a table. He looked around, and saw the Canoness again. She had a slave with her, a repentia bound to the Canoness with a collar and chain. The Canoness bent over and kissed him, grinned, and said “Now, this is done my way…”
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