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  8. [Monday, January 30, 2012] [04:02:45 PM] <turgay> hı
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  10. [Monday, January 30, 2012] [04:03:12 PM] <sebo28> she
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  20. [12:32] <acjohnson> anyone here?
  21. [12:33] <sebo28> ayna yok bizde
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  26. [12:36] <anglo> and me
  27. [12:37] <acjohnson> is that kaan?
  28. [12:37] <acjohnson> kunguz is kaan akizit I believe. He was testing kernel 3.2.2 on pardus
  29. [12:38] <kunguz> acjohnson: yes, I am
  30. [12:38] <sebo28> kunguz:  arkadaşlar ne iş
  31. [12:38] <acjohnson> Hey kaan, can you read my post here and tell me what you think:
  32. [12:38] <sebo28> pardusa katkıdamı bulunuyorlar
  33. [12:38] <kunguz> sebo28: beni sordu, çekirdek 3.2.2 deniyorsun değil mi diyor.
  34. [12:39] <kunguz> acjohnson: sure, I can.
  35. [12:39] <acjohnson> @kunguz thank you
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  37. [12:40] <sebo28> elin yabancısı bile sahip cıkıyor bz onu bile beceremiyoruz yahu
  38. [12:40] <kunguz> acjohnson: here is the thing.
  39. [12:40] <acjohnson> @kunguz my point is that we need to have a new place for the Pardus community, most importantly a binary pisi repo and a bug tracker
  40. [12:40] <kunguz> acjohnson: hold on I will share a link with you
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  42. [12:41] <acjohnson> @tribunal the russian site if looking much better
  43. [12:41] <acjohnson> *is
  44. [12:42] <tribunal> Thank to zaG - our web-developer
  45. [12:43] <kunguz> acjohnson: have you seen this one:
  46. [12:43] <acjohnson> @kunguz of course I have
  47. [12:43] <acjohnson> @kunguz I forked it to my github (just in case)
  48. [12:44] <kunguz> acjohnson: as far as I have seen from the members section, it is most probably that they will try to defend their masterpiece. But what community needs is a fork in anyways.
  49. [12:44] <kunguz> acjohnson: I have copied the svn of Pardus to my local, just in case
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  51. [12:44] <kunguz> acjohnson: no matter what there is this other effort from maidis
  52. [12:44] <acjohnson> @kunguz so you are saying that the pardus devs will protect their baby?
  53. [12:44] <kunguz> acjohnson: he is packing the Kde 4.8 for Pardus
  54. [12:45] <kunguz> acjohnson: I will start to help him now by packing kdegames 4.8
  55. [12:45] <kunguz> acjohnson: I believe so
  56. [12:45] <kunguz> acjohnson: but no matter what
  57. [12:45] <kunguz> acjohnson: we need a fork
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  59. [12:45] <tribunal> b.t.w., I have 3 potentional developers, one of them is a professional python-developer
  60. [12:45] <acjohnson> @kunguz that's the first I heard of any pardus devs wanting to continue... Who else besides ozan wants to protect pardus?
  61. [12:46] <kunguz> acjohnson: there should be some other distrubition with an alternative team for not to get to same point as we are now [12:46] <namcojoulder> LKD is looking for a server now. But it may take long time. but its just for a build farm may be. I dont now. @kunguz @acjohnson
  62. [12:46] <acjohnson> @kunguz I'm not sure I follow.
  63. [12:47] <kunguz> acjohnson: the backbone of the team are in members of the github project. Why not to be a member then, there is even a kernel 3.2 pisi build in their github project
  64. [12:47] <kunguz> namcojoulder: yes, that would be really nice
  65. [12:47] <acjohnson> @kunguz @namcojoulder I actually like what the russian guys are doing, we should work with them
  66. [12:47] <kunguz> acjohnson: what is the link of their project, I haven't seen their work yet.
  67. [12:48] <acjohnson>
  68. [12:48] <kunguz> Eren is actually a member of github project, in this case I believe he has a clearer idea on the future of the github project of pardus
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  70. [12:48] <namcojoulder> tribunal: professional python developer will be very good for Pardus fork . Pisi,Çomar and other Pardus technologies written in python.
  71. [12:48] <acjohnson> I'm not in favor for something that is locale specific, but if it can be internationalized, I'm okay with that
  72. [12:48] <kunguz> acjohnson: must say, they have a nice looking web site
  73. [12:48] <sebo28> ruslar mı bunlar
  74. [12:49] <tribunal> kunguz: well, we have 1 desiner, 3 developers, maintainers. But where is a roadmap, where is a leader? [12:49] <kunguz> sebo28: evet
  75. [12:49] <acjohnson> @kunguz it is a good start anyways
  76. [12:49] <sebo28> bi rus kadar olamadık
  77. [12:49] <namcojoulder> tribunal: that is the biggest problem now [12:49] --> krab has joined this channel (5f51dc6d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
  78. [12:49] <acjohnson> @kunguz so why not use github for code repo and then work with @tribunal to get more resources online
  79. [12:49] <tribunal> kunguz: I am a developer and PL and PM
  80. [12:50] <kunguz> tribunal: and I am juniour developer at the official pardus repo
  81. [12:50] <acjohnson> I will glady be leader!
  82. [12:50] <namcojoulder> sebo28: bu şekilde düşünme bence  [12:50] --> airtight has joined this channel (
  83. [12:50] <kunguz> tribunal: recently take part in pardus-linux repo
  84. [12:50] <kunguz> acjohnson: does not matter for me, as long as there is something to contribute
  85. [12:50] <acjohnson> @tribunal I would like to get some more resource on that site asap. I would like to re-create our web form on your site to start with.
  86. [12:50] <sebo28> namcojoulder:  neden adamlar sahıp cıkıyolar biz napıyoz
  87. [12:51] <kunguz> acjohnson: tribunal why don't you or we create fork then?
  88. [12:51] <kunguz> acjohnson: tribunal what is the difference?
  89. [12:51] <acjohnson> @tribunal then a forum, bug tracker, roadmap, etc.
  90. [12:51] <namcojoulder> sebo28: KDE 4.8 PİSİ anıl özbekin projesi Zeki bildirici imece için çalışıyor. Katkı vermeye çalışan birsürü insan var onlar da destek vermeye çalışan diğer yabancılar işte [12:51] <richdb> maybe we need some agenda first .. with roadmap, etc
  91. [12:51] <kunguz> sebo28: dostum sebo28 en acilinden paketleme işlerini öğren sen de katkılara başla
  92. [12:51] <acjohnson> @tribunal so there will be a division of some community members? are there some who don't want to fork yet?
  93. [12:52] <kunguz> acjohnson: as far as I know none of them will be against it
  94. [12:52] <tribunal> kunguz: we need one team, what's why I am waiting for all interested people  We don't several forks
  95. [12:52] <tribunal> And all of us are ready to fork
  96. [12:53] <richdb> tribunal: good point
  97. [12:53] <sebo28> kunguz:  elimden gelse seve seve katkıda bulunurum ama bir inşaatcıdan ne beklenirki
  98. [12:53] <acjohnson> @tribunal @kunguz. Right I don't want to see a separation in forces
  99. [12:53] <tribunal> acjohnson: no one wants
  100. [12:53] <richdb> it is better to create one good fork then lot of them
  101. [12:53] <kunguz> tribunal: I can contribute to each alternative team with my best, because it is the pisi package building as the backbone; then a single package is built; it is ready for every distro.
  102. [12:53] <acjohnson> everyone: so I think we should take advantage of tribunal and ZAGs work and build off of it to work towards a fork
  103. [12:54] <kunguz> acjohnson: agreed
  104. [12:54] <acjohnson> first question: to get a repo online, we need a build farm... Will we have one soon?
  105. [12:54] <richdb> acjohnson: also agredd
  106. [12:54] <tribunal> we can use our site as a place for international coordination. No problem.
  107. [12:55] <kunguz> acjohnson: can use LKD's farms?
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  109. [12:55] <acjohnson> The code for the pardus build farm is on github:
  110. [12:55] <tribunal> kunguz: I don't know, cause I don't talk turkish
  111. [12:55] <acjohnson> unsure, what does LKD have so far
  112. [12:55] <richdb> one question: how many real developers do we have now? that are ready for a fork?
  113. [12:55] <acjohnson> @tribunal excellent
  114. [12:55] <kunguz> acjohnson: they sure have a backup of pardus with it's history
  115. [12:56] <kunguz> acjohnson: they said so but don't know if they can provide additional resources like pisi build farms
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  117. [12:56] <acjohnson> @kunguz is Nihad Karsli the person to talk to about LKD?
  118. [12:56] <tribunal> Servers? No problem, I can be a sponsor, for example. But I want to talk with smb from LKD
  119. [12:56] <kunguz> acjohnson: nope Nihat is the guy, hold on
  120. [12:57] <kunguz> acjohnson: I will send his email to you
  121. [12:57] <kunguz> acjohnson: you can contact him via email
  122. [12:57] <acjohnson> @tribunal smb from LKD?
  123. [12:57] <acjohnson> @kunguz okay sound good
  124. [12:57] <kunguz> acjohnson: sorry the name was Hamit.
  125. [12:57] <kunguz> acjohnson: I sent his email to you via private message
  126. [12:58] <acjohnson> @kunguz Hamit Giray Nart, already been talking with him
  127. [12:58] <kunguz> acjohnson: he provided me a svn accound of P2011, he has been in contact with the LKD I believe
  128. [12:58] <acjohnson> @kunguz yes, I have svn access as well.
  129. [12:58] <acjohnson> Here is Hamit's most recent email to me:
  130. [12:58] <acjohnson> We will reach our Pardus installed buildfarm server a few days later. TUBITAK will compose an assembly for the future of Pardus on March. We are trying to gain packagers and developers support while waiting for the assembly.
  131. [12:59] <kunguz> acjohnson: already made some commits
  132. [12:59] <acjohnson> @kunguz, but why commit to svn when exists? not sure I understand?
  133. [13:00] <kunguz> tribunal: I believe the information is valid
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  135. [13:00] <kunguz> acjohnson: good point but don't know exactly when the developers will really act
  136. [13:01] <richdb> @acjohnson: did you already talk with linuxfanatic from the german forum?
  137. [13:01] <acjohnson> @richdb I have heard literally nothing from LinuxFanatic...
  138. [13:02] <acjohnson> I have created a fork of pardus-linux on github: Github is great because we can merge their changes with ours at a click of a button
  139. [13:03] <richdb> @acjohnson: linuxfanatic can read and write turkish, and also german and english .. so it is good to have him also in the team ..
  140. [13:03] <acjohnson> @kunguz then we can either adapt the existing pardus buildfarm scripts to support git, or usine git-svn to sync with github, all commits could then be made to github, or we could move the gepo to our own private git server at some point.
  141. [13:03] <richdb> @all: and about svn or github, i do not care .. just choice the best
  142. [13:04] <acjohnson> @richdb I have pm'd him and received no response...
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  144. [13:04] <sebo28> kunguz:  neler yaptınız merak ediyom yahu
  145. [13:04] <kunguz> acjohnson: git-svn is a fast solution I believe
  146. [13:04] <acjohnson> @all the reason why I want to use github is because it is incredibly complete! it is not missing anything, everything is already there thanks to Ozan.
  147. [13:04] <sebo28> takip edegegimiz bir yer yokmu
  148. [13:05] <namcojoulder> sebo28: git svn derleme çiftliği falan konuşuluyor şu an [13:05] <sebo28> fecede gurubuda kitlemişsiniz
  149. [13:05] <kunguz> acjohnson: yes and git is way better than SVN is another fact.
  150. [13:05] <richdb> @acjohnson: and Ozan himself? Is he ready for the fork? Already speak to him again?
  151. [13:05] <acjohnson> @kunguz I agree
  152. [13:05] <namcojoulder> sebo28:
  153. [13:05] <sebo28> yürkvemi
  154. [13:05] <sebo28> türkce
  155. [13:06] <acjohnson> @richdb, he has ignored my emails, I made a comment on his blog that he deleted etc. But I think Ozan will work with whomever makes REAL progress...
  156. [13:06] <namcojoulder> sebo28: kayıt olma falan ingilizce şu an ama iki grup var çatalla ilgili
  157. [13:06] <kunguz> richdb: well he did not say anything official yet. I believe we need to give him sometime. He just quited his job.
  158. [13:06] <sebo28> çatallamaya karar verildimi
  159. [13:07] <namcojoulder> yok daha değil [13:07] <sebo28> çalıştaymı bekleniyo
  160. [13:07] <acjohnson> @all is everyone looking at ??
  161. [13:07] <richdb> @all: ok we give him some time .. but he already fork to git .. with some reason i think .. or did people speak to him about his blog?
  162. [13:07] <namcojoulder> @all i think you should post your ideas to  thus we can translate them into turkish
  163. [13:08] <acjohnson> @sebo28 @namcojoulder is this basically just a community blog?
  164. [13:08] <sebo28> what
  165. [13:08] <namcojoulder> @all a few days Zeki BİLDİRİCİ will add a few more extensions a few days
  166. [13:08] <namcojoulder> @acjohnson like so.
  167. [13:09] <kunguz> namcojoulder: wasn't imece a work of Koray Löker ?
  168. [13:09] <richdb> @all: again a new page .. we already have to much pages .. we also need to minimaze the pages ..
  169. [13:10] <richdb> @acjohnson: did you allready talk to the spanish and french community?
  170. [13:10] <acjohnson> I agree with richdb, we need everything centralized...
  171. [13:10] <namcojoulder> @kunguz Koray Löker leaved and zeki bildirici moved elgg content
  172. [13:10] <acjohnson> @richdb no, I only speak english...
  173. [13:10] <richdb> @acjohnson: lol .. but did they or you contact them?
  174. [13:11] <acjohnson> @richdb, don't think so, what is their community website urls?
  175. [13:11] <namcojoulder> @all imece.pardusworld for who doesnt want to use facebook.
  176. [13:12] <kunguz> namcojoulder: well, I believe we also need a way to regain the tired developers; they have been hit really hard. I would be very angry if I were in their shoes...
  177. [13:12] <acjohnson> @all ... but we really should direct EVERYONE to one location. I vote for building a community portal on
  178. [13:12] <acjohnson> @all just because has the best start so far...
  179. [13:12] <richdb> @acjohnson: french is here
  180. [13:13] <namcojoulder> @acjohnson it is fine for startup but .ru domain may cause some users angry in Turkey
  181. [13:13] <tribunal> angry? why?
  182. [13:13] <sebo28> buda franzızmı
  183. [13:13] <richdb> @acjohnson: spain is here
  184. [13:13] <sebo28> ispanyol
  185. [13:14] <tribunal> namcojoulder: what's wrong in .ru domain? we can use .com, .net and org domains. if it is really needed
  186. [13:15] <acjohnson> @bancohoulder exactly, the .ru name needs to change to .com .org or .net correct?
  187. [13:15] <kunguz> @all did you also notice that the owner of the fork in github is Fatih Arslan. It changed 10 hours ago. So there is something they are planning but don't know what yet...
  188. [13:15] <richdb> @acjohnson: swedish is here:
  189. [13:15] <sebo28>
  190. [13:15] <acjohnson> @kunguz did not notice the change in owner...
  191. [13:15] <richdb> @all .. and who is Fatih Arslan? and who was the owner first?
  192. [13:16] <acjohnson> @richdb before Fatih it was this guy:
  193. [13:17] <namcojoulder> @tribunal Pardus First Announced "National" project and if forks community domain will be .ru some nationalist users may be angry but it will be ok i think if we say its international fork etc.
  194. [13:18] <kunguz> richdb: Fatih is an official Pardus developer and he is still working in TÜBİTAK
  195. [13:18] <acjohnson> @all but why is .ru better than .com .org???
  196. [13:18] <kunguz> richdb: I don't know who was the previous owner
  197. [13:18] <acjohnson> @kunguz interesting...
  198. [13:18] <-- freedomrun_ has left this server (Remote host closed the connection).
  199. [13:19] <tribunal> @all com, org - doesn't matter, we can use any domain
  200. [13:19] <richdb> @kunguz: does not anybody here just have daily contact with an official developer?
  201. [13:19] --> slarikan has joined this channel (~slarikan@
  202. [13:20] <acjohnson> @richdb good question
  203. [13:20] <kunguz> richdb: from time to time I was talking with Fatih Arslan via email. Because he was my mentor since I am a juniour developer.
  204. [13:20] <acjohnson> @richdb As of yesterday I am actually friends with Ozan Caglayan on FB...
  205. [13:21] <richdb> @kunguz: an junior developer is?  you also work at TUBITAK?
  206. [13:21] <kunguz> richdb: Tried to reach him again, but he did not respond me last time..
  207. [13:21] <kunguz> richdb: no I am just a contributor with a playground access in pardus repo
  208. [13:21] <acjohnson> @kunguz, so perhaps you should contact Fatih again, and I can work on contacting Ozan Caglayan?
  209. [13:21] <kunguz> richdb: acjohnson
  210. [13:22] <kunguz> acjohnson: I believe he needs some more time, that was last respond I got from him.
  211. [13:22] <richdb> @all .. yes i also got some new friends, and also on twitter .. oh you are Kaan (kunguz)?
  212. [13:22] <kunguz> richdb: and for Fatih, I believe he won't answer me but will try it
  213. [13:22] <kunguz> richdb: yes, I am [13:22] <acjohnson> @all I will try Ozan again
  214. [13:23] <richdb> @kunguz: ok .. got the match .. but why he not answer you?
  215. [13:23] <richdb> @kunguz: sounds strange for me ..
  216. [13:23] <namcojoulder> @all i think they cannot
  217. [13:23] <kunguz> richdb: I believe there is a rule in their contract that they can not give official information when they are working with the institute.
  218. [13:24] <kunguz> richdb: all official announcement are made through email lists
  219. [13:24] <richdb> @all rules are made to be broken [13:24] <kunguz> richdb: but I will try my chance again
  220. [13:24] <kunguz> richdb: well said [13:24] <namcojoulder> @richdb they can get in jail [13:25] <kunguz> so guys I have to leave and try to pack kde-games for maidis
  221. [13:25] <richdb> @all: jail? really?
  222. [13:25] <kunguz> richdb: namcojoulder don't think so
  223. [13:25] <kunguz> richdb: namcojoulder it is not something we ask of strategic military information from them, it is only an information on a open source project
  224. [13:26] <namcojoulder> @richdb may be... i dont now contract kunguz: para cezası yok mudur? konuşurlarsa?
  225. [13:26] <kunguz> richdb:  but case is ofcourse different for other projects of TÜBİTAK
  226. [13:26] <richdb> @all: see it this way .. Pardus is GPL .. so everybody can communicate about it in free-time .. so not the official lines
  227. [13:26] <tribunal> namcojoulder: lost their job, but don't jail - they are not working in CIA.
  228. [13:26] <anglo> in the US , there is some open source that falls under the export rules
  229. [13:27] <kunguz> namcojoulder: bilemem iş antlaşmaları nasıl hiç bir fikrim yok
  230. [13:27] <namcojoulder> @tribunal corporate is for some military thing.
  231. [13:27] <acjohnson> Here is the message I am sending to Ozan: Ozan Caglayan- We are on #pardus again talking about a fork. We have noticed unexpected activity on We see that Fatih Arslan has been making commits as well. We really need a response from one of the Pardus Developers who is working on github right now. Other wise we are just wasting our time if you have a plan that we are unaware of...
  232. [13:27] <namcojoulder> corporate version
  233. [13:27] <kunguz> acjohnson: well.. it is always good to try it... send it anyway...
  234. [13:28] <richdb> @acjohnson: good .. and wait now ..
  235. [13:28] <namcojoulder> @all by the way there is no pardus 2009 repository at Tubitak servers
  236. [13:28] <acjohnson> @all Yes, because we really need to get the good old boys on board...
  237. [13:28] <tribunal> namcojoulder: I work in a large corporation with closed-sorces components and I can talk all about it. But this is my corpotation.
  238. [13:28] <richdb> @all .. if we just got a little inside information .. make things so much easier ..
  239. [13:29] <acjohnson> @namcojoulder no it's still there: they just removed the link
  240. [13:30] <namcojoulder> @tribunal Pardus project started under an government project. Corporate edition 1.0 is about military. Thats why they cannot talk i think.
  241. [13:30] <namcojoulder> @acjohnson oh sorry  i didnt know that.
  242. [13:30] <richdb> @kunguz: see you .. and btw kunguz is twitter use a lot in Turkey?
  243. [13:30] <kunguz> richdb: sure, each developer have a twitter account
  244. [13:31] <kunguz> richdb: and people also use it alot
  245. [13:31] <richdb> ok .. i think we need to twitter a pardus message every day .. and hope that everyone on your list retweet it ..
  246. [13:31] <richdb> @all: so we get lot of attention .. allways good [13:31] --> TuxHunter has joined this channel (~ClsSource@
  247. [13:31] <kunguz> richdb: it is already beeing done but in Turkish
  248. [13:32] <kunguz> richdb: follow @pardus and just type pardus in seachbox of twitter you will find big number of Pardus user, contributor, ...
  249. [13:32] <richdb> ok .. i did two one hour ago .. and you are following me .. so maybe you can retweet that .. or make it better and retweet
  250. [13:33] <acjohnson> @richdb +1
  251. [13:33] --> papa has joined this channel (
  252. [13:34] <acjohnson> hello again papa
  253. [13:34] <papa> hello - i just want to listen  [13:35] <-- anglo has left this server (Quit: Leaving).
  254. [13:37] <acjohnson> papa- did you fill out our web form? are you interested in participating in a fork or community continuation of Pardus 2011?
  255. [13:39] <richdb> @acjohnson: already 24 persons or so on the list? Good start .. and enough to begin with a 'fork' if there will be a fork .. only now we need some real developers.
  256. [13:41] <acjohnson> pretty much, but that doesn't mean we can't get an official community portal and binary repo online while we wait for developers...
  257. [13:41] <acjohnson> I need security updates asap...
  258. [13:41] <acjohnson> it has been way to long without real updates
  259. [13:41] --> _ango has joined this channel (
  260. [13:41] <krab> here is the author of this repository ?
  261. [13:41] <turgay> maidis
  262. [13:42] --> varadero has joined this channel (~kjhhjhj@
  263. [13:42] <-- varadero has left this server (Changing host).
  264. [13:42] --> varadero has joined this channel (~kjhhjhj@unaffiliated/varadero).
  265. [13:42] <papa> @acjohnson - no I didnt fill out the form. As long we have no ex core developers imho a fork has no chance - sorry for beeing pessemistic.
  266. [13:43] <krab> turgay: maidis? okay
  267. [13:43] *** _ango is now known as anglo.
  268. [13:43] <acjohnson> @papa the more support we show the community the better chance we have for ex core devs to appear.
  269. [13:43] --> nonono_ has joined this channel (5f07fa40@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
  270. [13:44] --> nkoc has joined this channel (
  271. [13:44] <acjohnson> @papa there is activity on and that is an unofficial fork. guess who is making commits... Core DEVs.
  272. [13:44] <richdb> @papa: that is why we now try to find people who have daily contact with the official Pardus developers ..
  273. [13:44] <richdb> @papa: who is papa? Just to place you [13:45] <sebo28> kde8 pisilendimi
  274. [13:45] <turgay> kde 8 ?
  275. [13:45] <sebo28> k4,8
  276. [13:45] <sebo28> kde
  277. [13:45] <turgay>
  278. [13:46] <papa> sw
  279. [13:46] <turgay> inşa dosylkarı burda ama tammlanmış değil
  280. [13:46] <richdb> @papa: ok .. good to see you here!!!!!
  281. [13:47] <papa> Don t count on me - i was dissapointed too often the last years. I just want to listen here.
  282. [13:48] <acjohnson> @papa you are sw, you may be discouraged but really a fork is what you are wanting for Pardus as well. That way TUBITAK can't jack you around any more [13:50] <richdb> @papa: why are you so pessemistic and dissapointed? But see it this way .. Pardus is now developed by a government .. that is one way good but also bad .. and the bad way is probely the communication (they not do most of the time) .. but see how we now all work? Pardus is alive .. people all around the world love it and want to continue it .. is that not a better base then some account manager at a government that has no idea what his
  283. [13:50] <richdb> people are doing the whole day?
  284. [13:50] <papa> Hehehe - good try. At the moment I have no energy to follow this fork way. It wil be a looong hard way with huge stones/rocks and with open end. Im simply burned out
  285. [13:51] <richdb> @papa: come back then if you energy is back .. just follow us and see if this way is going well ..
  286. [13:52] <papa> I cross my fingers for You and I wish You the best - thanks for Your kind words
  287. [13:52] <richdb> @papa: but we need orignal developers .. that is for sure .. but i think (i feel) we get some of them.
  288. [13:53] <acjohnson> @papa you are hear now following it but you don't want to be? :-C
  289. [13:53] <tribunal> papa: you are here [13:54] <papa> At the moment I know only one who is willing to help and he was talking about that he must decrease his effort in future
  290. [13:54] <-- r420r has left this channel.
  291. [13:55] <acjohnson> @papa is that Ozan?
  292. [13:55] <tribunal> papa: no problem, I have found a python-developer and I can find more. If you are talking about devs
  293. [13:56] <tribunal> papa: but original devs are much better, of course.
  294. [13:56] <sebo28> slarikan:  yakında bizi burdan kovalarlar
  295. [13:56] <richdb> @tribuna: how you find them?
  296. [13:56] <Eren> oh well, hi
  297. [13:56] <Eren> kunguz: github?
  298. [13:57] <tribunal> richdb: he is one of translators of Pardus to russian.
  299. [13:57] <Eren> let me read the conversation [13:57] <sebo28> eren bey siz konuşurmuydunuz hemde ingilazca
  300. [13:57] <tribunal> He works with me, I am a developer too.
  301. [13:57] <kunguz> Eren: we were talking about the pardus-linux project on githun
  302. [13:57] <papa> yea - ozan
  303. [13:58] <kunguz> Eren: I saw that you are one of the members, so I believe you have a clearer idea on what is it going to be?
  304. [13:58] <richdb> @all: is there anybody that knows sponsors?
  305. [13:59] <richdb> @all: how many original developers do we need .. of course the more the better .. but to start with?
  306. [14:00] <tribunal> richdb: only to servers. web-sites and so on. but not for devs - all of them are volunteers (3 right now)
  307. [14:00] <Eren> well, actually Ozan synced svn with github so that it would be easier to work on packages
  308. [14:01] <richdb> @all: if we got some good sponsors .. then we can hire devs .. is that also not the way for example linuxmint works?
  309. [14:01] <Eren> I don't think there is an active development there
  310. [14:01] <Eren> the reason Ozan synced would be the fact that there would be a Pardus fork out of TUBITAK
  311. [14:01] <acjohnson> @Eren there is fresh commits to github 10 hours ago...
  312. [14:02] <acjohnson> 11 hours ago
  313. [14:02] <Eren> acjohnson: correct me if I'm wrong, then. I haven't seen the commit pages [14:02] <Eren> I guess they haven't set up a commit hook that informs a change via email
  314. [14:02] <Eren> so I may have wrongly thought that there isn't an active development
  315. [14:03] <acjohnson>
  316. [14:03] <sebo28> what
  317. [14:03] <acjohnson>  farslan authored about 11 hours ago
  318. [14:03] <Eren> yeah
  319. [14:03] <sebo28> geliştiriçilerden destek varmı yahu
  320. [14:03] <Eren>
  321. [14:04] <Eren> sebo28: github deposunu açan Ozan zaten
  322. [14:04] <acjohnson> @Eren where do you get your information about Ozan wanting a fork? Has he told you this directly?
  323. [14:04] <sebo28> ozan bey varsa bu işin içinde işlem tamam dır demek
  324. [14:05] <namcojoulder> sebo28: cevap vermiyor ama maillere [14:05] <sebo28> neden
  325. [14:05] <richdb> @all: so there are now 2 devs that post at github?
  326. [14:05] <richdb> @all: or three? who is makdere?
  327. [14:06] <acjohnson> @actually more than that:
  328. [14:06] <acjohnson> fatih-asici authored December 21, 2011
  329. [14:06] <namcojoulder> bilmiyoruz [14:07] <Eren> acjohnson: I don't, however as you can guess, he made possible to fork Pardus by syncing svn with git
  330. [14:07] <sebo28> fatihde varmı
  331. [14:07] <acjohnson> @Eren, so why will none of the devs communicate with us? We want to work towards a fork as well? is it polical?
  332. [14:07] <krab> kernel 3.2.1 why?
  333. [14:07] <acjohnson> @Eren *political
  334. [14:08] <acjohnson> @krab, not sure, does it matter?
  335. [14:08] <richdb> @all: but today they sync chromium-browser .. so what about the end-of-life [14:08] <Eren> acjohnson: well, no, I mean, there is no *active* development for a Pardus fork
  336. [14:08] --> pars has joined this channel (
  337. [14:08] <sebo28> eren sende varmısın
  338. [14:08] <Eren> acjohnson: I just said that Ozan just made it easy for forking, by syncing svn with github
  339. [14:08] <Eren> acjohnson: so that anyone can just click a fork button and start working
  340. [14:09] <Eren> acjohnson: I guess I'm clear? [14:09] <acjohnson> @Eren okay, but they are making commits so I guess they are leaving the rest to us???
  341. [14:09] <Eren> acjohnson: no, they are not making commits
  342. [14:09] <richdb> @Eren: huh?
  343. [14:09] <Eren> acjohnson: if you look at commits, Fatih just committed 1 change
  344. [14:09] <Eren> acjohnson: on github page
  345. [14:09] <krab> firefox 9.0 why?
  346. [14:10] <acjohnson> @Eren small amount of commits, yes but there are commits...
  347. [14:10] <Eren> acjohnson: nobody wants to leave community
  348. [14:10] <acjohnson> @krab are you okay?
  349. [14:10] <Eren> please don't be pessimistic about the attitude
  350. [14:11] <richdb> @all: good point acjohnson .. why commit on this you not gonna use [14:11] <Eren> acjohnson: you can consider these small amount of commits as some kind of experiment as Pardus developers were not actively using git
  351. [14:11] <Eren> so, to summerize, nobody wants to leave the community
  352. [14:11] <richdb> @Eren: Do you know Ozn and Farslan (probely not his real name) in real life?
  353. [14:12] <Eren> yep
  354. [14:12] <Eren> Farslan = Fatih Arslan, btw
  355. [14:13] <namcojoulder> @Eren destek verebilecek eski geliştiricilere ulaşabilirmisiniz? Zira bize yanıt vermiyorlar.
  356. [14:13] <richdb> @Eren: ok thx .. and is it possible that they can come over here in IRC one day? So we can communicate all together? There ideas, or ideas?
  357. [14:13] <Eren> richdb: of course, I would inform the people who would want to join
  358. [14:13] <Eren> richdb: in which state you are in, btw?
  359. [14:14] <Eren> I mean, I cannot follow the non-Turkish community
  360. [14:14] <Eren> namcojoulder: neler düşünülüyor şimdi peki?
  361. [14:14] <Eren> namcojoulder: yapılanlar, planlananlar? @kunguz
  362. [14:14] <acjohnson> @Eren what do you mean you can't follow non-Turkish?
  363. [14:14] <namcojoulder> @Eren çatal konusunda yabancılar istekli baya.
  364. [14:14] <richdb> @Eren Which state?
  365. [14:14] <namcojoulder> @Eren Bizimkiler pek birşey yapamıyor
  366. [14:15] <namcojoulder> @Eren ortak topluluk için uğraşıyoruz.
  367. [14:15] <Eren> acjohnson: I mean, I haven't followed the community outside of Turkey
  368. [14:15] <namcojoulder> @Eren ama çok fazla site oluşöuş durumda sanırım PLO'nun derleme çiftliği olayı'yi küstürdü
  369. [14:15] <acjohnson> @Eren, okay gotcha, well I am in the USA
  370. [14:15] <Eren> so, I don't know what your plans are, or how many
  371. [14:15] <kunguz> Eren: you know maidis is packing kde 4.8 already, I believe there is now enough package for a new Pardus release with the existing packages from devel (Newest kernel and newest KDE also)
  372. [14:16] <Eren> namcojoulder: neden küstürdü yahu? şimdiden ayrışmalar mı başlıyor [14:16] <namcojoulder> @Eren Anıl Özbek KDE 4.8'i paketlemeye çalışıyor. birde o var
  373. [14:16] <kunguz> Eren: I do not know if there will be a fork but it would be nice to have one ...
  374. [14:16] <richdb> @Eren: I am from the Netherlands .. and the world forum community does have some ideas (plans is a big word), but one thing we all got in commen, we love Pardus Linux
  375. [14:17] <kunguz> Eren: Oyun alanımdaki paketlerim bile güncel, CAD yazılımımız bile var [14:17] <kunguz> richdb: Hoe goet het?
  376. [14:17] <richdb> @Eren: and that is why we want to talk (here on IRC) with some of the original devs from the Pardus project ..
  377. [14:17] <namcojoulder> @Eren Derleme çiftliği çalışması var şu an PLO'nun. PU'da depo var. Rakibi değiliz ama sanırım küstüler Gürkan Zenginle görüştük ama biraz temkinliler.
  378. [14:17] <kunguz> richdb:  I knew the basics  but now back to Pardus [14:17] <richdb> @kunguz: Het gaat goed, dank je .. en met jou?
  379. [14:18] <namcojoulder> @Eren daha sonra yanıt alamamaya başladık ama geri dönmedi en azından bana
  380. [14:18] <namcojoulder> @Eren küstürdüğümüz fikri sadece benim fikrim kesin bir şey yok [14:18] <richdb> @Eren: and if you can arrange a meeting here on IRC with Ozan and Fatih and maybe more .. that should be great ..
  381. [14:19] <acjohnson> @richdb +1
  382. [14:19] <Eren> Ozan has resigned  from the project officially
  383. [14:19] <Eren> as far as I know, he is busy with master's at the university
  384. [14:20] <richdb> @Eren: yes we all read that (was a real great story) .. but maybe he have some ideas, or can help us on the way .. just ideas we all have right now.
  385. [14:21] <Eren> richdb: acjohnson can I get your email addresses (in priv.) so that I can let you know if they're ok or not?
  386. [14:22] <richdb> @Eren: sure .. no problem ..
  387. [14:22] <-- tribunal has left this server (Quit: KVIrc 4.0.0 Insomnia
  388. [14:23] <Eren> richdb: acjohnson thanks, saved
  389. [14:23] <richdb> @acjohnson: are you taking the lead in this?
  390. [14:23] <acjohnson> @richdb if everyone will let me/want me to... Glady
  391. [14:24] <acjohnson> @all I just want to see progress as a community. and I really need security updates.
  392. [14:24] <richdb> @acjohnson: is ok with me .. @acjohnson +1
  393. [14:26] <richdb> @all: but let we first get the chat here with Ozan and Fatih and more devs (or former devs) and based on that chat we got all the ideas, plans, etc ..
  394. [14:26] <acjohnson> @all who here from the Turkish community can communicate with Hamit Giray Nart or Nihad Karsly and let then know that they should be syncing their SVN with
  395. [14:26] <acjohnson> I think this extra SVN is getting in the way of progress...
  396. [14:28] <anglo>
  397. [14:30] <anglo> was posted on world forum by dedebekri
  398. [14:31] <richdb> @all I need to go now .. we keep in touch by forum, twitter, irc ... and Eren thank you allready for try to make contact .. and for the rest, see you soon .. and #pardusrocks [14:31] <acjohnson> @Eren still there?
  399. [14:33] <-- pars has left this server (Remote host closed the connection).
  400. [14:33] <acjohnson> @see you richdb, that you for the support [14:34] <-- richdb has left this server (Remote host closed the connection).
  401. [14:36] <acjohnson> @Kunguz still there?
  402. [14:36] <kunguz> acjohnson: yes
  403. [14:36] <acjohnson> @kunguz I think that this extra SVN is confusing and is unessesary since Ozan forked to github for us...
  404. [14:38] <kunguz> acjohnson: git is ok for me.
  405. [14:39] --> bahadir has joined this channel (~Adium@aegis.CS.Princeton.EDU).
  406. [14:39] <sebo28> eeeeeee sonuç
  407. [14:39] <sebo28> ay don no
  408. [14:39] <turgay> kunguz:  PLO  hesapları verildi mi?
  409. [14:39] <acjohnson> I agree, but why are these other guys waisting their time with another repo? Maybe I'm missing something...
  410. [14:40] <kunguz> turgay: evet
  411. [14:40] <kunguz> acjohnson: you meant the P2011? it was there before all these things
  412. [14:40] <turgay> kde paketlemeye başladın galiba kunguz  [14:40] <acjohnson> kunguz: oh, I didn't know that...
  413. [14:40] <kunguz> turgay: ufak bir paketle maidis'e yardımcı olmaya çalışacağım
  414. [14:41] <acjohnson> kunguz: They have acted like they plan to sync with Pardus svn though...
  415. [14:41] <kunguz> acjohnson: it is just an additional repo for packages that can not be found under Pardus official repo
  416. [14:42] <kunguz> acjohnson: at the moment svn is not synced, first they need the infrastructure to do so. I believe when LKD will lend them some hardware they will start from there
  417. [14:42] <acjohnson> kunguz: so they are just waiting as well...
  418. [14:42] <acjohnson> kunguz: then I will give them my opionion that they should just sync their build farm with github instead of pardus svn.
  419. [14:43] --> engincagatay has joined this channel (4ea726f1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
  420. [14:44] <kunguz> acjohnson: best is to discuss Hamit for such things, because he is the owner of the existing SVN
  421. [14:44] <acjohnson> kunguz: It makes sense to me that we should have one place for all upsteam commits (github for now) instead of syncing with a dead svn repo (pardus)
  422. [14:44] --> orphan has joined this channel (~eAC53C340@
  423. [14:44] <acjohnson> kunguz: yeah, i'll tell Hamit.
  424. [14:45] <kunguz> acjohnson: I have been updateting my playground, it is easy for me to move to another place once everything is clearer
  425. [14:46] <acjohnson> kunguz: exactly, too much confusion currentl
  426. [14:47] <-- krab has left this server (Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
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