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  1. >Walk home from a long day at work on a rainy day
  2. >It’s coming down pretty hard
  3. >Fitting too, for how shitty of a day it’s been
  4. >You slept in, the car broke down, which made you late, AND you managed to forget your phone once a friend eventually showed up
  5. >You’re eager to get home and just be done with this day
  6. >You’re right in the middle of the bad part of town at the moment
  7. >Shops line the street, many rumoured for being a cover for illegal activities
  8. >Not another life is in sight, unusual given how crowded it usually is
  9. >The occasional car passes by, but that’s it
  10. >The only sounds you hear is the rain, your boots treading on the wet sidewalk, and the life inside the buildings
  11. >You’d be lying if you weren’t a bit scared for your life while walking
  12. >But you’re just paranoid, nothing actually gonna happen, right?
  13. >As soon as that thought crosses your mind, a gunshot rings through the air, followed by another
  14. >It sounded like it came from the store a few buildings away
  15. >The unexpected sounds made you jump and stumble back a few steps
  16. >A few seconds later, a figure bursts through the door
  17. >It stumbles forward a few steps and falls into the rainwater, fresh blood leaking from its body
  18. >You hear a cacophony of indistinct voices as an arm reaches outside and closes the door
  19. >Running up to the body, you get a better look at it
  20. >A wolf woman, barely breathing, who seems to be bleeding from the abdomen
  21. >You have to act quickly, but you kind of have no clue what the fuck to do here
  22. >You crouch down and check her pockets
  23. >Wallet and 2 bobby pins acquired
  24. >Rummaging through the wallet, you find $600 in cash and a few cards
  25. >Score!
  26. >Before anyone sees, you scurry off back to your home
  27. >Hoping nobody cares enough to seek out that money
  28. >A few hours later, you’re relaxing on the couch after a nice shower when you hear a knock on the door
  29. >Opening it, you see the wolf from earlier
  30. >What the fuck!?
  31. >How is she alive?
  32. >How did she find you?
  33. >How did she get here?
  34. >She’s holding her abdomen with her arm and leaning her other on the doorframe
  35. >”Gimme my...fucking money back you bitch” she said through laboured breaths
  36. >You refuse
  37. >An angry look crosses her face moments before she pounces on you
  38. >She’s clawing at you screaming to give her the money
  39. >Given her weak state, it isn’t hard to overpower her
  40. >In just a few minutes, you have her pinned to the floor
  41. >She’s squirming wildly in your grasp, although quickly weakening as the pain returns to her
  42. >You get off her as she rolls onto her side and goes back to grasping her abdomen, now with both arms
  43. >Soft whimpers leave her mouth
  44. >You feel kinda bad for her
  45. >But at the same time, you kinda want her gone
  46. >Not that you want her dead, but she did just attack you
  47. >You settle on kicking her out
  48. >The money you got could pay for repairs for our car
  49. >Grab her by the waists and lift her up
  50. >She let’s out a yip as you swing her over your shoulder
  51. >Or you would, if she didn’t start squirming again
  52. >You were also way too frail to try something like that, especially against a wolf anthro
  53. >She’s flailing harder this time, as if she received another burst of adrenaline
  54. >She’s screaming at you to put her down
  55. >Kicking and clawing so much to the point to throwing off your balance
  56. >Again
  57. >You tumble down onto your back
  58. >Well that went well
  59. >The wolf straddles you and places her hands at the base of your neck
  60. >”Where’s the fucking money!?” She shouts as she wildly shakes your upper body
  61. >Is that all she cares about?
  62. >Her voice is aggressive, but her face shows signs of intense pain
  63. >You try to throw her off again, but she keeps her stance much better
  64. >At the same time, however, the pain in her face intensified
  65. >Why’s the money so important anyway?
  66. >”Why the fuck do you care? Just gimme it!”
  67. >You tell her that she won’t see a dollar of the money until she tells you
  68. >She stops for a moment, taking in what you just said
  69. >After a deep breath, she brings you close to her, and she says in a false-calm manner
  70. >”Look, I need that money back or both of us will end up in a back alley with a bullet through our heads. The people who shot me aren’t the type of people you should be fucking around with. I just barely survived earlier today and I sure as hell won’t survive another encounter”
  71. >By the end of her little speech, she was panting like she just ran a mile
  72. >What she said was certainly scary, made even scarier due of what happened earlier
  73. >You settle on submitting, not a chance in hell are you gonna try to swindle her
  74. >Satisfied, she gets off you (albeit with a bit of trouble) and shuts your door
  75. >Her mood seems to have done a complete 180
  76. >All of her anger vanished, and a content smile is on her face
  77. >As you follow her up, she looks back to you and says, “Now, where’s the money?”
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