Long Awaited Meeting

Mar 23rd, 2021 (edited)
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  1. 'I love Reine!! I want to hold her close every night!! I want to improve myself every day to be her perfect husband!! I want to be kidnapped by the Pavolia Black Ops unit and trained to Reine's lover!! I want to fucking marry and cuddle Reine every moment of my life!!'
  3. Slapping the 'post' button without a second thought, you let out a yawn as you stretch, leaning back into your seat. Sure enough, half a dozen (you)s quickly pour in, ranging from 'INCREDIBLY BASEDCHAMA' to 'cringe indog simp'. This was your normal routine. You see a Reine thread? By God, you will post about how much you love the peahen (the proper term for a female peafowl - you know this because you aren't a PHILISTINE). You really do like Reine a whole lot. You wouldn't go so far as to say she's your 'waifu' or whatever the fuck; just your favorite of the Vtuber girls you regularly watch. Threads like this are just a way for you to express your love for your oshi! Completely pure love, unlike the rest of the thread's posters talking about how they want to be extorted by her for raunchy, debauched sex. Honestly? That sounds hot as shit. You're 100% behind it. But above all else, you think going on a date with her or something along those lines would be nice. Though you also acknowledge that she's so far out of your league it isn't even funny. Everyone knows that Reine comes from a place of considerable power and influence - she'd never bother to associate with what may as well be a common street rat. Even if she did, you doubt the family would allow it. But, you merely shrug it off, continuing to browse the catalog. It's not like these things really bother you; they're just a fantasy, after all, and you acknowledge it as such. Nothing wrong with fantasizing.
  5. As the hours wind on and on, the sun rises and sets as you finish up another riveting Apex stream, cheering your oshi on. As usual, her cheery and polite demeanor - even if it breaks sometimes during stressful moments - brings a great deal of joy to your heart. Beauty always brings comfort to a weary soul, and her beauty is undeniable. As the stream winds down and enters the donation reading, you get cozy, closing your eyes as you let the soothing sound of her voice comfort you.
  7. The sound of glass breaking causes your eyes to jolt open. Something clatters onto the ground of your bedroom. Cylindrical, covered in holes...
  9. "Flashing," A voice outside your window says. You don't have time to react before everything explodes into white. You scream - or you feel like you do, but you can't hear over the incredibly loud ringing filling your ears. As you stagger out of your chair, you feel hands - several of them - grab you, pushing you up to a wall as you struggle in terror. One pair holds your head still to the wall as the other wraps your hands behinds your back as you continue to scream out...before you're finally gagged. As the effects of the grenade begin to fade, you strain to see what's going on.
  11. A squad of armed operators look around the room idly, one of them even going so far as to sit down in your chair, watching Reine's stream. Adorning each of their left arms is a black 'COVER' logo with a knife through it. Something stirs up within you. You've heard of these guys from various rrat posts - though you thought they were just that, rrats. COVER's personal undercover task force. The Doxxer Destroyers. The Black Division. The ringing in your ears dies down just enough for your sense of hearing to come back.
  13. "...Secured. Awaiting orders," One of the man speaks into his headset, looking down to you. A grin crosses his face. "Well, shit buddy, today must be a dream come true for you, right?"
  14. "Really," the one sitting in your chair says, spinning around in it for fun. "You posted that thing about her every single day. Surprised it took Peafowl this long to send the order in."
  15. "Well, this is a special assignment. She was debating it for awhile. Guess she decided to pull the trigger."
  17. The pair of them laugh as you thrash on the ground, attempting to get any sort of ground. The man over you rolls his eyes and plants his boot on your back, pressing down just enough to stop your wriggling.
  19. "Come on, man. What do you think you're gonna do if you get up? Rubber bullets or not, they still hurt," he says, patting the MP5 slung around him for effect. "Besides, this is what you wanted, right? You're due to be delivered straight to Peafo...Reine. Not like there's any other civilians here, fuck it. You're getting your wish!"
  20. "Yeah," The one sitting at your desk chimes in. He's spinning faster now. "You're all set up to be a Pavolia, pal! Congratulations!"
  22. Once more, the two share a laugh. What? What the fuck are they talking about? You hear muffled talking, and the man above you puts his hand up to his ear, muttering phrases of acknowledgement. He nods over to his comrade, who stops spinning and shakily stands, and the two of them proceed to lift you up. You continue to writhe and thrash as the pair ignores you.
  24. "Man, lover boy, you gotta chill," the taller of the two says. "Yeaaah, sure. You're being kidnapped. It's fine!"
  25. "Besides, you're the one who wanted it," The short one chimes in. "It could be worse. You should hear about what happened during the op with Jester's asset procurement."
  27. Brought up to a black van, you're unceremoniously loaded into the back, the escorts sitting on the seats with you as you're propped up. The van roars to life, and with that, you're on the move.
  29. The ride goes on for what seems like ages, the pair of the escorts talking to each other casually. They ask you some questions every so often, though you can only give them blank looks in response, due to your mouth being gagged. It becomes a recurring joke between the pair of them. You'd find it funny as well, if you weren't in the situation you were in. Finally, the van slows to a halt. Your escorts stand and stretch, looking over to you. The taller one keeps his grin.
  31. "Welcome home, pal. Casa del Pavolia. Let's go make a good first impression."
  33. Hefting you up once more, the duo takes you from the van, and out into...some place that's so far above your pay grade you feel as though you should be arrested just being here. A large, sprawling mansion greets you, a lovingly tended garden leading up to the front entrance. A number of servants look over at you as you're carried, with expressions ranging from intrigue, to disgust, to apologetic. Being brought inside, though, the interior somehow even more bombastic. Marble flooring with expensive looking wallpaper...and a fountain! In the middle of the room!
  35. "Ah, Agents Seven and Nineteen," a female voice speaks out of view. "I'm going to assume this is Anon?"
  36. "Yes ma'am," The taller of the two speaks. You're assuming that's Seven. "Free of harm, as ordered."
  37. "Mm," the receptionist(?) muses. "Put him down. We can handle it from here. Thank you very much for your fine work. Operative Y4-G00 will be receiving a positive report."
  39. With a nod, the operators lower you to a sitting position. Seven gives you a thumbsup as Nineteen waves enthusiastically before they depart. The receptionist steps around you, coming into view. A woman in at least her mid 30s with auburn hair. She gives you a disinterested look before she kneels down. "Honestly, I've not the slightest clue what Ms. Pavolia sees in you. She's seen every one of your nasty habits through surveillance, and yet she still wants you. Maybe it's a youth thing," She ponders. What the fuck does she mean by 'surveillance'?! Reaching up, the woman quickly snatches the duct tape off your mouth, causing you to yell out in pain.
  41. "What the fuck do you want?!" You roar, writhing against your bindings once more. The receptionist huffs...before delivering a painful backhand across your face.
  42. "Language, young man," she chides. "I won't tolerate that kind of talk around Ms. Pavolia."
  43. "What's going on?" You ask, fuming as the hand print across your cheek begins to pulse with pain. "Where am I? What did you mean with 'surveillance'? And why do you keep saying Pavolia?? Like you're talking about Rei-"
  44. "Ms. Pavolia," The receptionist interjects, glaring down at you. "Has requested that you be expedited to her as quickly as possible. She desires you to be her husband." The receptionist looks almost disgusted as she finishes speaking, the air of dignity around her so thick you could slice it with a knife. "As such, given your be with her, given the tirades you had posted online...we sought to relocate you." You blink.
  45. "...What do you mean that Reine-"
  46. "Ms. Pavolia."
  47. "That MISS PAVOLIA," you glare, "Wants me to be her husband? And you never told me what you meant about surveillance!"
  48. "Are you dense? Or is public schooling truly that bad?" She sneers. "You've been selected after very careful consideration. You're docile enough. Free of disease. Loyal...well-endowed..."
  49. "Wait, what was that last one-"
  50. "The family gave you the go ahead, so to speak. Now, are you going to be a good little commoner and cooperate? Or do I need to have the guards carry you?"
  51. "...Sounds like I don't have much of a choice in the matter, do I?" You murmur in response, looking around the room. Several of the servants try their best to not gawk at you. The gravity of the situation finally begins to descend upon you. You're in fucking Reine's home. These people are Reine's hired help. The stories about her being absolutely loaded were true, after all. You're suddenly incredibly nervous. "I don't get a say in this at all?"
  52. "No," the receptionist replies with a cheery smile. "It's all been arranged. Your job has been notified of your departure. Your possessions are due to be relocated by tomorrow, and the lease on your apartment will be severed and paid in full. Your car will be towed. You will be cared for, fed, and clothed...and all you need to do is keep the young lady happy. She's already quite infatuated with you."
  53. "And...if I want to leave?" You anxiously ask, starting to squirm uncomfortably on the ground.
  54. "Either the guards inside will apprehend you before you can run fifteen feet out of line or one of the several sniper team members on duty at any given time will take your leg off at the knee," she replies coldly. Her face doesn't flinch in the slightest. "Prosthetics have come a long way, true, but I take it you'd like to keep your organic ones. Any other questions?"
  55. "N-No, I...t-that's fine," You gulp. What have you gotten yourself into? "W-What happens now?"
  57. The receptionist shrugs softly, reaching into one of the pockets of her pants. She produces a knife, flicking it open with practiced elegance. You begin to panic, but she ducks down behind you, starting to cut at the bindings holding your wrists free. With the thick zipties off, your hands fall limp at your side. The imprint of the thin pieces of plastic burns your skin.
  59. "You'll be escorted to Ms. Pavolia's room. Do try and be on your best behavior, yes? This is a great privilege for someone of your class."
  60. "Yeah, whatever, I get it. I'm poor."
  61. "Put simply. Don't squander your chances."
  63. The receptionist offers you a hand. You glare at it for a moment before begrudgingly accepting it. She yanks you to your feet with surprising strength, going so far as to dust off your shoulders a bit.
  65. "...Really, total ragamuffin. You're almost cute..."
  66. "H-Huh? What was that?" You know damn well what she said, but...
  67. "Nothing. Tabitha," she calls over to a thin maid, who promptly jolts upright. "Show Mr. Anon to Ms. Pavolia's room, would you?"
  69. With a nod, the maid anxiously eyes you over. She gestures for you to follow her, and you do, leaving the receptionist's desk behind. To say that Reine's home is anything other than 'immensely over the top' is to do it a disservice. The marble gives way to lush carpeting as you leave the foyer and enter the halls properly, one of several dozen identical looking passageways filled with doors. The walk goes by in silence as you move down corridor into corridor, twisting and turning...until you arrive at the end of a long bend, where a single heavy oak door rests. The maid looks over to you and gives you a curt gesture to get on with it, watching you expectantly. You feel yourself shrinking as you approach the heavy door. It's...intimidating. This entire situation is intimidating. You're in Reine's home. You were kidnapped. You were fucking flashbanged! Those things can kill toddlers! And're expected to meet your oshi. Soon to be wife, apparently. Hands shaking, you ignore the anxiety screaming within your stomach as you bring your hand up, rapping your knuckles on the door.
  71. "Come in!" A familiar, soothing voice replies. Oh, god, this is happening. This isn't some expensive, elaborate joke. Grasping the handle, you gently open the door...
  73. In the middle of a modest room (compared to the rest of the extravagant manor, at least) sits Reine Pavolia. Her face blooms into unrestrained joy as you sheepishly step inwards, closing the door behind you. The girl all but leaps out of the chair, bounding over to you as you flinch, raising your hands to defend yourself. However, as she gets close, she quickly grasps them, interlocking her fingers with yours as she lovingly plants a kiss on your lips, pulling you to her. Your cheeks explode into crimson. Isn't this moving a little too fast?!
  75. Reine pulls away from you, cheeks flushed as she smiles. "I've been waiting to do that for months," She muses, snuggling up and into you. Months?! "That was my first kiss, too...and yours, if the intel is right..."
  76. "Y-Yeah, it...wait, stop, stop! Slow down!" You protest, struggling against Reine's grip. She doesn't falter.
  77. "Aww, is my darling embarrassed?" She teases. Darling?!! "It's fine! You're finally where you belong!"
  79. Reine pulls you with her, giggling happily as she twirls, taking you with her as you're haphazardly lead to her bed. Your brain starts to melt as the implications begin to rack up. As Reine sits on the edge, you nervously follow. The mattress is so soft you feel as if you're being absorbed.
  81. "I-I never thought this day would come," Reine hastily mutters, cheeks flaring up. "You're here! R-Really, truly here! And so, so much more handsome than in the photos, I--"
  82. "Have you been stalking me?" You interject, trying to gain control of the situation back. "S-Sorry for interrupting, but...everyone's been mentioning surveillance and..."
  83. "Well...we...wanted to make sure you weren't a threat," She responds, giving you a small smile. "But I knew you weren't. No one who could say something so sweet, every day, could ever mean me any harm..."
  85. Reine's smile deepens, becoming a bit more genuine. Oh, God, she doesn't mean your shitposting, right? Her hands squeeze yours tighter.
  87. "'I want to hold her close every night'" She begins. You start to cringe so hard you wonder if your face is making an audible sound. "'I want to improve myself every day to be her perfect husband'...I read it over and over again, and everytime I did, my heart fluttered in my chest so hard I thought it would fly off!"
  88. "I-I...l-listen, that was..." You stammer. Your face feels hot as you groan inwardly. You're such a fucking dork!
  89. "A confession of love," Reine nods, cuddling into your chest. She's incredibly soft... "And I accept. I accepted it long ago, took some time to make my family agree. I'm sure you understand."
  91. You idly nod your head as you try to process everything. Her family accepts you. You've been the target of surveillance for the past...whoever-knows-how long. Reine loves you. Double take.
  93. "You really love me?" You ask. You try to hide the hint of astonishment in your voice.
  94. "D-Don't make me say it out loud," Reine pouts, holding back a smile. Rather than answer, she slowly leans back into you, planting a tender kiss on your right cheek, where she lingers for a moment. "If I didn't, you wouldn't be here right now..."
  95. " You don't know anything about me!"
  96. "Oh, don't be silly. I know everything about it you," Reine replies. Her voice is suddenly devoid of warmth as her expression drops. "I've been studying. Work habits. Home habits. Hobbies. Meal preferences. Clothing preferences. Entertainment preferences..."
  97. "W-Wait--"
  98. "Bathroom schedule...m-masturbatory schedule..."
  99. "WHAT?"
  100. "Sleep schedule, passwords..." She continues.
  101. "Okay! Okay, I get it!" You cry out, exasperated. Reine giggles, loosening back up.
  102. "Really...I think I may know you a bit better than you know yourself," She whispers, getting in a bit closer to you. "Naughty boy that you are, too. I know what kind of things you've been looking at it involving me."
  103. "...Oh, God, you're joking." Right? Please?
  104. "Nope. You should be ashamed of what I would say if it were anyone other than you," she continues. Her fingers wriggle against yours. "Or maybe you want me to say it anyway...?" You shrink away from her, avoiding looking her in the eye as she laughs, hugging you close to her.
  105. "This is, uh..." You shuffle awkwardly against the embrace. Your hand is starting to sweat. "Weird. It's all...happening a little fast, I feel..."
  106. "Well, for you, I guess...but this is the result of months of planning," Reine responds. "Planning everything to make you as happy as you make me before we're to be married..."
  107. Married. You're DEFINITELY sweating, now. "B-But what if I'm not what you're anticipating? I'm just, y'know, some guy..."
  108. "Honey, please...I know what I'm getting myself into," Reine says, snuggling you. You can't deny this feels great... "I've been burning for you for months...s-since it's so late, did you want to talk about this tomorrow? In more detail? It's quite past my bed time...and nearing yours."
  110. You wince as she pulls out the fact that you're a night owl so casually. Maybe that surveillance shit has more merit to it than you initially thought. You don't seem to have many other options, so you nod. As you attempt to pull away from Reine, however, she tugs you back, forcing you onto the bed.
  112. "Nuh-uh. You sleep with me."
  113. Your brain sparks. "What?"
  114. "You want to hold me close every night, right? This is your chance...and I've been waiting for it for so long, wouldn't keep a lady waiting even more, would you?"
  116. Reine grins as you shiver. You shake your head as she lets out a happy noise, quickly moving in next to you. The comfort of her bed is nothing compared to the soothing feeling of Reine so close to you...but again, you feel like this is moving a little fast. As Reine cuddles up and into you, though, you relent, going with it for the time being. You'd be a fool to waste this chance, and it's not like she's hurt you or anything...yet. Being flashed still fucking hurt, but that's in the past, for now.
  118. "Ahh, how I've dreamed of this moment..." Reine sighs happily, finally taking one of her hands off of yours to instead coil it around your body. Nervously, you reciprocate. Don't want to disappoint her. "It's everything I could've wanted..."
  119. "I-It's nice, yeah," You cough. "Am I really going to live here now?"
  120. "Mm? Of course. You're all but legally a Pavolia, now. Is the manor not to your liking...? I could request a new one be built--"
  121. "Woah, woah! No, it's great, really! It's just...a lot to take in..."
  122. "Hmm...I understand. But it's okay," Reine trails. She plants another soft kiss on your lips...which you lean a bit into. Having your first kiss taken, followed by a few could get used to this. "Because I'll be here to support you with every step of getting situated. Okay, darling?"
  123. "O-Okay..."
  124. "Now, let's get some sleep. Tomorrow, we'll work on getting you nice and established, introduce you to the servants and guards, get you the appropriate security'll be a wonderful time. Sweet dreams, honey."
  126. Reine finally breaks the handholding off completely as she snaps her fingers, causing the lights to dim. Cuddling up with you, she closes her eyes, resting comfortably on the pillow next to you. It still doesn't feel real. What happened in a matter of hours for you was a matter of months for her. Planning, approval...everything. This is your life, now...
  128. Future husband of Reine Pavolia. All from a few months worth of shitposting. Laying next to her, seeing her smiling're conflicted. She kidnapped you. She's been spying on you. But...she's so disarmingly wonder if she even understands the consequences of what she's done. She comes across as...sheltered. Maybe overly infatuated with you. You look over at the door from your position and consider running...but you know that security would take you out in an instant. You merely lay there, softly hugging Reine instead, staring up at the ceiling. Finally, you let out a low sigh, trying to get comfortable.
  130. Tomorrow is another day. You'll figure it out then.
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