[One-shot] "Comfort Mare" - Unnamed OC - Unknown Anon

Apr 15th, 2017
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  1. *** I did NOT write this.***
  2. This green originally came from, but the Anon who wrote this had no tripcode, so I am posting this under my pastebin account just in case the page gets erased or the link gets changed. I felt that this short SPG greentext story is worth saving as it is really good (in my opinion anyway). If you are the original author, please contact me to claim your work, or if you would like me to keep this here, do let me know as well so I can credit you as the author.
  3. *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
  6. "S...spare some change sir? Ma'am? I.. I'm terribly sorry to be a bother but.. I.. I just need a little bite to eat and--"
  7. >the unicorn couple simply turn their muzzles up and away from you with a frown
  8. >"Careful Upper Crust, seems some thoughtless pony left their refuse on the sidewalk. Wouldn't want to sully your hooves by stepping in it."
  9. >"Ugh."
  10. >you bite your lip as your ears lay flat, fighting back tears as they walk away
  11. "Thanks anyway..." you murmur, pulling your filthy threadbare jacket around yourself more tightly as you return to your spot in the alley where you'd been clearing away the snow from the front of your home
  12. >or, more accurately, your box
  13. >it's been over a week since you last ate anything
  14. >drinking water from melted snow had been enough to keep you from getting dehydrated, but your body is weak and wracked with hunger pangs
  16. ---
  18. >you shake your head in a daze, your master's words might as well have been a magic spell freezing you in place
  19. >"are you listening to me, girl? do you know what this means?"
  21. ---
  23. >you hadn’t been terribly difficult to capture
  24. >after all, you had nowhere to hide when the humans came with their war machines
  25. >you remember lots of ponies yelling, panic, some kind of gas filling the alley and street, and then not much after that
  26. >you wake up in a cage, shackled up next to those same two unicorns
  27. >the ones who treated you like just another piece of street litter
  28. >one of them is bleeding
  29. >a man in a camoflauge uniform opens the door to the cage you share with them and puts his hand under your chin, tilting your head from side to side, placing his hand on your back, your sides, your stomach, your legs
  30. >"We should put this one down, she probably won't survive the trip. Looks like she hasn't eaten in days."
  31. >"You know our orders, no killing noncombatants. Give her an MRE and lock the cage back up, we need to move out."
  33. ---
  35. >you shake your head once again, snapping back to attention
  36. "T...the vote passed? I'm... I'm free?"
  37. >he nods at you
  38. >"looks that way..."
  39. >you close your eyes and take a deep breath
  40. >you remember meeting your master for the first time
  42. ---
  44. >you're in a poorly lit room with all the ponies you'd been captured with
  45. >about 20 of you altogether
  46. >most of them had been pretty well off in Equestrian society
  47. >a tall, strong looking human walks into the room in front of you and speaks
  48. >he's straight to the point
  49. >you're all now his property
  50. >his slaves
  51. >you're going to be performing heavy labor
  52. >hauling ore from the mines your master owns
  53. >14 hour days, two ten minute meal/bathroom breaks per day
  54. >there are gasps, stifled sobs, a mare faints
  55. >but you're just kind of numb
  56. >he makes eye contact with every pony in the room but seems to completely ignore you
  57. >you're used to being overlooked
  58. >you're taken to your slave quarters and collapse on your cot
  60. >you wake up to the cracking of a whip, the ponies around you skittishly falling into a single file line
  61. >their clothes have been confiscated, manes all uniformly shaved and tails cropped to hock-length
  62. >yours seem to have been untouched for some reason
  63. >many of them are shaking, not sure what to expect as your instructions are delivered
  64. >one of your master's employees will hitch you to an empty cart, you take it down into the mine, and come back with a full load of ore, seems simple enough
  65. >you're not told what kind of ore it is
  66. >perhaps it's something valuable and he's afraid his slaves might try to steal it
  68. >the mine is dark, and hard to breathe in
  69. >your harness is far too tight, which makes it even harder
  70. >you look back over your shoulder, watching patiently as the humans working in the mine continue to load what looks like nothing more than a bunch of sparkly rocks into your cart
  71. >you wonder when they're going to stop
  72. >can you even pull this much?
  73. >they're still loading the cart...
  74. >finally you're given the command
  75. >you feel the sting of a whip on your hindquarters as you're ordered out of the mine
  76. >you struggle, the cart barely budging an inch
  78. >the biting lash torments you relentlessly until your load finally begins to move at a reasonable pace, your cries of pain being completely ignored
  79. >the human driving you, satisfied that he's finally got you going, turns his attention - and his whip - on the next pony in line
  80. >your muscles and joints scream out for relief as you haul your third load out to be dumped into an awaiting container
  81. >you don't want to go back down there, but you know you have no choice
  82. >when you're ordered out of the mine this time, you can't move your load
  83. >no matter how many times they whip you, or how hard, or how much they scream and threaten you, your tired little body just can't budge it
  84. >you collapse, tufts of fur flying off your rump and back as your taskmaster puts every ounce of strength behind his swings
  85. >so this is it
  86. >this is how you die
  87. >you close your eyes, so exhausted you can't even cry out, eventually losing consciousness
  89. ---
  91. "How soon?"
  92. >"A matter of weeks... maybe even days"
  93. >you whimper
  95. ---
  97. >"...need these ponies in good working condition, I catch you wailing on one like that again you'll eat a fucking bullet, you get me?"
  98. >a door slams
  99. >a glass is placed against your lips
  100. >it's cool and wet
  101. >you instinctively drink, the ice water soothing your parched throat
  102. >you look up and see the face of your master, your lower jaw trembling as your body begins to shake in fear
  103. >"shh, easy girl, you're done for now. Those idiots should have never taken you down there in this condition, you're clearly malnourished."
  104. >he gently dabs a wet cloth against your forehead, and it comes away bloody
  105. >you don't even remember getting that cut
  106. >he brushes your matted, tangled mane out of your eyes and carefully inspects your filty face
  107. >not that much more filthy than when you'd been captured, honestly
  108. >there's something unsettling about the look he's giving you
  109. >he seems to linger a bit too long for your liking, before eventually shaking his head and snapping his fingers, one of his employees or assistants appearing
  110. >"See to it she gets a nice warm bath and a hot meal. I want her thoroughly groomed by the time I get back."
  112. ---
  114. >Master puts on his shoes and you reflexively reach for his overcoat, holding it for him while he puts his arms into the sleeves one by one and stands up, heading for the door
  115. "Where are you going, Master?"
  116. >"I've called an emergency meeting with my own personal attorney and the Company's lawyers, we're going to see what we can do about this. Be a good girl until I get home, okay? Don't worry about fixing dinner tonight, just eat something yourself when you get hungry and wait by the phone in case I call."
  117. "Yes, sir."
  118. >he turns the doorknob, and you rear up, placing a hoof on his side as you look up at him, unable to hide the worried look on your face
  119. "Master?"
  120. >"Hm?"
  121. "Everything's gonna be okay, right?"
  122. >he pats your head with a warm smile
  123. >"Let your Master do the worrying for now, okay?"
  125. ---
  127. >You can't remember food ever tasting this good before
  128. >or the last time you were ever this clean
  129. >you gorge yourself on the various fruits, veggies, and fresh hay set before you
  130. >"careful not to overdo it, you wouldn't want to get sick," the assistant chuckles as she brushes your mane carefully
  131. >before too much longer your master joins you again, sitting across from you at the relatively small table
  132. >"let me ask you something, mare" he says, immediately seizing your attention
  133. >"you don't want to go back out into that mine, do you?"
  134. >you simply wince and shake your head, starting to tremble again
  135. >you barely lasted two hours out there
  136. >you'd die if he sent you back
  137. >he leans over the table, placing his hand on your forehead, slowly running it up through your mane, his fingers coming to rest behind your right ear as he continues speaking
  138. >"You're too pretty to be a workhorse anyway, you know that?"
  139. >you glance around nervously, not wanting to make eye contact
  140. >he doesn't like that
  141. >"HEY. Look into your Master's eyes when he speaks to you."
  142. >you gulp as you hesitantly comply
  143. >there's a warmth in his gaze that seems wildly out of place
  145. ---
  147. >Master still isn't home. Your stomach is all twisted up in knots, you can't make yourself eat anything, instead laying on the couch and staring at the phone intently, waiting to snap to attention and hit the speakerphone button on the first ring
  148. >it's pushing 10pm, you should have heard SOMETHING from him by now
  149. >you feel utterly helpless
  151. ---
  153. "'Comfort mare?' I don't understand..."
  154. >"You don't have to understand. Just obey me and your life will get much better very quickly. Wouldn't you rather live in my big, luxurious house along with me instead of those rickety slave barracks?"
  155. >you nod, the answer coming easily to you
  156. >anything had to be better than that shithole you slept in last night
  157. >though even that, you admit to yourself, was an upgrade from the cardboard box in the alley
  158. "What do I have to do?"
  160. ---
  162. >From that moment you'd never looked back
  163. >you quickly found out just what a "comfort mare" was expected to do
  164. >and you weren't as appalled by it as you should be
  165. >your master wanted physical companionship from you
  166. >hugging, kissing, cuddling
  167. >massages
  168. >and yes, even sex
  169. >officially, you were his personal assistant
  170. >nobody really knew what he got up to with you behind closed doors, though you're sure plenty of people - and ponies - had their suspicions
  171. >in exchange, you got a big, warm, spacious house to live in
  172. >regular meals and baths
  173. >an indescribably comfortable bed all your own to sleep in
  175. >at first, you treated it as any other task you might have been assigned
  176. >you went about it dutifully, but didn't enjoy it at all
  177. >you simply reminded yourself it was better than being worked to death in the mines
  178. >but over time, your Master's generosity grew
  179. >gourmet food, beautiful outfits to wear when you go out in public with him, random gifts for no reason
  180. >these things all became the norm
  181. >while he made it clear you still belonged to him, you felt a genuine affection start to form between the two of you
  183. >and then one day, he said it
  184. >he actually said it
  185. >you'd been making love face to face
  186. >kissing, stroking each other's bodies
  187. >and you were really into it
  188. >you wanted to make your master cum, and you went at him voraciously
  189. >when he finally did, he held you tight against his body, one hand clamping your rump against his crotch, the other holding your head gently against the side of his as he gasped for breath
  190. >"I love you, girl, oh god I love you so much..."
  191. >your eyes went wide, but he shoved his tongue into your muzzle before you had a chance to respond
  192. >you felt a tingle travel up your spine, melting into the kiss with a soft nicker
  194. ---
  196. "Heh... that was it..." you think to yourself with a somber smile, "that's the day this became home..."
  197. >you sigh and swish your tail, trying to keep your anxiety from welling up any further
  198. >the phone call never comes, and eventually, unable to force yourself to stay awake any longer, you fall asleep right there on the couch
  199. >Master doesn't come home for days after that
  200. >and for that same amount of time you don't eat
  201. >it's the longest you've gone without food since you'd been a free mare back in Equestria
  202. >your sleep is troubled, you only manage an hour or two at a time before waking up and tossing and turning for another hour
  204. >Finally, after being gone for nearly a week without so much as a word, he walks through the front door
  205. >you're instantly at his feet, ready to greet him
  206. >but he looks different
  207. >his usual stern, confident demeanor is nowhere to be found
  208. >he looks deflated
  209. >defeated
  210. >beaten
  211. >he slumps to his knees in front of you
  212. >there are bags under his eyes
  213. >he hasn't shaved since he left
  214. >he reaches a hand toward your cheek, and you nuzzle into it affectionately
  215. >bringing his other hand to your face, he brings his forehead to yours silently
  216. >and begins silently weeping
  217. >this can't be good
  218. >you've never seen Master cry
  219. >EVER
  221. >he doesn't need to say anything
  222. >you already know
  223. >they'll be coming for you
  224. >to take you away from him
  225. >your Master
  226. >your lover
  227. >your home
  228. >back to the mean streets of Equestria
  229. >back to struggling to make it
  230. >back to wondering where your next meal is going to come from
  231. >back to being all alone in the world
  232. "M...Master... I won't go... I refuse..." you say shakily as he pulls you into a tight embrace
  233. "This is my home... here with you... I'm your pony. I'm YOURS... they can't do this..." you stammer, panic beginning to show in your voice
  234. >he rocks you gently in his arms, trying to calm you down without having much success
  235. "You won't let them take me, will you Master? You're going to keep me forever, right? I can stay here with you, right?"
  236. >you start to cry
  237. "Please Master... say something..."
  238. >"I'm so sorry, my sweet, sweet girl..." he replies in a mournful tone that shatters your heart into a thousand pieces
  240. > FIN
  245. *** I did NOT write this.***
  246. This green originally came from, but the Anon who wrote this had no tripcode, so I am posting this under my pastebin account just in case the page gets erased or the link gets changed. I felt that this short SPG greentext story is worth saving as it is really good (in my opinion anyway). If you are the original author, please contact me to claim your work, or if you would like me to keep this here, do let me know as well so I can credit you as the author.
  247. *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
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