Apocrypha Archive 2 Afterword

Aug 10th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Afterword
  3. We put out a second one if you can believe it. Yes, this is Apocrypha Archives Volume 2!
  4. This is Kamachi Kazuma.
  5. The stories included in here are science side stories with Misaka Mikoto in the lead. They’re mostly the Index anime bonus novels. The first one was my very first attempt at a bonus novel. That was also when I established the rule for writing a Railgun (science side) novel for the Index (magic side) anime. (Not that these novels only include science stuff.) The rule of writing an Index novel for the Railgun anime branched off from there. As a side note, I then had to wonder what kind of bonus novel to write for the Accelerator anime. I ultimately decided to reveal a certain story from the past instead of focusing on magic or science.
  6. With Mikoto in the lead for the entire collection, this one might appear more popular than Apocalypse Archives 1, but the material it covers is pretty dense. It even includes a lot of high firepower anti-railgun weaponry like an orbital weapon and a hydrogen bomb. What you see here is Misaka Mikoto and Railgun as I see them. After reading the undiluted original text, you might be able to tell just how much effort Fuyukawa-san and the rest of the manga staff put into making it all easier to read. Characters like Xochitl, Tochtli, and Lessar appeared in the anime recently, so make sure to go back and check that out again. Cold Game was published in Dengeki Daioh to commemorate 10 years of Railgun. Mikoto tends to be the one being pursued in the novels, so I had her be the pursuer in that one. That story came about when I thought about how someone could match Mikoto head on using something other than pure firepower.
  8. I give my thanks to my illustrators Fuyukawa-san and Haimura-san, my Bunko editorial team, the Dengeki Daioh editorial department, and everyone who worked on the anime. It is thanks to all of you that Academy City’s background has continued to expand to the point that it’s halfway to being an open world. Thank you so much!
  9. I also give my thanks to the readers. A chance to collect bonus novels like this has got to be a rarity. I have nothing but thanks for letting me work in the special field of bonus novels so much that I can actually figure things out through trial and error. I am truly thankful!!
  11. It is time to close the pages for now while praying that the pages of the next book will be opened.
  12. And I lay my pen down for now.
  14. And then she goes to Kamijou while thinking firepower is a form of communication, huh?
  15. -Kamachi Kazuma
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