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Escape Into Diapers - Parker Longabaugh

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Apr 12th, 2019
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  3. When she walked into what used to be the ladies room at work (but was now collectively known as “the changing station”) Elisa was immediately greeted by the now familiar stench of a messy diaper change in progress. Sure enough, she was quickly confronted with the image of her boss changing one of his former employee’s thoroughly loaded pampers. Elisa watched with a mix of fear and morbid fascination as the front of Rebecca’s diaper was folded down to reveal a gooey brown load caked thickly across both the seat of the diaper and Rebecca’s well toned hiney. It was just a few weeks ago that Elisa and Becky were engaging in lively, intelligent conversations over lunch and during breaks.
  5. Looking at her friend now, Elisa hardly even recognized her. It was almost as though the sophisticated, educated young woman who had worked hard to earn a place on the faculty at the university had ceased to exist-- in her place, Elisa saw a babbling, squealing adult toddler with a pamper full of poo-poo, about to be changed by the dominant male figure in her department.
  7. “Hi, Elisa,” her boss said, lifting Rebecca’s legs and revealing to Elisa the full extent of her dirty diaper. Elisa winced at the sight of her friend’s rump completely caked with greasy brown poop, and the seat of the diaper reminded her of a Jackson Pollock painting. She groaned internally, but found herself unable to look away.
  9. “Look who came in to watch you get your diaper changes sweetie!” he teased. Rebecca giggled happily at the joke, then gurgled warmly when she saw Elisa, displaying not one ounce of shame-- which was the thing that unsettled her the most. To see her friend totally robbed of her maturity, her dignity, her very identity as a woman was unnerving... to see her not only not bothered by it, but seemingly enjoying herself was downright disturbing.
  11. “Ugh.... what have they been feeding you, little girl?” Elisa’s boss chuckled, going to work with the wet wipe. Rebecca squealed and shivered as the mess was cleared away, and Elisa watched with knots in her tummy as the sticky mess was slowly wiped away revealing more and more of the bare, pink skin of her tushy beneath. Elisa watched, inexplicably fascinated by the process, gauging Rebecca’s reactions. She knew there were varying levels of regression available, that there were women out there who were fully aware but trapped in a body that had been re-programmed to behave as infantile as possible. But that didn’t seem to be the case here... If anything, Rebecca seemed to have embraced her new role wholeheartedly.
  13. “And when am I going to see you up on the changing table, young lady?” Elisa’s boss asked her teasingly, chuckling as her cheeks turned red in response.
  15. “Uh... well, I...” Elisa stammered, growing more embarrassed by the second. She glanced at Rebecca with her legs up in the air, cooing softly to herself while somebody else wiped her plump, womanly bottom for her, and for a moment, she could almost see herself laying there in that exact position...
  17. Her boss chuckled at her discomfort. “A pretty girl like you, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone sends you back for re-education!” he said, and she knew by his tone that it was supposed to be a complement.
  19. “Um... thanks,” she said, slinking by them and into the stall. Baring her bottom, Elisa sat on the toilet and forced herself to tinkle, trying to ignore the fact that a woman that she’d worked with for years was getting a dirty diaper change like a two year old just a few feet away by her male boss. She sat, a small stream of pee trickling into the water beneath her, listening to her boss playfully tease Rebecca as he changed her messy diaper.
  21. “Oh my yes,” he said, and Elisa peeked through the crack in the door to watch him finish cleaning her friend’s dirty rump with a baby wipe. “I think little Becky is almost ready for a new pamper,” he said, pulling the messy one out from under her backside and balling it up to discard it in the nearby bin. “Upsey daisy,” he said, lifting Rebecca by the ankles and sliding the fresh diaper under her wriggling tushy. “Some powder, for your stinky bum, lil’ lady?” he joked, drawing a pleasant (if uncomprehending) giggle from Rebecca, who wriggled with glee as her pale buttocks were dusted with powder.
  23. Elisa finished as quickly as she could, wiped and flushed. She washed her hands, watching in the mirror as Rebecca’s new diaper was pulled up between her legs and sealed closed, reminding her of just how far her bright, lively and intelligent friend had been reduced. Overwhelmed with strange emotions, she beat a hasty retreat.
  25. The atmosphere around the college had certainly changed since the new laws suppressing women’s right’s had been passed, Elisa had to admit. Most of her female colleagues had already been remanded for re-education, either by their significant others or by their parents. They entered the re-education centres mature, dignified young women, filled with potential and looking forward to a bright future. They emerged dull, docile, and adorable. And the idea seemed to be catching-- rather than being outraged, society seemed to have embraced the idea with gusto, and Elisa had been catching sight of more regressed women by the day, both in real life and in the culture at large.
  27. And through it all, she couldn’t shake a certain guilt-- hadn’t she, after all, spent years both online and in private fantasizing about this exact scenario? Hadn’t she imagined countless young women stripped of their rights and rendered docile, infantile little playthings for the amusement of their friends, families and lovers? And how many times had she imagined herself in the same situation, pleasuring herself guiltily as she pictured herself crying and jabbering helplessly through a diaper change, the people in her life laughing and cheering as she was stripped of everything that made her a woman?
  29. But that was fantasy, and it was one thing to imagine women stripped of their rights-- it was another thing entirely to see it happen in real life.
  31. And nowhere was it more evident than the campus she worked at. The amount of female students and faculty members had been dramatically reduced, the majority having been removed to attend re-education. Not many returned to school after that, their new caregivers opting to keep them at home or enrolling them in one of the Adult Daycare centres that were springing up all over the place these days... however, there were those who liked to keep their “special girls” close to the people and environments they were familiar with from their ‘previous lives.’ Therefor, many businesses and universities had opened daycare facilities designed specifically to cater to former students and employees, and the school Elisa worked at was no different, and it was quite common to see a 20 year old woman who should have been on her way to class laying in the middle of the courtyard and giggling her way through a diaper change, or a onetime member of the staff happily sucking a bottle as her former colleagues pushed her around the campus in an adult sized stroller.
  33. Arriving at her afternoon class, she tried to put her anxieties out of her mind and focus on the lesson. But she found herself stammering and stumbling, preoccupied... it didn’t help that every time she looked out into the faces of the (largely male) audience, they seemed to be smirking in her direction, and she couldn’t shake the uncomfortable feeling that they were regressing her with their eyes. Elisa imagined herself regressed into adult infancy, cavorting on the floor in front of her leering, smirking class, naked but for a thick diaper crinkling between her legs. She tried to reign in her imagination, but once the image had been planted, Elisa couldn’t stop picturing herself, robbed of her status and intelligence, crawling on the floor and babbling happily to herself in front of her amused former students before squatting down to push out a load of muddy brown poo-poo into the seat of her pampers.
  35. “Everything alright, miss?”
  37. Elisa was jolted back into reality by her student’s voice. “Err... y-yes, thank you,” she said, blushing when she realized she’d been caught daydreaming, and if her students hadn’t been thinking about how she was better qualified for pissing her diapers in the nursery than trying to teach a class before, they definitely were now. “Um... anyway, as I was saying...”
  39. ---
  41. One week later, Elisa was sitting in a coffee shop across from an online friend she’d known for a couple of years now. Although they’d met within the ABDL/ ageplay fetish community online, these days he was using that same position in the community as a cover for his real work-- helping to smuggle women out of America and back into his native Canada, where they still enjoyed all their rights and privileges.
  43. “Just so we’re clear,” he said, sipping his tea, “once you’re over the border, you’ll never be able to come back... not until this... madness... stops, anyway. It’s a mandatory regression sentence if they ever catch you.”
  45. “I understand,” she said, distracted. In the booth next to theirs, a man was spoon-feeding his regressed wife a bowl of custard, her face all smeared and gooey. Dressed in nothing but a little pink t-shirt with a bib over top and a huge, crinkly diaper bulging beneath her in the oversized high-chair provided by the diner, it looked almost exactly like a scene from one of her own captions. Elisa shivered, feelings of horror and guilt clashing with a barely suppressed arousal.
  47. “I’ve got everything ready,” he assured her, casually sipping his drink. “I’ll fill you in on the details when we get back to the motel. Are you sure you’re ready? As I seem to recall, this is everything you’ve been hoping for on your blog... what changed your mind?”
  49. “Hey! Back off, Parker!” Elisa tried to sound assertive, but was dismayed when she realized her voice sounded like a whiny little girl’s in her own ears. “Writing silly stories on the internet was just fun-- this is real life, you know?!”
  51. “Just teasing,” he said with that maddening smile. “Here-- room 109,” he continued, sliding her the spare key. “I’ll see you in an hour,” He rose and placing some cash on the table before striding out of the diner.
  53. Elisa finished her lunch and sipped her coffee, watching the Adult Baby at the next table messily eat her meal, gurgling to herself and rocking happily in her high chair, gratefully accepting the sweet paste her husband was lovingly spooning into her waiting mouth. She forced herself to watch this lovely young woman, her brain reduced to infantile mush by weeks of hypnosis and reprogramming at a government facility, staring at the mess caked on her chin and listening to the crinkle of the diaper beneath her, letting if fuel her resolve.
  55. She thought about Parker’s last question: ‘what changed your mind?’ Elisa watched the Baby Woman eating her lunch wiggling her bottom in a diaper, the diaper she knew was probably going to be wet and messy shortly after she finished her meal (if it wasn’t already), and thought back to a few nights before... and the incident that made her decide to become a fugitive.
  59. Elisa remembered how much she just wanted to head home after class and relax in a nice hot bath... but her friend Jennifer had recently returned from the re-education centre, and Elisa had promised Jennifer’s husband that she’d stop by after work for a visit, and she realized, with a stab of guilt, that she was dreading it. She’d known Jennifer for years, had gone to school with her before they both got jobs at the same college... but Elisa hadn’t seen her in over a month. During that time, her friend as she knew her had been erased from existence, her mind rolled back to a previous, more pliable state. And once her head had been emptied of all her education and experiences, it was filled once more with everything she would need to be an effective baby-wife.
  61. “Hi Elisa!” Jennifer’s husband said, answering the door and inviting her in. She swallowed, realizing that her heart was thudding heavily in her chest.
  63. “S-s-sorry it took me so long to stop by,” she said, not quite keeping the nervous quiver from her voice. “I-- it’s just been so busy at work recently...”
  65. “It’s OK, I understand. Your career is important to you-- Jennifer used to be the same way,” he said with a smile, and Elisa tried to suppress a shiver.
  67. “How, uh, how is she?” Elisa asked, almost afraid to hear the answer. But if he noticed her discomfort, he gave no sign as he answered.
  69. “She’s never been better,” he said truthfully. “She’s just in the other room watching Lil’ ScarJo,” he said, leading her deeper into the house. Elisa followed him towards the sound of the TV, suppressing a frown. She’d been at this house many times in the past, and it was disconcerting to see how all of Jennifer’s things, her presence in the house, had seemingly vanished overnight. The house was filled with toys now, trinkets of brightly coloured plastic were strewn around the floor alongside plush animals and wooden ABC blocks. Elisa blushed when she spotted the adult-sized plastic changing mat on the floor in the living room, involuntarily imagining Jennifer, the friend she’d known for years, laying on that mat, her feet up in the air, getting her womanly bottom wiped by her husband, in preparation of having a fresh pamper slid under her butt and fastened tightly round her squirming hips...
  71. “Sweetie pie,” he said, opening the door to the nursery, “Look who’s come to visit!”
  73. Jennifer looked over from the TV with eyes that were wide and curious, but devoid of any adult intelligence. A tiny flicker of recognition was followed by a wet smile from behind her pacifier, and Jennifer gave a jolly little gurgle of welcome. She crawled across the floor, thick diaper bulging and crinkling beneath her tight, pink romper with a cute little cartoon ducky on the front. Before Elisa knew what happening, her friend was on her knees at her feet, reaching up to grasp at her with clammy hands.
  75. “Um... Hey, Jennifer,” Elisa said uncertainly, cringing when the Adult Baby emitted a delighted squeal and buried her face playfully into Elisa’s thigh. “How-- how’re you doing?” she asked lamely, frowning when she felt her friend’s drool beginning to soak through the material of her pants.
  77. Jennifer couldn’t answer of course. She peered up at Elisa, her face cheerfully stupid, saliva dribbling down her chin... happy, but ignorant, lacking any kind of adult understanding or rationality. There was a little something left, Elisa realized, some little flicker of her former memories that left Jennifer with just enough to remember who Elisa was... but nothing else.
  79. “What’s that you’re watching?” Elisa asked, trying to ease the discomfort. Jennifer proudly gestured towards the screen, and Elisa was treated to a glimpse of the Lil ScarJo Show, starring Hollywood A-Lister Scarlett Johansson, who had been one of the first famous women in America to fall victim to the new re-education laws. Rumour had it that her agent had signed her into the regression centre himself in order to secure this lucrative deal with one of the major networks. The result was a bizarre but popular prime time series that consisted of the beautiful blonde starlet (who now possessed the mind of a two year old) in a series of sketches that essentially served as propaganda for regression and re-education. Every episode, the adorable Lil’ ScarJo, often with the aid of celebrity guest stars, visited the doctor (where she was given a full physical on camera, including graphic rectal temp and enema scenes), or went to nursery school (with other regressed celebrities), or tried (and failed) potty training, and provided “demonstrations” on how to be a good baby-wife (which Elisa would describe as “frequently pornographic.”)
  81. “So Elisa,” her husband asked absently as he prepared a bottle for his baby-wife’s lunch, “how would you like to do a little baby sitting next week?”
  83. “Uhh,” she hesitated, “I don’t know if I--”
  85. “Or maybe a playdate?” He said with a chuckle. “Don’t tell me there’s nobody in your life that hasn’t thought about sending you in for re-education yet!”
  87. Elisa forced a hollow laugh... but as she looked at her friend’s cheerfully moronic expression, she decided she couldn’t allow it to happen to her. She had to get out... and there was only one person she knew who could help her now.
  91. Elisa was brought back to the present by a stench that was foul, but growing distressingly familiar. Just a glance over at the couple at the next table told the story: The regressed woman had stopped in the middle of eating and had lifted herself as high off the seat as the tray in front of her would allow. Her face was still, her gaze distant, and if you looked closely, you could see her straining softly to herself. Elisa’s suspicions were confirmed when she glanced down towards the seat of the Adult Baby’s pamper, which was growing bulkier and saggier with each passing moment as she strained to load it with a big, heavy dump.
  93. “Uh oh,” The man said, wrinkling his nose. “Did somebody have herself a little accident?”
  95. His question was answered by a noisy, flatulent spattering from within his baby-wife’s diaper. Instantly, the bulge in her seat doubled in size and sagged visibly behind her, a dark stain spreading. She soon finished, and Elisa watched with horrified fascination as the regressed woman settled herself back into her seat with a slow squish, wiggling her bottom in the mess before opening her mouth to accept the next bite of her lunch.
  97. The smell was becoming quite strong, even where Elisa was sitting-- she gulped down the rest of her coffee and set a tip on the table before leaving.
  99. ---
  101. “This wasn’t what we talked about, Parker!” Elisa had gone straight to the motel after breakfast, eager to get started. But when Parker began outlining the details of his plan to smuggle her back to Canada, Elisa started to have second thoughts.
  103. “You want out of the country, don’t you?” he asked simply. “You don’t want to get caught do you? You do know that’s a mandatory regression sentence, right?”
  105. “Well, yeah... but what you’re suggesting is...” she trailed off, shuddering as she thought about it.
  107. “I’ve done this before,” he assured, “and I know what I’m doing. The fake IDs are ready, I’ve got the... props... and all the peripherals... what’s the problem?”
  109. “The problem is I don’t want to have to dress up like a giant baby, Parker! That’s the whole reason I’m leaving in the first place, remember?!”
  111. She thought back to just a few minutes before, how positive she was about her decision... only to watch it all melt away as Parker outlined his mad scheme for sneaking her across the border.
  113. “We’ll be posing as newlyweds,” he explained, handing her a fake driver’s license with her picture, plus the fake wedding certificate.
  115. But the issues began as soon as Parker began laying out the next portion of his plan.
  117. “You’ve just returned from the re-education centre,” he said casually, explaining her ‘character,’ “and we’re visiting my hometown to celebrate your regression.”
  119. “What?!” she stammered. It all sounded realistic enough... many couples did take trips to ‘celebrate’ a baby-wife’s recent return from a re-education centre and her new status in life.
  121. But he wasn’t finished yet. “Here’s the final piece,” he said, holding out a handful of pills.
  123. Elisa felt faint at the sight of them... something she’d read about frequently over the past couple of years with equal parts horror and fascination. Her mouth dry, she licked her lips and gestured to them, asking in a trembling voice: “are those what I think they are?”
  125. “This one,” he said, pointing to the blue one, “begins the process of mental regression... this one,” he said, gesturing to the pink one “inhibits your bowel and bladder control.”
  127. She closed her eyes, shuddering. She’d always both wondered and dreaded what she would do if presented with such a choice. “Parker, what the hell...?”
  129. “It’s not a full dosage,” he promised, setting the pills on the table. “You’ve got to take those for weeks to get the full effect. I only have enough to keep you in character until we’re across the boarder.”
  131. “This is ridiculous! I don’t need that shit! It’s only a couple of hours... I-- I can just pretend...”
  133. “Oh really? You can just pretend the whole way there? What if we get delayed? What if we get pulled over? Or if we get pulled in for questioning at the border? Could you just sit there and play baby then? Trust me Elise-- this isn’t my first time. You’re not the only one taking a risk here, you know. We’ve got to be perfect!”
  135. Elisa said nothing... she stared at the pills on the table in a state of indecisive paralysis, contemplating her decision. Part of her wanted to get up and bolt out of the room right now, and it wasn’t just because she was afraid of the risk she was taking, or about what would happen if she took the pills... she was worried that once she’d been semi regressed to a mindless toddler, she might enjoy it so much she wouldn’t want to come back.
  137. She barely even noticed when Parker rose from the table and began retrieving items from one of the suitcases he brought and laying them out on the bed one at a time. “it’s up to you,” he said without turning. “If you’re ready, take the pills and come over here so we can get you dressed. Otherwise, you’d better leave right now... your hesitation is putting us in danger.”
  139. She knew he was right, and she was beginning to feel guilty now... not only was she being a coward, she was putting her friend in danger as well. Steeling herself, Elisa reached out, took the pills, and without another moment of hesitation, popped them into her mouth and swallowed them, along with a big drink of water to wash them down. She looked over to see that Parker was smiling at her. She tried to return it, but her tummy was full of butterflies and she couldn’t help wondering if she’d made a horrible mistake.
  141. “Come here,” Parker said, beckoning her over. Elisa flushed bright red when she saw the changing mat spread out on the floor next to the bed, a fresh white diaper laying open on top of it.
  143. She hesitated, squirming in place, looking for some way to put it off. Part of her had been waiting for it for so long... yet another part of her was terrified, knowing that she’d reached the point of no return. I may never wear panties-- or dress like an adult-- ever again, she thought, shuddering with suppressed fear and desire.
  145. “Parker, I don’t know about this,” she said, frowning about the whiny cadence in her voice. But Parker had heard enough foolishness.
  147. “Come on, young lady,” he said, reaching over to unbutton her pants and tug them down to a puddle around her ankles. “We’ve got to get you diapered up before you make a mess.”
  149. “But...”
  151. “Right now, young lady!” he scolded, reaching up to swat her tushy sharply before tugging her panties down, leaving her bottomless. With a gasp, Elisa reached down to cover herself, but Parker wasn’t looking. “We need to get this on you... before that medication goes to work and you start wetting and messing all over the place!”
  153. Reluctantly, Elisa lowered her quivering bottom onto the diaper, blushing as she felt the soft, crinkly material beneath her cheeks. It was, of course, not the first time she’d worn a diaper as an adult... but to find herself being diapered by a guy she’d only spoken to online was an unnerving experience.
  155. She sucked in a deep breath, shuddering when he squirted a dollop of lotion into his hands and started working it into her front. She was sure she could feel the drugs going to work inside her already-- her limbs were heavy, her head was light, and a strange tingling was spreading out from her stomach, into her limbs, down to her fingers and toes and up her spine and into her brain. Parker worked the lotion into her privates, gently, but with clinical professionalism.
  157. “We don’t want a diaper rash, do we?” he asked rhetorically. Elisa tried to respond, but gave up, blushing red when she realized she was mumbling her response around the thumb that had somehow found it’s way into her mouth.
  159. He took her by the ankles and lifted her legs, exposing her tight, round butt to the room. He filled his hand with another palmful of lotion and began working it into her buns. Behind her thumb, Elisa gurgled urgently, wiggling helplessly in place as Parker kneaded and massaged the lotion into her neatly rounded buttocks. The drugs were coursing through her body, and she was feeling more tingly and detached with every passing minute. Her hands were almost locked into position a few inches away from her head, her arms feeling like they weighed a thousand pounds. Her doubts and regrets were fading-- everything was fading, her memories receding into a place deep inside of her, not fully vanishing, just packed away and put in a closet somewhere in the back of her head.
  161. When he’d finished with her buttocks, Parker took another large dollop of lotion and Elisa squealed when she felt it slathered into her butt-crack, shivering and murmuring as he worked it in, paying close attention to the crinkle of her anus. Elisa wiggled and squirmed, and on some level she was ashamed and maybe even a little angry... but those adult feelings were rapidly fading like an old photograph. Her memories, her intelligence, her very identity-- as she lay there, sighing and squirming, she felt it all slipping away, leaving a warm, tingly contentment.
  163. She slurped her thumb, more relaxed then she could remember being in her entire adult life. Parker swiftly powdered her backside, then lowered her legs to repeat the process on her front.
  165. The diaper was pulled up firmly between her legs and sealed shut tightly around her waist, completing her first step back into adult infancy...
  167. ---
  169. By the time Elisa had been diapered, the medication was flowing through her body, dulling her senses and making her limbs feel as though they weighed a thousand pounds. Her ‘self,’ the little spark of identity that defined who she was as an adult woman, had been folded up neatly and tucked away deep in some corner of her psyche. She was aware, distantly, that she wasn’t really a baby... that she was actually a fully grown, adult woman with an education and a job... but right now, that part of herself had been muted to a dull buzz in the back of her head. In it’s place was a virtual blank slate... a fully grown woman who was only faintly aware of the pressures of jobs, dating, and toilet-training.
  171. She sucked her thumb absently while Parker adjusted the diaper around her hips, making sure the leg and waist bands were neatly tucked inside before he began stripping her clothes off. Inside, something stiffened, and a distant part of her cried out that it was improper for a virtual stranger to see her that way.
  173. But the majority of her new personality was unfamiliar with concepts like shame, and although being seen topless by him sent tremors of girlish embarrassment through her body, the majority of her was unashamed, and gauged his reaction to her body curiously.
  175. A t-shirt was tugged over her head... had she still possessed all her faculties, Elisa probably would have been embarrassed about the ‘Daddy’s Little Stinker!’ label printed across the front in large, bold letters-- as it was, she didn’t notice anything about it beyond it’s appealing soft pink colour as it was pulled over her head and tugged down into place.
  177. “Upsie-daisy,” He said, easily lifting her from the floor and carrying her over towards the TV.
  179. Elisa wrapped her arms around him tightly, her heart pounding in her chest, emitting an excited, babyish squeal, relishing how helpless it made her feel, even as deep inside, the flickering embers of her mature self fumed with embarrassment at the infantile display.
  181. “OK, sweetie,” he said gently, like he was talking to a real baby. He deposited her on her diapered rump on top of the soft baby blanket he’d spread out in front of the television. “You just relax while I finish getting everything ready for our trip.” He switched on the TV and changed the channel, leaving her to watch Lil’ ScarJo.
  183. Elisa leaned back on her hands, gazing into the screen with a semi-glazed expression. The words and images washed over her, and she could only follow what was happening on the most basic level possible. Parker appeared over her with a bottle of juice, and before she knew what was happening, Elisa found herself sucking it’s rubber nipple reflexively, her mouth filling with sweet liquid. Elisa stretched out on her tummy and slurped her bottle, unconsciously playing with her hair.
  185. Deep inside herself, the ‘real,’ mature, adult Elisa was screaming with humiliation... Her years of experience, her education, her intelligence, which she prized above all things-- and this is what it all amounted to: on her tummy in front of the TV like a toddler, drinking juice from a bottle, her butt swaddled in thick, crinkly pampers, barely even able to follow a show aimed at people with the mentalities of toddlers.
  187. She slurped her juice, furrowed her brow and struggled to concentrate on the show. From what she could glean with her diminished intellect, Lil’ ScarJo was playing sick in an attempt to stay home from nursery school... but Daddy, ever wise and vigilant, suspected she was faking, and so poor ScarJo was subjected to a series of increasingly embarrassing ‘treatments’ both to determine the legitimacy of her illness and to attempt to cure her ‘sore tummy.’
  189. First, she was laid across Daddy’s lap to have her diaper tugged down so her temperature could be taken in her tight, crinkled asshole. When her temp was revealed to be totally normal and ScarJo continued to insist she wasn’t feeling well, Daddy loaded her into her high chair and force fed her a container of yucky prunes with a caster oil chaser. A major BM in the seat of her adult diapers ensued, and after a change (that was most certainly not censored in any way,) ScarJo was turned over and her rectal temp was taken again. And even when Daddy withdrew the thermometer and pronounced her temperature normal a second time, she still insisted that she was sick, even when he threatened to spank her for fibbing. So ScarJo was taken to the Doctor (played by special guest star Matthew McConaughey), her temperature was taken in her bottom yet again, and when she still insisted she was sick, the Doctor administered an enema, and ScarJo was forced to mess herself in front of both her handsome Daddy and her sexy Doctor, after which she was given a spanking by Daddy on the seat of her saggy, poopy diaper for lying.
  191. Elisa had gotten so wrapped-up in the story, she barely even noticed she had reached down to rub herself through the front of her diaper. As she watched the beautiful, formerly glamorous actress kick and squeal her way through a poopy-diaper spanking, Elisa played with herself, the distant guilt and shame she felt simmering deep inside her only serving to fuel her arousal.
  193. The scene ended, Elisa sat impatiently through the commercials. When the show returned, ScarJo was sitting in her playpen, passively sucking her soother and playing with a dolly.
  195. “That’s it for this episode,” said someone behind the scenes, drawing Scarjo’s attention towards the camera, and it seemed like she was gazing directly at the audience with her big green eyes, an innocent expression on her face. “That means there’s just one last thing to do... right honey?”
  197. ScarJo tilted her head, clearly not comprehending... but the man pressed on. “That’s right... it’s time for all big baby girls to use their diapers! Ready? 5... 4... 3... 2...”
  199. The camera pulled in on ScarJo’s pleasant but stupid face, her eyes round and naive, listening in confusion as the man counted backwards. Watching, Elisa began feeling strange...there seemed to be an odd tone coming from the speakers, and the picture began flickering ever so slightly, the colours dancing across her face, and the cumulative effect seemed to be inducing a hypnotic state in her regressed mind. She was left locked in place, passively allowing herself to be lulled into a highly suggestive state, her mind going blank, slurping softly on her bottle.
  201. “1!” the man on the screen cried, and the strange tone and flickering grew stronger, almost overwhelming. On the screen, ScarJo gasped, a shocked expression crossing her face as a loud, gassy farting sound emerged. A quick cut revealed that her diaper was bulging and growing lumpy and saggy behind her, accompanied by a series of farty squishing noises. The little squeaks and moans ScarJo made indicated that this was an unexpected, but not necessarily unpleasant development for her.
  203. Elisa was sympathetic-- as the man finished his countdown and the flashing and noises grew to a crescendo, she was a little surprised to find herself gently grunting softly, almost unconsciously putting pressure on her abdomen. Before her regressed mind could put it together and figure out what was happening, she heard herself noisily pass some gas of her own.
  205. Her chin dropped open and her eyes went big and round. Before she knew what was happening, Elisa had reflexively stuck her thickly pampered butt up into the air and continued grunting softly to herself. Her buttocks parted, and suddenly, Elisa was pushing a big, gooey load out into her diaper.
  207. “Hhhuuhh...” she grunted gently to herself, letting out a noisy toot. The load in her pants quickly doubled, with no end in sight. Elisa simply stuck her padded bottom high into the air and pushed, the hot pile in her diaper growing larger with every moment. She wrinkled her brow and giggled, enjoying the sensation. Wiggling her rump in the air behind her, Elisa snuck a hand down between her legs and began softly rubbing herself through the front of her diaper.
  209. “Mmmm... nnuuuhhh...” she strained softly to herself, blasting out a muffled fart, the mass in her pants getting bigger, the lumps in the seat of her diaper growing larger, staining the seat brown. Meanwhile, Elisa watched onscreen as ScarJo evidently underwent the same experience, her eyes glazing, drool dribbling down her chin as she lifted her bottom off the floor of the playpen, her diaper growing larger and browner by the minute.
  211. “Ahhh!” Elisa sighed softly once she’d finished. She checked over her shoulder, giggling at the sight of the giant, bulging load in the seat of her pampers, the pile all hot and gooey against her buttocks.
  213. She returned to her bottle and watched the end of the show, but her eyelids were beginning to droop... by the time the credits had finished, her cheek was on the floor and she was snoring lightly, only mildly aware of the earthy stink wafting out of her diaper.
  215. ---
  217. The next morning, Elisa was awakened late by a familiar, masculine voice. She opened her eyes and saw Parker’s handsome face looming over top of her, filling her with conflicting emotions. On the one hand, to be awakened in the morning by a smiling, attractive man was always a pleasant experience. On the other hand, seeing him reminded her of her situation.
  219. She turned over, a fresh wave of embarrassment washing over her when she felt her diaper squish wetly beneath her, it’s padding swollen to the bursting point with a night’s worth of pee. She made an effort to set up, succeeding only in squeezing out another drop of urine into her diaper. She gave an embarrassed whimper, looking up at him with her bottom lip quivering. She knew it was ridiculous, but her emotions were out of control, and just like a two year old with a wet diaper, she found herself beginning to sob piteously.
  221. “Shhh... It’s OK, sweetie,” he said, softly, trying to sooth her, pulling back the covers and hoisting her into his arms.
  223. But Elisa was too far gone, and although the tiny little corner of her mind that was still in “adult mode” cringed at her infantile behaviour, she couldn’t stop herself from descending into heaving babyish sobs, wriggling her butt in a vain attempt at finding a more comfortable position.
  225. She allowed herself to be taken into his arms, her crying only getting louder. She shifted and squirmed and wriggled in his arms, but was unable to alleviate the discomfort of the cold, clammy diaper clinging wetly to her bum. Part of her knew it was childish to behave this way, and she chided herself... surely a woman her age could endure a little discomfort without crying like a helpless little toddler.
  227. But it was almost as though the more she tried to control her feelings, the more they struggled out of her grasp, and by the time they reached the bathroom, she was sobbing and screaming and crying, almost certain that her mild discomfort was the worst thing anyone ever experienced... just like a spoiled little child.
  229. Parker made halfhearted attempts at shushing her. Before she knew it, she was out of her Pjs and on the changing table (a standard feature in most motel and hotel rooms these days.) Nude but for her soggy, saggy pampers, her regressed side in full control, Elisa squirmed and cried on her back, weeping over her mild discomfort, the knowledge that she was acting like a baby pushing what was left of her adult persona deeper and deeper into the dark recesses of her mind.
  231. “There, there, honey,” he soothed, opening the front of her diaper with a pair of loud tearing noises that made her jump. He pealed down the front of her pampers, and Elisa felt another surge of conflicting excitement and embarrassment when her soppy wet pussy came into view.
  233. Thankfully, the change was mercifully swift and efficient, with Parker quickly cleaning her front and bottom with a cool, refreshing baby wipe. The soggy diaper was discarded and a clean one was slipped beneath her. He powdered her butt and pussy and patted it in firmly, sending uncontrollable quivers of arousal through her body... but before she had time to enjoy herself in any way, she was taped up into a fresh, clean pamper.
  235. Elisa watched from the table, lazily sucking her thumb as he disappeared into the next room for a moment, returning with a pastel coloured bundle of cloth. “I thought you might want to wear something... special... for our trip,” Parker said with a little smile. He allowed the bundle to fall open... she watched, her eyes glistening with that special combination of shame and excitement that made her pussy tingle.
  237. The dress was all pink and frills and bows, and Elisa could tell just by looking that there was no way it would come down low enough to cover her diapered bottom. Parker pulled her into a sitting position on the changing table, and the next thing she knew, he’d tugged it down over her head and was zipping it up at the back.
  239. He helped her feet, where she stood unsteadily. Between the drugs and the puffy diaper between her legs (so thick she couldn’t even touch her thighs together), she was unsteady on her feet, and Parker had to keep her from falling until she could lean up against the changing table. She realized, with an electric tingle, that walking would be out of the question-- if she wanted to get anywhere, she’d be forced to rely on crawling.
  241. “Chin up, honey,” he said. Elisa obeyed almost without thinking, and before she knew it, a big, frilly bonnet was being tied under her chin. She stared at herself in the mirror, dazed when she saw someone who looked like they’d stepped out of one of her own naughty photo-captions... But it’s me! she thought, dizzy at the realization.
  243. Robotically, Elisa lifted one foot, then the other when Parker commanded, allowing him to slip a pair of frilly ankle socks on her dainty feet.
  245. He picked her up with ease, holding her against her hip like a two year old and carrying her out of the bathroom and sat her on the bed. Elisa watched passively as a pair of shiny black Mary Jane shoes were being buckled onto her feet, and before she knew it, they were on the road again.
  249. He buckled her into a huge car-seat in the back and popped a soother in her mouth, so Elisa spent the first half hour or so in a dreamy, infantile haze, slurping a bottle of juice (which she correctly suspected had been laced with regression and incontinence drugs) and gazing out the window at the sights going by. She found herself bouncing back and forth between a docile, idiotic baby-haze and something that almost resembled her old self (although trapped in a body that was only semi-responsive at best.)
  251. She had no idea if it was the results of the drugs or not, but as she looked out the window, she realized how much the world had changed in just a few short years. It seemed like all over the streets, there were women in various states of regression. She spied a woman about her age being pushed in an adult sized stroller down the street, her massive diaper bulging out from under her yellow and white party dress. The stroller was piloted down the street by a couple that didn’t look old enough to be her parents... she guessed that the man was her husband, who had clearly submitted her for regression before moving on to another woman.
  253. They stopped at a red light... Elisa flushed when she realized they were next to a billboard advertising ‘adult baby medical supplies’: A beautiful blonde model, one who was probably posing in bikinis a couple of years ago, was stripped totally naked and posed on her stomach, cupping her chin with her hand and sucking a pink pacifier. She gazed out at the viewer with a bemused expression, and it was easy to see why-- protruding from between her soft, well rounded buttocks was a large thermometer... as big, Elisa realized, as a regular thermometer would be to a real baby.
  255. They continued, out of the city and onto the highway. In the back seat, Elisa drifted back and forth between an utterly babyish state of mind, lacking all adult awareness, and the overwhelming sensation of being a grown woman trapped in a body that was almost totally unresponsive, twitching and drooling against her will, the plastic between her legs rubbing up against her in a maddeningly delightful way. Every once in a while, she would glance out the window and see another Baby Woman like herself buckled into a large carseat in the back of the vehicle next to them, making her cheeks blush and her pussy moist.
  257. She rode along in a weird cloud of babyish eroticism. She felt so regressed and infantile and wonderfully helpless... yet at the same time so deliciously adult and aware, conscious of every sight and sensation. The sensory overload was too much for her, and she was soon yawning and nodding off, allowing herself a little smile at the knowledge that when she awoke, her infantile adventure would probably be at an end-- she would be safely across the boarder, and her brief flirtation with actual regression would be at an end.
  259. ---
  261. “Elisa.”
  263. The voice was far off, barely cutting through the heavy shroud of her slumber. She herd herself grunt irritably, eager to get back to sleep.
  265. But the voice persisted. “Elisa? Come on, lazy buns-- time to get up,” it said, this time giving her shoulder a gentle shake. Could they really be there already? Elisa felt like she hadn’t been asleep all that long... but through the fog of the drugs and the oddly sexual buzz she was still getting from the whole situation, it was hard for her to judge time-- or anything else for that matter.
  267. “Uuuhhh,” she groaned, squirming and stretching, still feeling the bonds of her car seat around her body. The diaper squished wetly under her bottom, and she realized, with a blush, that she’d thoroughly soaked herself while she was asleep.
  269. She opened her eyes, gurgling at him irritably. Apparently, the drugs were still affecting her strongly, and her attempts at verbal communication ended with her mumbling and drooling down her chin. Parker cut off further attempts at communication with a pacifier. She murmured her discontent, but there was little time to dwell on it-- Parker reached into the back seat, unbuckled her and gathered her into his arms, holding the squirming Elisa against his hip, just like a real baby.
  271. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she blinked rapidly and tried to acclimate her eyes to the light. The more she saw of her surroundings, the stranger she felt... there was an odd sense of deja vu descending over her. Slowly, it dawned on her that not only were they not in Canada, but Elisa was sure she recognized the street they were on. With mounting horror, she looked over her shoulder to confirm what she already suspected:
  273. They were headed up the walk towards her parents house.
  275. As they approached the front door, she began to fuss weakly in his arms, sensing the trap she’d been led into, wriggling and moaning urgently behind her soother. Inside, her adult identity was thrashing in a see of infantile thoughts and emotions as the implications began dawning on her. She was being turned over to her parents... almost certainly in anticipation of being sent away for further regression!
  277. Elisa wiggled and kicked feebly, protesting pathetically behind her pacifier, accomplishing little more than drooling down her chin onto the shoulder of Parker’s jacket. In response, he simply jostled her in his arms gently and patted her thickly padded backside like he was trying to sooth a fussy baby-- not subduing a fierce rebellion from a full grown woman.
  279. The doorbell was rung-- blushing, Elisa buried her face in his shoulder, trying desperately to block out the reality of her situation. She heard the door open... her bladder slackened, further soaking the already soggy pamper beneath her.
  281. “There’s our girl!” Elisa shivered, cringing when she heard her mother’s voice, squeezing her eyes shut and pressing her face even harder into the material of Parker’s jacket. Inside, her heart was pounding in her rib cage, and she was preying that she was still asleep in the front seat... that this was all some terrible dream. In her mind, the deeply buried remains of her adult conscious screamed for her to wake up.
  283. She felt herself carried inside. Elisa was furious about Parker’s betrayal, but she still clung to him for dear life, wrapping her lags around his waist and her arms around his neck and squeezing tight, desperately clinging to what was left of her adult life. Inside, her emotions were raging-- the horror she felt at the knowledge that her freedom had been taken from her clashed violently with the profoundly sexual charge she got from knowing that her maturity and adulthood were about to be stolen away... just like a character from one of her captions.
  285. She held onto him with all her strength, but Parker was still easily able to disengage her, and it wasn’t long before she found herself deposited onto her soggy diaper bottom at the centre of a large playpen. She tried to rise to her feet and make a break for it, but was only barely able to hoist herself onto her hands and knees. Elisa crawled to the edge of the playpen, her soppy wet pamper squishing with every move, and peered out angrily from over the top rail of the playpen, scowling at the parents who were deliberately snatching away her adulthood... and the man who helped them do it. She felt the remnants of her adult mind drowning in a sea of immaturity... but she still had enough awareness left to listen to their conversation:
  287. “Again, thank you so much, Parker-- I don’t know what we would have done without our little lamb chop!” Her mother said, looking with pride at her grown daughter crouched in the playpen, her adult mind teetering on the edge of the void.
  289. “It was my pleasure, ma’am,” he said politely. “After all, Canada has a brat problem of it’s own... we certainly don’t need any more dumped on our doorstep!”
  291. They shared a hearty laugh at this. In the playpen, Elisa pouted and fumed impotently, more aware than ever of the thick pamper clinging to her backside and bulging out behind her, declaring her second infancy to the whole world.
  293. “So how far along in her regression is the little darling?” her father asked clinically.
  295. “Oh... fairly far-- it helps when they’re so eager, Parker explained with a knowing smile. “I’d say she’s only going to need another couple of weeks of drugs and conditioning to give her a nice, mushy baby-brain. How far back are you guys planning to take her?”
  297. Elisa clutched the bars and listened with all her might, heart pounding in her chest as her mother pronounced her fate:
  299. “We’re going to be taking her all the way back to the beginning, I’m afraid,” Elisa’s mother said sadly. “For a girl as wicked as Elisa, I think it’s for the best... just look at all those awful stories she wrote on the internet... positively filthy!” she declared as Elisa blushed and squirmed in the playpen, horrified at the thought of her parents reading her stories.
  301. Her conflicting thoughts and emotions settled into the pit of her stomach, which began to rumble and gurgle. Absentmindedly, she rubbed her belly and listened in on their conversation intently.
  303. “Will you be staying for the party, Parker?” Her father asked pleasantly. “All of Elisa’s friends are going to be there, along with some of her co-workers... I think a few of her students might even be stopping by.”
  305. “That sounds lovely, thank you,” Parker said, and in the playpen, Elisa was getting more frantic with each passing moment. Just a few hours ago she thought she’d be escaping to a new life... now, she was headed all the way back to the beginning, and it was too late to escape.
  307. It was then that she felt a sudden gurgling cramp in the pit of her stomach. A burbling sound emerged from her abdomen and she realized, with a rising panic, that her bowels were twitching to life inside her once more. She made a frantic attempt at clenching her anus, desperate to maintain control-- to show them that she wouldn’t for fit her adulthood without a fight! I’ll show them what they’re in for, she thought, flexing her buttocks and tightening her little pink asshole, eager to show them that their tactics weren’t working... that she was a strong woman in control of her own destiny... not a helpless infant at the mercy of her own bodily functions.
  309. For a little over a minute, she strained and clenched her little bum, and did an admirable job of keeping control... until a particularly sharp, hot cramp ripped at her tummy. Elisa heard herself release an embarrassing fart that both drew the attention of Parker and her parents and left her with an embarrassing wetness soaking into the seat of her pampers. She blushed when Parker and her parents began chuckling in her direction... but the worst was yet to come.
  311. Elisa grunted and strained frantically, hoping she could at least keep from humiliating herself further... but she’d reached the limits of her regressed continence. With a cry of mortified relief, she involuntarily unleashed a surge of thick brown mud into the seat of her diapers. Elise let out an anguished cry, and she wanted to run and hide her head in shame.
  313. But she was locked into her shameful squatting position, hanging onto the rails of her playpen for support, the diaper sagging, heavy and brown and smelly beneath her. She squeezed her eyes shut when she heard herself fart rudely again, emitting and anguished grunt when she felt her buttocks part to accommodate another mushy brown load erupting into the seat of her pampers. The diaper sagged and bulged beneath her, a dark brown stain emerging.
  315. When she finished, she toppled back on her rump, the thick, gooey mess in her pants squishing audibly against her dainty little derriere. “OOOooo!” she squeaked, her lips quivering when she felt the mess flatten between her rounded buns and the floor, smearing her buttocks and wedging up into the crack.
  317. “Oh dear,” her mother sighed, crinkling her nose as a familiar odour began to creep over the room. “I think it’s time someone had a diaper change.”
  319. Elisa sighed in relief-- though the prospect of a diaper change from mommy was pretty embarrassing at her age she was glad she wasn’t going to have to sit in a messy pamper for too long.
  321. “I wouldn’t rush if I were you, ma’am. You see, Elisa has taken to her incontinence training very well, and some of the pills she’s been taking increase the amount of urine and feces her body produces-- you might want to wait a while to make sure there’s not a second ‘movement’ on the way.”
  323. In the crib, Elisa could only gape at him, not believing what she was hearing. Had he actually just talked her mom out of giving her a change?! That asshole! She fumed, crossing her arms and pouting. Did he really mean what he’d said about incontinence training? Elisa sputtered with rage.
  325. She sat in her mess for a long time, oooing and aahhing softly to herself, wiggling her buttocks ever so slightly, hovering somewhere between bursting into tears and reaching down to masturbate shamelessly... but before she could sort it out, she was distracted by the doorbell ringing.
  327. “There’s our first guest!” Elisa’s mother gushed, quickly crossing over and opening the door. Elisa felt a wave of embarrassment when she saw Jennifer and her husband.
  329. “Hi Elisa,” he said after greeting the adults. He held Jennifer against his hip like a real baby, regarding her with a smile that seemed somehow smug. “I told you it was only going to be a matter of time before I saw you in the playpen, didn’t I?” He laughed, and all Elisa could do was scowl, cross her arms and pout, stewing in her poopy pants.
  331. He plopped Jennifer down in the playpen beside her, and Elisa blushed and looked away when her friend crinkled her nose and smirked knowingly in her direction. The embarrassment boiled away inside her regressed mind, and the discomfort of the mushy diaper under her bottom made Elisa want to cry.
  333. She was surprised when Jennifer, seemingly sensing her discomfort, crawled across the playpen, her pampered tush crinkling away behind her, and wrapped her friend up in a comforting hug. Elisa gratefully accepted it, and was surprised to find her cares melting away.
  335. They played quietly with their dollies until their caregivers arrived and carried them into the den to watch Lil’ Scarjo. I guess it’s not so bad, Elisa thought with a yawn, stretching out on her tummy and sticking the nipple in her mouth, sucking lazily and playing with her hair, her messy diaper almost forgotten as she settled in to watch her new favourite show.
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