Chapter 1 - Stage 8

Nov 23rd, 2020
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  1. Opening
  3. Constantia: It is very dangerous to use the submarine.
  4. If the stalker does not appear in the expected place, its going to fire from a different one...
  5. There is a high risk you are going to be sniped. This strategy is still....
  6. Johanna: I disagree, but there some true in that.
  7. Until now, the stalker has appeared in a different place from the main squad and has succeeded in it snipes.
  8. When the stalker was fighting the AGSs it sniped the AGS commander and won the battle.
  9. Constantia: But this strategy its too dangerous! I dont want to put master in trouble...
  10. Johanna: Its not a good tactic to act differently from the main team to win.
  11. You should be confident they will never lose.
  12. We are aiming for that confidence... The wrong conviction.
  13. Our best warriors will hide on the premise that the stalker will appear.
  14. Constantia: But do you believe that the stalker will appear where we expected it?
  15. Johanna: The position is almost certain. The fact that they keep attacking proves that.
  16. If they know where the submarine is, they must be close.
  17. The position we have is also good.
  18. My Lord probably chose this place considering the advantages.
  19. There is only one place for the stalker to wait and snipe the submarine.
  20. Its the edge of the cape. Its a place where you can minimise the distance and increase the sniper success rate
  21. and power at the same time.
  22. After we land elsewhere, we can hide and ambush the stalker.
  23. Dont you think is a good idea?
  24. Constantia: It is... but isnt too dangerous?
  25. Johanna: Of course, some measures mus be prepared for the safety of my Lord.
  26. If ground collapse that instantly interferes with the stalkers sniper
  27. If we have the hiding group there wont be a problem.
  28. The safety of the palace is also guaranteed to some extent.
  29. Constantia: ...I guess it cant be helped. That is the plan Master has set up...
  30. Lets believe in it.
  31. Johanna: It is us who are rather in danger.
  32. Even if you succeed in hiding, the stalker is still a formidable enemy that cannot be countered by pure strength.
  33. Constantia: Its been long. Then... lets decide the members of this sortie.
  34. The ones that can compete with the stalker...
  35. Master. As soon as the stalker appears, please dive again.
  36. You are the last hope us bioloids and humankind.
  38. Ending
  40. Griffon: We did it! We defeated the stalker!
  41. Human! Wasnt that awesome? The stalker really appeared as you said!
  42. How did you know that would happen?!
  43. Constantia: Fu fu, Griffon is really expressive today.
  44. Certainly, master strategy worked wonderfully.
  45. Griffon: Ha? What are you saying?
  46. The plan was great but still dangerous.
  47. Anyways, thats it! We defeated it!
  49. Oh, Did you just praise me?
  51. Griffon: Ah? N-No, I wasnt trying to compliment you... so...
  52. Well... Sorry human
  53. Just dont get on high horses alright?
  54. Constantia: Fu fu, like Griffon did, I have to compliment my master too, right?
  55. Dont you think?
  56. Thank you very much Master
  57. Thanks to you we were able to get out of this crisis.
  58. Griffon: Hey why are you not teasing her like you did with me?!
  59. Ahh enough! End of this!
  60. Anyways this eliminates the threads of the submarine and the hangars.
  61. Lets think what to do next! This is not over yet, right?
  63. End Of Chapter 1 main story.
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