Bully Girls

Apr 8th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. You pick up the pace as you attempt to get to class without breaking the 'no running in the halls' rule while keeping a low profile. You don't want to give your position away. Crossing Principal Yagoo would have disastrous consequences beyond a long detention. It's your second month as a freshman at Cover High, having recently transferred from another country to attend as part of an exchange student program. As such, you're a bit of an odd duck. You can communicate fine, but...well, you're the new kid. It's not surprising that no one really tries to talk to you.
  3. Well, nobody except...
  5. "Hey, slut," A voice coos from behind you. Shit! Before you can turn to face the heckler, something slams into you, pinning you to the lockers! "Where do you think you're going? There's a toll to pass through here, you know that."
  7. Botan grins at you mischievously as her lackies, Polka and Nene, keep you pinned to the wall, giggling and laughing amongst themselves. Nobody except these three. You had heard tales of delinquents and the like, but you never thought you'd ever encounter them. Especially like this. You had barely been here a week before the trio set themselves upon you. Maybe they could smell the blood in the water. With no connections or friends to speak were alone. A straggler. As such, they set upon you. Everything from stealing your money to shoving you in lockers...and that time they dragged you into the girl's bathroom to strip you. You struggle against the grip of the animal girls to the best of your abilities, but Botan grasps you by your neck, lifting your face up to her. Your words catch in your throat as the predator glares at you, a hungry look in her eyes.
  9. "Thought you could sneak by us?" She smirks, running her tongue over her lips.
  10. "Or maybe he thought he was faster than you," Polka giggles. "As if."
  11. "Yeah!" Nene adds in. She almost looks uncomfortable...she's the same age as you. "What should we do with him?"
  12. "I think," Botan trails, a wicked glint in her eye. You shrink, heart rate starting to pick up. "...We'll pet him."
  14. Huh?
  16. As Botan raises her hand and brings it toward you, you flinch instinctively...only to shiver when she instead runs the hand through your hair, her expression softening just a bit. Though seemingly confused at first, Polka merely shrugs and joins in, pinching one of your cheeks softly as Nene blushes, seemingly content to just hold you down instead. The older duo continues to stroke and play with your face and head, but never in a painful way. You start to flush. This An uncomfortable warmth slowly fills your stomach. Botan leans in just a bit closer, her face coming next to yours as she sticks her tongue out, running it up your cheek while her nails still gently work your scalp.
  18. "Don't forget who owns you. Okay?" She says in a whisper, close to your ear. "You belong to us."
  20. Just as quickly as it begins, Botan shoves you away with a laugh, the animal women at her flank dropping you and letting you slide to the ground. Your cheeks feel hot as they step away from you, Botan checking her nails idly. It's almost as if you don't exist anymore.
  22. "Come on, let's get to Ms. Enma's. I'd rather deal with being bored then hearing her bitch us out later," Botan casually remarks. She looks back to you over her shoulder, giving you a smile. It's anything but friendly. "C'mon, girls. Let's leave the slut to handle the tent he's pitching in peace.
  24. Looking down, your blood runs cold. You cover yourself in shame as Polka and Botan laugh, while Nene gives an embarrassed giggle as she averts her eyes. Content in your embarrassment, the trio leaves you there on the ground. Hastily gathering yourself, you make your way to class. You'll be late, now...
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