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Oct 9th, 2012
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  1. Chat with PsuFanSunday, 7 October 2012 07:16:41 AM
  2. PsuFan: whats the deal with having no current release of RP2?07:16:41 AM
  3. Chat with PsuFanSunday, 7 October 2012 06:51:45 PM
  4. Brandan: ?06:51:45 PM
  5. Brandan: The current deal with removing and restricting the release of the old rp2?06:51:57 PM
  6. PsuFan: the current rp206:52:26 PM
  7. Brandan: the old rp206:52:31 PM
  8. Brandan: the current is not released.06:52:34 PM
  9. Brandan: We do not support old products anymore, RP2 is a closed project and ECW is a new project.06:53:11 PM
  10. Brandan: Thats why we do not support our RP2 product anymore.06:53:24 PM
  11. Brandan: Support implies that we allow downloads and offer tech support to the product.06:53:46 PM
  12. PsuFan: why is there no current product06:54:07 PM
  13. Brandan: If you would like you host your own version of Rp2 on a different website that is fully acceptable. We have not seeked copyright on anyone.06:54:15 PM
  14. Brandan: Because RP2 is no longer in production.06:54:24 PM
  15. Brandan: However ECW is in production but it hasn't been released yet/06:54:40 PM
  16. PsuFan: wtf is ecw06:54:56 PM
  17. Brandan: Get with the times -> PM
  18. Brandan: This website is not fully operational thats why were still using Roleplay 2 .com06:55:46 PM
  19. PsuFan: why change the name06:56:12 PM
  20. Brandan: long story, find the thread.06:56:21 PM
  21. Brandan: I also personally announced it in the news section of 6 months ago or so06:56:56 PM
  22. Brandan:
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