Jan 2nd, 2015
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  5. Starting off
  6. The first thing you will notice is that the only tools you can make with wood are shovels, bows and battlesigns. You will need to hunt down some bone or flint to make pickaxe and axe heads. Bone and flint tools have been nerfed somewhat and are on a par with vanilla stone tools, only with slightly less durability. Wood as a material has also been nerfed dramatically.
  8. Getting flint
  9. To make getting flint from gravel less tedious, you can put 4 (3 in my pack) pieces of gravel next to each other in the crafting grid to get one flint. Gravel blocks no longer drop flint randomly. When digging gravel you will always get back gravel.
  11. Making weapons
  12. Until you smelt copper, you will not be able to make a sword. Don't panic as you can still make a flint axe and a bow to defend yourself. Once you have dug out some copper and aluminum with your flint tools and have access to a smeltery, you can upgrade your tool set and make your first sword.
  14. Getting lava for the smeltery
  15. You will need to craft a clay bucket (3 clay in the usual pattern) and fire (cook) it in a furnace to bring lava to the smeltery. When used to carry lava, the clay bucket is one use only and will be destroyed upon placing the lava.
  17. A note on stone parts and tools
  18. Stone can still be used to make all parts but those parts cannot be used to make tools. However, you will need them to pour aluminum brass over, to make the casts needed to mould metal parts. If you don't understand how to do this, refer to a Tinker's Construct guide on making metal tools - the process has not changed.
  20. Changing parts of existing tools
  21. Gone are the old days of making new tools with each new material and throwing away the old one. You can now change the parts of existing tools using the tool station or tool forge like you would add an upgrade (see screenshots for an example). You should do this every time because doing so, you will not lose any modifiers, xp or levels the tool has gained so far.
  23. Leveling tools
  24. Tinker's construct tools now gain xp either hitting mobs or breaking blocks. The tool's current XP and chance to level up will be shown on it's tooltip (see screenshots for an example). Leveling up a tools gives benefits such as opening up new modifier slots, as well as giving random bonuses.
  26. Leveling pickaxes
  27. When you make your first copper pickaxe, you will notice that you cannot mine anything new with it. From this tier onwards picks can only mine upto the level of the material they are made of. In order to mine the next tier of material you will either need to harness the power of a mob head or boost the pickaxe with XP (shown as "Boost XP" in the tooltip).
  29. Using a mob head
  30. An alterative to leveling up your pickaxe is to use the power of a mob head to boost it's mining capability. Copper pickaxes need a skeleton or zombie head, so go kill a few mobs and get hold of one. The default chance for a head to drop is 5%, so on average you should get one every 20 mobs killed. Add the head as a modifier to the pickaxe and the mining level will be boosted (see screenshots for an example). You do not need a free modifier slot to add a mob head.
  32. *** The features described in the above few paragraphs can be disabled in the config if you do not like them. Disabling pickaxeBoostRequired means that tools will be able to mine the next tier material as soon as they are made ***
  34. The iron age
  35. Once boosted, copper pickaxes can mine iron. Since you can now defend yourself propely you should be able to go deeper into the caves and find some iron, and upgrade your tool set once more. You will need to modifiy your iron pick with a creeper head or gain enough boost XP for it to gain a mining boost. Once you have done this you can mine tin and gold.
  37. The bronze age
  38. Back at your smeltery, three copper combined with one tin in the smeltery will mix to give you a bronze alloy. You will need a enderman head or more boost XP to access the potential of your bronze pick. With a bronze pickaxe, you can mine obsidian and diamonds for the first time. The next tool set you will want to make will either be obsidian or alumite (check the Tinker's Construct book in game for the alloy mix).
  40. Into the Nether
  41. Alumite and obsidian requires a wither skeleton skull modifier, after which you can mine the first nether metal - Ardite. Ardite tools - which require a nether star (or more boost XP) to boost mining level - are needed to mine the other nether ore, cobalt. Finally Ardite and Cobalt can be combined to make the top tier tool material - Manyullyn.
  43. New pickaxe mining levels (dependant on the head material)
  44. 0 Wood/Stone/Netherrack/Paper/Slime/Cactus
  45. 1 Flint/Bone
  46. 2 Copper
  47. 3 Iron/Thaumium
  48. 4 Bronze/Steel
  49. 5 Obsidian/Alumite
  50. 6 Ardite
  51. 7 Cobalt
  52. 8 Manyullyn
  53. * The required material to progress to a tier always requires material only harvestable by the previous tier's tools.
  55. Required harvest levels changed (What they can mine at what level)
  56. 0 Stone
  57. 1 Coal/Copper/Aluminum/Tetrahedrite/Bauxite/Zinc
  58. 2 Iron/Cassiterite/Pyrite/Silver
  59. 3 Tin/Gold/Lapis/Steel/Galena/Nickel/Invar/Electrum/Sphalerite
  60. 4 Obsidian/Diamond/Emerald/Redstone/Gems/Cinnabar/Quartz/Tungstate/Sodalite
  61. 5 Ardite/Uranium/Olivine/Sheldonite/Osmium/Platinum
  62. 6 Cobalt/Iridium/Cooperite/Titanium
  63. 7 Manyullyn
  64. * Some of the listed materials are only available when added by other mods
  66. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  69. Tools and weapons gain xp as you use them and "level up"
  70. Weapons gain XP when hitting mobs (amount based on damage, reduced for animals)
  71. Bows gain XP when it's arrows hit mobs (amount based on damage, reduced for animals)
  72. Bows also gain a small amount of XP from melee attacks
  73. Tools gain XP for breaking blocks they are made to break (wood for axes, stone for picks, etc)
  74. Tools start with no base modifiers and no way to add them (unless it has paper/thaumium parts)
  75. Levels 1, 3 and 5 give an extra modifier
  76. Every level gives a random improvement
  77. Modular system, you can enable/disable parts or the whole thing
  79. Ability to swap parts of existing tools
  80. >> The tool must be fully repaired to change parts <<
  81. Never throw tools away again, always upgrade the parts to save your XP and levels
  82. Can be done in the tool station, tool forge or normal crafting window
  83. Maximum two parts can be swapped at one time
  85. Alternative crafting options for many Tinker's Construct crafting mechanics
  86. Tools can be built, repaired and upgraded using the normal crafting window
  87. Parts can be made with a wood pattern and material (non-metal only)
  88. Patterns can be crafted on their own to change the pattern
  89. Blank patterns can be crafted with 4 sticks in a square
  90. Each of the above features can be disabled in the config
  92. Restrictions on the parts you can make with certain materials
  93. WOOD: Only rod, binding, shovel head, knife blade, arrow head
  94. STONE: No restrictions but parts can only be used to make metal casts
  95. FLINT: Only pickaxe head, axe head, shovel head, knife blade, chisel, arrow head
  96. BONE: Only rod, axe head, shovel head, knife blade, arrow head
  97. SLIME / PAPER / CACTUS: Only binding and tool rod
  98. * Stone tools cannot be made. Again, those parts are only for casts.
  99. Ability to make stone tools can be re-enabled in the config
  100. Can restrict/unrestrict parts in the config
  102. Pickaxe boost required mode
  103. Pickaxes will only be able to mine up to the same material level as it's pickaxe head part
  104. For example an pickaxe with an copper pickaxe head can only mine up to copper ore
  105. To mine the next tier, you will need to boost the pick with a mob head or XP
  106. The "Boost XP" tooltip shows how close you are to boosting with XP
  107. Adding a mob head is a simple as attaching it to the tool as a modifier
  108. Each head has a limit to the tier of material it can boost
  109. Skeleton/Zombie: Copper picks or lower
  110. Creeper: Iron picks or lower
  111. Enderman: Bronze picks or lower
  112. Wither skeleton: Obsidian picks or lower
  113. To mine Cobalt you will need to modify an Ardite pick with a nether star
  114. When you upgrade your pick head the mob head modifiers will be removed
  115. On by default but can be disabled in the config
  117. Recipes for vanilla tools removed
  118. Depends on what tinker's parts are disabled
  119. For example, if you cannot make a wooden axe head and rod you cannot make a vanilla wood axe
  120. Disabled tools are also removed from bonus chest generation
  122. New item: Clay Bucket
  123. Made with the normal bucket pattern, except with clay instead of iron
  124. Needs to be fired (cooked) in a furnace
  125. If used to carry lava, it will be destroyed when the lava is placed
  127. Gravel no longer randomly drops flint
  128. Flint is now crafted using 4 gravel
  130. Added harvest level tooltips on pickaxes and hammers
  131. The tool builder/station GUI's now show correct data too
  133. Added tooltips to wood patterns
  134. Tells you which materials can be used to make that part
  136. Added tooltips to parts
  137. Shows various info (mining speed, durability, and so on) about the part
  138. Info will only be shown if it will affect a tool made with that part
  140. Config option to limit the number of times you can repair a tool
  141. Inactive by default but the option is available in the config
  143. Config option to scale how much a tool is repaired based on number of previous repairs
  144. Inactive by default but the option is available in the config
  145. The more you repair a tool the more material you will need to repair it
  147. Config option to modify the repair speed of moss
  148. Inactive by default but the option is available in the config
  149. I recommend setting this to "1" if you use the repair restriction option above
  151. Config options to modify the harvest speed and durability of all materials
  152. You can set a percentage for each (example, make all materials have 50% harvest speed)
  154. Config options to set the required harvest level of any block
  155. See config for instructions
  157. Tool tips on mob heads used for "Heads required mode"
  158. Shows the max tool material the head can be used to boost
  159. Only show if "Heads required mode" is active
  161. New heads: Enderman, Blaze and Zombie Pigman
  162. Only drop if "Heads required mode" is active
  163. The rendering on the zombie pigman head is a little strange
  165. Mobs drop heads on death
  166. Heads have been added as a drop from the above mobs
  167. The default rate is 5% (1 in 20) but this can be configured
  168. Head drops added by other mods are removed
  170. Cleaver and beheading modifier effect reduced
  171. By default cleavers two levels of beheading (not shown)
  172. Each level of beheading add 2% to the drop chance
  173. Can be configured in the config file
  175. Adding extra modifiers in "Heads required mode"
  176. The following change only apply when "Heads required mode" is active
  177. An extra modifier can only be added by modifying a tool with a blaze and zombie pigman head
  179. Silky Jewel recipe changed
  180. Now requires gold ingots (was nuggets) and an emerald block (was 1 emerald)
  182. Electric modifier now takes 2 modifier slots
  183. Because it was overpowered imo, I may change this in future
  185. Ability to reform non-metal parts in the part builder
  186. Example: Turn a stone binding into a stone tool rod
  188. New command - /leveluptool
  189. Levels up the tool you are currently holding, unless it is at max already
  191. New command - /toolxp
  192. Sets the xp of the tool you are holding to the value you choose
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