CH 1: Fresh Start

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  1. CH 1: Fresh Start
  2.         I looked out the window of the car.  Beside me the countryside passed by, the colors all melding into each other.  I didn't particularly pay any attention to the layout of the nearby town, but the general notion that I get is that it is a small, everyday town.  Where old people take walks by the canals and middle aged women gossip over the latest local rumor.  A quiet, humble little place.
  4.         The perfect prison for me.
  6.         “We're almost there, Ten,” my driver said.  There were times when I join her in the car I wondered if she took lessons from a race car driver, and if I was going to be the next in a long line of used crash test dummies.  Today, though, she was driving slowly and carefully, like someone who never driven a car before.  I wish she would return to her old style of driving.  Save me the torture from a slow death.   I grunted, but said nothing more.
  8.         As we pulled up to the school's gates, I couldn't help but be impressed by its appearance.  The iron gates were sturdy, yet looked like they were transplanted from some old European mansion somewhere.  As I got out of the car, I peeked past the gates.  The buildings there looked less like the dry, concrete blocks of my school youth.  There were two main buildings in the school, and a third building that was just to the side.  The courtyard was huge, and off in the distance I saw huge fields and a small forest secluded in the corner.  I have to admit, it looks nice for a simple high school.
  10.         But I knew it was not a simple high school.  Far from it.
  12.         “Looks nice, doesn't it, Ten?” my driver says, picking up one of the suitcases that I manged to squeeze into the car before we left.  “Heck, I might consider dropping out of work just to come back to high school.”
  14.         “I'll admit, it looks really pretty.  But it still doesn't change the fact that I'll be a stranger in a strange land”
  16.         She lightly punched me.  “Hey don't say that.  Besides, I heard Ya-”
  18.         I interrupt her.  “I didn't mean in that sort of sense, sis.  I bet the feeling would be the same if this was just any regular private high school hidden away in the country side.
  20.         My sister simply sighs.  “Are you really still bitter about dad's decision?  I mean, it's not like you had much more of an option.”
  22.         As much as I hate to admit it, sis was right about one thing-I had very little academic paths open to me.  Most schools would reject me just from the mere mention of the incident that got me into this mess in the first place, and the rest would too after taking one look at my records.  Truth be told, when I heard that any sort of school accepted me, I was surprised.  I thought that no one was willing to give me, the infamous “Delinquent in Glasses,” a second chance at education.
  24.         In retrospect, I should have expected it from this school.
  26.         My sister jostled me out of my thoughts.  “Hey, stop daydreaming.  I still have work to do today after all.”
  28.         I sighed, and then shake my head.  Regardless of what has played out, there's no undoing the past now.  Might as well start moving forward.  I raise my head, and began to take my first steps into my new life.
  30.         A new life at Yamaku High.
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