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Kimitoasamade 1-B

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  1. Chapter 3:
  2. Naito and Naruze have a mock battle with Urquiaga.
  3. Nate arrives under the academy's bridge where Asama had asked to meet her.
  5. Chapter 4:
  6. Mistakenly thinking Asama was going to confess to her, Nate refuses Asama's request.
  7. When Kimi arrives, she invites the other two on a "date" and suggests going along with the band idea if Asama can satisfy her and Nate.
  9. Chapter 5:
  10. Nate, Kimi, and Asama plan their "date" in class.
  12. Chapter 6:
  13. Watching Adele train gets "Musashi" thinking about why Class Plum trains so hard, so she asks Asama, Kimi, and Nate what they are doing as they head out on their "date".
  14. Naruze rejects the possibility of becoming an Edelbrocken tester if Naito can't also become one.
  16. Chapter 7:
  17. The three of them visit a Buddhist area and use a Buddhist altar to apply different divine protections to themselves.
  19. Chapter 8:
  20. Nate sings the song she had prepared as a knight.
  21. She and Kimi decide to go along with the band idea.
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