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  1. Manga Guide to Comic FUZ ch4: Read All You Want With the Monthly Plan!
  3. p1
  4. >Manga Guide to Comic FUZ Chapter 4!
  5. >What are monthly plans?
  7. >Uwaah!! Who is this!?
  8. >She's a new character who is my friend.
  10. >It makes it easier to explain stuff to those who don't know about FUZ.
  11. >In other words, she's a character representing the perspective of the readers.
  12. >She's a self-insert. Got it.
  14. >She's an idiot, so it's perfect.
  15. >Don't call me an idiot!!
  16. >Don't call her an idiot!!
  18. p2
  19. >There are three monthly plans for reading as much as you want.
  20. >Light, standard, and premium!
  22. >Which is the most beneficial?
  23. >>Light: 480 yen
  24. >>Standard: 960 yen
  25. >>Premium: 1600 yen
  26. >Hmm
  27. >In terms of benefits, probably the premium one.
  29. >But any plan lets you read four Kirara magazines and Weekly Manga Times as much as you want.
  30. >The light one should be plenty.
  31. >Premium's for the hardcore readers.
  32. >The upper two classes give you benefits such as gold and bonus silver medals.
  34. >Eh? I can't look at movies with this?
  35. >Of course you can't, you idiot!!
  37. >Next chapter out April 8th! If we don't give these girls names soon, it'll be a problem in meetings.
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