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  7. -12:00:02- (krisk) around?
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  35. -13:54:53- (krisk) You around?
  36. -13:55:37- (jenksta`) yes
  37. -13:55:58- (krisk) I was just wondering... why did you attack my server on sa-mp? Like... what are you trying to achieve?
  38. -13:58:06- (jenksta`) what do you mean by attack?
  39. -13:58:32- (krisk) Crashing it
  40. -13:58:39- (jenksta`) oh?
  41. -13:59:06- (krisk) Can't we just fast-forward over the denial stage and get to why? Just curious what the intention were..
  42. -13:59:34- (jenksta`) im just wondering why you think it was me causing the crashes
  43. -13:59:44- (krisk) IP match
  44. -13:59:52- (jenksta`) i was trying to play yes
  45. -13:59:57- (jenksta`) what makes you think it was me crashing it?
  46. -14:00:22- (krisk) Well, people don't usually play with a fake client that sends packets that cause the server to crash
  47. -14:00:32- (jenksta`) fake client?
  48. -14:00:47- (jenksta`) i was using the 0.3b one
  49. -14:00:51- (jenksta`) not my fault if it has bugs in it
  50. -14:01:12- (krisk) Yes... man, I have the logs, I saw exactly what was going down and no normal 0.3b client can do ...whatever you did
  51. -14:01:26- (jenksta`) whatever i did?
  52. -14:01:35- (jenksta`) what did i do apart from try to play?
  53. -14:01:44- (krisk) #
  54. -14:01:44- (krisk) server_log-19.Jun.2010.00-32-01.txt:[00:26:36] Incoming connection:
  55. -14:01:44- (krisk) #
  56. -14:01:44- (krisk) server_log-19.Jun.2010.00-32-01.txt:[00:26:38] Incoming connection:
  57. -14:01:44- (krisk) #
  58. -14:01:44- (krisk) server_log-19.Jun.2010.00-32-01.txt:[00:26:38] Incoming connection:
  59. -14:01:44- (krisk) #
  60. -14:01:44- (krisk) server_log-19.Jun.2010.00-32-01.txt:[00:26:40] Incoming connection:
  61. -14:01:44- (krisk) #
  62. -14:01:44- (krisk) server_log-19.Jun.2010.00-32-01.txt:[00:26:41] Incoming connection:
  63. -14:02:04- (krisk) I could paste the like 500 other perfectly same ones too... but it pretty much shows it
  64. -14:02:11- (jenksta`) probably caused by the fast rejoin i have
  65. -14:02:18- (krisk) 500 times?
  66. -14:02:23- (jenksta`) it kept kicking me because my name was already used
  67. -14:02:37- (jenksta`) and it kept reconnecting, as it was spamming the chatbox, i couldnt see how many times it was reconnecting
  68. -14:02:45- (jenksta`) and it was*
  69. -14:02:57- (krisk) This is getting stupid, we both know what you did, how you did it.. what I don't know is why you did it
  70. -14:03:20- (jenksta`) it appears to me like all you have is logs of me constantly connecting due to my fast rejoin
  71. -14:03:23- (jenksta`) if i was crashing it
  72. -14:03:32- (jenksta`) then why wasnt the server going down as i was connecting?
  73. -14:04:03- (krisk) I also had core dumps from the crash examined, figured what you did, and the statement from the sa-mp lead developer that the 0.3b client -cannot- perform the actions that your client did
  74. -14:04:21- (jenksta`) what actions that i did?
  75. -14:04:52- (jenksta`) sounds like a buggy script to me
  76. -14:05:34- (krisk) No, it was caused by someone, you, making a fake client/altering the sa-mp client which made it send faulty data, which made the sa-mp server crash when it received it, didn't even get to the amx engine
  77. -14:05:59- (krisk) Either way, whats the fast rejoin talk? I don't think 0.3 has an option like that
  78. -14:06:12- (jenksta`) it doesnt
  79. -14:06:34- (krisk) So you are using an altered version of sa-mp client?
  80. -14:06:39- (jenksta`) nope
  81. -14:06:53- (jenksta`) i use the fast rejoin of m0d_s0beit
  82. -14:07:01- (jenksta`) altho i could have easily made one myself
  83. -14:08:57- (krisk) There's more to your story, its just sad how you deny to tell me it..
  84. -14:09:11- (jenksta`) tell you what?
  85. -14:09:28- (krisk) You had a script/something making it automatically connect/crash/whatever every so often, through the night, even while you were afk/sleeping/not on irc or replying, you were connecting..
  86. -14:10:02- (jenksta`) if my name on irc is jenksta` doenst that show that im busy?
  87. -14:10:19- (jenksta`) not that i reply on irc much anyway, not unless i get nickalerted
  88. -14:11:26- (krisk) I wouldn't know how your nick looks busy or not, either way my replies are slow because it was Mow you kept up all night cleaning your mess so I gotta find the logs and evidences myself
  89. -14:11:50- (jenksta`) my mess?
  90. -14:11:58- (jenksta`) sounds like a buggy script to me
  91. -14:12:09- (krisk) I think I already replied to that accusation
  92. -14:12:23- (krisk) it never even reached the script
  93. -14:12:30- (jenksta`) well
  94. -14:12:37- (jenksta`) youve posted logs of me continually connecting
  95. -14:12:41- (jenksta`) the fact im continually connecting
  96. -14:12:48- (jenksta`) proves the server isnt crashing when im connecting
  97. -14:12:58- (jenksta`) so your evidence doesnt make any sense
  98. -14:13:25- (krisk) those connections from that log I pasted was made after we applied a patch
  99. -14:13:36- (jenksta`) and also
  100. -14:13:38- (jenksta`) until this morning
  101. -14:13:42- (jenksta`) until my router fucked up
  102. -14:13:50- (jenksta`) my was
  103. -14:13:52- (jenksta`) youve posted .12
  104. -14:14:03- (jenksta`) or maybe thats a mistake of mine
  105. -14:14:03- (jenksta`) not sure
  106. -14:14:23- (jenksta`) but anyway
  107. -14:14:28- (jenksta`) so they were made after a patch
  108. -14:14:30- (jenksta`) that says what?
  109. -14:14:32- (krisk) there was just that ip on the entire subnet
  110. -14:14:41- (krisk) and you already said you tried to play there
  111. -14:15:09- (jenksta`) ok, probably a mistake of mine then
  112. -14:15:59- (krisk) this is getting ridiculous anyways, your connection was the last thing to every like 250 crashes last night
  113. -14:16:11- (krisk) Why can't you just tell me why?
  114. -14:17:01- (jenksta`) from the logs youve posted, it shows me continuasly reconnecting, if i was crashing the server on connect, you wouldnt have logs of me connecting continualy 500 or however many times you said, would you?
  115. -14:17:34- (krisk) this is from before patching:
  116. -14:17:40- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-23-01.txt:[14:18:03] Incoming connection:
  117. -14:17:40- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-23-01.txt:[14:18:03] [join] Carl_Stone has joined the server (29:
  118. -14:17:40- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-28-01.txt:[14:23:03] Incoming connection:
  119. -14:17:40- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-28-01.txt:[14:23:03] [join] Carl_Stone has joined the server (38:
  120. -14:17:40- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-31-01.txt:[14:28:17] Incoming connection:
  121. -14:17:40- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-31-01.txt:[14:28:17] [join] Carl_Stone has joined the server (39:
  122. -14:17:40- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-35-01.txt:[14:31:02] Incoming connection:
  123. -14:17:40- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-35-01.txt:[14:31:02] [join] Carl_Stone has joined the server (30:
  124. -14:17:40- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-40-01.txt:[14:35:02] Incoming connection:
  125. -14:17:40- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-40-01.txt:[14:35:02] [join] Carl_Stone has joined the server (22:
  126. -14:17:40- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-45-01.txt:[14:40:02] Incoming connection:
  127. -14:17:40- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-45-01.txt:[14:40:02] [join] Carl_Stone has joined the server (15:
  128. -14:17:41- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-50-01.txt:[14:45:02] Incoming connection:
  129. -14:17:41- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-50-01.txt:[14:45:02] [join] Carl_Stone has joined the server (5:
  130. -14:17:41- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-52-01.txt:[14:50:03] Incoming connection:
  131. -14:17:41- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-52-01.txt:[14:50:03] [join] Carl_Stone has joined the server (20:
  132. -14:17:41- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-56-01.txt:[14:52:02] Incoming connection:
  133. -14:17:41- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.14-56-01.txt:[14:52:02] [join] Carl_Stone has joined the server (21:
  134. -14:17:41- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.15-01-01.txt:[14:56:02] Incoming connection:
  135. -14:17:41- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.15-01-01.txt:[14:56:02] [join] Carl_Stone has joined the server (2:
  136. -14:17:41- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.15-03-01.txt:[15:01:03] Incoming connection:
  137. -14:17:41- (krisk) server_log-18.Jun.2010.15-03-01.txt:[15:01:03] [join] Carl_Stone has joined the server (21:
  138. -14:18:01- (krisk) Your connection is last too the log before every crash
  139. -14:18:12- (jenksta`) all i know was, when i was trying to play, the server kept going down
  140. -14:18:21- (jenksta`) your spamming
  141. -14:18:34- (krisk) Like you were spamming my server with crashes.
  142. -14:18:40- (krisk) Can't you just tell me why you did this?
  143. -14:18:45- (jenksta`) i didnt do anything
  144. -14:18:57- (jenksta`) apart from try to play on the server
  145. -14:19:27- (krisk) No-one with the logs of the huge amount of times you did it and a half brain cell would believe that lie
  146. -14:19:45- (krisk) It is so incredibly clear what you were doing, and even more annoying how you can defend that you're innocent
  147. -14:20:10- (jenksta`) its not my fault if sa-mp is bugged
  148. -14:20:27- (krisk) I have packet logs, crash core dumps, server logs, everything. Kye have examined it along with the entire sa-mp team, there are no doubts what so ever that you did it.
  149. -14:20:32- (krisk) No you are right, its not
  150. -14:20:39- (krisk) Its your fault abusing those bugs with clear intentions
  151. -14:20:56- (krisk) because you need to alter a client to make that occur, means you had clear intentions of screwing me/others over when you did this
  152. -14:21:06- (jenksta`) then perhaps kye should work more on sa-mp and fixing the bugs it already has, than ignoreing them anddeleting all the bug reports from the forums, no?
  153. -14:21:20- (jenksta`) i dont know you
  154. -14:21:33- (jenksta`) so why would i want to screw you over?
  155. -14:21:48- (krisk) You don't know me, yet you made my friends night a hell fixing my server during your attacks
  156. -14:22:03- (krisk) You crashed my server a hundred times last night, how isnt that screwing me over?!
  157. -14:22:22- (krisk) And how can Kye fix bugs he isn't aware of, tell your findings instead of abusing them
  158. -14:22:37- (jenksta`) if i managed to get anywhere near kye i'd be banned before i got to him
  159. -14:22:51- (jenksta`) but anyway thats besides the point, like i said, all i was trying to do was play
  160. -14:23:26- (krisk) I've already been told that what you did is impossible with a normal client, so you can't have been trying to play..
  161. -14:23:52- (jenksta`) what am i supposed to have done?
  162. -14:24:09- (krisk) Crashing the server
  163. -14:24:32- (jenksta`) how would you know that 'crashing the server' is impossible with a normal client
  164. -14:24:45- (krisk) Kye said it
  165. -14:24:54- (jenksta`) so kye said
  166. -14:25:01- (jenksta`) 'no one can crash the server with a normal sa-mp client'?
  167. -14:25:06- (krisk) The way your script/bot crashed the server can't be done with a normal client, the way the packet was formed or something can't be done with a normal client
  168. -14:25:16- (krisk) No, but the way you did it can't be done with a normal client
  169. -14:25:40- (krisk) You're a developer yourself, you can see that certain things just cannot be altered without forging it
  170. -14:27:01- (jenksta`) so, is there anything else you wanna say, or can i get on with what i was doing?
  171. -14:27:42- (krisk) Yeah, there is, I want to know what reasons you had for attacking my server, LSRP throughout last night
  172. -14:27:59- (krisk) Just tell me why and I'll leave you to whatever you're doing
  173. -14:28:08- (jenksta`) and ive already told you, all i was doing was trying to play
  174. -14:28:34- (krisk) You usually crash servers to try to play on them? was it full and you wanted to get in?
  175. -14:28:56- (jenksta`) to be honest i dont really play sa-mp that much, as you can imagine
  176. -14:29:09- (krisk) Figures, you never ever earlier played on ls-rp either
  177. -14:29:18- (jenksta`) i have played a few times
  178. -14:29:28- (krisk) you just came by last night, did over 100-200 connections to the server without getting in and playing at all
  179. -14:29:40- (jenksta`) i was playing earlier on yesterday
  180. -14:29:41- (krisk) You just had this thing yesterday that you HAD to play on lsrp
  181. -14:29:45- (jenksta`) the server was also bugging up then
  182. -14:29:53- (jenksta`) i managed to get in, and play
  183. -14:30:00- (krisk) there was no crashes beyond those you caused
  184. -14:30:21- (jenksta`) well it was crashing yesterday, which is why i stopped playing
  185. -14:30:46- (krisk) Have you ever sit in my chair, talking to someone that obviously is a smart guy, KNOWING he is lying, sitting on evidences to your neck making it 200% sure or more, yet getting lies in your face?
  186. -14:31:23- (jenksta`) yeah, strangly enough if was with the same person who you says has evidence against me, kye
  187. -14:32:12- (krisk) So if I get this right, you hate Kye over anything and are getting back at him by ruining my server? Annoying my admins and players?
  188. -14:32:17- (jenksta`) no
  189. -14:32:18- (jenksta`) im saying
  190. -14:32:36- (jenksta`) from what i can see, all your evidence is based on information from kye
  191. -14:32:44- (jenksta`) kye hates me, and kyes a known liar
  192. -14:32:51- (jenksta`) so im not gonna believe anything that comes from kye
  193. -14:32:54- (krisk) it is SUPPORTED with information from kye
  194. -14:33:01- (jenksta`) well
  195. -14:33:04- (jenksta`) youve said
  196. -14:33:09- (jenksta`) all the information regarding the crashing
  197. -14:33:18- (jenksta`) and that 'normal clients cant do this, normal clients cant do that'
  198. -14:33:21- (jenksta`) is based on information from kye
  199. -14:33:54- (jenksta`) crash logs are pretty useless to anyone without the source code
  200. -14:33:54- (krisk) we had 88 crashes throughout yesterday evening and night
  201. -14:34:01- (jenksta`) and server logs are too
  202. -14:34:05- (krisk) every single log file has YOUR connection at the end of it
  203. -14:34:08- (krisk) EVERY SINGLE ONE
  204. -14:34:18- (krisk) There is not doubt in ANYONES minds, I didn't even need kye's info
  205. -14:34:21- (jenksta`) so the server was crashing as i was connecting
  206. -14:34:23- (krisk) what happened was CLEAR
  207. -14:34:27- (jenksta`) and your saying i did it intentionally
  208. -14:34:33- (krisk) HOW was based on kye's info, not IF
  209. -14:34:35- (jenksta`) im saying all i was doing was trying to play
  210. -14:34:39- (jenksta`) yes
  211. -14:34:40- (jenksta`) and that HOW
  212. -14:34:51- (jenksta`) is the base of your evidence that i was INTENTIONALLY crashing it
  213. -14:35:06- (krisk) I had 30 testers accessing the same things you did during the night
  214. -14:35:09- (krisk) doing everything
  215. -14:35:23- (krisk) none of them managed to crash the server with a normal client
  216. -14:35:31- (jenksta`) and were all them testers using 0.3b-dev5?
  217. -14:35:55- (krisk) there is no such thing
  218. -14:35:58- (jenksta`) yes there is
  219. -14:36:12- (krisk) I'm a sa-mp beta tester, there is no such thing, I'd know :p
  220. -14:36:44- (jenksta`) dev1-5 * sorry
  221. -14:37:50- (krisk) Either way, if you were, 3 of the guys testing used that client as well
  222. -14:38:10- (krisk) and Kye just told me that nothing in the area that caused the crashes has been altered since 0.3a
  223. -14:38:11- (jenksta`) 3 is a big difference from 30
  224. -14:38:23- (jenksta`) well anyway
  225. -14:38:36- (jenksta`) ive told you all i have to say, and im not going to believe anything from a known liar like kye
  226. -14:38:44- (jenksta`) so unless you have any evidence from anyone else
  227. -14:38:47- (jenksta`) goodbye
  228. -14:38:54- (krisk) Hah
  229. -14:39:07- (krisk) You're not even allowed to use the word liar
  230. -14:39:10- (krisk) damn hypocrite
  231. -14:39:22- (jenksta`) everything kye has said about me has been proved wrong
  232. -14:39:24- (krisk) You've been altering your story during this entire conversation based on how much I told
  233. -14:39:30- (jenksta`) im pretty sure you saw the irc logs of our public convo
  234. -14:39:38- (jenksta`) kye has no proof whatsoever
  235. -14:39:45- (jenksta`) so he had to ban me for being a member of mtavcsux
  236. -14:39:47- (krisk) I have no clue about your and kye's relations, and frankly I don't care
  237. -14:39:53- (jenksta`) well
  238. -14:39:57- (krisk) all I care about is that my server became your target to get back at him
  239. -14:40:09- (jenksta`) why would it affect kye
  240. -14:40:16- (krisk) thats what I wonder too
  241. -14:40:17- (jenksta`) kye makes money out of sa-mp, im pretty sure thats all he cares about
  242. -14:40:46- (krisk) lol, I don't even think he affords the servers hosting it from the ad money and hosted money
  243. -14:41:02- (jenksta`) then you dont seem to be thinking right
  244. -14:41:08- (jenksta`) but like i said
  245. -14:41:12- (jenksta`) unless you have anything else
  246. -14:41:13- (krisk) Thats not the problem here
  247. -14:41:16- (jenksta`) this conversation is over
  248. -14:41:19- (krisk) Alright moving on,
  249. -14:41:32- (krisk) What did you do when connecting then, walk me through it
  250. -14:41:42- (jenksta`) connected
  251. -14:41:45- (krisk) thats it?
  252. -14:41:47- (jenksta`) no
  253. -14:41:54- (jenksta`) then i entered my password into the login dialog
  254. -14:41:58- (jenksta`) then server stopped responding
  255. -14:42:10- (krisk) You connected with a bot or hacked client?
  256. -14:42:27- (jenksta`) no
  257. -14:42:37- (jenksta`) otherwise i wouldnt be able to enter my password into the login dialog would i?
  258. -14:42:45- (krisk) How can I know
  259. -14:43:34- (jenksta`) isnt it common sense that without using the official sa-mp client, there is no dialog? lol
  260. -14:43:54- (krisk) so the dialog poped up?
  261. -14:44:02- (jenksta`) yes
  262. -14:44:09- (jenksta`) i ctrl+v'd my password
  263. -14:44:14- (jenksta`) pressed login
  264. -14:44:28- (jenksta`) the dialog disappeared, then nothing happened for a minute, until it said lost connection
  265. -14:46:38- (krisk) I simply don't get how you would try loging in 88 times with no success over the entire evening
  266. -14:46:54- (krisk) Like you were so set on the cause of joining lsrp that you had 88 failed logins over like 8 hours
  267. -14:47:17- (jenksta`) well, after it didnt work in the day, i stopped trying for hours
  268. -14:47:34- (jenksta`) then i went back later, thinking it had been fixed or somthing, and i still couldnt get in
  269. -14:48:00- (jenksta`) which is why it sounds like a script bug
  270. -14:48:17- (krisk) alright try connecting now then?
  271. -14:48:39- (jenksta`) like i said, im busy doing other things
  272. -14:48:46- (jenksta`) and im also banned
  273. -14:50:01- (krisk) It's funny though..
  274. -14:50:08- (jenksta`) what is?
  275. -14:50:54- (krisk) How a founder of one project puts time into ruining someone completely else's project.... just for what? That's what I'm wondering... why? How cool would it be if I did the same on iv-mp? Probably about as fun
  276. -14:51:00- (krisk) But for what reason ?
  277. -14:51:17- (jenksta`) it seems to me like its the other way around
  278. -14:51:25- (jenksta`) kye's been trying to ruin this since the start
  279. -14:51:26- (krisk) But obviously you don't want to say, so
  280. -14:51:30- (krisk) Jumping to the next subject
  281. -14:51:47- (jenksta`) because you dont know anything about whats gone on, so you have no evidence, but ok
  282. -14:52:01- (krisk) Can you, as one developer to another, please, tell me what you did, or did not do so I can fix this?
  283. -14:52:16- (jenksta`) ive told you what i did
  284. -14:52:37- (krisk) Connecting wouldn't cause it
  285. -14:52:44- (krisk) not even with 0.3b
  286. -14:52:45- (jenksta`) its not connecting, its logging in
  287. -14:52:51- (jenksta`) as ive already said
  288. -14:52:53- (krisk) so its the login?
  289. -14:52:55- º¹º¹ Nick» (jenksta`) is now known as (jenksta)
  290. -14:53:12- (jenksta) ive just told you exactly what i did
  291. -14:53:15- (jenksta) did you even read it?
  292. -14:53:22- (jenksta) jenksta` i ctrl+v'd my password
  293. -14:53:22- (jenksta) jenksta` pressed login
  294. -14:53:22- (jenksta) jenksta` the dialog disappeared, then nothing happened for a minute, until it said lost connection
  295. -14:53:38- (jenksta) which is why i said it seems like a script bug
  296. -14:53:43- (jenksta) probably somthing mysql related
  297. -14:53:46- (krisk) we've had beta testers playing on lsrp sine forever using that client... and most people copies in their password
  298. -14:53:51- (krisk) which makes it hard to believe
  299. -14:54:08- (jenksta) what?
  300. -14:54:18- (krisk) that that was all you did
  301. -14:54:36- (jenksta) it was, and the fact it was only happening to me seems like its somthing to do with my account
  302. -14:54:49- (krisk) first thing I checked
  303. -14:54:51- (jenksta) probably somthing mysql related, as exactly the same thing has happened before on vG
  304. -14:55:03- (krisk) your account looks fine
  305. -14:55:03- (jenksta) and it was only solved by deleting that persons account
  306. -14:55:09- (jenksta) so did the one we had
  307. -14:55:14- (jenksta) but deleting it still fixed it
  308. -14:55:15- (krisk) nah we logged onto your account earlier (sorry) :P
  309. -14:55:25- (jenksta) then i dont know what it is
  310. -14:55:29- (krisk) we covered all our bases before we came to you
  311. -14:55:46- (jenksta) and now you've pretty much covered all your bases with me
  312. -14:56:19- (krisk) I really haven't
  313. -14:56:24- (jenksta) yes you have
  314. -14:56:26- (krisk) I know for sure something you did caused it
  315. -14:56:31- (krisk) and I need to know eithe what or why
  316. -14:56:33- (jenksta) you dont know anything
  317. -14:56:37- (jenksta) you just know what kye has told you
  318. -14:56:51- (krisk) no, I was sure it was you even before kye was brought into it
  319. -14:57:03- (krisk) Kye just told me the tech specs around it
  320. -14:57:10- (jenksta) the fact my ip was the last connected, yes
  321. -14:57:12- (krisk) the logs proved what did happen
  322. -14:57:21- (krisk) every 88 time, correct
  323. -14:57:24- (jenksta) but the reason why it was happening, i dont know you, you dont know, and kye probably doesnt either
  324. -15:02:52- (jenksta) i take it from your long silence, that thats all you have to say to me now, if thats so i would also like you to leave my channel as im not comfortable with spies being there reporting everything back to kye, thanks
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