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MGQP: JP cheesing with Cheat Engine

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  1. JP cheesing for dummies
  3. 1. Fire up Monster Girl Quest: Paradox
  4. 2. Fire up Cheat Engine
  5. 3. Attach the latter to the former (or in layman's terms, click the pulsing green button at the upper left corner)
  6. 4. Back to Paradox. Equip the Hard Job Wrist on whoever's JP you want to amp up
  7. (GET THIS: http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?p=5456447&sid=f205fce62c63049d0d27f9d21bc8009d#5456447)
  8. 5. On to Cheat Engine. Switch the Scan Type to "Unknown initial value" and Value Type to "RPG VX Type"
  9. 6. Hit "First Scan"
  10. 6. Do a fight or two, preferably against weak mobs
  11. 7. Keep close track on the JP earned each battle, then double it (due to the Hard Job Wrist)
  12. 8. Add the doubled number in the Value bar and hit "Next Scan"
  13. 9. REPEAT STEPS 7 AND 8 AFTER EVERY BATTLE until perhaps two or three addresses are left
  14. 10. Those two addresses are the character's job and race points. Double-click both of them for editing
  15. 11. Head to the status screen of the accessory wearing character. Pay close attention to the last two numbers. Those are the current amount of job and race points. Get out of the status screen
  16. 12. Now on Cheat Engine, edit ONE of the values just a tiny bit (add by 2 or something) and go back to the status screen and see which number changed. If the RP (race points) changed, try the other address. That one's almost definitely what you're looking for
  17. 13. Change value to 9999
  18. 14. Enter battle and win
  19. 15. VOILA!! From new job to mastered in a single battle!!
  21. ADDENDUM: On the off chance that link up there dies, here's how you add a new Value Type...
  23. 1. Start Cheat Engine
  24. 2. Open any process
  25. 3. Rightclick the "Value Type" combobox
  26. 4. Click "define new custom type (autoassemble)"
  27. 5. Replace the existing script with the script posted here
  28. 6. Click OK
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