MGE Side III Saida's History

Apr 11th, 2020
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  1. Yo, nice of you to drop in Saida!
  2. I’m Levin, I’m here to welcome you as the diva!
  3. Check it out, Saida’s “Thunder” is roaring even harder today. Haa, I want to have a session with you on this island as soon as possible♪
  4. Oi Oi, what are you, scared? Whaaat, on this island it’s alright to be struck by lightning, everyone here is like that.
  5. Screw everything that gets in the way… the cry of the soul that has stripped itself of useless things feels best here❤
  6. If you’d like, should I drive it in right here and now, and listen to the cry of your soul with my body? ❤
  7. Whaaat! You know things have an order, don’t you?
  8. I hate taking things slow, but I’m not going to show you getting fucked right here and now to the other chicks.
  9. First, I’ll give you a lecture on the “Lightning of Saida” that your body will be receiving from now on!
  11. Saida’s History
  12. Saida’s history huh? That’s a pain in the ass.
  13. I’m made to do it every time, but I suck at telling this story. I hate the bloody thing.
  14. Besides, I like the “current” Saida, and I don’t care about old things that happened long ago.
  15. Well, I know that’s not enough, and it’s a diva’s job, so it can’t be helped.
  17. To put it simply, Saida tried to invade the other islands. It’s not a good thing to hear, but still, history is like a part of the body that this island has followed.
  18. I’m prepared to speak, so you’d better be prepared to listen!
  19. I’ll teach you exactly what path this thunderous island has taken.
  21. The lightning that falls in Saida, which has completely become a dark monster realm, is all influenced by monster mana, it is, so to speak, the lightning of the monster realm. It’s like a Thunderbird's, or in other words, my lightning.
  22. It’s not like you’ll die even if it hits you directly. If you’re a human, your head will start to feel funny, and you’ll begin to feel really good, and it seems you’ll keep cumming for quite a while…❤
  23. However, old Saida wasn’t a monster realm.
  25. The lightning that downpours all year long hollows out the ground and sinks ships, and of course if a human is hit, they’re burned to a black crisp.
  26. The place was like some kinda hell where such a thing fell on a whim. I mean, could you imagine it?
  27. It’s amazing, that humans lived on such an island.
  28. It’s said the islanders lived their lives in caves, hiding from the sky to avoid the lightning.
  29. However, you could die just from stepping outside, it was a life of fearing the lightning because you had no idea when it would come.
  30. Heh, naturally, that’s no way to feel alive. Living in such a hell, it’s no wonder those guys cursed being born in Saida, were jealous of the guys on other islands, and became twisted.
  31. The crops grew fragile because of the extremely bad soil or lightning burning them to a crisp. For Saida, trading with other islands was their best lifeline.
  32. But, if it’s risky to go outside, it’s also risky to go to sea. They didn’t know when a voyage to sea would become a one-way ticket to the other world, so for every trade, a life-risking suicide squad was assembled.
  33. Even if the ship luckily didn’t sink, it wasn’t unusual for the sailors or cargo to be burned by lightning and sacrificed. Nevertheless, Saida’s suicide squad had to risk their lives for their friends and family waiting for them to return home.
  34. However, that doesn’t mean the other islands, who lacked such a lifestyle, would trade honestly with Saida. Those guys were reluctant.
  35. Unsurprisingly, mutual trade between islands is a business. Naturally, each party’s profit-and-loss accounts must not differ, and the stability and credibility of each is also important. If Saida’s cargo is burned by lightning, or the ship sinks from the start, the trade itself is lost and the other party’s preparations and goods will be wasted.
  36. For that reason, hardly any islands formed long term relations with the extremely unstable Saida.
  37. Saida’s sole trade product was a spice from a plant unique to Saida that somehow grew in the infertile soil, and miraculously endured the lightning.
  38. At the time, that kind of spice seems to have sold for a crazy price.
  39. The quantity was small, but if all went smoothly, it could be traded for plenty of food.
  40. But, every time, something or other would give them trouble.
  41. Shit like the quality is bad, or they won’t buy it at a high price because the quantity is too small.
  42. The point is, the other parties knew that Saida would starve if they couldn’t trade, and those bastards took advantage of it.
  44. That’s why Saida is called things like “The Dying Island”.
  45. Ships from the outside never approached the island, but one time, a ship of the Order of the Chief God unfortunately became lost in the sea near Saida, and ended up getting struck by lightning and sinking.
  46. As a silver lining, one of the unlucky Order soldiers aboard the ship washed up in Saida. Yeah, this guy is a main character in Saida’s history.
  47. The young man, named “Lyle”, was apparently the underling of underlings among the Order soldiers. The story goes the people of the island helped the guy, and somehow managed to save his life.
  48. Like I said before, many of those guys were totally twisted, and even if you help just one soldier, it’s not like you’d receive the grace of the Order, and the islanders knew that.
  49. Still, those guys had seen so much that they hated to see a fellow ship be sunk by lightning. They couldn’t think he deserved it, or that it was somebody else’s problem.
  50. So, unable to abandon the human that had miraculously been saved despite being struck by lightning, the Saida guys, who themselves lived a shitty life in poverty, gave that Lyle bastard valuable medicine and food.
  51. Lyle, who had been saved by them, seemed extremely moved. After his wounds healed, he tried to help the island somehow, and even though he knew he might die for sure if he’s struck by lightning again, he wandered all around Saida, searching the island.
  52. Is he a fucking moron? Well, I guess there are still a lot of thick-headed and softhearted guys in the Order.
  54. Then, in the Saida mountains, where the thunderstorms were especially intense, Lyle came across the Thunderbird “Eldin”.
  55. Eldin seems to have been completely captivated by the guy’s crazy recklessness, wandering all over the island of death to return his gratitude, despite how his life was saved.
  56. She wanted to gift him a valuable treasure.
  57. Even though I have to do this, it’s tedious you know.
  58. The treasure shined with the most amazing glow, it was a rock that usually looks like just a plain rock, but when we Thunderbirds pour lightning into it, it shines crazy pretty.
  59. Lyle seemed to want to know what it was. He examined it all over, but the only result he could come up with was that it was “an ore holding the power of lightning”.
  61. That ore, “Thunderstone”, is a thing that can store the power of lightning that it receives in a stone, whether it’s Thunderbird or natural lightning.
  62. Cooperating with Eldin, Lyle discovered a way to take the power of lightning out of the stone and control it.
  63. It seems that bastard Lyle actually wanted to become a scholar.
  64. In addition, he found that in Saida, where lightning falls with reckless abandon, the lightning that falls is drawn to the thunderstone that is buried underground, and that if you dig up the ground, many thunderstones come out. And so, he returned to the island guys triumphantly.
  65. First, the lives of the people that lived in dingy caves were filled with light.
  66. Where they had until then only had the glow of feeble torchlight, they now had obtained the steady light of the thunderstones that dazzles like lightning, and they were happily released from the days of their fear of darkness.
  67. Next, Lyle thought about somehow managing the lightning itself.
  68. However, you can’t win by fighting lightning, and even if the thunderstone that causes it is managed, the island itself is like a mass of thunderstones.
  69. Lyle then came up with an idea, and made a “lightning control staff” with a big thunderstone stuck on the tip, and set them up all over the island, or gave them to the island guys that were heading outside.
  70. The lightning now began to fall more towards the stones hoisted around than the stones in the island’s surface.
  71. Now if the island guys held up their staves, the lightning would be stored in the stone at the tip, and they could feel at ease that they won’t be burned. Lyle had shown them that they could live with the lightning, rather than fight against it.
  72. Eldin was later told this by Lyle, but it seems Lyle came up with this when he was thinking about Eldin.
  73. Lyle had completely fallen in love with the woman who was a “monster”, which he had always been taught was the “enemy”.
  74. Rather than fighting the monster Eldin, he suggested himself they should choose the path of living together.
  75. You know, it’s a kind of confession if you say it to the person themselves! Not bad huh❤
  77. However, contrary to what he thought, things didn’t work out so simply.
  78. There is one dangerous thing about this “Thunderstone”.
  79. It’s really harmless if it’s just collecting lightning and shining, but the danger is that the stone can release the power of its stored-up lightning to the outside.
  80. If you figure out a way, you can fire the lightning wherever you like, and you can also fry your enemies or their ships freely, making it a terrible thing.
  82. Their lives had improved dramatically, conquering the natural wonder that had until then threatened their lives… in fact, they even went as far as mastering the art of manipulating it, and those Saida guys held the mighty power of nature’s lightning in their hands.
  83. Well, to put it simply, those guys got totally carried away.
  84. Ignoring Lyle’s warning, they built a huge “Thunderstone” mine, recklessly digging to obtain even more power of lightning.
  85. By the way, do you know why the Order ship Lyle was on came to such a place to begin with?
  86. This whole area, which is collectively called Court Alf today, was divided into several conflicting countries during this era.
  87. The ship Lyle came on had come to investigate the state of things and the war condition.
  88. That’s why Lyle knew that the relationship between the countrymen of this area was dangerously balanced.
  89. Meanwhile, the small country of Saida had dug up a stone hiding unexpected power.
  90. And then people hear those stones can become terrible weapons. You know what happens even if you aren’t Lyle.
  92. Every country wanted all of Saida’s thunderstones, so those bastards who hadn’t yet realized the power of lightning wanted to put them down and take advantage of them, dazzling them with military power like before.
  93. However, Saida was not as puny as before. With the power of lightning as a weapon, as if seeking revenge for the unfair trades they were forced into until now, they intimidated other islands, and forced them into deals.
  94. If that happens, they’ll want to fire back.
  95. Originally, those guys should have been kind, just like when they were helping that bastard Lyle, but…
  96. Their oppressed past justified their actions now. As if to insist it, Saida began invading other islands with the power of lightning.
  97. It was the other islanders that made Saida’s past. It was what they deserved.
  98. However, the Saida that won against thunder could not win against their past.
  100. Lyle, of course, was heartbroken by the sight.
  101. He was the one that first discovered the stone, investigated how to use it, and taught those guys about it. It seems he thought this was all because of him.
  102. Also, he regretted not being able to stop them. As he lived in Saida, he witnessed firsthand the hellish life those guys lived, and how the other islanders took advantage of them as they pleased.
  103. That’s why he so strongly regretted that he couldn’t stop them.
  105. And so, the quarrel intensified, and before long the great war involving the seven islands began.
  106. The story varies a bit, but it seems that bastard Lyle was adored by even the Thunderbirds of the Saida mountain range. I hear Lyle and Eldin were called Big Bro Lyle and Big Sis Eldin by them.
  107. Because of that, Lyle knew from the Thunderbirds that the monsters were moving to somehow influence the great war, and about the “Great Songstress” that had made a certain decision.
  109. In the Battle of the Asuramis Sea, where the fleets of the seven islands had gathered, Lyle, together with Eldin, led a flock of Thunderbirds into battle.
  110. They struck them with the lightning of the monster realm that doesn’t sink a single ship, and neutralizes humans without killing them.
  111. In addition to that, that bastard Lyle wielded a “thunder sword” made from thunderstones.
  112. Standing in the way of the Saida soldiers that tried to shoot lightning at enemy ships with their “lightning control staves”, he cut the lightning with his “thunder sword” and scattered it.
  113. That bastard Lyle wanted to stop those Saida guys from killing people as much as possible.
  114. As the battle boiled down, and soon after the preparations for the Great Songstress were over, those Saida guys brought in something terrible.
  115. An unbelievably enormous thunderstone was placed on a ship, with the purpose of shooting lightning at enemy ships, in short, a lightning cannon.
  116. It wouldn’t just burn a ship; it had the power to turn it to cinders.
  118. That bastard Lyle didn’t even listen to the Thunderbird’s hesitation, and jumped in front of a cannon aimed at a ship from another country.
  119. However, Lyle’s sword couldn’t endure the mighty power of the lightning. It completely shattered.
  120. The targeted ship and many human lives were saved. However, the lightning that was supposed to take it passed through one human named Lyle.
  121. The Saida guys, targeted guys, and Thunderbirds were all dumbfounded. Meanwhile it seems only Eldin was half-crazed.
  122. Shortly after, they heard the Great Songstress’s “Song of Tears” in their ears.
  124. With the Song of Tears sung by the Great Songstress at the expense of her life, and the actions of Lyle, the Great War of Asuramis ended with miraculously few sacrifices.
  125. However, the Saida guys had pierced their benefactor, Lyle, with their own lightning.
  126. The Saida guys were anguished. If only they hadn’t made such a thing, if only they hadn’t sought revenge on the other countries when they got the thunderstones, if only they had listened to Lyle’s warning…
  127. They buried him in Saida as “The Hero Lyle”, so they would never forget their regret…
  129. That’s not what happened at all.
  130. That bastard Lyle was already fucking the Thunderbird Eldin, he had already become an incubus❤
  131. As a Thunderbird’s husband, the guy was always gasping from Eldin’s lightning, there was no way he was going to die by lightning!
  132. And so, Lyle was saved, Eldin was happy, and they all lived happily ever after…
  133. I couldn’t help but say that you know.
  134. That bastard Lyle ate the lightning of that giant cannon, and totally snapped. Of course, Eldin and her fellow Thunderbirds were also enraged.
  135. Each and every one of those Saida guys received a dose of monster realm lightning to their heads.
  136. What? The Lightning Control Staves?
  137. I don’t really understand it, but when it’s “natural lightning” that aims at and hits the stone, I guess it just strikes it and stays there?
  138. We Thunderbirds manipulate and drive our lightning into humans, so even if it hits the stone, it will just flow from there into a human’s body, stuff like the staves will be nothing more than a guide.
  139. Well, I guess because of that it smashed into their heads without mercy.
  140. Everyone had a huge climax, the women became monsters, the men incubi, they became crazy guys like they are today!
  141. That’s how Saida became the best feeling monster realm that it is today!
  143. Huh? You don’t know why the Thunderbirds inherited the song from the Great Songstress?
  144. I don’t know either!... No, hang on.
  145. Well, I mean, it sounds like the Thunderbirds at the time were feeling great. When they were singing, the monster realm lightning fell relentlessly so… maybe that’s it?
  147. Note: Levin speaks with a lot of colloquial/slang (basically delinquent) language, which I've tried to replicate with curse words. She also uses the masculine "Ore" to refer to herself.
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