Intro and teaser

Cum_whore Feb 17th, 2020 82 Never
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  1. Hello, I'm new here. I'm hoping to write quality scripts for some of my favorite ASMRtists.
  2. I'm just a lonely sub hoping to make somebody happy.
  3. My first script goes out to feelgoodfilth.
  4. It's about a college girl who's pretty shy on campus. But is a complete whore at the bar. She must keep her doings a secret from the teachers and other students. Daddy has put a lot of money into her going to such a high end school.
  5. But alas, her favorite teacher, and frankly the most important aside form the founder, came to the very bar she preforms at. He doesn't recognize her at first, her wig, makeup and unusual outfit passes over him. He pays the highest prices for her, still oblivious to the fact she's his prized pupil. She begins to accommodate his needs until he makes a mistake. As he tries to intertwine his fingers in her hair the wig comes off, revealing the thick long locks he'd know anywhere. She must explain herself before things get around school.
  6. But the professor has something in mind.
  7. An offer she can't refuse.
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