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  2. fun12/19/2018
  3. you ever play any Tony Hawk games as a kid?
  4. Alscenic12/19/2018
  5. yea pro skater 3 was like my fav game on ps2 lol
  6. fun12/19/2018
  7. owo
  9. YouTube
  10. Flippy
  11. thugpro guide
  13. Just barely got this installed
  14. Just online multiplayer Tony hawwk if you wanna play it sometime :3c:
  15. Alscenic12/19/2018
  16. I think I installed that but never played it
  17. fun12/19/2018
  18. You have a controller right?
  19. Alscenic12/19/2018
  20. yeah I have a steam controller and xbox one controller
  21. fun12/19/2018
  22. Cuz I'd imagine playing on keyboard would be Uber bad lol
  23. If u wanna get it running again I'll play it with u
  24. I've got 2 other friends to get it as well
  25. Alscenic12/19/2018
  26. yeah I could do that sometime
  27. fun12/19/2018
  28. And if you need links to the game or the mod I got em
  30. And
  32. Google Docs
  34. Alscenic12/19/2018
  35. oh I just have the game I don't think I have the mod
  36. nvm I did have it
  37. just not installed
  38. fun12/19/2018
  39. Lol nice, I literally just felt like playing some old TH and found that mod xd
  40. I'll let u know next time I'm playing it so u can join if u want to
  41. Alscenic12/19/2018
  42. mk
  43. fun12/19/2018
  44. blue_heart
  45. Alscenic12/19/2018
  46. aw
  47. purple_heart
  48. fun12/19/2018
  49. Will possibly play a bit tonight
  50. Alscenic12/19/2018
  51. I won't be on for a couple hours
  52. I was just about to leave to go have dinner with my dad
  53. fun12/19/2018
  54. u good it'll be late tonight xd
  55. Alscenic12/19/2018
  56. mk
  57. fun12/19/2018
  58. Like 11 ish your time I think
  59. Alscenic12/19/2018
  60. oh idk if I'll be on then
  61. I might
  62. fun12/19/2018
  63. will let u know regardless :+1:
  64. fun12/20/2018
  65. and they never played the game
  66. lol sorry, my fren wasn't on so I played something else instead, next time tho
  67. Alscenic12/20/2018
  68. can you promise me something
  69. fun12/20/2018
  70. Hmm?
  71. Alscenic12/20/2018
  72. can you promise that you'll be ok if I die
  73. fun12/20/2018
  74. That's a really hard promise to make
  75. Alscenic12/20/2018
  76. I'll be fine
  77. it's what I want
  78. I've already planned it out so that I won't suffer
  79. fun12/20/2018
  80. ...
  81. I can tell you I'll eventually be ok in the long run
  82. but like
  83. I don't want you to die
  84. Alscenic12/20/2018
  85. so you'll be ok?
  86. fun12/20/2018
  87. In no way do I condone you harming yourself
  88. Eventually yeah, I'll be ok
  89. But like, please
  90. I really don't want you gone
  91. Alscenic12/20/2018
  92. I really can't do this anymore
  93. what's the point of living when you're never happy and you always feel like shit
  94. it's been nearly a year
  95. over a year since all of this started
  96. I'm miserable every second of every day
  97. fun12/20/2018
  98. I'm just scared
  99. You're such a nice, sweet person
  100. Does rtj have access to stuff you've created like smash cannons and other projects, so they won't be completely lost?
  101. Alscenic12/20/2018
  102. I don't really care anymore
  103. I've thought about that
  104. I think you'll be ok
  105. fun12/20/2018
  106. I don't know what to say
  107. What do you tell a person that you're never going to see again?
  108. Question uhm
  109. When are you leaving :c
  110. Alscenic12/20/2018
  111. I don't know
  112. fun12/20/2018
  113. Hopefully not soooon :/
  114. Alscenic12/20/2018
  115. my plan is just to OD on sleeping meds and lay on the train tracks somewhere someone won't find me so all I have to do is drive there
  116. either that or hook up a hose to my car's exhaust and lead it inside
  117. I mainly just want to fall asleep and not wake up
  118. fun12/20/2018
  119. Dark
  120. Tbh going out in your sleep is probably the best way to go
  121. I still don't want you to, I'll never want you to die ever
  122. fun01/18/2019
  123. this is my drug
  124. YouTube
  125. Snickerdoodle
  126. Minecraft Menu Music with Rain for Sleep and Relaxation
  128. fun started a call.Today at 1:20 AM
  129. fun started a call.Today at 1:23 AM
  130. funToday at 1:26 AM
  131. did garret save your life?
  132. fun started a call.Today at 1:28 AM
  133. funToday at 1:29 AM
  134. i've been terrified to talk to you
  135. kyle are you mad at me?
  136. i just want to talk please
  137. fun started a call.Today at 1:32 AM
  138. funToday at 1:34 AM
  140. i just want to know who
  141. please talk to me
  142. funToday at 2:35 AM
  143. don't be mad at garret i'm so sorry, he didn't know we had a thing
  144. i understand a bit more now, i'm very glad you're happy, please stay that way
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