Super toxic ponies

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  1. Idea: Bright coloured ponys are toxic to Anon, while muted ones are relatively safe. Rainbow dash is like a mixer of abraxo, hemlock and black widdow venom topped of with a uraniun cherry.
  3. >It's been almost a week, lost in this psychotic forest filled with blue flowers that send you on crazy trips, and wooden wolves and big red lion scorpion things, but you've finally found freedom.
  4. >A treeline ahead, and beyond it, open fields of green.
  5. >Pushing yourself hard, you sprint through the last of the trees, the forest ending like a wall, you slipping into a pool of safety.
  6. >Grass has never felt this good as you lay down, staring up at an unobstructed, clear blue sky.
  7. >Your body screams for rest, but sleeping this close to that forest isn't wise.
  8. >With pained movements, you push yourself to your feet, and start walking.
  9. >It's not long before you come across a path, which eases the strain a little, and down it, in the distance, you spot a small town.
  10. >A second wind in your lungs, you pick up the pace towards civilization, your legs protesting the entire way.
  11. >From running to jogging to stumbling, your energy reserves quickly run low as you near the town, bringing you to a crashing halt just outside of town.
  12. "A nap would be fine I guess," you mutter to yourself, rolling onto your back, staring up at the sky, your eyes closing slowly.
  13. >Faint sounds of someone approaching reach you just before sleep takes you.
  14. ~
  15. >A soft bed underneath you is the first thing that makes you feel like something is off as you rejoin the world of the awake.
  16. >The second would be the strong smell of disinfectant and the bright white lights everywhere.
  17. >The third comes shortly after you sit up, as you notice a window into the white room you're in.
  18. >On the other side of the window is a pony, a white pony with a mute pink mane.
  19. >What's even weirder is it is wearing a nurse cap and is holding a clipboard.
  20. >They notice your movement and focus, and you hear a brief crackle before a female voice comes through a speaker.
  21. >"Hello, can you hear me? If you can understand, make an affirmative gesture."
  22. >Raising your right hand and waving it at the small horse, you see an exclamation of surprise and a brief scribbling on the clipboard.
  23. >"How are you feeling? Raise your right forelimb for good, left if you are injured or unwell."
  24. >Feeling yourself over, besides a little soreness, you're feeling pretty good.
  25. >Raising your right hand, you can swear the little pony smiles, before the voice returns.
  26. >"That's good. You're in the ponyville isolation ward right now, you were found just outside of town, and we sent a retrieval team to pick you up."
  27. >"We've run a few tests, and as far as we can tell, you're not inherently dangerous to us, though there was a problem with one of the samples we took."
  28. "Samples?" you ask, before immediately realizing they probably couldn't hear you.
  29. >"Oh good, you can talk! That will make everything easier. We took some samples from a few injuries you had before patching them up. One of the samples just up and died when one of the doctors brought it out to test."
  30. >"The other samples the nurses and I were using to test for diseases didn't really react or anything outside what would be normal."
  31. "Strange. Any idea why?"
  32. >"We're unsure as of yet, but given all we have discovered, it should be safe to let you out."
  33. >A couple clicks sound from a wall, and a door slides open.
  34. >Getting to your feet, stiffness sets in, and after a moment of rest, you start walking.
  35. >The pony dissapears from the window, and as you approach the door, you hear hooves on tile before seeing it come around a corner.
  36. >"Hello, I'm Nurse Redheart, and you are?"
  37. "Confused, mostly," you reply, shaking your head as you feel the start of a headache forming, "but after being in that crazy forest, I suppose cute little talking ponies are a nice alternative. My name's Anon, by the way."
  38. >She laughs a bit, before saying, "well, thats a pretty good response for something that just came out of the Everfree. We'll have a doctor check up on you before I turn you loose."
  39. "Sounds good."
  40. >She leads you through some halls, before coming to a door with a little plate on it.
  41. >Knocking on it with a hoof, she asks, "Doctor, are you in?"
  42. >"Yes, come in Redheart," is the reply, and she leads you inside.
  43. >As you enter, you feel the forming headache build a bit.
  44. >"Anon, This is Doctor Horse, the local doctor, and the pony who's sample of you died," she says, indicating an orange maned blue pony.
  45. >"It was quite unusual, normally such samples can survive days seperated from the host, yet as soon as I brought it out, it died. Complete cellular decay."
  46. "Well, we can hope that doesn't happen to me, then."
  47. >"Indeed, now, please have a seat," he says, indicating a low table.
  48. >Sitting down, you feel your headache grow more intense as he approaches, and with it rises nausea.
  49. >You reach to cover your mouth with one hand, but find it somewhat unresponsive and numb.
  50. >The nausea grows to be too much, and your body leans forward, purging what little was in your stomach, and a lot of digestive acid.
  51. >Both the Doctor and Redheart step back, the corrosive acid sizzling faintly.
  52. >"Redheart, get a neutralization kit in here, stat, I'll ensure his safety for now," the doctor orders, and Redheart runs off.
  53. >You don't hear this though, as you're dealing with a loud ringing in your ears on top of the nausea, headache and numbness.
  54. >Doctor Horse slowly backs away, constantly trying to speak to you through the ringing, which slowly fades away.
  55. >" you hear me? What's wrong?" you hear as he reaches where he was before, the nausea fading somewhat, and some sensation returning.
  56. "I'm... ugh, better, a bit, I just got nauseous and numb, before my ears started ringing."
  57. >"When did these symptoms start?"
  58. "I had a bit of a headache start to form around when I left the isolation room, but there was no nausea or any of that till just now."
  59. >"Quite unusual, very few diseases have such sudden onsets for symptoms, as well as such rapid reduction as well."
  60. >Redheart returns with a ase, which she opens and starts spreading a powder over the stomach acid, which fizzles as it is neutralized.
  61. >With a dustpan, she sweeps up the leftovers, offering a small smile to you as she passes.
  62. >"Hunger might explain some of it," she says, dumping the neutralized dust in a bag for disposal.
  63. >"For the time being, return him to the isolation room and bring him some lunch, I must consult some books."
  64. >"Right away, Doctor."
  65. >Led back through the halls, you flop down on the bed and relax as Redheart heads off to get lunch.
  66. >The cieling may be boring, but your muscles are quite fine with the rest, though it isn't long before Redheart is back.
  67. >Setting the tray next to you, she sits down on the end of the bed.
  68. >"So, if you don't mind, could I ask some questions about you? Purely professionally, of course."
  69. "Sure," you reply, picking at a sandwhich made with flowers, "as long as I can get stuff I can actually eat."
  70. >"Huh?"
  71. "I can't eat flowers. At this point, even apples or oranges would be great, though I'd love a nice baloney sandwich."
  72. >"We don't have any baloney, whatever that is, but I can definetly get you some fruit."
  73. "That'll be fine, thanks."
  74. >Hopping off the bed, she scurries out, taking the tray of inedible food with her.
  75. >And again, it's only a few minutes before she returns, this time with several ripe red apples.
  76. >Your mouth waters and your stomach grumbles seeing the edible food, and before she can even set the tray down, you've swiped an apple off.
  77. >Biting into the soft, juicy flesh of the fruit you close your eyes in joy, savouring the first good food you've had in a while.
  78. >Past the first bite, you quite literally chew through the rest of the apple, dropping the core onto the plate.
  79. "Phew, so, you said you had questions?"
  80. >"Oh, right, I guess the first one would be what are you?"
  81. "Human, We evolved from monkeys or chimps or something similar."
  82. >"So you're not from around here then, are you?"
  83. >"I doubt it," Doctor Horse says, entering the room, "otherwise he wouldn't be getting sick like he has been."
  84. >"What do you mean?" Redheart asks as you bite into your second apple, your attention on him.
  85. >"What do you remember from school about PoNI toxin?"
  86. >"Hmnnn, it was a defensive measure of primitive ponies to dissuade predators, but it doesn't have any use now."
  87. >"Indeed, a fairly textbook response, though I'm surprised you didn't give the medical book response."
  88. >Quickly clearing his throat, he says, "PoNI toxin or Photo Neuro Interference toxin, is a defence mechanism developed early on in pony history."
  89. >"It's potency depends on the pigmentation of the ponies fur and mane, with different colours being more powerful."
  90. >"Reds, yellows, blues and other bright colours are the most dangerous, while white, black, brown and oddly enough green, are relatively weak to non-emmiting."
  91. >"Faded versions of colours are much less potent compared to saturated ones, so taking you for example, being white with pale pink means your level of PoNI toxin is very low, as you can see with our patient here."
  92. >"Myself, on the other hoof, I have a much higher output level, so when I get near him, my PoNI begins to take effect, and a slew of symptoms arrive."
  93. >"PoNI toxin is unique in that it only effects those within a small radius, like a bubble around each pony, and when outside that bubble, it has no effect."
  94. "So that's why I've had a faint headache while around just Redheart, while when I got near you, my body started freaking out and shutting down."
  95. >"How does it work, exactly though? You were one of the ponies who brought him here, how come he didn't react then?"
  96. >"The suit," he replies, "they're sealed disease proof suits, which also are capable of blocking PoNI emmisions."
  97. "So, I'm gonna be stuck here until I get a suit like that made for me?"
  98. >"Not necessarily, so long as you avoid bright coloured ponies, and avoid being exposed to multiple ponies at once, you should be fine."
  99. >"Oh, and make sure you avoid the pony named Rainbow Dash. Because of her colouration, even brief exposure could be lethal."
  100. >Finishing off the last of the apples, you stretch out your back, letting some of the tension out.
  101. "In brief, I need to keep ponies away from me, except more natural coloured ones like Redheart, and avoid really bright ones because they will kill me?"
  102. >"Don't sound so grim about it, all you need to do is get a nice neutral coloured girl to fall in love with you and help you get stuff from around town, no problem," Redheart says.
  103. "How about you then?" you reply jokingly, "will you fall in love with me and help me survive?"
  104. >She starts stuttering, shocked by your proposal, till both you and the Doctor start chuckling.
  105. "Come on, that was a joke Redheart, I wouldn't propose to a girl I just met."
  106. >"Indeed, but it's not a bad idea, if you were to help him out a bit, Redheart, at least until the town knows about him and the problem with PoNI, you'd probably save his life."
  107. >"I suppose I can, but there is one problem I can forsee," she says, looking over at Doctor Horse, "Pinkie Pie."
  108. "Pinkie Pie?"
  109. >"She's a great pony, mind you, but there are a few problems. One, she's bright pink, two, she has little respect for personal space, especially with new friends, and three, she has shown signs of breaking the laws of reality at times."
  110. >As you lie back to think, Redheart hops off the bed, walking over to the door where the Doctor has stayed.
  111. >The two enter a quiet conversation, while you gather yourself after the week of bullshit you've been put through.
  112. "And it's probably only going to get weirder from here..." you mutter to yourself, covering your eyes briefly.
  113. >"Anon, would you mind staying here for a bit longer? I have an idea, but you'll have to be locked in so that they can't get near you."
  114. "Huh? Sure, if it keeps me from dying, that's fine. Then again, I'm not sure if I'm dead already, and this is my afterlife."
  115. >"Don't think like that," Redheart says, following the doctor out the door, "you're definetally alive, and you'll stay alive for a long time to come."
  116. >The door slides closed, the locks click, and silence fills the room.
  117. >Boredom quickly sets in, and you do what you have done every night for the past week.
  118. >Fiddle around with the stuff in your pockets.
  119. >Your wallet with a few bills and change, your ID, credit and debit cards, all probably useless here.
  120. >Your phone is gone, lost after a tumble down a ledge, and your house keys are about as useful as your cards.
  121. >So, you start throwing them up and catching them.
  122. >It's about all there is to do in this plain white room, at least since you don't have a good target to throw cards at.
  123. >Time ticks by with only the jingle of your keys, before you hear a click and static, drawing your attention to the window into the room.
  124. >Behind it is Redheart and a pink pony that you can almost feel giving you a headache from here.
  125. >"I'm back Anon, how are you doing?"
  126. "Fine, thanks, and this would be Pinkie Pie?"
  127. >"Yuppers!" Pinkie replies, "and I'm super duper excited to meet you, but the doctor said I can't because I'm poisonous to you."
  128. >Redheart whispers something to Pinkie, and her smile grows, before she starts bouncing.
  129. >"I can meet you, nurse Redheart said I just need to wear a suit. I've got a great one at home, it has a polka dot tie and everything."
  130. >The nurse whispers some more, and you catch Pinkies reply.
  131. >"Not that kind? Oh, awww... Can I still wear the tie? Yay!"
  132. >Pinkie bounces out of sight, and Redheart takes the mic for a moment, "sorry about that, she's very friendly and incredibly active, but rather childish at times."
  133. "There's no problem, just make sure the suit works."
  134. >"I doubt Pinkie would forgive me if it didn't."
  135. >Stepping away from the window, Readheart dissapears from view, leaving you to sit and wait for the door to open.
  136. >And it does a few minutes later, Pinkie Pie bouncing in wearing what looks like a radiation suit with a polka dot tie, Redheart walking in after her, unprotected as usual.
  137. >The faint headache attached to her returns as she gets in range, but Pinkie elicits no response, thankfully.
  138. >"Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie, and you must be that thing the doctors took through town while wearing these not very suit like suits, huh?"
  139. "I suppose I am, I wasn't awake at the time, so I wouldn't know."
  140. >Pinkie giggles, a smile quickly coming to her face, "I guess so. But I need to make you a welcoming party, but if you can't be around bright ponies, I'll have to find a way to make everything grey... Hmn.. Maybe Discord will help, but when he does everything becomes unfun, unless maybe he can make it so we're just grey without being grumps and meanie pants..."
  141. "It might be safer and easier to have a few of your friends come and party here with the safety suits on. If they're natural coloured though, they won't need one, so you can add more ponies that way, I guess."
  142. >"Not too many, mind you," Redheart adds, "each pony will have an additive effect on Anon with their toxin, so even if they're all safer like me, enough of then can and will cause serious harm."
  143. >"Okie Dokie Lokie, I'll find just a few friends and be back here with all the party stuff soon. Don't have fun without me!"
  144. >And with that, Pinkie rushes out of the room faster than the roadrunner.
  145. "She's... unique, I suppose, though I haven't met many ponies."
  146. >"Well, she's definetly one of a kind, but in a good way. Any more of her though, and things get ugly fast."
  147. "More of her?"
  148. >"There was an incident once with a magic cloning pool, and a whole horde of Pinkies were roaming around town. Everyone was having pink nightmares for a week after that."
  149. "Ouch."
  150. >"I did get two weeks paid vacation for working then though, and boy did I need it."
  151. "Sunny beach with cool drinks and good books?"
  152. >"How'd you know?"
  153. "Relaxation is universal, I think."
  154. >"Or we both just have good taste."
  155. >Sharing a laugh, you sit back down on the bed.
  156. "Wish I had something to read right now, tossing my keys can get boring after a while."
  157. >"I can get you something later, but knowing Pinkie, she'd probably return, party ready as you finish the first page."
  158. >"That I would," Pinkie says, popping her head in the door, before smiling and dissapearing again.
  159. >Opening your mouth to question it, Redheart covers it and shakes her head.
  160. >"You're better off not thinking about it."
  161. >Nodding, you wait till she's removed her rather soft hoof from your face.
  162. "So, we just wait then."
  163. >Seconds and minutes tick by on a non-existent clock, and before long, you hear some loud scuffling and voices from outside the door.
  164. >Ponies start filling in, most wearing the same yellow suit as Pinkie, who is towing a wagon behind her.
  165. >"Welcome to Ponyville, Anon!" Pinkie exclaims, kicking a button on the wagon that makes it fire streamers, confetti and banners everywhere.
  166. >"These are some of my bestest friends and ponies who you should be able to be around," Pinkie exclaims, gesturing at the group.
  167. >"Everyp0ny, this is Anon, he wound up here somehow, and bright coloured ponies are posionous to him."
  168. >"Of course, PoNI toxin!" a purple one exclaims, "Basically all species native to Equestria are immune to it, but if he's foreign, it would explain why we're toxic."
  169. >"And those of us who are of more natural colours?" a tan pony with grey hair asks.
  170. >"The strength of the toxin is directly related to how bright and unnatural the colour is, which is why Pinkie mentioned Rainbow Dash would be super duper uber toxic."
  171. >"Erm, and what about dyed manes or coats? Does the new colour change the intensity of the toxin, or does it work on the old one?"
  172. >The purple one shrugs and looks to Redheart, who shrugs as well.
  173. >"Truth be told, there has never been a case of someone being affected by PoNI toxin in the times where we've had fur dyes, so there is no record of what happens."
  174. >"So maybe I can give Anon a pony to not pony hug if I dye myself white or brown or something!?" Pinkie asks, bouncing up and down.
  175. "Maybe, but wouldn't it be safer to test with a pony that's not very dangerous in the first place, like say, if Miss white and purple over there dyed her mane to be white, if nothing happened, it wouldn't be too bad."
  176. >"My name is Rarity, Anon, and I would prefer not to dye my fabulous mane, thank you very much."
  177. "I wouldn't dream of forcing you to change it," you reply with a small bow, "It was merely an example."
  178. >"Such a charmer," Rarity giggles, her hoof covering her mouth.
  179. >"No time for that, Rarity, we need to PARTY!" Pinkie exclaims, pushing another button on her wagon, and music starts playing.
  180. >The party is filled with music and dancing, snacks and socializing, and while the near continual headache sucks, it's bearable.
  181. >You meet all manners of ponies, from Twilight, the smart purple unicorn, to the quiet Fluttershy, and even the infamously deadly Rainbow Dash.
  182. >She seemed oddly proud of that, saying she was, "So awesome I can kill a human by being near them."
  183. >One pony though, who is introduced as Mayor Mare, seems to avoid you, despite being highly neutral.
  184. >She was the one who brought up the good point about dyed fur, though it will have to be looked at in the future.
  185. >Right now, she's heading to leave the party, and you run to catch up with her.
  186. "Miss Mayor, wai-" you start, before your body locks up, the mild headache flaring to a serious one as you get near her.
  187. >Turning and seeing you grabbing for your head, she quickly scurries away, the pressure and pain slipping from your body, leaving you gasping for air.
  188. >"I'm sorry, I'm probably not safe to be around," she says, before running from the room.
  189. >Readheart rushes to your side, and Pinkie orbits uncertainly while you recover.
  190. >"I remember back in high school, she had a bright pink mane," Redheart whispers, "I think she dyed it to look professional."
  191. "Guess that answers the dyeing question."
  192. >"So I can't dye myself to hug you? Awww..." Pinkie says with a sigh.
  193. >The party goes on to completion, and soon you and Redheart are alone again in the room.
  194. "How long should I stay here, or well, how long will it be before knowledge ogf my condition becomes common around town?"
  195. >"I don't think it'll be long, though you'll probably want to live on the outskirts of town, just in case."
  196. "Well, it seems like if I'm careful, I should be fine."
  197. >"And if you ever need to relax and get away, this room is almost always available. It may not be a beach with cold drinks and good books, but you'll not have to worry about toxins in here."
  198. >Flopping back on the bed, you sigh and stare at the ceiling.
  199. "I'm still not sure if I'm dead or not, or if this is a crazy dream or reality or whatever, but at this point, I don't care. Things are working out fine, so it's not like I need to worry about anything right now."
  200. >"Except that most of us are poisonous to you, but that can be fixed. I'm sure we can get a safety suit made for you."
  201. >"Hmn... the seamstress may need some help getting measurements though, since she's kind of like Mayor Mare, where her coat is safe, but her mane isn't."
  202. "Rarity, I would guess?"
  203. >"Yeah, but how?"
  204. "She seemed like the type. Gossipers are all the same, and they're often hair dressers, or other jobs that require people to be beside you for extended periods of time."
  205. >"That can wait for tomorrow though, right now, you should think about getting something more to eat."
  206. >Your stomach lets itself known that yes, it agrees with that statement, leaving you in no position to argue.
  207. >"Alright, come on, I'll take you to the cafeteria, see if you can find more to eat then just apples."
  208. >The path to the cafeteria is long and winding, likely because Redheart is leading you through back paths, given how many buttons and card swipes she has to go through, but in the end, you manage to reach the cafeteria without fainting from hunger.
  209. >Leading you up to the counter, she introduces you to a somewhat chubby mare with a big smile and fading fur.
  210. >"So, you must be the big guy they brought in the other day. My names Sue, Sue Flay, what can I get for ya?"
  211. "Hmn, I don't want this to sound offensive, but do you have any meat? Pretty much any kind is fine, humans are true omnivores, and all I've had to eat for the last while is plants, so I need protein."
  212. >"Is fish good? We keep it around for stews and the occasional gryphon patient we get."
  213. "That'd be great, but why do you use it for stews?"
  214. >Glancing around, she motions you closer, though you still stay a little far from her.
  215. >"Most ponies find the thought of eating meat horrific, so we just break it into a stew in little bits, and tell the ponies its got medical stuff in it to help them get better, and they don't question the taste."
  216. "Clever. I'd prefer mine baked, if possible."
  217. >"Not a problem. Want anything else with that?"
  218. "A plain salad'll be fine, and thanks for cooking for me."
  219. >"You're welcome, hun'. It'll all be ready shortly. How about you, Redheart, you want anything?"
  220. >"I'm good, thanks."
  221. >Making your way to a table at the side of the room, you awkwardly lower yourself into one of the pony seats.
  222. >Redheart seats herself on the outside, towards where the few other ponies are, probably ready to deter them if they come.
  223. "Thanks for all this Redheart, it means a lot."
  224. >"Huh?" she asks, looking back at you.
  225. "All of you help. Even now, you're making sure no toxic pony will get close to me accidently."
  226. >"I just don't want to see you hurt, it's my job."
  227. "Still, you're going out of your way to help, and for that, Thank you so much."
  228. >Reaching out, you pat her head, despite the minor tingling you feel doing so.
  229. >And, she's now blushing.
  230. >"Uh, you're welcome then," she replies, her gaze locked on the table.
  231. >A brief silence falls between you, before it is cleanly cut by Sue dropping off a plate with still steaming fish on it.
  232. >"Your salad'll be here in a moment, I just have to grab it," she says, before trotting off.
  233. >She returns less than a minute later, to find you plucking at the fish with your fingers, despite the heat.
  234. >"You want a fork for that, hun?" she asks, and you nod, mouth too busy watering to talk.
  235. >A fork is brought, and the fish soon crumbles, devoured by the superior predator.
  236. >Okay, so you didn't do anything to defeat this fish, but your deep predatory instincts were still happy.
  237. >Redheart on the other hand, it seems she can't stand to watch you devour the flesh of another living thing.
  238. >Scarfing down the last of the fish, you chew through the salad, patting your now contented stomach.
  239. "Ah, I needed that. So, what time is it? I haven't noticed a clock around yet, though being in an isolation room doesn't help."
  240. >"Well, there's a clock up there," she says, pointing to a clock with strange symbols on it, "And according to the clock, it's past the end of my shift."
  241. "If you would be so kind as to guide me to my room, I'm sure you can get home to do whatever you want before it's too late."
  242. >"Oh, so you're that eager to get rid of me then, fine."
  243. "Don't be that way, Red," you say, poking her nose, "I'd love your company further, but I also don't want to take whatever time you'd have for yourself away."
  244. >"Alright, alright, so I guess I'll escort you back now, and then in the morning, I'll take you to see Rarity, so we can get your measurements for your suit."
  245. "Sounds good. Lead away, my good pony."
  246. >Following a similar path back, it's not long before Redheart is locking you in your room, leaving you little to do before sleep.
  247. >At least she got you a clock, though without being able to read the time, it's not much help.
  248. >Still, with most of the day gone by already, sleep is always a welcome option.
  249. >And so, you crawl into the soft bed and fall asleep.
  250. ~
  251. >"Please try and hold still, Darling," the migrane inducing pony says, her tape measures measuring you and binding you in equal measure.
  252. "I'm trying, but it's hard to when it feels like my head will split in half at any second," you reply through gritted teeth.
  253. >"I'm all for being dramatic, Anon, but I know being around me isn't that bad," she jokingly replies, "and besides, there are only a few more measurements to go."
  254. >Your arm is pulled out, measured, and dropped, before your sight dissapears as your face is covered in a horde of tapes.
  255. >"Every detail is important," she replies to the muffled sounds you get out while basically gagged.
  256. >Letting out a sigh, you just give in, slowly nursing your hatred of bright colours and their headache inducing powers.
  257. >"Aaaand, done," Rarity says several minutes later, backing away till you feel the migrane fade.
  258. "It may have been painful for me to do this, and while I may have been a bit rude while my head was pounding, thanks for doing this, Rarity."
  259. >"Not a problem Darling, it will be a fun challenge, making a suit from such an unusual material for an unusual fellow."
  260. "Unusual fabric?"
  261. >"Not many fabrics can resist PoNI toxin, and even fewer are immune to it, but I'm sure I can make something both functional and stylish."
  262. >Kneading your temples, you nod in aknowledgement.
  263. "Just make sure I can breathe and see, and it has to be able to let me go to the bathroom fairly quickly."
  264. >"I wouldn't imagine denying you any of these."
  265. "Thanks, and now, I have to find something safe to do for a while..."
  266. >"Personally," she says, touching her chest with a hoof, "I'd visit the spa, since you look like you need to relax, but they're both quite bright, you might not survive."
  267. "Yeah, not dying would definetly be a plus, but I'm not sure where I could go. Maybe a walk in the woods, or some place just out of town."
  268. >"Perhaps you could visit Fluttershy. She lives not to far from town, and while she may be a bit bright, she's also not one for close contact either."
  269. "I'll consider it, and thanks again, Rarity," you say, walking to the door.
  270. >"Don't mention it, Darling, unless of course, somepony famous asks who made it, then yes, mention it lots."
  271. "It will need to be made first, Rarity, remember."
  272. >"Eheheh, right, I often get ahead of myself when it comes to fashion, but anyways, adieu."
  273. >Walking out of the large carousel shaped building, you look around, trying to find a safe path through town.
  274. >It feels like trying to find a path between patches of fire, black widows, and bottomless pits, with a splash of venom spitting snakes, for good measure.
  275. >A small path does open for you though, and it grows wider, as ponies notice you and give you a bit wider of a berth.
  276. >Several small ponies make to come towards you but a grownup stops them, saying something you can't hear, so instead, the foals wave to you, and you wave back.
  277. >Not much later, you clear the edge of town, finally able to move freely.
  278. >It may be freedom from a self imposed prison, so to speak, but freedom nonetheless.
  279. >Hell, it was only one day, but getting back out into the open air is so relieving.
  280. >Stretching your arms out, you flop back onto the grass, gazing up at the clear blue sky.
  281. >It was only two days ago or so that you were last out here, but back then, you were on your last legs, now, you feel like a new man.
  282. >Well, a man with a new life is more accurate, but who cares.
  283. >Seconds turn into minutes like this, and soon, boredom rears its head.
  284. >No books, no phone, no internet, no computer, hell, not even a ball to play with.
  285. "Nobody to talk to either..." you sigh.
  286. >"Umm, I could talk, if you want..." a quiet voice says, and you turn your head to see Fluttershy a little ways away.
  287. "Oh, hi there, Fluttershy, what brings you out here?"
  288. >"I live close to here, and often wander around when I have nothing to do. It's quiet and peaceful, just how I like it."
  289. "I see. I'm out here because there isn't much I can do in town while I wait for Rarity to make a toxin proof suit for me, and sitting around in that isolation room isn't fun."
  290. >"It wouldn't be, would it. Rarity is a really good seamstress though, and a fast one at that. You shouldn't have to worry about waiting too long, but if you want, you can ask me stuff if you want to."
  291. >Despite being rather introverted, Fluttershy turns out to be quite the storyteller, recounting some of her adventures with her friends.
  292. >In return, you tell stories of before you came here.
  293. >A good bit of the day passes like this, before she heads off, some chore needing to be done.
  294. >At one point, you noticed Rainbow Dash fly by, but she kept her distance.
  295. >Getting fairly hungry, you skirt town, heading back for your temporary home.
  296. >The fact Ponyville General, as it's called, is just outside town makes it that much safer for you to get to.
  297. >"You could say Ponyville has great, 'Hospital'ity," Pinkie says, popping out of a bush on the side of the road, far and safe enough away for you not to feel her.
  298. "Really, Pinkie, you came to make that pun?"
  299. >"And bring you these," she says, pushing over a box with balloons holding it aloft at the perfect height.
  300. >Catching the box, you open the lid to find it full of cookies.
  301. "Wow, thank you Pinkie, did you make these yourself?"
  302. >"Yuppers. I have to run though, so enjoy, Anon."
  303. >She dissapears back inside the bush, leaving you to continue on in peace, a box of cookies now in your possession.
  304. >Delicious smelling chocolate chip cookies.
  305. >Your stomach grumbles, complaining about the lack of delicious gooey goodness inside it, making what little will you had fail.
  306. >Ripping a cookie in half, you chow down on it, and it is as tasty as it smelled.
  307. >Both halves dissapear into your maw within a minute, and while it may be sated for a moment, your hunger will not be halted by this.
  308. >Hastening back to the hospital, you wait at the front for Redheart to be called so she can guide you back to the cafeteria.
  309. >Soon, you see her come, a smile playing on her lips.
  310. >"Can't even go a day without my help? My, you are just like a child Anonymous."
  311. "Says the silly coloured talking pony. I just don't trust walking around here, given anything could come out of any door at any time."
  312. >"Right..." she says, rolling her eyes, "well then, let's go."
  313. "Don't sound so sad about it. You're getting to spend time with the only human around."
  314. >"And that's a good thing? I guess I do get to spend time away from the smell of medicines and cleaners, dealing with you, but you're a grown human, I think, you should be able to walk on your own."
  315. >Giving a laugh, you nod and gesture her ahead.
  316. "Well, since you're here anyways, how about we get dinner together?"
  317. >"I suppose we could. Come on."
  318. >Following her throuh the back passages of the hospital, you arrive in the cafeteria quite quickly.
  319. >After making your orders, you claim a table, sitting down against a wall.
  320. "I know this must be a bit of a pain, Redheart, but thanks. And hopefully, Rarity will have the suit done post haste."
  321. >"It's no problem. By the way, how did the measuring go?"
  322. "It felt like my brain was going to rip in half and run away most of the time."
  323. >"There's no way it was that bad, Anon."
  324. "Think of the worst headache you've ever had. Now imagine someone stuck and metal pot on your head and is hammering away at it. That's about how bad it was."
  325. >"Ouch."
  326. "Yeah, and that was for the entire time I was there."
  327. >The food arrives, and for a moment, Redheart just picks at it, seemingly unsure of something.
  328. >Mid bite, you notice this and set your fork down.
  329. "What's up?"
  330. >"I don't know, I guess I just feel a little bad for making fun of you. I've seen what the poison can do, I really should have been more professional."
  331. "What's done is done, Redheart," you say with a shrug, "and besides, it doesn't bother me much."
  332. >"Still..."
  333. >Leaning over, you flick her softly on the nose, drawing her attention.
  334. "I said it doesn't bother me, so don't worry about it."
  335. >"But..."
  336. "Quiet. Food now, mope later."
  337. >She opens her mouth to complain again, but you cut her off with a fork full of fish in her mouth.
  338. "I said food now," you scold as she coughs and scrapes the taste off her tongue.
  339. >Turning back to your dinner, you dig in, and after a momentary glare, she goes back to her meal.
  340. >The meal passes in silence, save for when Redheart had to redirect a curious pony away.
  341. >Given you're a six or so foot tall hairless monkey, it's no surprise.
  342. >Still, most of the population knows, and thankfully avoids you.
  343. >Or more accurately, gives you a safe berth.
  344. >It still doesn't help in closed buildings, like the hospital, but the kind white nurse pony helps.
  345. >She is a little irate, staring angrily at you right now, but then, nobody likes fish being stuck in their mouthes, especially not herbivores.
  346. >In fact, her look makes you feel like she was wishing her mane was brighter, probably.
  347. >Admitedly, she isn't exactly intimidating, in fact, her angry face is rather cute.
  348. "Sorry, Redheart, if you want to be scary, you'll have to do better than that."
  349. >A quiet grumble comes from her throat, before she lets out a sigh.
  350. >"Whatever. Come on, if you're done, I can lead you back to your room."
  351. "Oh? Impatient to get rid of me?"
  352. >"Well, you don't have plans to go anywhere, so I figured you'd be best off left in your room."
  353. "I see your point, but that's a little blunt."
  354. >"Says the human who shoved fish in my mouth."
  355. "Fair enough, and no, I don't have any other plans, so I suppose we can go back."
  356. >Through the halls once again, and you are back at your temporary home, an isolation chamber.
  357. "You know, if I was back home, and I told people I saw talking toxic bright coloured ponies, I'd get a room similar to this one, actually."
  358. >"I'm surprised you didn't have one already," she replies with a smug grin.
  359. "Cheeky, but no, I'm quite sane, well, I am if this isn't some vivid halucination."
  360. >"I've told you this several times, we're not hallucinations."
  361. "I know, but this is still surreal."
  362. >"Try some sleep then, you'll wake up aain, and each day you'll feel more normal here, hopefully."
  363. >You walk in, and she stands at the door, till you hop on the bed.
  364. "Yeah. Thanks," you say, laying back.
  365. >The door closes, the light clicks off, and there is a brief moment of silence before the intercom turns on and you hear a faint, "Good night."
  366. ~
  367. "Does this have to be so tight?" you snap at Rarity as she helps you pull up the bottom half of the under layer of the suit, "and did it have to be green?"
  368. >"It's the most transparent colour while providing the most protection. Now there's no need to be snippy. you should be glad I'm helping you."
  369. "I can do it myself," you reply, grabbing the top and pulling it down.
  370. >With these two parts, only your head and hands are uncovered, and so you pull down the mask and fit on the gloves.
  371. >Like a switch was flipped, the headache goes away, and everything is normal, save a slight tinge of green.
  372. "Wow, this works amazingly," you say, standing up straight, taking a deep breath, "and there's nearly no obstruction for breathing or sight."
  373. >"Thank you darling, but it alone isn't enough to handle the more, dangerous ponies, so I made this as well."
  374. >Floating up is a full black suit with white undershirt and a bright red tie.
  375. >"I'll leave you to get dressed while I sketch down some ideas for other protective clothing you could wear."
  376. >With that, she leaves to her back room, letting you pull on the suit.
  377. >Your fingers, despite being covered still giving you excellent tactile feedback, making the process easier.
  378. "All done, Rarity, it fits great."
  379. >Trotting back in, she smiles wide, "Oh yes, it looks absolutely fabulous, and I'm getting so many ideas for other clothing. I don't mean to rush you out, but when inspirations strikes, you must always grab it full force."
  380. "No problem, and thanks," you say, adjusting everything as you head to the door.
  381. >With a deep breath, you prepare for your new life.
  382. >Your life as Anon in Equestria.
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