Apr 20th, 2019
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  1. One of the many little joys which surprised you in the shared life between you an Alita is watching her grow. Sometimes you barely recognise your partner; self-assured and honed to a deadly edge as she rises through the Motorball ranks. Perhaps the change is one of refinement. The cyborg you met had so many rough edges. Scars across her heart and soul. The memories you have of her reserved looks and tiny lip quivers from your first kisses are just as valuable as her confidence now. Together you’ve healed, and together you’ve found a precious balance. Though your friends would certainly take a dig at you for it, you do love her willingness to take charge. It suits her well.
  3. With this growth in mind, it doesn’t surprise you when she comes to find you at your desk in the study. You’ve had your head buried in sketches for a trawling prototype, and though you feel her fingers softly play over the back of your neck you don’t look up from the diagram before you. You hear an affronted hum before she leans in towards you. Her breath tickles the back of your neck as she whispers.
  5. “Come keep me company. You’ve been in here for ages.” There’s a playfulness to her voice which brings out a smile in you. You reach over your shoulder, fishing for her fluffy hair. With a quick stroke through it you respond.
  7. “I’d love to Ali, but I need to finish this. Dayal wants the diagrams tomorrow.”
  9. The tightening of her hand around your hair indicates that this is the wrong answer. Lightning-fast she hooks the chair leg with her foot and with seemingly no effort spins it away from the desk. Your surprised exclamation dies as she settles on to your lap, facing you with legs splayed across either side and hand still gripping your hair iron-tight. With your first good look at her you realise quickly that she’s nude, and you feel your cheeks grow hot. Her eyes flash and she pulls your hair back. You whimper slightly as pinpricks of pain mix with excitement and you tilt your head upwards, cursing your hair’s length. She nuzzles her face up against your neck, and when she speaks her voice is low and breathy. There’s a dangerous edge to it.
  11. “That’s such a shame. But I don’t want to move.” She kisses your neck and you shudder as her teeth scrape across your sensitive skin. You run your hands along her lithe body and she moans in to your chest, pulling harder on your hair. The warmth between the two of you grows, and through the haze of feeling you realise that if you don’t move her now, you’re not going back to your work. You slowly try to push her away, but as you increase your force you feel pressure set in to your chest as she pushes back with her full weight. You feel her shudder as she presses in to you, rocking back and forth slightly on your lap. You try pleading as a last resort before your mind gives in fully to your body’s desires.
  13. “Ali I really should-”
  15. She cuts you off with her mouth, roughly kissing you as she collects your hands with her own free one. You feel the force of her desire overwhelming your senses as you resign yourself to her control. She breaks off the kiss and tilts your head forward, eyes burning deep in to yours as she speaks, steel wrapped in velvet through her words.
  17. “You should be here with me.” She pauses, then a predatory grin spreads across her face. “I like when you struggle. It’s cute. But I never lose.”
  19. Her hand tightens around your hair again and you lose yourself in the crackling electricity of her passion, matched with the flow of your own. Everything else is forgotten, as it should be.
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