Tarnished Silver - Chapters 1 and 2

Feb 11th, 2013
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  1. >Day Tarnished Silver in Equestria.
  2. >You are Anon the Criminal.
  3. >You were sitting on the electric chair. The warden looked into your eyes when he flipped the switch.
  4. >That was a lifetime ago.
  5. >Are you dead? Are you being given a second chance?
  6. >It wasn’t long before you returned to your old ways. Doing drugs, and working for the underground.
  7. >The local boss is a p0ny named Mr. Rich. He doesn’t like it when people use his first name.
  8. >You can’t do robbery, your specialty. You can’t blend in, so you work as a guard.
  9. >Mostly you look intimidating, and say, “Yea boss” when Mr. Rich asks you a rhetorical question.
  10. >You have that classic Eastern European look. Some might describe it as used up.
  11. >You wear a custom suit. All of your clothes are custom now that you think about it. There isn’t a big market for human clothes.
  12. >Your hands are gnarled. They were smashed in when you were in the wrong place and wrong time. You should see the other guy though. He’s in a shallow grave.
  13. >You have hooked up with Fluttershy a few times. You’ve had sex with worse.
  14. >It didn’t mean anything to you. She’s just a cum dumpster.
  15. >Nop0ny is good enough for you to love. They are all animals.
  16. 1/11
  18. >One pony has taken an interest in you. You think its more about power than anything.
  19. >She looks at you with contempt. You’re just another hired hoof. A thug not even worth acknowledging.
  20. >This annoys you. You could be running things here, but you’re just a bottom fiddle.
  21. >You hear a knock at the door and open it.
  22. >”Is Diamond home?”
  23. No, she and Mr. Rich are out eating.
  24. >”She told me she would be here.”
  25. Yea? Well she’s not.
  26. >”What am I supposed to do?”
  27. I don’t know, and I don’t care.
  28. >”Entertain me.”
  29. >You laugh at her.
  30. I only take orders from Mr. Rich.
  31. >”My father is the richest p0ny in P0nyville. You should be ecstatic just talking with me.”
  32. Why? Because you are a spoiled brat?
  33. >She frowns at you. She must be used to getting her way.
  34. >”I’ll talk to my dad, and then he will talk to Mr. Rich and you will belong to me.”
  35. I doubt it.
  36. >”I guess we will see.”
  37. >Three days later you are guarding Silver Spoon.
  38. >”Jump”
  39. How high?
  40. >She curls her lip. “As high as you can”
  41. >You jump. She claps her hooves and laughs at you.
  42. >”Now jump again.”
  43. I just did!
  44. >”DO IT!”
  45. 2/11
  47. >You crouch and jump and high as you can. You raise your arm to hit the imaginary block over you.”
  48. >She laughs at you.
  49. >”Very good Anon. I am pleased.”
  50. I’m glad.
  51. >”What to do now? What if I made you roll in mud?
  52. What would be the point of that?
  53. >”You don’t get paid to ask questions”
  54. >You shrug your shoulders. You don’t quite understand what you are being paid for. Silver Spoon doesn’t need protection. No on- pony would mess with her or her family.
  55. Why are you doing this to me Silver?
  56. >”What do you mean Anon?” she says indignantly.
  57. You clearly don’t like me, but I don’t know why. Your father pays me to protect you, but all I do is entertain you. Anyon – pony, fuck that, any one who tried to hurt you would get punished severely.
  58. >”You said I didn’t own you. Now you have to do anything I say.”
  59. “Within reason,” you correct her.
  60. >”What is within reason?”
  61. >”Protecting you. Nothing else.”
  62. >She puts a hoof to her chin.
  63. >You sit next to her on the couch.
  64. >”Hold me”
  65. What?
  66. >”You heard me. Hold me. I want to feel safe.”
  67. I’m not doing that.
  68. >You can feel the heat of her anger emanating from her.
  69. >”I’ll get you fired.”
  70. I don’t care.
  71. >
  72. >You are now unemployed. No one will hire you.
  73. >It’s been two weeks. You haven’t had more than rice and beans for a meal.
  74. >A man shouldn’t have to live like this.
  75. >You put on your coat.
  76. >You are going to ask for your old job back.
  77. >You know you are going to regret this.
  78. 3/11
  80. >You are outside of Silver’s house.
  81. >You knock on the door and wait. A few moments later, Silver pops her head out.
  82. >”What do you want?”
  83. I’m here to ask for my old job back.
  84. >”Let me think for a moment.” Silver puts a hoof to her chin and ponders. “No.”
  85. >The door slams in your face.
  86. >You knock again, but no one answers. You can hear giggling on the other side of the door.
  87. >The nerve of these ponies. This is why you drink.
  88. >The door opens again, but this time it’s Diamond who pops her head out.
  89. >”Why are you still here Anon? You’re making the whole neighborhood look bad.”
  90. >You hear Silver say something behind Diamond.
  91. >”I’m getting to that!” Diamond says to Silver.
  92. >”And you smell,” she adds.
  93. >The door slams in your face again. You can hear more giggling.
  94. >You pull out a flask, and take a long swig. You like the burning. You can see the fillies looking through the small windows on either side of the door.
  95. >Fuck this.
  96. >You start walking away.
  97. >”Hey Anon.”
  98. >You look behind you. The door is slightly open.
  99. >You keep walking.
  100. >”Come back Anon.”
  101. >You stop. You take a breath. This better be good. You turn around and enter Silver’s house.
  102. >”We’re over here” You hear a voice coming from the sitting room.
  103. >Silver and Diamond are sitting on a couch. They have notes out. Diamond is crunching numbers on a comically oversized calculator.
  104. >She shows the printout to Silver. Silver feigns shock.
  105. >They start hitting each other playfully.
  106. >”Just say it!”
  107. >”Anon, we have good news and bad news.”
  108. Give me the bad news first.
  109. >”You can’t be my guard anymore. You know how it is- budget cuts and such.”
  110. And the good news?
  111. >”You can be our Helper Monkey.”
  112. 4/11
  114. >It’s not like you did anything besides entertain them anyway.
  115. >”Naturally the Helper Monkey position pays less, but it is a full time position.”
  116. >”Basically you will do everything as before plus whatever Silver tells you to.” DT explains.
  117. Fine. When do I start?
  118. >”Right now.”
  119. Great.
  120. >They jump up and giggle. They run to the backyard, and you follow.
  121. >”We have to make sure you don’t have any lice.”
  122. >Diamond is holding a hose over a wooden wash bucket. In it is a dirty kitchen sponge and dish soap.
  123. >You look at the dirty sponge and then back at them. They have creepy smiles on their faces.
  124. >Why can’t you have a normal life?
  125. >”Go ahead,” Silver says as she waves a hoof at you.
  126. >You climb into the bucket.
  127. >”You need to be naked first Anon.”
  128. >You remove your shoes and your shirt. You have scars from a knife fight long ago. An unlicensed physician patched you up, but he was a butcher.
  129. There
  130. >”You can’t bathe with all that on. Take it all off.”
  131. >Silver has a “do it filly” look on her face.
  132. >You strip down to your underwear.
  133. >Diamond is losing her patience. “Stop being a prude Anon.”
  134. >You take off your last shred of dignity. You don’t bother hiding your manhood.
  135. >”That’s a good monkey.” DT says.
  136. >”Hes a blank flank!” Silver says shocked.
  137. Humans don’t get tattoos on their ass.
  138. >”You mean monkeys Anon.”
  139. >You don’t respond.
  140. >It’s a staring contest. A battle of wills.
  141. >You slowly crouch down and grab the dirty sponge. You apply the citrusy dish soap to it.
  142. >DT and Silver take turns hosing you. They constantly switch from full blast, to light rain, to a trickle. The intermittent spraying is always accompanied by laughter.
  143. >Soon enough they get bored of their game, and allow you to dry off.
  144. >”I’m going to Diamonds house. You can get your things and make yourself comfortable.”
  145. 5/11
  147. >You decide to visit the servant’s quarters. You were aware of it before, but you have never entered the attic before.
  148. >You stand before the spiral staircase. It’s wrought iron. It’s in stark contrast to the rest of the house.
  149. >You take a breath before ascending.
  150. >There is a small hallway, and three doors. Silver never told you which one was to be yours.
  151. >You poke your head into the first room. There is a small dresser, and a bed fit for a mud pony. The view is nice though. It overlooks the shrub maze in the backyard.
  152. >You walk to the next room. This one is clearly occupied. It is tastefully decorated. This must be where that one maid pony lives.
  153. >You open the last door. It’s a bathroom. Again, it is covered in girlie decorations and accessories.
  154. >You go back to what you assume will be your room.
  155. >You lay down on the bed. You have to curl into the fetal position to fit.
  156. >You sigh to yourself. At least now you won’t have to pay rent.
  157. >You hear someone coming up the stairs. You sit up quickly.
  158. >The pony walks past, stops, and then turns to you through the open door.
  159. >She looks confused, but that quickly passes.
  160. >”Can I help you Anon?”
  161. No. I’m fine. Thanks.
  162. >Confusion again sets in.
  163. >”You know this is the servants quarters, right?”
  164. >Non-servants aren’t allowed in attic. That would be like walking into someone else’s house uninvited.
  165. I know. I live here now.
  166. >”Really?”
  167. Yes really. I am now the resident Helper Monkey.
  168. >This pony usually blended into the furniture. It was never your place to tell her what to do, so you mostly ignored her. Silver rarely acknowledged her.
  169. >”A helper monkey? What’s that?”
  170. 6-1/11
  172. I don’t know. Silver wasn’t very clear.
  173. >”Ms Spoon” The pony corrects you. “But that’s fine. We should get to know each other then.”
  174. >She thinks for a moment, and brings back a bottle of cider. She pours two glasses, and hands/hooves one to you.
  175. >Thankfully she reintroduces herself. Her name is Shoeshine and she comes from a long family tradition of serving ponies. She relates how her family has worked for the Spoons for 5 generations.
  176. >She seems happy with her lot in life. She does complain about working too much. She wants to meet a nice stallion so she can continue the tradition.
  177. >While she’s talking to take the time to look over her. She’s a blue pony with a light blue mane. Her cutie mark is two horseshoes. Her eyes are red or pink. You can’t tell in this light.
  178. >Now it’s your turn. You gloss over a lot of the details. You don’t need her to know about your past.
  179. >You tell her that you were sitting on a wooden chair when you fell asleep. You woke up here in Equestria.
  180. >You don’t mention that you killed a man and were sentenced to execution. You are trying to build a new life here.
  181. >She is satisfied, and leaves you alone.
  182. 6/11
  184. >You go back to your rented apartment and collect your things. It’s not much, it all fits in a large backpack.
  185. >You pay off the rest of your weekly rent, and return to your quarters.
  186. >The first thing out of your bag is a syrette. Its late enough that you won’t be bothered. You lock the door.
  187. >You put away the rest of your belongings; a spare suit, a few undergarments, and two bottles of vodka.
  188. >You put a bottle and the syrette on your bedside table.
  189. >You strip down to your undergarments and lay down in the fetal position.
  190. >You position your left arm in front of you, and aim for the vein.
  191. >
  192. >You are woken by knocking on your door.
  193. >”It’s time to get up Anon.”
  194. >Light is barely peeking through the window. It’s still early.
  195. >”We have to get things ready for when the Spoons wake up.”
  196. >You groan loudly. You reach for the bottle, and take a swig. The burning makes you whole again.
  197. “Alright, I’m coming.”
  198. >You get up and unlock the door.
  199. >”Take a shower. I’ll have breakfast ready in a little bit.” Shoeshine says.
  200. >You nod, and commence the morning ritual. You end it with another drink. You feel like today is going to be a long one.
  201. >You descend the stairs and smell the woodfired stove.
  202. >Shoeshine is in the kitchen, cooking eggs and hash browns.
  203. >”Hello Anon.”
  204. Good morning Shoeshine.
  205. >”You know, you should get up earlier, the Spoons will be awake any minute.”
  206. >You nod at her.
  207. >”Here. Have something to eat.” She says as she hands you a plate.
  208. “Thanks.”
  209. >You start walking toward the dining room table.
  210. >”Anon? That one isn’t for us.” She points at a small table in the corner of the kitchen.
  211. “Sorry, I’m still getting used to this.”
  212. >”I know,” she says softly.
  213. >You sit at the small table and Shoeshine joins you. You both start eating.
  214. 7/11
  216. >You can hear hoofsteps coming down the stairs.
  217. >”Good morning Shoesh-“ Mr. Spoon turns to look at you. “Ah, you are back Anon. Silver told me that you had some personal business to settle in Appleloosa.”
  218. >So that’s what she told her father when she fired you.
  219. That’s right. I’m back.
  220. >”Well it’s good to see you.” He turns back to Shoeshine. “That smells wonderful.”
  221. >Shoeshine hops up and makes two plates. She puts them at opposite ends of the dining room table.
  222. >Silver has arrived and looks groggy.
  223. >”Good morning Silver,” her father says.
  224. >She grunts back.
  225. >Shoeshine puts a plate of eggs in front of her.
  226. >”I don’t want that. I want cereal.” She pushes the hot meal away.
  227. >”Honey, Shoeshine went through all that effort to make you this breakfast. Eat it.”
  228. >”I said I don’t want it!”
  229. >Mr. Spoon shrugs at Shoeshine, who promptly produces milk and cereal.
  230. >”We say thank you here.”
  231. >Silver just grunts again. She starts eating her meal.
  232. >”Anon. Since you are back I need you to take care of the house. I’m going to go away for business for a week or so. I’ll write down a list of things you need to do.”
  233. >He trots to a cabinet and pulls out a pad and pen. He starts writing chores down.
  234. 8-1/11
  236. >”You’re going to be good for Anon, right sweetie?”
  237. >Silver can’t be bothered to look up from her cereal.
  238. >”I swear, she’s been acting up ever since she got her cutie mark. She hardly listens to me anymore.” He says more to himself than anyone.
  239. >He gives you the paper. You look it over. It’s all pretty mundane stuff. Take Silver to school, light maintenance of the house, and other chores.
  240. I can do this, Mr. Spoon.
  241. >”Great. Well, I really should get going.” He goes upstairs and grabs a saddle. “I’ll be at my office in the Crystal Empire. Shoeshine knows how to reach me if you run into any trouble.”
  242. >With that Mr. Spoon is off.
  243. >The moment the door closes Silver wakens from her malaise.
  244. >”Now I’m in charge.”
  245. >A cloud covers the sun, and the room darkens slightly.
  246. 8-2/11
  248. >Luckily she is happy to go to school. You sit in the back of the classroom and observe.
  249. >Cherrilee was concerned, but once you explained that this was just for today, she agreed to let you stay.
  250. >Mostly you tried to stay awake. Boredom got the better of you, and you started to follow along with the class. You learned a few things about pony history.
  251. >Its now recess.
  252. >DT and Silver are up to their usual antics.
  253. >They are hassling three fillies.
  254. >DT grabs a bow from one of them. She puts it on Silver and they have a good laugh.
  255. >”Give it back!” The red maned one yells.
  256. >”Come and get it.”
  257. >They start fighting and you are obliged to step in.
  258. >You grab the little filly and lift her against the school siding.
  259. “Stop it.” You say, half threatening. Once she stops struggling you set her down.
  260. “Give her back her bow.”
  261. >”I didn’t like it anyway.” Silver throws the bow into a small puddle.
  262. >The red maned filly looks like shes about to cry.
  263. >
  264. >Class is over and you are back at the Spoon mansion.
  265. >Its Friday and Silver tells you that shes going to have a sleepover with DT.
  266. ”I don’t think that’s a good idea with your dad gone.”
  267. >”I wasn’t asking Anon.”
  268. >Behind her, Shoeshine waves a hoof as if to say “let it go.”
  269. “Fine. Whatever.”
  270. 9/11
  272. >DT and Silver are upstairs having fun.
  273. >Shoeshine and you are enjoying a simple meal together.
  274. >She is a pretty decent cook.
  275. >Your conversation with her is interrupted by a yell from upstairs.
  276. >”Anon!”
  277. >You shake your head and go to Silver’s room.
  278. >”We’re bored. Play dress up with us.” Silver tells you.
  279. Ok?
  280. >Silver pulls out her wardrobe of fancy and sparkly clothes.
  281. >She throws one at you. You catch it with one hand.
  282. I don’t think this will fit.
  283. >”Improvise.”
  284. >A few minutes later you have tied the dress against you with a string.
  285. >DT and Silver are pretending to be at a party.
  286. >”Hey look its that Monkey. Who invited her?”
  287. >”Who made her dress? It’s awful. It doesn’t fit.”
  288. >Somehow you knew this would happen.
  289. >”Hey Femanon! Nice dress.” They snicker.
  290. “Is this really what you want to do?”
  291. >They nod in unison.
  292. >You take a drink from your flask.
  293. 10-1/11
  295. >They continue having fun at the pretend party.
  296. >DT is pretending to be a colt, and you’re supposed to ask him/her out.
  297. ”What am I supposed to do Silver?”
  298. >”Just be yourself.”
  299. >You walk over to DT.
  300. Uh, hello DT. Funny running into you here.
  301. >”Why is it funny? I get invited to all the cool parties.”
  302. >What the fuck. She’s going to play hard to get?
  303. That’s right. I’m also cool, and that’s why I got invited here.
  304. >”You’re here because somep0ny saw you and felt sorry for you.”
  305. >Even when pretending she’s a bitch.
  306. >You look back at Silver, and she waves a hoof at you as if to say, “go on.”
  307. Hey, I think you are super awesome, and I was wondering if you would like to hang out sometime.
  308. >DT looks you over. She shrugs.
  309. >”Follow me.”
  310. >You both walk around the room a few times, before she pushes you onto the bed.
  311. “What are we going to do on the bed, DT?”
  312. >DT smirks at you. “I just want to see if you really are cool.”
  313. >She tries to take the dress off of you.
  314. “Hey, what kind of girl do you think I am?”
  315. >”A whore, what does it look like?”
  316. >You push her away easily. She continues to try to undress you.
  317. You get up and say, “I’m leaving.”
  318. >”Fine, go you tease.” DT waves her hoof.
  319. >”It’s no fun if you don’t play along.” Silver yells.
  320. 10/11
  322. >Time passes and they are getting tired.
  323. >DT gets up and goes to one of the spare bedrooms.
  324. >You get up to leave as well, but Silver stops you.
  325. >”You’re staying here tonight Anon.”
  326. “Silver, I’m tired and I want to sleep.”
  327. >”Don’t worry. I’ll let you sleep,” she says as she taps the bed.
  328. “I’m not getting in that bed.”
  329. >Its big enough for you to sleep in. You can probably stretch out if you wanted to. It’s nothing like that tiny pony sized bed you sleep in.
  330. >”Anon, we’ve been through this before.”
  331. >She was right. The last time she told you to sleep with her you were out of a job.
  332. “Fine, but no funny business.”
  333. >”Great!” She hops in the bed, and you partially undress.
  334. >She’s watching you a little too closely for comfort.
  335. >You climb in the bed and feel amazing. This is what a bed is supposed to feel like.
  336. >”Roll over Anon.”
  337. >You comply.
  338. >Silver moves up behind you, and cuddles into your back. She moves a few times before finding a comfortable position.
  339. >”I’m the big spoon Anon.”
  340. >She nuzzles into your back.
  341. >”Since the big spoon keeps the little spoon safe, it gets to do anything it wants.”
  342. >”It’s the one in charge. It’s the powerful one.”
  343. >This is getting weird.
  344. >”Is my little spoon comfortable?”
  345. “Yes.”
  346. >”Good.”
  347. >She kisses you lightly on the back of your neck, before drifting away.
  348. >You stay awake for a while, but eventually you fall asleep as well.
  349. >You don’t notice a filly taking pictures.
  350. End of Chapter 1
  351. 11/11
  353. Chapter 2
  354. >Be Silver Spoon. You are at Diamond Tiara’s house. She took pictures of you sleeping with Anon a few days ago.
  355. >You take the pictures in your hooves. It was a good idea to wake up early to stage these pictures.
  356. >You have eyeliner smeared over your face, as if you had been mishandled by Anon.
  357. >A few splashes of water gave the impression that you were crying.
  358. >Truly well done.
  359. “These are perfect,” you say as you flip through the photos.
  360. >”Of course they are perfect. I took them after all.” Diamond beams.
  361. ”I can’t wait to use them.”
  362. >”Hold on. You can’t just use your ace card right off the bat.”
  363. “What else can I do?”
  364. >”Remember those things we found in Anon’s pockets? I found more,” Diamond says as she produces two syrettes.
  365. >”What are they?”
  366. >”Your precious monkey uses drugs. He’s probably addicted. We should use these first.”
  367. “That’s why you are the best filly in p0nyville.”
  368. >You bump flanks with your best friend.
  369. >”I know.”
  370. 1/11
  372. >You are Anon.
  373. >It’s finally your day off. You perform an inventory of your stuff.
  374. >Half a bottle of vodka, and one syrette. You are going to have to get more.
  375. >You count your bits. You can probably buy another bottle or two, but… getting more syrettes is going to be a problem. You don’t get paid for another week.
  376. >You really should cut back.
  377. >Why the fuck did you have to get hooked on the good shit. You should have stayed with hard liquor.
  378. >You go out and purchase more vodka.
  379. >You spend the rest of the day drinking.
  380. >
  381. >Be Silver Spoon. It’s the next day.
  382. >Anon has been dragging his feet. Your dad won’t be back for another few days.
  383. ”Anon, you aren’t any fun anymore.”
  384. >”I just have something on my mind.”
  385. “You can tell me anything, Anon. You belong to me after all.”
  386. >He shakes his head no.
  387. >Looks like you need to make initiative here.
  388. “Are you thinking of…” You pull out a used syrette. “this?”
  389. >”Where did you get that?” He says accusingly.
  390. “You don’t have any secrets from me, but if you really want to know – it fell out of your pocket.”
  391. >”So this is an intervention?”
  392. “A what? No. I don’t mind if you,” you shake a hoof. “Occasionally enjoy certain things.”
  393. >Silence.
  394. “I can get you more.”
  395. >He looks up quickly. His eyes are bloodshot.
  396. “Is My Little Monkey interested?” you smile. You knew this was the right move.
  397. >”What do you want?”
  398. “Not much. I’m not a greedy mare. Sometimes the big spoon is nice to the little spoon.”
  399. >He sits, waiting for instructions.
  400. “I need a bath, but I’m not in the mood to wash myself,” You point to him. “That’s where you come in.”
  401. 2/11
  403. >You are now Anon. You are running a bath for Silver.
  404. >You are sitting beside the tub, making sure the temperature is just right.
  405. >Silver is looking you over. She has a hungry look in her eyes.
  406. >She undoes her ponytail.
  407. >She shakes her head to let her mane out.
  408. >”Light up those candles Anon.” she says as she climbs into the tub. “I want this to be perfect.”
  409. >You comply. You have to do anything she asks if you want your prize.
  410. >You look at the sticker on the candles. Bamboo garden scent. You take your lighter and light them.
  411. >”Now join me.”
  412. “Can’t I just wash you from here?” You say, again at her side.
  413. >”I’m not your foal, Anon. I am the most beautiful mare in P0nyville.” She says while brushing her mane.
  414. >You feel your heart beating. This isn’t right.
  415. >But, she is your only hope. You can’t sleep without what she has.
  416. “I guess a small dip won’t hurt anyone.”
  417. >”I knew you would see reason Anon.”
  418. >You take off your suit. She adjusts her glasses to get a good look at you.
  419. “Enjoying the show?”
  420. >She nods in approval.
  421. >Just… get through this Anon. Tomorrow you can quit. Just keep it together.
  422. >You have stripped down. Silver is pleased, and removes her glasses. She puts them outside of the tub.
  423. >You climb in.
  424. >She closes her eyes and waits.
  425. >You grab the shampoo. Always start high and work your way down you tell yourself.
  426. >You pour some into your gnarled hands and lather it up.
  427. >Silver deeply inhales the cherry scented shampoo. A smile is slowly emerging.
  428. >You work the shampoo into her mane. You are careful to keep it out of her eyes.
  429. >She lets out a loud contented sigh.
  430. >This isn’t so bad.
  431. >Your hands move toward her ears. You work slowly to dislodge any dirt that may be hiding there.
  432. >Her ears flick at your touch. She’s sensitive.
  433. 3/
  435. >She moves in closer. Her head is now against your chest.
  436. >You stop for a moment.
  437. >She looks at you with her purple eyes, begging for more.
  438. “Can you, just move back a little Silver?”
  439. >”No. I want… I want you to hold me while we do this.”
  440. >So, this is what it’s all about? Affection?
  441. >You think back. The first night she owned you she asked you to hold her.
  442. >She said, “I want to feel safe.”
  443. >Maybe if you help her… she won’t hate you so much.
  444. >You clean a hand in the water and grab your flask.
  445. >You open it, and take a drink.
  446. >Silver takes it from your hands and helps herself.
  447. >She winces afterward. She isn’t used to its taste.
  448. >She smiles weakly at you.
  449. >When she is done, you take it and place it beside her glasses.
  450. >She dips her head into the water, and rinses the shampoo off.
  451. >She comes back up, and you brush her mane away from her face.
  452. >She isn’t trying to hide her smile anymore.
  453. >Next, you grab soap. She again nuzzles into you.
  454. >You rub it into her forearms with back and forth motions. You want to be sure you clean under her grey coat.
  455. >She coos lowly into your chest.
  456. >She puts a hoof on your chest, and you massage her frog. Small bits of dirt dislodge.
  457. >She’s so soft.
  458. >You repeat the procedure on the rest of her little body.
  459. >Each time rubbing in a back and forth motion.
  460. >Your body starts to betray you.
  461. >You feel yourself becoming engorged.
  462. >Silver notices and touches it lightly.
  463. >”Don’t get too excited. You haven’t earned that.”
  464. >You would never do that with her. You aren’t a filly fooler.
  465. >You push her off of you.
  466. 4/
  468. >She sneers slightly, backing into you again.
  469. >”You still have one place left to clean Anon.”
  470. >She spreads her legs.
  471. >She can’t be serious.
  472. “I can’t do that.”
  473. >”It will be our little secret.”
  474. >You shake your head.
  475. >”Oh well… I guess you don’t want your prize.” She says as she gets up.
  476. >She opens the drain, and water begins to escape.
  477. >That was the whole point of going through this. It isn’t - it won’t be that bad.
  478. >You get up and stand behind her.
  479. >You reach over her and turn the shower on.
  480. >The hot water keeps you warm.
  481. >She leans on the front of the tub, and presents herself.
  482. >You wash your hands of the soap. Once they are clean, you place a hand on one of her cutie marks.
  483. >The other descends to her marehood.
  484. >You can feel the heat radiating from her.
  485. >You begin cleaning her. Your efforts are rewarded with a low nicker.
  486. >She’s breathing heavily.
  487. >”Put a finger inside.”
  488. >You’ve come too far to give up now.
  489. >You caress her. You play with her entrance.
  490. >One finger gets the courage to venture forth.
  491. >You can feel it getting sucked in.
  492. >Her insides massage you as much as you do to her.
  493. >”Right there.” She says between gasps.
  494. >You give her what she wants. What her body has been begging for. What she needs.
  495. >She whinnies loudly.
  496. >She pulls away from your hands and lets the cascading water clean her.
  497. >”That was amazing Anon.” She climbs out of the shower, and begins to dry herself.
  498. >She takes another drink from your flask. She takes her glasses – now fogged up from the steam, and exits.
  499. >You wash yourself.
  500. >It will all be worth it soon.
  501. 5/
  503. >”You smell like me.” Silver says approvingly.
  504. “I should have brought my own soap,” you shrug. “Now, about our deal.”
  505. >She stretches out on her bed. When she is done she motions to her nightstand.
  506. >”You can have one.”
  507. >You open the cabinet.
  508. >She has three syrettes.
  509. “Surely two would be better.”
  510. >”Don’t press your luck Anon.”
  511. >You nod and take one.
  512. >”Can I watch?”
  513. “What?”
  514. >”I want to see… what makes it so interesting.”
  515. “Ha. It’s a curse. There’s nothing romantic about it.”
  516. >She waits expectantly.
  517. >She isn’t going to let you leave without showing her.
  518. >You roll up a sleeve. You flex your left arm again and again. Soon a vein exposes itself.
  519. >You show her the green line, and prepare the syrette.
  520. >She watches closely as you pierce yourself.
  521. >Finally.
  522. >Bliss.
  523. >You have only been without for a day or two, but you felt youself being ripped apart.
  524. >This is what you needed. What you’ve been working for.
  525. >You sit down beside her, and let your medicine work it’s magic.
  526. >
  527. >It’s the next day. Silver has been playing at Diamond’s house all day.
  528. >You on the other hand, have been cleaning. Shoeshine had the morning off.
  529. >Its night time now, and you are upstairs tidying up.
  530. >”Dinner!”
  531. >You hear a voice calling from downstairs.
  532. >Silver is probably home by now.
  533. >You take a moment to collect yourself. You take a few deep breaths, and descend to the dining room.
  534. >Shoeshine has placed a single serving at the table.
  535. >Silver looks up from the table and smirks at you knowingly.
  536. >You look away and go to the servant table.
  537. >You find Shoeshine eating at her place. Next to her is your serving.
  538. >”Is that… cherry?” She asks.
  539. >That shampoo is powerful. You still smell like Silver.
  540. “Yea… I borrowed some shampoo.”
  541. 6/
  543. >”Oh”
  544. >You start enjoying your meal.
  545. >”Anon. I didn’t want to ask earlier, but you haven’t been sleeping in your room.”
  546. >She’s noticed. You have been trying to get up early enough to climb into bed before she wakes.
  547. “I’ve been going out.” Better turn the subject to her before she asks too many questions. “The bar in p0nyville is usually busy. You should come out with me some time.”
  548. >”I don’t know. That’s not really my thing.”
  549. “How are you going to meet that nice stallion you keep talking about, cooped up in here?”
  550. >”You’re probably right.”
  551. >You wipe your mouth.
  552. ”Want to go tonight?”
  553. >”Sure.”
  554. >
  555. >Silver has gone to bed.
  556. >Both you and Shoeshine go to the bar.
  557. >Its loud.
  558. >You order cider for yourself and Shoeshine.
  559. >You both make small talk. She’s a bit of a shy pony. It’s good to see her out.
  560. >You get up and go to the restroom.
  561. >When you return, you find Shoeshine talking with a stallion.
  562. >They are both laughing.
  563. >You decide to hang back for a while.
  564. >You sit at the opposite end of the bar and talk with Berry Punch.
  565. >She complains about things in her life. You listen politely.
  566. >An hour or so has passed. Shoeshine is still talking with the stallion.
  567. >You walk up to them.
  568. “It’s getting late. I think I’m going to head back.”
  569. >”You go on ahead. I’m going to stay for a bit.”
  570. >You nod at her.
  571. 7/
  573. >It was a short walk back to the Spoon mansion.
  574. >You climb the stairs to your quarters.
  575. >The light switch doesn’t work. You will have to fix that tomorrow.
  576. >You climb into bed. Its warm.
  577. >”Hey Anon?”
  578. >Ha. You almost scared yourself there. You spend too much time with Silver.
  579. >”Anon?”
  580. >You feel your bed shift. Two hooves grab you.
  581. “Silver? What are you doing here?”
  582. >”I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” She says as she presses against you. “I wanted to smell you.”
  583. >She inhales deeply and settles into you.
  584. >”I wanted to reward My Little Monkey.”
  585. >She slides down and removes your boxers.
  586. >You push her away.
  587. ”Silver, your dad is going to be back tomorrow.”
  588. >”Ha. Tommorow” She says through her teeth. “He always stays a few extra days. He doesn’t care about me.”
  589. >She tries to move down again. You pull her back up and look her in her eyes.
  590. “Whatever… this is… it has to stop.”
  591. >”It feels right.”
  592. >She places a hoof to your face, and kisses you.
  593. >You get up and turn the hallway light on.
  594. >”Anon?”
  595. “Just, go back to your room Silver.”
  596. >”Anon, get back in here.”
  597. >You can hear her growling.
  598. >”You belong to me.”
  599. “I don’t belong to anyone. I am my own person.”
  600. >”Then you won’t have any trouble getting more of these.”
  601. >You reenter the room to find Silver holding out another syrette.
  602. >The light from the hallway casts her form into a ghastly shadow.
  603. >She looks at you expectantly.
  604. >You need to face your demons.
  605. >Just not tonight.
  606. “Not here Silver.” You say as you look down. “Shoeshine… will be getting back soon.”
  607. >She smiles.
  608. 8/10
  610. >It’s a short walk to Silver’s room, but it felt like forever.
  611. >She moves the sheets for you, and waits for you to climb in.
  612. >You comply.
  613. >She takes a syrette and brings it into bed.
  614. >”My Little Monkey is hungry isn’t he?”
  615. Don’t call me that.
  616. >She ignores you.
  617. >”I’m the big spoon remember? I can be generous.”
  618. >She moves the syrette to your arm.
  619. >”I want you to enjoy this.”
  620. >She slowly pierces you, just like you showed her earlier.
  621. >You can feel its effect immediately.
  622. >One by one your muscles relax.
  623. >”Do you like that?”
  624. >You nod.
  625. >She takes the needle and squeezes a drop into her mouth.
  626. >”It tastes weird.”
  627. “You’re not supposed to take it like that.”
  628. >She grabs the other syrette. She readies her forearm.
  629. >You move your hand, and steady her hoof.
  630. “No. You don’t want to do that. Trust me.” You say as you look deeply into purple eyes.
  631. “It’s a curse. I… won’t let you do it.”
  632. >She looks at you confused for a moment, before nodding. She places it back on the nightstand.
  633. >”Now… for my reward.”
  634. >She slides onto you, and kisses you gently. You don’t fight back.
  635. >When she is satisfied, she kisses you on the nose, and lowers herself.
  636. >She removes your boxers.
  637. >A hoof rubs against your member.
  638. >It doesn’t take long before it comes to life.
  639. >She lowers her head.
  640. >She takes your member and begins.
  641. >She’s an amateur. Her teeth lightly scratch you.
  642. No, not like that. Don’t bite.
  643. >”Like this?”
  644. 9/10
  646. >She returns to her motions. Her tongue now generously applied.
  647. >You grunt in satisfaction.
  648. >”Look at me Anon.”
  649. >Your eyes move at her command.
  650. >”I’m doing this for you.”
  651. >You say nothing.
  652. >She continues. Her eyes leave yours only to blink.
  653. >You’re close now.
  654. >You move your arms to her, and take control.
  655. >She protests slightly, before allowing you to hold her.
  656. >Your hips move on their own.
  657. >It won’t be long now.
  658. “I’m cumming.”
  659. >You hold her in place as you empty yourself into her mouth.
  660. >She pulls away and starts coughing.
  661. >She wipes her mouth with a tissue.
  662. >She crawls up to you.
  663. >”You can hold me tonight.”
  664. >She pushes her face to yours and settles in.
  665. >You close your eyes, and think of other things.
  666. >
  667. >
  668. >The next day, at Diamond Tiara’s house.
  669. >”You did what?” Diamond asks.
  670. “Oh relax. It wasn’t a big deal.” You respond.
  671. >”Silver, you shouldn’t be so nice to him.”
  672. “Yeah? What would you have done?”
  673. >Diamond thinks for a moment.
  674. >”You mean… ‘what will I do?’”
  675. >She wants Anon for herself?
  676. >You feel something. Is it jealousy?
  677. >”Next time I'm over there, we will have some fun with him. I’ll make him please both of us. Completely humiliate him.”
  678. >She puts a hoof on the table.
  679. >”Just when he thinks it’s over, that’s when we really show him who’s in charge.”
  680. “You mean… show him the pictures?”
  681. >”Fear is the only thing animals understand. By now he probably thinks you love him.”
  682. >You don’t respond.
  683. >He is the only one who ever paid any attention to you.
  684. >Even if it is his job.
  685. >Are you falling for him?
  686. >”How about… tonight?"
  687. End of chapter 2
  688. 10/10
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