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  1. Zazilla: >.>
  2. Lolikon: OwO
  3. Zazilla: /me sticks her head in his lap.
  4. Lolikon: /me squeaks and looks up him with a large-eyed confused look.
  5. Zazilla: /me just brushed her hair lightly and remained fond of her.
  6. Lolikon: /me leans into his hand and smiles to him.
  7. Zazilla: /me slowly moved his purple claw to her muzzle to pull it off.
  8. Lolikon: /me winces as he tries to pull it off. "It doesn't come off Xenon. I can change forms and it will dissapear, but it is only able to be removed by Kitsune magic."
  9. Zazilla: /me flicked his fingers and produced one of his astral blades between it like a razor. When he pressed it to her skin. It went through painlessly. What he was beginning to try to cut was the magic around the muzzle from the core of her own body.
  10. Lolikon: /me her ears lower as she looks up at him, so happy he was trying to hard to remove it. It is an altered part of my DNA, and it is stuck here until the Kistune bloodline removes it at their own will, or another stronger Kitsune can remove it. If I could scar, my face would be scarred so bad I would lose my.. fair skin. I tried to cut it off, burn it off... So far, even the magic of a great Shaman in a distant mountain range was unable to get it off. I hope what you do works, but it is a spell that made the muzzle a part of this magical form, and so far, it hasn't worked."
  11. Zazilla: /me furrowed his brow now and brought his hand like if he was going to slap her but he didnt. Instead a Vvmmmm noise echoed and he basically cut through her skin once more to no avail. He then tapped his bottom lip and held up his left hand. Beginning to condense his energy in there. "I wonder if I break myself down further."
  12. Lolikon: /me she whimpers and she shakes her head, putting her hands up she grabs his claws and she looks up at him. "I-If you don't like looking at it, I can change form. Do not break yourself down any further. At all."
  13. Zazilla: [ Try that on. ]
  14. Zazilla: /me honestly had to correct himself and he said. "Well, My cells attack magic heavily. Im just afraid of hurting you." He commented.
  15. Lolikon: /me she looks up at him with a blush, her smiles visible through the cage muzzle on her face. "You... are afraid of something?" she looks to his claws and she grabs them with her small hands and she looks up at him once again, her blush dancing over her face. "Don't try to get it off then, because someday it will come off, when I am strong enough. I just have to practice."
  16. Zazilla: /me huffed out in an irritated tone. "I want it off to kiss you stupid.
  17. Lolikon: /me she lowers her ears and she blushes suddenly, looking from him and tigtening her grip on his hand. "I-I.. Sh-Should I change forms?"
  18. Zazilla: /me snapped his fingers. "I know. I can sever the magical trace it has in your jaws."
  19. Lolikon: /me she blushes and she bites her lip gently. "I am not afraid of you trying, and if you hurt me, it was because I wanted to kiss you too."
  20. Zazilla: /me brought his hand fully back and his palm laid flat like someone who was holding a blade. The color in one of his shoulder crystals completely drained and his own hand glowed. Forming no blade but when he passed his entire hand through her head. He was trying to scoop the magic that functioned as an equipment purpose. Nothing else.
  21. Lolikon: /me her toes curled a little in nervous energy, looking up at him with trustful eyes as she noticed the glow from his hand in her periphial but didn't wish to break eye contact. Suddenly as it passed through her head she felt a tug in her very being and she lets out a yelp, her ears sinking to her head. He was unsuccsesful in pulling the muzzle, but she felt the pain that she was warned off when it was put on. She moves her hand to her chest to try and slow her heart rate as she closes her eyes, calming herself. She knew that the attempt to remove it incorrectly could cause her harm, as the spell placed on her was placed there to humilate her, and the attempt for removal would only lead to harm or the spell progressing to ther forms of humilation. She was warned but she didn't want to adhere to that warning today. "I-I am, I am okay Xenon."
  22. Zazilla: /me shook his hand a bit as what he erased was the very space in front and back of her head. If he couldnt erase the magic within her. He would have to try harder. Something he didnt like doing due to it causing exceeding depletion in him. He brought his hand to tap on his lip.
  23. Lolikon: /me she looks up at him and she smiles warmly, taking his claw into her hand again, speaking softly. "I think you know why I have the muzzle, but... I was told tehre would be other forms of humiliating magics added to the progressive spell if I tried to remove it. I am... not sure what it is, but the man who put this spell onto me was a frequent visitor to the Villa where my family worked.
  24. Zazilla: /me huffed out lighty when she had began to talk about the very person who had applied magic to her. He thought about Yingele and how that Kaiju was made of magical energy. Then he just sucked his teeth.
  25. Lolikon: /me she looks at him, hearing him sucking his teeth and she grips his claw tightly, smiling up at him before she closes her eyes and shifts her form to her fox, her muzzle returning, her fur growing back and the laces on the feet covers coming undone as her paws grew thicker than her human toes. She looks at her paw in his, her face now muzzle free. "Thank you, for trying Xenon~"
  26. Zazilla: /me clapped his hands. "Alright pack your shit. We are going to the Villa.... Im going to sniff that dude out."
  27. Lolikon: /me her ears sink to her head and she takes a step back from him. "I-I cannot go back... I-I was banished..."
  28. Zazilla: /me huffed. "Banished or not. They cannot stop me."
  29. Lolikon: /me her fur bristles and she smiles, nodding to him. "Okay~"
  30. Zazilla: /me stood up now and huffed as he packed a small bad of merely sleeping stuff and medicinal things he would need.
  31. Lolikon: /me she looks around, unsure of what she should bring with her on the trip home, her ears pinned to her head as she looks around the tree she had made home. Maybe she could grab some of her things from home if her family had kept it. She doubted it, as she was sure that her room was now being used as the maids room, as it was in a distant edge of their home. She gasped suddenly, rememebring how her heritage was not disclosed and she didn't want anyone to know her heritage. "Xenon?"
  32. Zazilla: /me stopped what he was doing and turned his head back over to her when she called his name. Might as well travel in the slutty clothing he thought before he figured that wasnt the question. The thick tail curved around him when he turned to his side. "yes?"
  33. Lolikon: /me she looks back at him and she speaks softly. "What you see at the villa.. when and iff you see my home, what you learn, has to stay between me and you. You musn't even tell any of the Kaiju through that knowledge sharing thing you do..."
  34. Zazilla: /me scoffed lightly and he said. "We are flabber mouthed Kaiju." The We as in they would already know. He didnt care about what she thought on that seeing as how he wouldnt go out if he couldnt keep it secret. "Pack your dildo. Lets go."
  35. Lolikon: /me she squeaks at the sudden order, nodding once before grabbing the toy she had stolen and cleaned thoroughly, keeping it hidden from all other pack memebrs. "W-What will I need this for?" She asked him though still packed it as he had told her to do.
  36. Zazilla: /me said in a confident manner. "Im going to break the Villa barrier with it." To which he had opened her door for her to lead the way. "They wanna banish you... Fine. Ill banish their existence. Lead the way."
  37. Lolikon: /me her blush hot on her face as she passes by him holding the door open for her. "That is actually the sweetest thing that anyone has ever said to me~" She smiles to herself and then up at him, wrapping her tail around herself, noticing what she was stillwearing. "Sh-Should I change?"
  38. Zazilla: /me honestly commented no through means of a scoff as he began to step through the door and waited.
  39. Lolikon: /me she hears his scoff and she smiles up at him, nodding. "I appreciate you doing this for me, Xenon. This is so selfless, and I am greatful"
  40. Zazilla: /me gestured. "Lets go already christ." He said and used his tail tp usher her along. "Burning daylight."
  41. Lolikon: /me she nods and she starts walking. After traveling for many hours, through the marshlands at the base of the mountain, over the distant hills. She finally reaches the edge of the closes city and she lowers her ears and she blinks a few tmes. "We have to take a boat... Over the ocean... To get there."
  42. Zazilla: /me was already huffy and puffy from traveling. He wasnt entirely built for this but it was okay. He nodded and thus he said. "Shouldnt there be a river town?"
  43. Lolikon: /me she nods and she looks to him. "The one that I usually steal from is about 2 miles east, outside the distant city. Small place and if I sweet talk some river boat, he might even let us ride a boat free until we got to the port."
  44. Zazilla: /me shuffled her along. "Come on. Come on." The Kaiju was tired but he didnt seem to stop in the least.
  45. Lolikon: /me she looks up at him as she tenderly places her paw on his arm. "I can go hunt something to eat quickly before being trapped on the boat for so long with only human food around. Unless I am able to sweet talk a captain."
  46. Zazilla: /me didnt wanna tell her that he just hated traveling. He plodded along side her as he was beginning to take with her to the east travel.
  47. Lolikon: /me she treks along with him for a few miles, arriving to the small river town. She was able to manage to shift into her full human form for the moment to convice a river boat captain to take her and Xenon to the Port by river, as her precious friend had fallen ill and needed to get to Japan. The river boat captain had a brother that owned a boat carrying cargo to Japan and was able to get them a ride of the cargoship without humans around to disturb them. She had made it sound like Xenon was will with something deadly, and contagious so it was only natural to isolate them.
  48. Zazilla: /me had been waiting for her to tend to his captain. When he lifted his head and noticed there was a decent house boat in the water. Xenon rose up and when the Captian had come outside to the motion to the ship, He would see his body in the distance rapidly falling away. The Kaiju used his tail and decapitated him so quickly that the brain would still believe he was alive for several moments. Xenon was beginning to swell as his anger continued to set in but he reached down, Fondling the body for keys and tossing it in the river. "This is taking too long." He stated and when he stepped onto the boat, It actually sunk six extra inches into the water due to his weight.
  49. Lolikon: /me she looks up at him and she smiles, knowing that the human would die in this exchange, and glad it was only one, so she could show her face here again in the future, if it wasn't tied to her. She then gets on the boat with him and smiles. "You know how to sail?"
  50. Zazilla: /me brought the key into the ignition and turned it on almost flawlessly. Beginning to turn the boat ease to the direction she mentioned before. He plopped down into the chair which creaked and nearly broke but he still huffed in place.
  51. Lolikon: /me she curls up next to him, sitting down near his leg as she trembles, being terrified of leaving dry land and being surrounded by water. She whimpers, looking up to him. "We can go there, but if they chose not to remove it, and you kill them, we will have to find another way."
  52. Zazilla: /me had taken the time to work along the boat and leave it on auto pilot so that he could lay back. "No. They will. Ill show you why fear is important."
  53. Lolikon: /me she trembles next to his leg, the trip over the water leaving her a wreck after they had traveled over the whole ocean ariving at the port. She looks up at him and she speaks softly, shifting to her full human form successfully. "Hanasou. Let me do the talking, they don't percieve english here well."
  54. Zazilla: /me blinked once and asked her very shortly. "Is that the town that did this to you?"
  55. Lolikon: /me she shakes her head. "my... kingdom... is north, and is under a protective veil to humans. My section of the kingdom was visible, and that is why my genetic line, and the cheif line can appear human. Not all genetic lines are able. Our hunters were not capable of changing, due to the nature of how we hunt. They were given the ability to see what I cannot. We all were different, but my branch of the kingdom, my genetic line was made to communicate with humans, and be a face of the tribe. My parents are only guilty of breeding me to be what I am, as it was what the women in my family line did, just as the males are warriors, but human appearing, to be accepted by humans. We also deal with tourists, but the part of the kingdom that did this... the cheif... and his son, of the overuling goverment of our kingdom." She spoke in a hush tone, trying to keep out of earshot.
  56. Zazilla: /me took a moment to listen to her from which he deducted that he had to turn. Spinning the entire wheel of the boat to begin to head northways along the coast. He huffed out as he was venting steam through his own mouth.
  57. Lolikon: /me she sighs in relief, knowing she wouldn't have to travel through the city, and could approach the kingdom without dealing with the concentration of people questioning the muzzle.
  58. Zazilla: /me pointed to a small collection of stone walls in the distance. The pagodas hanging tall and the light from civilation was visible from the very coast they neared.
  59. Lolikon: /me she looks up at him and then the civilization. She missed the scent of the open forest air at this moment, grabbing onto his arm, trembling as they were still on the water and her fear of the water still hindering her, though she had spent the whole trip on the water.
  60. Zazilla: /me simply just leaned and placed his hand on her head. Reaching into the back for the plastic dildo she stole from someone and plopped into the ocean. The depths welcomed him and he actually disappeared from sight. Moments passed of her being alone on the body until it rocked. Threatening to capsize but soon it grounded on something. It was Xenons back as he began to rise up out of the water. The size of him was so great that the twenty foot long boat was nearly as big as the first dorsal plate on his spinal cord.
  61. Lolikon: /me as she watches him fall into the water her ears sank to her head, gripping onto the first firm thing that she could find as she trembled. Then suddenly, there was a loud sound as the boat hit his back, her body trembling as she lets out a scream, only for the boat to stop rocking and for her to see the familiar dorsal plate, her ears perking as he carried her on his back. She was out of the water now, so her fear of the water was decreased. She was amazed as she saw him grow so large, her breath escaping her as she would feel even safer by his side now than ever before. Seeing is believing, and now she knew he was capable of being the kaiju in folklore that she had always been afraid of growing up, but proud to be in alliance with him.
  62. Zazilla: /me slowly had to reach back and calm himself carefully. Turning his raging seething anger into a calming ocean to which he began to he reachec back and pulled the boat properly onto his shoulder. Grounding it between two of the ccrystals like if she was able to see. By now he brought up his other hand and slowly held it back. A groaning motion like if machinery was being stressed would echo and it was actually muscle that flexed underneath tough hide. The hand, for its size, moved at such blistering speed that what he through had only kept shape because he encased it in hard light. The superior sight of the Kaiju could see into the mainland of the kingdom and the spire that he threw at, was empty from the top up, kind of. The dildo flew at hypersonic speeds and brought through magical barriers, shattered protective charms and blew apart buildings before carrying off into the horizon. Making his presance known.
  63. Lolikon: /me as he lifted the boat, she sank to the floor before she was placed in the crystals. She ran to the bow of the ship, holding onto the rail tightly as she looked over to the massive size of the side of his head. She heard the motions he made, glad she was in her human form with thumbs for a firmer grip on the railing as she used one hand to cover her left ear. She looked out, able to see the protective barrier of her old kingdom, as it was shattered the cloak fell, revealing a large castle, filled with the commoners of the kitsune tribe scrambling to hide as it was law they were to do so if the functionality of the cloak was broken. She watched in awe as she knew that the magical defence kitsune lines were powerful and the spell was maintained for hundreds of years. This would be devastating to them, as it would leave a mark in their history that their defenses fell before they even knew of a threat.
  64. Zazilla: /me - Thundering noises of steps continued to echo throughout the entire land. He towered over their highest mountain and merely looked like the avatar that was in legend. He was slipping in concious and then brought the palm up to the boat and squeezed it. Crumpling the metal around her like a protective cage until she would see nothing but darkness. A whoosh noise echoed out as she would be slammed against somewhere in the boat. Rushing wind. Spiraling noises. Soon enough there was a thud and she came to a proper halt. The shell cracked open and she was in the middle of the kingdom in their center plaza. He threw her the distance while he was traveling. The entire kingdom could see him approaching as well.
  65. Lolikon: /me as his hand moved over the boat and she was encased, she trembled in the darkness, terrified of the darkness and being alone, knowing he wouldn't keep her there long. Her assumption was that he would have protected her from seeing what was to come. As she felt the now cage boat move, the whooshing loud, traveling she didn't know what was happening until she stopped moving, the loud crashing causing the boat to open up. She sat in the center of the rubble on the familiar plaza stone, her body trembling as she could see Xenon in the distance making his approach. She didn't know her next move, before she made a sudden realization, she would need to take him to the people that he sought. She got up from the rubble, brushing her skirt off before approaching the main doors of the cheifs palace. Secretly she was glad that she her own home was on the outskirts and might not get destroyed in this attack. She stops at the front doors, only to see many of the Kitsune Guards approaching her and then catching sight of the Kaiju they ignored her presence and started sounding the alarms for incoming danger. She looked back as he appraoched, growing closer and closer with each step. She stood infront of the locked door, waiting to be let it after knocking once the guards had parted ways with her.
  66. Zazilla: /me - The looming figure stopped after he reached a mile or so of the kingdom. Waiting there there now on standby.
  67. Lolikon: /me Finally the door was opened for her, the servant speaking to her saying that Vixen should not be here and would be killed if she stayed. Vixen responed with "Kaiju wa watashi no mono. Chifu to hanashi o sa sete kudasai. Onegaishimasu." After she had spoken, informing them that she wanted to speakd to the Chief and that the Kaiju was here with her, the maid scurried off to inform the Chief that Vixen had returned. Instead of the Chief coming out to greet her, Tenzen, the Chief son came out, with a grin on his face. He immidiately grabbed her muzzle, shaking her whole head as he patronized her "Anata o mite. Anata wa totemo awaredesu. Koko ni kite, kore o anata no kao kara hazushite kudasai?" then he laughed and pulled her face to his with his fingers interlaced in the bars, smiling wickedly. "Watashi wa tonikaku shinu tsumoridesu. Anata ga kurushinde iru koto o shitte watashi wa mushiro shinu nodesu." After then he threw Vixen to the ground using the muzzle as the tool for grabbing her laughing and turning from her and slaming the door behind him. She had scraped her palms and knees in the landing, whimpering as she looks up at Xenon, shaking her head, as Tenzen would be uncooperative. (He said "Look at you, you look pathetic." "You come here to what, get this thing off your face?" "I am going to die anyway. I would rather die knowing you are suffering.")
  68. Zazilla: /me - A cold stare from the Kaiju would be something visible from the very depths and he saw her thrown out. This would set him off even more so as he took one big step for man and one massive jump into the middle for Kaiju. The thudding noise had caused such an explosion of dust, debris and wind that it blew buildings away from impact. Before Tenzen could even get into his hallway, It disappeared. The building disappeared and he was now hundreds of feet in the air in the palm of the Kaiju.
  69. Lolikon: /me she watches as he picked the building up, curling up into the stone as the debris flew around her. She would dart to hide out of harms way, so that way Xenon did not need to fear for her in what was happening.// Tenzen had already put into his mind upon seeing the large Kaiju that it was here to kill him, espcially after he had seen Vixen. He however was a ruthelss man and by now he figured he was untouchable, and the best honor is to be killed by the single most powerful creature. He was going to die, so he would die a hero as he spoke directly to the Kaiju, shouting so that members of the kingdom that were able to hear him so that he may have a legacy. "WATASHI WA KONO KAIJU SHINGURU O SHOAKU SHITE ANATA ZEN'IN GA IKINOKORERU YO NI SHIMASU! ANATA NO TAME NI WATASHINOJINSEI O GISEI NI SHITA SHUJINK O OMOIDASHITE KUDASAI!" Then he pauses, looking at the Kaiju with an evil smirk as he lifted his arms to bring about fire to his hands, all 6 tails glowing with fire as he made a flashy show. "Tell Vixen Thank You." He spoke in clear english to the kaiju."For making me a legendary hero to my people, and being forever remembered as a brave warrior!" (He said "I take on this Kaiju single handedly so that you all might survive! Remember me a hero that sacrificed my life for you!")
  70. Zazilla: /me - Xenon was not so kind as to let honor step in the way of this. What better way than to cause ever lasting torture. The thumb of the kaiju reared up and stabbed Tenzen in the chest. He would feel no pain. However he would feel bliss. As if life was beginning to fufill his body. The G-Cells flowed through him and actively halled cellular division at its point to make Tenzen immortal. Thus the Kaiju merely squeezed the man in his palm and encased him in a body tight unbreakable shield of light. To which the Kaiju threw Tenzen into the deepest farther part of his ocean, Letting him live his eternity out as long as Xenon lived, at the bottom of the ocean. He looked back down and gestured lightly as to who was next to disobey him.
  71. Lolikon: /me Vixen came out of her hiding place, looking up at Xenon as she was unsure of what to do. She could hear the screaming of the people around her, running as far from the Kaiju as they could. She then looks to what was left of the building and makes her way into the rubble, looking for the Cheif. She could see the castle servants hiding and Vixen spoke to them kindly. "Chifu wa dodkodesu ka." They responded with "Tenzen wa chifudesu." Vixen would suddenly gasp, trembling as her hands moved to the muzzle on her face. She looks up at Xenon and she let shouts up at him. "Tenzen was the cheif, His father died. Nothing for us here." She stopped, seeing her parents at a distance. Her eyes began to water as she hid her face from her father shamfully as she had already brough shame to the family name, and by bringing the Kaiju she will have disgraced them even further. She saw her mother, large breasted, in a partially undone kimono as she marches over to Vixen, laying a slap across her face speaking to her harshly. "Anata wa kono kazoku o eien ni haji to shimashita. Anata wa machigaiseshita! Anata to anata no kyodai." With that she turns to leave and vixen moves her hands to cover her face, beggining to cry at these words before she approached Xenon, holding her arms up as she signaled she wanted to leave. (She said You have disgraced this family for all eternity. You were a mistake. You and your brother.")
  72. Zazilla: /me - A thundering noise echoed around her. the positive ringing had continued to happen for moments on end. Dust filled her vision and soon everything faded to black. Within a minute or so of that disorienting motion, sound had come back to her slowly and soon vision. Her mother would be on her back passed out from wat happened. Vixen was at the very end bit of the connection between two toes. Around her was a foot step. Shockingly sparing her family members but what happened was far more... thrilling for the Kaiju. The entire kingdom had been leveled at various stages from just the severity of the earthquake inducing stomp. Rings roughly a hundred feet and increasing had circled out which was the point that he caved inwards the very bedrock their land was on. This didnt come without issue. Xenon was sitting in his own footprint missing his right foot and sweltering from being so big. Chewing on the end of one of the guards arms. He was waiting now.
  73. Lolikon: /me as the thundering noise occured, she would hide her face, balling up into a tiny ball, the darkness overwhelming as she was terrifed of the dark and loud noises. She then sees the light shine through, her fingers as the dust settled, her hair body trembling as she opens her eyes to see her home had completly been leveled, her large watery eyes looked over to her mother laying, though she could sense life. She then looks to him seeing that he was sitting down, and missing a foot. She cries out to him "Xenon! Watashi wa anata ga kega o shitanode sumimasen! This wasn't supposed to happen... You were not supposed to get hurt for me. And now we will never get this off.." (She apologized that he had gotten hurt.)
  74. Zazilla: /me - A little flick wiggle of his foot was merely him just trying to kick his regeneration into point but the shock to his body was something that actually stalled healing for a bit longer. He huffed out and bit through the bicep completely to chew on it. "Its fine. Im healing. Give me a moment." He stated before he began to wiggle his foot once more and bubbling occured at the wound. "There we go." The silence around him was nice but he waited. It came. The wailing. He didnt kill many people with the shockwave. If you put it into perspective, He may have killed about eight thousand people out of the entire kingdom of hundreds of thousands. He wasnt going to just murder them. He set a grim reminder.
  75. Lolikon: /me as she watched him start to heal she became relieved. She looks around and then approches next to him, hearing the wailing of the people she looks at him and she speaks, giving him a smile from under her muzzle. "Maybe we shall let this kingdom rebuild and in time, we can return and come to the new chief, and see if he is powerful enough to remove the muzzle later. When you are healed, I want to go home Xenon-sama."
  76. Lolikon: (Mido thinks we should introduce Vince as they are leaving towards the ocean and he notices her and approaches her, proving who he is by offering the kimono he stole from her before he left. it would be a good time to introduce him.)
  77. Zazilla: [ If you want. ]
  78. Lolikon: ( It will have accomplished the mission goal of removing the muzzle. Should I just invite her here? )
  79. Zazilla: /me said one thing to her. "Wake your mother so I can mark her."
  80. Lolikon: /me blinks a few times, looking over to her mother unsure of what he ment by mark. She then smiles to him, running her hand over his arm and nods, moving to wake her mother. "Haha ga mewosamasu!" ("Mother wake up!") She shakes her mothers body, moving the kimono to cover her exposed chest before speaking again. "Xenon wa anata to hanashi o shitai." (Xenon wishes to speak with you.)
  81. Zazilla: /me didnt wait long when the mother began to stir as he stepped in and brought his left hand to grip the woman by her face. Raking her entire face with a series of nasty scares. He barked out at her. "IF I COME BACK AND THERE ISNT SOMEONE COMPETANT HERE. ILL MAKE SURE YOU SUFFER A FATE WORSE THAN TENZEN."
  82. Lolikon: /me the mother would scream out, her tail and ears in a deep violet color showing as her focus shifted from the magical form of human as she screamed out in pain, her body would normally have healed from the scaring but because of the magic in the kaijus claws that altered her ability in her face she would not heal from these scars. She heard him speak, being able to understand english and she lowered her ears began to speak to him, moving her hand up is arm in a sensual manner. "I can make your anger dissapear, just give me some time to please you. I will even do it free of charge, just let me live Kaiju."
  83. Zazilla: /me - He was towering over her to the point that the moment she touched him. Magic and Science connected. It was something that even Vixen could see. The galaxy. It was a galaxy on fire with a swirling beast in the middle. It was so big that the mother was touching the end tip of one of the miniature scales on the beast. It disappeared the moment he pulled away and he stated. " I will make you cross the stars if you fail me. "
  84. Lolikon: /me The mother with blood dripping down her face and staining into her kimono would let him go and speak rapidly "H-Hai! I-I will... I will look for suitiable c-competency." // Vixen walks over to Xenon and she smiles up at him, before looking to her mother, her look harsh, her hands balling into fists, her tone was cold and almost bone chilling as it would even startle Xenon at her tone. "Jikai anata ga watashi ni au toki, watashi wa anata o korosu tame ni kiki ni irudeshou, Kasan."
  85. Lolikon: (Next time you see me, I will be here to kill you, mom)\
  86. Zazilla: /me - The tail had been undulating like cloth in the wind. Leaving this rippling motion in his body as the wind picked up throughout the area. The very thermal pressure shifted as it began to snow around him. He forgot about this. It has been a long time since any of the Kaiju did this. Even with Zazel doing so a while ago, The trees helped with regulation. This snow, It was warm to the touch. To which he began to turn around a bit and hobble his way throughout the ruins.
  87. Lolikon: /me as it suddenly began to snow around her, the snow not cold she smiles as it was one of the most beautiful things she had seen. She watched as her mother kneeled on the ground watching them leave. She loops her arm around his to show her loyalty to him as opposed to her cripled mother behind her. She looks to her father, he watched her as she left, her gaze soft as she hadn't wished him to be dissapointed in her. She then moves herself so that if he needed to, he could support some of his weight from the side of healing so he didn't hurt himself more. "I am here for you Xenon, and I will always be here for you. Arigatou."
  88. Zazilla: /me - The thudding was bascially the bone hitting the floor as he was still healing much like a pirate. He placed his palm on her head and said out in a rather rough tone. "This was a failure." He was highly pissed off at this very issue that her people were so stubbornly stupid at this point. He closed his eyes for a moment. Another two sets opened. He began to mutter to himself about stuff before he opened his once more. Huffing out.
  89. Lolikon: /me as his hand rested ontop of her head, she smiled happily to herself, knowing she was being useful. She heard him speak out, her hands intertwined their fingers together at her stomach as she heard him speak of the failure. "Xenon, lets go home, get you healed and figure something out later. All I want is you right now."
  90. xPaytynMayhemx: /me walking along the port he searches for an odd job that would pay well. Hearing tales amongst the people of a kaiju destroying his old home he grins and starts to head towards a tavern to celebrate but picking up a familiar scent he stops dead in his tracks pulling out the kimono before looking around seeing the kaiju that all had been speaking of but it wasnt the kaiju that caught his attention it was the young woman with him. He slowly walks toward them his eyes wide could it really be...
  91. Lolikon: /me As she felt the presence of eyes on her, immedieatly jumping to defensive mode, noticing a male with dark hair and strong stature approaching her. She was fearful he was inquiring of the Kaiju beside her, only to notice that he was staring at her, and the familiar cloth in his hands. Was that her kimono, the one her brother had gotten for her when she was reaching the "human adulthood" age. The black kimono with pink sakura petals on it, she looks up and sees his eyes, one of blue and the other of green. She parts her lips to speak, squinting her eyes at him as her nose wrinkles up under her cage muzzle. "V-Vini-kun?"
  92. Zazilla: /me - There was a pause in his movement as he took in a bit of air and forced the regeneration to finish. The hide was much softer and it was basically premature but due to this person being here. The Kaiju was legit in no mood at all. That familiar liquid hum that coursed through the crystals had began once more as he felt Vixen speak out.
  93. xPaytynMayhemx: /me his eyes shift to the muzzle as anger welled up in him assuming who had done it his anger causing his magic to course strongly thru him. "was this Tenzens doing?" He looks to the lizard creature "is he safe to speak around Imouto?" he looked back to her his rage and magic growing stronger by the second he hands her back her favorite kimono he had taken that night for rememberance as he no longer needed it with a gentle smile
  94. Lolikon: /me her small hands took the kimono, the silk touch making her smile softly, seeing he had kept it for so long she was flattered. She looks up to him and she speaks in two parts. "Hai." She nods once, her hand moving to her muzzle shamefully before she smiles, lowering her hand and she moves her hand to touch Xenon's arm and she nods once again, "Hai." reffering it being safe to communicate with her in English infront of the kaiju, though she would leave out that he was a Kaiju for the moment, knowing her brother may react extremely hadhe figured it out right now, knowing what he knew of Kaiju.
  95. Zazilla: /me - A blistering movement from Xenon came out by means of furious left hand. The horn glimmered once which connected down to the shoulder and then to his forearm. It stopped the moment the rage from this being had began to subside. The motion stopped and what happened was a mirror like substance actually caused a fraction of section reflection. Xenon was going to attack right on the spot but he stopped the moment Vixen didnt show much hostility.
  96. xPaytynMayhemx: /me hearing her answer that it was Tenzen his suspicions were confirmed and his rage developed to that of almost mind shattering as he touched her muzzle he gripped firmly and yanked hard the muzzle and spell shattering as he growled with anger "i will kill him for this Imouto i promise you this" he turns to the creature senseing hostility for a moment but then he calmed and he looked back to her
  97. Lolikon: /me As his hand launched to her face and gripped the cage muzzle, she let out a whimper only for the spell to shatter and the muzzle to stay in Vincents hand, successfully being pulled fro her face. Her didn't feel a thing from the pulling, as it hadn't affected her posture one bit, almost as if it was breaking thin thread off her skin. She hears him speak but didn't hear what he had said, her gaze focused on the muzzle that had been attached to her face for nearly a year. She moves her fingertips to touch her lips and her eyes began to water. This couldn't be real, there was no way that a mere warrior kitsune was strong enough to break the spell. How could this be? She smiles brightly and she looks up and Xenon and then back to Vince and she sank to the ground and began to cry, overwhelmed with happiness.
  98. Zazilla: /me - The eyes of the Kaiju were something that was basically easy to tell how they were. The slit eyes were completely focused on such a blinding need. The power in him having even been scratched when he is in his smaller form. To which he parted the sides of his mouth and soon the vapor left his lips now. Showing how excited he was to actually do combat. Tenzen was nothing but a silly bitch compared to how deep Vince was in terms of potencial. The combative nature continued to flared up... before dying now. He turned his head quickly. Snapping back to their home.
  99. xPaytynMayhemx: /me kneels down onto the ground pulling Imouto into his arms "how long has that been there?" he wipes her tears gently from her eyes holding her for a moment before looking up at the lizard creature "thank you for rescueing her from that hell hole i was banished years ago and was unable to return for her nor wanted to ruin her life if she wished to stay so i thank you" he looked back down at Imouto happy to see her once more
  100. Lolikon: /me she looks to her brother and she sniffles, her hand moving to his hair, it was still as soft as she rememeberd, longer now. She speaks to respond to him and she uses only english to speak, so that Xenon could understand her. "Chief Wakanari, (Tenzens Dad) put it here before banishing me for Slander almost a year ago. D-Did you really commit treason brother? Mother and Father said that you commited treason and tried to kill Tenzen." As he looked up to Xenon, thanking him for saving her she giggles a little. "He didn't save me from there, though he has saved me, in a way. He gives me a purpose now. He also destroyed the hell hole, and you should see Mothers face!" She starts to ramble excitedly about everything that Xenon had just done, proud of what had happened, and that she was with the Kaiju that had done it. She stops a moment, looking back at Xenon and she smiles to him. "Xenon, this is my brother, Vince."
  101. Zazilla: /me - The Kaiju did not break his sight by now. Something was extremely unsettling with his other half and it seems that the alpha was ignoring it and Xenon was the only one feeling it. He stopped now. Not wanting to cause any more internal issues with the muscle tissues connecting the crystals. When Vixen was beaming at him, It legit made him sick and he just huffed out lightly. The horned head nodded lightly to the brother now. When his arms had crossed. He picked at his scar now in thought.
  102. xPaytynMayhemx: /me shakes his head "he said nasty things about you and i faught him and beat him but i didnt try to kill him if i had he would be dead..." nodded back almost growling at the dismisle of imouto's joy but felt it was best not to cause problems with this lizard as Imouto seemed quite fond of him he looked back at her and smiled brightly to her "i have missed you sweet Imouto it is like finding the piece of me that has been missing has been found once more. Watashi wa sore ga tsuiho nomae ni iwareta koto ga nakatta noa za'nendesu. Dai suki, Imouto."
  103. Lolikon: /me she looks up at him as her eyes watered. "You were banished, protecting my honor?" She smiles a little and she speaks again. "I always knew you were not a traitor. Tenzen was wrong, Vini-kun. It was because of him I was banished too." She gives an evil smirk, looking back at Xenon for a moment. "Good thing thanks to Xenon the bastard will spend eternity in a case, alone, deep in the depths of the ocean."
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