12-12-2018 After School Detention

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  9. After School Detention
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  11. It is the end of the school week and the grade schoolers are restless. Their instructor decided to take the day off for an extended weekend, so the school hired a substitute teacher in place. It has only been five minutes since class officially started but the students are already anxious to leave for home. They sit there waiting to see who it’s going to be this time. Is it going to be the boring old man who is practically deaf? The strict no-nonsense, skeletal grandma who keeps them all after class every time? Or maybe it will be the sergeant drill instructor whose booming, commanding voice cowers them all into a state of permanent fear and dead silence? The door opens and to their surprise, it is neither of them. They had never seen her before, but the students presume she must not be half bad by her appearance alone.
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  13. She had an omen the moment she walked through the door that this boy was going to be trouble. Never in her years of substituting grade school students, indeed in her career, has she seen such a piercing and malevolent glare. The intent in his eyes from the very back corner of the classroom drew hers in like a magnet, like a natural cosmic force futile to resist. It takes all her mind and body to avert her eyes away from his and show his thirty other colleagues the same amount of attention they deserve. He almost never leaves her periphery and when he does, he instills a chilling fear within her as if he was some divine presence watching her from above. Just because she does not see him does not mean he does not see her. Even when she is supervising them in the school yard for recess and lunch, he stalks about her like a lion waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce his prey into submission. He believes his surrounding classmates do not know where his focus truly lies.
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  15. She can hardly stand him. His intimidating stare and her obvious fear are not enough to satisfy him. He bullies her like no other student ever has. Walking down the rows of seats as she hands the students papers and objects, he pinches and gropes her, thinking none of his neighbors notice all day. Her thick legs and meaty bottom are the poor victims of his unwarranted attacks. He is intentionally breaking all normal social conventions between teacher and student. He is testing her capacity and will to discipline young boys like him who will not hesitate to reverse the dynamic that mentors naturally hold over their mentees. He is not the first and surely won’t be her last so determined to test her limits. At the end of the day she has never failed to conquer her enemies, so she is gathering her courage for this upcoming trial. The classroom is a dictatorship where she is its sole arbiter to exercise full control and power over her subjects, not him. She will not be unduly influenced by a such a subversive unelected force that no other of his equal citizens agreed to obey. She ignores his assaults not wanting to make a commotion, not wanting to show him she is weak and responds to her immediate emotional and instinctual reaction. She is waiting for her advantageous circumstances to strike back. This is a war. The teacher permits him to claim these inconsequential battles.
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  17. The reign of terror has finally run its course and is about to end. The suffering must be endured for only ten more minutes. If she is going to fight back, it will have to be soon. Just as she predicted and long awaited, her opportunity arrives. As she is passing out their weekend homework the instructor left behind for them, he commits his most violent assault yet. The teacher knew something was coming. She expected an offense as usual but not one so criminal and evil. She can feel his concentrated maliciousness and strength in his fully extended finger for maximum reach. He pierces her big bottom and knows exactly where the invisible target lies. Her bravado momentarily escapes her. Her eyes and mouth gape open for a fraction of a second. Luckily her students were all facing forward, or they would have seen this moment of weakness. Her heart stopped beating, and her body paralyzes with shock at the tip of the intruding force. Had he been just a centimeter longer he would have landed straight and true on the scandalous target. Her thick motherly pelvis managed to be too much for the young boy to penetrate. The teacher returns to her senses just in time. She works her thighs and glutes to entrap him in the act, but the boy is too quick. He withdraws his finger, narrowly escaping from her enclosing canyons. She immediately turns to face him but is distracted by his neighboring student giggling. This was it. He was the only student able to witness the crime, but this is what she needed.
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  19. “KENJI” Her vocals boom with such force and anger she draws the entire class toward him and her. “SEE ME AFTER CLASS” He must not have been expecting this from the mouse he played with all day. He snaps and storms out of the classroom without a word. She won. There was no longer any doubt who was the alpha in the room. Not one of the other students dare witness her bull like demeanor. They diligently turn back down to their work. At last, the bell rings and they are free to enjoy two days of play. They rush out the door. The boy’s chair is still empty, but his belongings remain. She crosses her legs and reads her book while she waits. He doesn’t return until a minute after the other classrooms have long been emptied. She hears his footsteps coming down the dead silent hallway. The teacher closes her book, uncrosses her legs and turns toward the door, ready to face him. He averts his face, avoiding her scolding eyes. “Kenji…” He pretends not to hear her and continues toward his desk. “Kenji” The boy ignores her as he packs his things. The teacher stands up. He puts on his bag and heads back for the door. She stands in his way, arms folded and high heels tapping. “Kenji…” He diverts course and marches faster. She blocks him again. Now he faces her eye to eye and prepares himself for the escape of his life. There is no way she is going to let him free, the young boy is her prey now. The teacher and her student home in on one another like two stars orbiting one another to collapse. What the boy lacks in strength and weight that allows his teacher to push aside the desks so freely and effortlessly, he makes up for in agility and stamina. He is only one desk away from making it out. She is ready to pounce if she must. His footwork darts left and right to force her to guess. He knows her heels and skirt hold her back. He breaks for it, but he did not take her frame into account.
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  21. She dives and has him by the waist. He tries with every bit of strength to wriggle out of her hold. “GET OFF ME” Both are face down on the floor, the teacher on top of her student. She just needs to anchor him to the floor and tire him out. Her heels and skirt prevent her from readjusting or taking control. “KENJI STOP” She believed she won but an unforeseen circumstance disrupts her celebratory esteem. She can feel his stiffness on her stomach and rubbing against her breasts. This was the break he needed. He makes it out from under her and stands tall. She gazes up to him. He stares her down, commandingly placing his hands on his hips. His member bulges from his pants, every detail in the outline. With her chest pounding, she shifts her eyes from his downwards at the unexpected sight. The anger is his now. The young boy doesn’t head for the door. He steps over her head and down her back. The teacher loses sight of him and turns her attention to the door. The exit has a window low enough for another student to see inside. Her panting escalates in intensity and sound. She feels him.
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  23. The roles returned to their natural order. The teacher trembles in fear. The young boy wraps his arms around her inner thighs and lifts her bottom up. On her knees now, she arches herself backward for him. Her chest and stomach muscles are working lifting her body weight off the floor. The boy burrows his hands under her suit, searching for her waist line. The teacher does not dare turn away from the door for a second, anyone would be able to see. His hands continue to invade her personal space, pushing her suit up and reaches further in to unbuckle her belt. The woman is paralyzed. He pulls down on her skirt, revealing her pink laced panties. The young boy heaves the dress down inch by inch. He pulls side to side to maneuver her hourglass figure. Her skirt is scrunched now on her knees. She thought she could not adjust herself before, but this binds her now to the floor. The boy nearly finds what he wants. He pushes her blouse upwards completely exposing her pink panties and skin colored pantyhose. His hands claw at chunks of skin on her stomach as if physically inspecting the quality of the meat he is about to devour. He gradually works his way down back to her hips. The boy pulls down her panties and tights to her thighs both at once. This was what he was longing for all day. The young boy has a full view of her most private area. He marvels at the sight for a minute before his hands cannot resist to touch the prize. He caresses her cheeks in circular motions, only wanting a preliminary glance of every part of her bottom. He sees every inch of her genitals, but she cannot see him. Her vision is to the unlocked door but every other one of her senses is concentrated below. Even if anyone were to walk down the hall inadvertently, they would immediately be drawn in by the sight of her motherly heart shaped pelvis completely exposed for this young boy’s devious pleasure.
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  25. His hands suddenly gave her big bottom the strongest slap they can. One hand on each slab of meat, his hands mark her unsuspecting skin red. *GASP* A yelp escapes her. If the sight does not give them away, the sounds yet will. “SHUT UP” She obeys. He fondles her every square inch gripping chunks of meat as he works his way all around. This is what was just a layer of clothes away from his touch. His hands make it in unison to her hairy mature crotch. She cups her hands over her face, leaving only her eyes to patrol the door for witnesses. Her heavy breathing hitting the inside of her hands only becomes more apparent to her. He wraps his arms around her thighs and his hands crawl over her grass. His arms are too short. He pulls himself above her putting his weight on her bottom to extend his reach. His fingers touch every bit of her rose garden. She feels her discharge increasing every second. His fingers lubricate and pinch her layers of petals. “ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh” She can’t hold her voice in anymore. The boy gives her permission for audible expressions of emotion. His fingers inch their way from the outside to her inside. The teacher can no longer deny herself. She covers her mouth with only one hand and reaches under with the other. Her fingers only manage to touch his for a fraction of a second before his retract from her as if telling her to let him be independent. Denied her longing to guide him, she settles for pleasuring herself while he continues exploring on his own. Even with all his clothes on, she can feel his bony chest pounding on her lower back as he hotdogs her big bottom. She feels him gradually growing stiffer. Her fingers fully lubricated for efficiency, she is almost ready to burst. The boy finally makes it past her moist red lips and into his teacher’s birth canal.
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  27. The young boy does not get far before she spasms uncontrollably. “GGGGGGGUUUUUUHHHHH” He immediately retreats his hands and jumps off her back. He takes a step back at the sight of the quivering animal. Her hand is furiously massaging the rose he was just fondling. Strange liquids seep out of her hole and into her clothes. He has never seen this before. The woman shrivels her face, shutting her eyes and strains her neck at the power just unleashed. “UUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHH” Still leaking, her body gradually calms back down. The boy moves in for a closer look. He grabs her inner thighs and pulls her apart for a better view of what he just saw. A stream of sticky fluid binds the hole he was in to her undergarments. Her undergarments look soaked. The boy swabs them for a smell of the stuff. He does not want to taste but this is the same chemical he whiffs in the air. He releases his grip and simply stares in awe for a minute. The teacher is anxious to know what he could possibly be thinking. This is something only her most intimate partners had the privilege to behold. Some of them took years before they had any hope of getting into her pants, but this young boy shatters the norm. The woman can’t believe she lost sight of the window for so long. Anyone walking by would see her big thick pelvis exposed solely for this devil’s sinful deeds. The teacher pants heavily in anticipation of what her student will want to do next.
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  29. She hears him undressing something and again she feels him abruptly slap both of her meaty cheeks. *GASP* His hands grip her bottom and digs into her crevice. He gets a second chance at completing his originally failed mission that resulted in his unequivocal defeat. The boy spreads her as open as he can. She puckers herself as if to tell him she can see him. The teacher pains herself in embarrassment. What must he think about her unshaven garden in the deep valley and surrounding her anus? He leans forward and exhales into her gaping hole, inspecting the next area for exploration. Please not there… she thinks to herself. Every single one of her former partners had demanded she give them her butthole. She vehemently denied every one of them threatening to end their relationship on the spot. Some of the men became so furious, they stormed out of the room denied what they believed they were promised. The teacher had never been open to the idea, but she is more than willing to let this grade school boy have it. She reasons that if he likes what he tastes, then he may be more receptive to have the main course she was already prepared to serve him. The woman can no longer contain herself and bends both her arms back above her spine. She wants to lend him her hands and spreads herself further apart. The young boy appears to approve of her devotion and releases his entrenching grips letting her take his place. She continues wheezing heavily wondering what he is going to do.
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  31. And then she feels it. A sudden stab at her anus. She puckered soon enough to prevent it from penetrating. “You want this, dirty old hag.” The teacher is old enough to be the young boy’s mother, but clearly not an old hag if his member serves as the judge. Old hag… the derogatory language excites her. He stabs her again but with nothing close to the intensity she felt the first time. He develops a rhythm in his poking. She adapts and works her glutes and muscles surrounding her rectum accordingly, so he may enter her forbidden tunnel that angered her former partners. She anticipates his tip coming. “ahhhhhhh ahhhhh” As if she was apologetic for her primary hesitation of him, the teacher uses her hands and opens herself wider. But it is no use, the boy just wants to tease her. The teacher’s desperate efforts to ease him into her were in vain. Even when she is wide open, he does not take the plunge. She could possibly squeeze both of his hands and member inside her anus. In between his jabs, she brings her juices from below with one hand to lubricate the hole so that he may slip inside even if he does not intend to. But the boy is cruel, he never breaks the plane of her entrance as easy as she tries to make it. The boy is deviant to simply wipe his head around her lubricated circumference. He stops for a moment, but she continues to hold hope. The boy suddenly slaps his shaft on her cheeks. The woman’s hands try their hardest to grab him. He has been led astray and she wants to put him back on track. He has more than enough space on her big bottom to avoid every one of her ambushes. She hears him giggling. This is a game to him, but not to her. Her suffering was his ecstasy. She was not expecting to hear him grunt. “hhhhhnnggg”
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  33. She finally turns her head to see the commotion behind her and sees him walking toward her. He only bothered to remove his pants and underwear to wield his member in both hands. The woman’s breathing escalates quickly again, hardly believing what she is seeing. The young boy squats down above her placing his hard member only inches from her face. His hands grab her head and shoulder motioning her to flip around. The teacher unquestionably complies and lies face up. Her eyes do not blink, her mouth is wide open, and she sees her breasts beating to the excitement. She moves her hands down to her hairy crotch to pleasure herself to the sight she beholds. She wants to spread her legs as open as she can but her half removed clothes restrict her will, almost as if he intended them to disappoint her. The boy plants his feet on each side of her neck and kneels to her face. “ahhhhh ahhhhh” The woman cannot contain herself much longer. The teacher detects the young boy’s testosterone in his aroma. Her gaping mouth follows his member like a homing device ready to take him in whole. But the boy’s plan is far from it. The woman realizes he is actively trying to avoid her mouth. His intended landing location is not what she has in mind. He guides himself with his hands attentively avoid her desperation. “hhhhnnngggg dirty old hag!” he whimpers.
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  35. The determined woman does not give up and tries to swallow him despite his intentions. If he will not give her his member then she would settle for his sack. Her entire mind and body ache to have any part of him inside her but the boy is uncompromising. The boy is cruel. He swings himself far left and far right signaling she will not be having him. He had enough of her. He grabs hold of her hair and forces her face to turn away from his shaft. The woman does not take her eyes off his member for a second. Now that the boy has landed, he grabs hold of himself again and rubs himself on across her cheek, swirling the full side of her face. The teacher squints her eyes and lets him smother her every square centimeter. “HHNNNGGG” He spurts it all, icing half of her face. The woman melts down below as well. “GGGGUUUUHHHH” She can feel his shaft pulsating across her face pumping out every drop. The boy’s cream continues spewing over her face. “oooouuuhhh” he relieves himself. The boy grabs hold of her hair again and motions her to face the other way. His half flaccid member slides across her face looking for clean ground to rub upon. “ahhhhhh good old lady” He massages himself on her relatively clean plane of face rubbing his head into her cheek, still emitting droplets of his love.
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  37. Just at that moment, they hear the latch on the door. The teacher and her student immediately turn to look. The woman could die right now. “KATY?” A standing one or two-year-old holds the push door slightly open enough for her small frame to peer inside. The child and the woman make direct eye contact. The young boy’s shaft and sack rest casually on her face. If the teacher was as bold as her student, she would use this opportunity to take him in her mouth while her lover is distracted. Even with her tormentor’s baby sister unflinchingly gawking at the grown woman, she would do it. If the witness were slightly older, she would talk of the depravity she sees. The boy stands up. His tip drips a strand of his juice binding him to her face. “GET OUT OF HERE!” She screams and scampers away. She must be his baby sister. Will this despicable sight of her brother and his adult lover remain in her memory? Anyone would have clearly seen that this was no mature woman or intelligent being resting below the grade school boy. This was a sow who forfeited every ounce of mind, body and soul to satisfy her most immediate and instinctual desire to mate with her conqueror. This living sex toy was desperate to do anything for the young boy to accept her as his breeding bitch. The woman stares directly above her hoping for any sign that her man may show her some miniscule gratitude or at least acknowledgement of the service she rendered him.
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  39. The only thing she sees is his love serum that connected her cheek to his member, which visibly told any witness of what transpired, severed. This was his sign telling her the encounter was over. The teacher longingly watches her young partner as he walks away from her perverted body. He puts his pants back on and grabs his things. He never makes eye contact as if she was never in the room to begin with. If only she could warn his future lovers what an unfair and cruel lover he is. His mother would disapprove of his selfishness and disdain for his copulating woman. What kind of filth are the grade school children exposed to online nowadays that the teacher had succumbed to? In truth however, the teacher knows she got exactly what she wanted. If she were to run into him again, she would not hesitate to let him have his way with her. She would be happy to be his side toy to satisfy the needs that his true partner cannot fulfill. Only she acknowledges that they both joined forces this afternoon. Only she knows that at least for one moment in their lifetimes, this man and his woman shared a common interest with one another and worked together to achieve it. Only she will ever know who was truly in control of her classroom. Without a word, he hurries out the door.
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