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Jan 15th, 2020
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  1. >The Imperial Empire is recruiting members ```
  2. The Empire is always looking for new legionares to join! ```
  3. The Imperials have 300 members!
  4. The Imperial Empire spands across 2b2t, 9b9t, constantium, 4b4t and 0b0t! ```
  5. The Empire is currently recruitng members to boost it\u0027s population to 400 members! ```
  6. Why join a small group? When you can join the largest group in anarchy ```
  7. The Imperial Empire has a dedicated military, known as the Imperial Legionary!
  8. Did you know? The Imperial Empire is the only republic on 9b9t? ```
  9. The Empire has a base on 2b2t which expands to 5 biomes! ```
  10. All hail the mighty Empire! ```
  11. May God watch over your back friends!
  12. The Empire started in 2014 as a base, now it is a massive group.
  13. The Imperial City is 1 large structure inspired by Oblvion!
  14. You may have heard that the Empire scams, doxs, etc. These are just scare tactics by our enemies!
  15. Why do people hate the Empire? We have destoryed many groups and bases.
  16. Never heard of the Imperials? Join our 9b9t branch discord ```
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